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Ted Danson
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Birth Name: Edward Bridge Danson III
Birthdate: December 29, 1947
Birthplace: Flagstaff, AZ
Occupations: Actor, Producer
Ted Danson Photo

Claim to Fame: Played bar owner Sam Malone on the long-running NBC sitcom Cheers (1982-93)

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Casey Coates-Danson (aka Cassandra Coates), designer; married July 30, 1977; born 1937; met in "est" training in 1976; suffered a paralyzing stroke during the birth of their first child; Danson left acting for six months to nurse her back to health; separated 1992; filed for divorce June 1993
Whoopi Goldberg: Actor, comedienne; costarred with Danson in the romantic comedy Made in America (1993); involved with each other 1992-94
Wife: Mary Steenburgen, actor; costarred with Danson in Pontiac Moon (1994); married October 7, 1995

Father: Edward B. Danson, archeologist
Mother: Jessica Danson (nee MacMaster)
Sister: Jan Danson
Daughter: Kate Danson; born December 24, 1979; mother Casey Coates
Daughter: Alexis Danson; born 1985

Tall, handsome, good-humored star of the popular TV sitcom "Cheers" (NBC, 1982-93), easily recognizable for his prominent chin and shock of thick hair, seen increasingly in films during the 1980s. Beginning on the New York stage, Danson did not enter features or TV until he was 30. Notable as the flip, cynical D.A. in "Body Heat" (1981), Danson bounded to stardom on the strength of his work in the long-running NBC sitcom "Cheers". As the retired, second-rate baseball pitcher turned bar owner Sam Malone, Danson brought considerable comic gusto to his sometimes dense, eternally horny, often egotistical but always down-to-earth characterization, easily parrying sexual innuendo with both Shelley Long and Kirstie Alley. Danson proved himself capable of handling less glib material with his acclaimed performance as an incestuous father in the heralded TV drama, "Something About Amelia" (1984). He did not, however, enjoy similar feature film success with the romantic melodrama "Just Between Friends", the zany Blake Edwards farce "A Fine Mess" (both 1986), or the sentimental character study "Dad" (1989). Danson had much better boxoffice luck opposite Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg as one of the reluctant "fathers" in the cute, immensely popular comedy, "Three Men and a Baby" (1987). The 90s saw him appearing in the inevitable sequel, "Three Men and a Little Lady" (1990), and in the comedy "Made in America" (1993) opposite Whoopi Goldberg. Danson next starred as a wayward father opposite Macaulay Culkin in the kiddy flick "Getting Even With Dad" (1994), supplementing the tired "For Father's Day" material with his own comic flourishes. Through his own production company Anasazi, he executive produced the feature "Pontiac Moon" (1994), in which Danson co-starred with Mary Steenburgen whom he married in October 1995. The pair headlined the unsuccessful CBS sitcom "Ink" (1996-97), playing a divorced couple who work together at a newspaper. After a cameo in "Saving Private Ryan" (1998), he returned to series TV as star of "Becker", playing a curmudgeonly doctor.

Mumford (1999)
Jerry and Tom (1998)
Homegrown (1998)
Thanks of a Grateful Nation (1998)
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Becker (1998)
Gulliver's Travels (1996)
Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond (1996)
Loch Ness (1995)
Getting Even with Dad (1994)
Pontiac Moon (1994)
Made in America (1993)
How Can I Tell If I'm Really in Love? - Classroom Version (1992)
Challenge of the Seas: America?s Ocean Parks (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 10: In Over Our Heads (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 11: The Sea of Whales (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 12: A Tribe in the Sea, Part 1 (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 13: A Tribe in the Sea, Part 2 (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 14: Once Upon a Manta (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 15: Realm of the White Shark (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 16: Birds of Cortez (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 18: The Innocent Sea (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 19: Otter Coast (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 1: Hammerheads of El Bajo (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 20: The Long Journey (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 21: The Whales That Came Back (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 24: The Last Manatees (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 25: Silent Skies (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 26: Seal Country (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 2: Refuge in the Sea (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 3: Necklace of Death (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 4: Island in the Fog (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 5: Peddling Paradise (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 6: Cities in the Sea (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 7: Sentinels of the Sea (1991)
Challenge of the Seas, Vol. 8: Trouble with the Law (1991)
The Earth Day Special (1990)
Help Save Planet Earth: Easy Ways to Make a Difference (1990)
Three Men and a Little Lady (1990)
Cousins (1989)
Dad (1989)
She's Having a Baby (1988)
Three Men and a Baby (1987)
We Are the Children (1987)
A Fine Mess (1986)
How Can I Tell If I'm Really in Love? (1986)
Just Between Friends (1986)
When the Bough Breaks (1986)
Little Treasure (1985)
Something About Amelia (1984)
Cheers, Vol. 4 (1983)
Cheers, Vol. 7: The Best of Sam and Diane (1983)
Cowboy (1983)
Cheers, Vol. 1: The Premiere Episode (1982)
Cheers, Vol. 2 (1982)
Cheers, Vol. 3 (1982)
Cheers, Vol. 5: The Best of Sam Malone (1982)
Cheers, Vol. 6: The Best of Diane Chambers (1982)
Creepshow (1982)
Body Heat (1981)
Our Family Business (1981)
Lethal Games (1980)
Once Upon a Spy (1980)
The Women's Room (1980)
The Onion Field (1979)
The Chinese Web (1978)

1984: Golden Globe Award: Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV-Movie, Something About Amelia
1988/89: Emmy: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Cheers
1990: Golden Globe Award: Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Series, Cheers
1992/93: Emmy: Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Cheers

He's a board member of Futures for Children

1961-66: Kent School for Boys; Kent, CT
1966-68: Stanford University; Stanford, CA
1968-72: Carnegie-Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA; majored in drama
Actors Institute: Studied under Dan Fauci

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