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Michael Keaton
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Birth Name: Michael Douglas
Birthdate: September 5, 1951
Birthplace: Coraoplis, PA
Occupation: Actor
Michael Keaton Photo

Claim to Fame:
Mr. Mom

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Caroline McWilliams. Actor. Married in 1982, filed for divorce in January of 1990. Mate: Courteney Cox. Actor. Together from 1989 until July 1995.

Brother: Douglas, Robert. Siblings: Has five other siblings; Keaton is youngest of seven. Son: Keaton, Sean.

An intense, actor who began his career as a standup comic, Michael Keaton first gained notice in the 1970s as one of the Flying Zucchini Brothers on the classic children's TV series, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood". Keaton then went on to make an impressive film debut as a morgue attendant-cum-pimp in Ron Howard's "Night Shift" (1982) before treading water for several years in such enjoyable but mild fare as "Mr. Mom" (1983) as a Dad who takes over running the household, the lame gangster comedy "Johnny Dangerously" (1984) with Keaton doing a James Cagney impersonation, and "Gung Ho" (1986), a second outing with director Howard that found auto worker Keaton convincing a Japanese company to reopen a shuttered plant in his quintessentially American hometown. Keaton scored a dual triumph in 1988 with roles in "Clean and Sober" and "Beetlejuice", which jointly earned him a best actor award from the National Society of Film Critics. "Clean and Sober" showcased Keaton's serious dramatic talent, in a finely observed story about a cocaine addict coming to terms with his addiction; "Beetlejuice" featured Keaton as a roach-eating ghoul with a rotating head in a wildly inventive comic horror story that scored at the box office. The latter film also marked the beginning of a professional relationship with director Tim Burton which has encompassed the blockbuster hits "Batman" (1989) and "Batman Returns" (1992), both more notable for their production design and colorful supporting performances than for Keaton's dour title character. Keaton proved a formidable villain in the uneven "Pacific Heights" (1990) as a mysteriously vindictive tenant who terrorizes his unsuspecting landlords, and demonstrated his flair with Shakespearean verse in Kenneth Branagh's crowd-pleasing film of "Much Ado About Nothing" (1993). In "My Life" (1993) Keaton turned in a touching portrait of a dying man who makes videotapes of his life so that his unborn child can one day know its father. He then put his knack for comic timing to good use as an aggressive if slightly unscrupulous metro editor in "The Paper" (1994), his third outing with director Howard. But even his impressive comedic gifts didn't help when he appeared up with Geena Davis in the timidly scripted "Speechless" (also 1994) as political speech writers who meet and fall in love only to discover that they work for rival candidates. After a year-long hiatus, Keaton returned to the big screen in "Multiplicity" (1996), in which he played a beleaguered businessman who clones himself to cope with his busy life.

A Shot At Glory (2000)
Body Shots (1999)
Desperate Measures (1998)
Out Of Sight (1998)
Jack Frost (1998)
Jackie Brown (1997)
The Directors: Ron Howard (1997)
Multiplicity (1996)
The Paper (1994)
Speechless (1994)
Much Ado About Nothing (1993)
My Life (1993)
Earth and the American Dream (1993)
Batman Returns (1992)
One Good Cop (1991)
The Earth Day Special (1990)
Pacific Heights (1990)
Batman (1989)
Dream Team (1989)
Beetlejuice (1988)
Clean and Sober (1988)
The Squeeze (1987)
An Evening at the Improv (1986)
Gung Ho (1986)
Touch and Go (1986)
Johnny Dangerously (1984)
Your Favorite Laughs: "An Evening at the Improv" (1984)
Mr. Mom (1983)
Night Shift (1982)
Working Stiffs (1979)
Working Stiffs, Vol. 2 (1979)
Working Stiffs, Vol. 1 (1979)

1988: National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor for Clean and Sober.

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Speech major

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