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William Shatner
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Birthdate: March 22, 1931
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupations: Actor, Director, Writer
William Shatner Photo

Claim to Fame: Starred as Captain Kirk on Star Trek

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Gloria Rand; have three children together; divorced
Wife: Marcy Lafferty, actress; married 1973; separated 1994; filed for divorce in 1996
Vera Montez, actress; reportedly dating from 1994-96
Wife: Nerine Kidd, former model; married November 15, 1997; died August 9, 1999, at age 40, apparently after drowning in the swimming pool of the couple's Los Angeles home

Father: Clothier
Daughter: Leslie Shatner; mother, Gloria Rand
Daughter: Lisabeth Shatner; mother, Gloria Rand
Daughter: Melanie Shatner, actress; mother, Gloria Rand; made feature debut in Star Trek V (directed by father)

In roughly equal measure, the multi-talented William Shatner can be readily perceived as a beloved pop icon, amiable camp figure and shrewd entertainment industry veteran. This dynamic, flashy lead racked up extensive stage credits in his native Canada and in New York before participating in the "golden age" of TV drama in the 1950s. Shatner made his feature debut in a supporting role in Richard Brooks' film of "The Brothers Karamazov" (1958) and acted in five others in the next half dozen years before finding the role that would make him an enduring star: the supremely confident Captain James T. Kirk of "Star Trek" (NBC, 1966-69) in its original TV and subsequent feature incarnations. Shatner began acting as a child in CBC radio productions. He was majoring in business at McGill University and planning to join his father's clothing firm when the acting bug bit decisively. He joined the Canadian Repertory Company in Ottawa and Sir Tyrone Guthrie's Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario. Shatner gained some attention with his Broadway debut in Guthrie's production of "Tamburlaine the Great" (1956). He initially turned down a movie contract to remain with the repertory company. When he eventually moved to NYC, Shatner became busy in TV. His first starring vehicle, "For the People" (CBS, 1965), was a legal drama series in which he played a crusading assistant D.A. Shatner's screen acting career can be divided into several phases. The young actor of 60s TV anthologies was convincing as earnest, clean-cut men pushed to increasingly hysterical emotional heights. (His appearances on "The Twilight Zone"--"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" and "Nick of Time"--are excellent examples. In the former, he's a recovering mental patient bedeviled by a gremlin on the wing of his airplane; in the latter, he's half of a newlywed couple bewitched by a fortune-telling machine.) The Shatner of "Star Trek" was a swaggering, devil-may-care sort who was equally credible barking commands, romancing a native, or engaging in fisticuffs. A classic creation, his Captain Kirk was both a formidable leader and a good drinking buddy--once you got past his peculiarly halting yet portentous line delivery. The post-"Trek" Shatner has been haunted by the persistent spirit of the Enterprise captain. However, as he aged, what was once hearty became hammy; the flashy leading man became a somewhat fleshy, but still game, character lead. His star status was restored whenever he donned that famous uniform. Part of what made Shatner such a wonderful camp figure was that the audience could never be sure just how self-aware he was. In any event, he was always fun to watch. That Shatner could also be a hoot to hear was amply demonstrated by his ineffably goofy post-Trek recordings of spoken word renditions of popular songs such as "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and "Mr. Tambourine Man". His dramatic "performance" of Elton John's "Rocket Man" at a televised sci-fi awards show in the late 1970s remains a highly coveted bootleg video. The unprecedented popularity of "Star Trek" only become apparent after years of syndication and fan fetishization. Intergalactic jaunts aside, Shatner kept himself before the TV public doing guest spots and headlining several short-lived series and numerous TV-movies. Ironically, Shatner found far greater immediate commercial success as "T.J. Hooker" (ABC, CBS, 1982-86) than he did as Kirk. Improbably, Hooker was a middle-aged uniformed cop who left a higher position as a detective because he felt he could do more good on the streets. Shatner returned to features after "Trek" in mostly low-budget genre fare ("Big Bad Mama" 1974; "The Devil's Rain" 1975; "Kingdom of the Spiders" 1977). He reprised the role of a lifetime for the uneven but extremely successful "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979). Kirk was promoted to Admiral for the popular series of sequels. Shatner diversified his talents throughout the 80s. He became a frequent TV host and an occasional director, helming several episodes of "T.J. Hooker". He took off on a long, comfortable stint hosting "Rescue 911" (CBS, 1989-95), a popular 'reality-based' TV show. In 1989, Shatner made a less than stellar feature directorial debut with the critically derided "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" and also published his first novel, "TekWar". This fast-moving sci-fi potboiler was so successful that it inaugurated a lucrative multimedia franchise. Shatner went on to become a prolific novelist as well as the co-author of two collections of Trek-related memoirs. He also remained a regular presence on TV, often appearing as a knowing and good-natured self-parody on talk shows and specials, notably hosting "Star Trek: A Captain's Log" (CBS, 1994) and co-hosting (with "Star Trek" cohort Leonard Nimoy) "The Museum of Television & Radio Presents: Science Fiction--A Journey Into the Unknown" (Fox, 1994). Shatner created, executive produced, directed and took a supporting role in the 1994 syndicated TV-movie adaptation of "TekWar" and oversaw and appeared in three subsequent "TekWar" telefilms that season. He also served as executive producer, recurring character and occasional director on the cable TV series spin-off, "TekWar", which began airing on the USA Network in January 1995. Shatner returned to the helm of the Enterprise one more time in the successful "Star Trek: Generations" (1994) wherein Kirk passed the baton (and the franchise) over to Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard. Despite the film's sad conclusion, one suspects that we have not seen the last of Starfleet's most fabled starship captain.

Mid-1950s: Tyrone Guthrie Award (Canadian theater award): Shatner won during his third season at the Stratford (Ontario) Shakespeare Festival
1959: Theatre World Award

Shatner is the founder of the Annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (majored in business)

1. DumbFellas (2002) - Mafia Boss
2. Groom Lake (2002) - John Gossner
3. Lil' Pimp (2002) (voice)
4. American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) - Professor Robert 'Bobby' Starkman
5. Showtime (2002) - Himself
6. Shoot Or Be Shot (2002) - Harvey Wilkes
7. 50th Annual Miss USA Pageant, The (2001) (TV) - Host
8. Iron Chef USA: Holiday Showdown (2001) (TV) - Chairman
9. Iron Chef USA: Showdown in Las Vegas (2001) (TV) - Chairman
10. Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime (2001) (V) - Himself
11. Festival in Cannes (2001) - Himself
12. Kid, The (2001) (TV) (voice) - Professor
13. Osmosis Jones (2001) (voice) - The Mayor
14. Falcon Down (2000) - Major Robert Carson
15. Miss Congeniality (2000) - Stan Fields
16. First Men on the Moon, The (1999) (V) - King of the Moon
17. Nukes in Space (1999) - Narrator
18. Saturday Night Live Christmas (1999) (V) - Various
19. Stars of Star Wars: Interviews with the Cast, The (1999) (V) - Himself
20. Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments (1999) (TV) (archive footage)
21. "Twist in the Tale, A" (1998) TV Series (voice) - Narrator
22. TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction (1998) (TV) - Host
23. Free Enterprise (1998) - Bill
24. "Hercules" (1998) TV Series (voice) - Jason of the Argonauts
25. Jefftowne (1998) - Himself
26. Land of the Free (1997) - Aiden Cardell
27. Star Trek: Generations (1997) (VG) (voice) - Captain James T. Kirk
28. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1997) (VG) - Captain James T. Kirk
29. Trekkies (1997) - Himself
30. Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. (1996) (TV) - Michael Gatewick
31. Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond (1996) (TV) - Himself
32. Dead Man's Island (1996) (TV) - Chase Prescott
33. Science Fiction: A Journey Into the Unknown (1995) (TV) - Himself
34. William Shatner's Star Trek Memories (1995) (V) - Himself
35. Trinity and Beyond (1995) (voice) - Narrator
36. "TekWar" (1994) TV Series - Walter H. Bascom
37. Star Trek: Judgment Rites (1994) (VG) (voice) - Captain James T. Kirk
38. Janek: The Silent Betrayal (1994) (TV) - Bodosh
39. Star Trek: Generations (1994) - Captain James T. Kirk (retd.)
40. TekWar: TekJustice (1994) (TV) - Walter H. Bascom
41. TekWar: TekLab (1994) (TV) - Walter H. Bascom
42. TekWar: TekLords (1994) (TV) - Walter H. Bascom
43. TekWar (1994) (TV) - Walter H. Bascom
44. Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey (1994) (TV) - Fielding Chase
45. Family of Strangers (1993) (TV) - Earl
46. Loaded Weapon 1 (1993) - General Curtis Mortars
47. Twenty-Five Year Mission Tour, The (1992) (V) - Himself
48. Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (1991) (TV) - Host
49. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) - Captain James Tiberius Kirk
50. Happy Birthday, Bugs!: 50 Looney Years (1990) (TV) - Himself
51. "Rescue 911" (1989) TV Series - Himself
52. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) - Captain James T. Kirk
53. Trial of Standing Bear, The (1988) (TV) - Narrator
54. Broken Angel (1988) (TV) - Chuck Coburn
55. T.J. Hooker: Blood Sport (1986) (TV) - Sergeant T.J. Hooker
56. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - Admiral/Captain James T. Kirk
57. Canadian Conspiracy, The (1985) (TV) - Himself
58. North Beach and Rawhide (1985) (TV) - Rawhide MacGregor
59. Secrets of a Married Man (1984) (TV) - Chris Jordan
60. Circus of the Stars #9 (1984) (TV)
61. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) - Admiral James T. Kirk
62. Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) - Cdr. Buck Murdock, Alpha Beta Base
63. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982) - Admiral James T. Kirk
64. Visiting Hours (1982) - Gary Baylor
65. "T.J. Hooker" (1982) TV Series - Sgt. Thomas J. Hooker
66. T.J. Hooker (1982) (TV) - T.J. Hooker
67. Circus of the Stars #6 (1981) (TV)
68. Babysitter, The (1980/I) (TV) - Dr. Jeff Benedict
69. Kidnapping of the President, The (1980) - Jerry O'Connor
70. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) - Admiral/Captain James T. Kirk
71. Disaster on the Coastliner (1979) (TV) - Stuart Peters
72. Riel (1979) - The Barker
73. Third Walker, The (1978) - Munro Maclean
74. Crash (1978) (TV) - Carl Tobias
75. Little Women (1978) (TV) - Professor Friedrich Bhaer
76. Bastard, The (1978) (TV) - Paul Revere
77. Kingdom of the Spiders (1977) - Dr. Robert 'Rack' Hansen
78. "Testimony of Two Men" (1977) (mini) TV Series - Adrian Ferrier
79. Whale of a Tale, A (1976) - Dr. Jack Fredericks
80. Columbo: Fade in to Murder (1976) (TV) - Detective Lucerne/Ward Fowler
81. Perilous Voyage (1976) (TV) - Steve Monroe
82. Devil's Rain, The (1975) - Mark Preston
83. Land of No Return (1975) - Curt Benell
84. Tenth Level, The (1975) (TV)
85. "Barbary Coast" (1975) TV Series - Jeff Cable
86. Barbary Coast (1975) (TV) - Jeff Cable
87. "Inner Space" (1974) TV Series
88. Big Bad Mama (1974) - William J. Baxter
89. Impulse (1974) - Matt Stone
90. Pray for the Wildcats (1974) (TV) - Warren Summerfield
91. "Star Trek" (1973) TV Series (voice) - Captain James T. Kirk
92. Indict and Convict (1973) (TV) - Sam Belden
93. Pioneer Woman (1973) (TV) - John Sergeant
94. Go Ask Alice (1972) (TV) - Sam, Alice's Father
95. Horror at 37,000 Feet (1972) (TV) - Paul Kovalik
96. Incident on a Dark Street (1972) (TV) - Deaver G. Wallace
97. Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1972) (TV) - George Stapleton
98. People, The (1972) (TV) - Dr. Curtis
99. Owen Marshall, Counsellor at Law (1971) (TV) - District Attorney Dave Blankenship
100. Vanished (1971) (TV) - Dave Paulick
101. Andersonville Trial, The (1970) (TV) - Lieutenant Colonel N.P. Chipman
102. Sole Survivor (1970) (TV) - Lieutenant Colonel Josef Gronke
103. Shadow Game (1969) (TV)
104. Comanche blanco (1968) - Johnny Moon/Notah
105. Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966) (TV) - Captain James T. Kirk
106. "Star Trek" (1966) TV Series - Captain James T. Kirk
107. "For the People" (1965) TV Series - David Koster
108. Incubus (1965) - Marc
109. Outrage, The (1964) - Preacher
110. Intruder, The (1961) - Adam Cramer
111. Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) - Capt.Harrison Byers, Haywood's Aide
112. Explosive Generation, The (1961) - Peter Gifford
113. Julius Caesar (1960/II) (TV)
114. Scarlet Pimpernel, The (1960) (TV)
115. Night of the Auk, The (1960) (TV) - Lewis Rohnen
116. City Out of Time (1959) (voice) - Narrator
117. "Tactic" (1959) TV Series
118. Brothers Karamazov, The (1958) - Alexi Karamazov
119. Oedipus Rex (1957) - Priest
120. Butler's Night Off, The (1951) - A crook
121. Star Trek: Original Series Vol. 05 (TV) - Capt. James T. Kirk
122. Star Trek: Original Series Vol. 06 (TV) - Capt. James T. Kirk

1. Groom Lake (2002)
2. "Perversions of Science" (1997) TV Series
3. "TekWar" (1994) TV Series
4. TekWar (1994) (TV)
5. "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" (1993) TV Series
6. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
7. "T.J. Hooker" (1982) TV Series (multiple episodes)

(2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1960s)
1. Groom Lake (2002)
2. TekWar (1994) (TV) (novel)
3. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) (story)
4. "Checkmate" (1960) TV Series (story) (episode "Button-Down Break, The")

1. Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime (2001) (V) (executive producer)
2. "TekWar" (1994) TV Series (executive producer)
3. TekWar: TekLords (1994) (TV) (executive producer)

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