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Worst day in 10 months as Wall Street reacts to Brexit  


The S&P 500 turned negative for the year-to-date on Friday as Wall Street suffered its largest selloff in 10 months after Britain's decision to leave the European Union caught traders wrong-footed.

In the busiest trading volume for a single session in nearly five years, financial stocks led the decline on the S&P 500 with a 5.4 percent drop -the largest for the sector since November 2011. - Referenced Article

Due to the tremendous response, some customers experienced delays reaching customer service at Costco  

CNN Money By : Ahiza Garcia

Outraged customers vented on social media Wednesday about problems with their new Costco (COST) credit cards.

They complained that they couldn't open their new accounts and couldn't pay existing balances that were transferred to the new cards. The switch was supposed to be automatic and seamless. - Referenced Article

As Fears of Brexit Ease, Wall Street Thrives  

NY Times By : AP

United States stocks rose sharply on Monday as investors grew hopeful that Britain would remain in the European Union.

Asian stocks traded higher and indexes in Europe soared as the latest opinion polls and betting markets suggested it was more likely that Britain would stay in the E.U. Britons vote in a referendum on the matter on Thursday. - Referenced Article


Newsweek By : MARK SKILTON

Many people will have heard of LinkedIn: the social networking site aimed at professionals looking for a platform for business networking. Many more will have found it irritating – jokes abound on the subject of how hard it is to get the site to stop sending you emails. - Referenced Article

Johnson Publishing announces sale of Jet, Ebony magazines, Cheryl McKissack will serve as CEO  

AP By : Staff Reporting

Ebony and Jet magazines, which have chronicled African-American life for the past 71 years, have been sold to an Austin, Texas-based private equity firm.

Johnson Publishing Co. announced Tuesday that Ebony and digital-only Jet were sold to Clear View Group but didn't disclose the sale price. - Referenced Article

Abbas Akhoundi, Iran: It has reached historic deal to buy Boeing planes  

USA Today By : William Cummings

Iran has finalized a historic deal with Boeing to buy passenger planes from the U.S. aircraft manufacturer as part of an ongoing effort to upgrade the country's civilian air fleet, Iranian media reported Tuesday.

The deal will be announced in the coming days, Iran's minister of roads and urban development, Abbas Akhoundi, told the semi-official Iranian FARS news agency. - Referenced Article

Google AdSense's Domain Offer  

LinkedIn By : Vern Nicholson

I was very appreciative of receiving a free one year domain offer from Google AdSense today. My first thought was, did they know I just purchased a new domain yesterday, of course they did.

I've been an AdSense customer for over 10 years now and I started using Google's website monetization platform because it really gave me an enormous insight into Google AdWords and especially Google Analytics.

After all these years, it has been a shared relationship, I host their ads on my site, browsers click on those ads and the check is sent to my account each month, but you can't put a number on the qualitative value of having a wealth of information about Google's wider Search and Display Network.

Don't be fooled, search is also one of the drivers behind the success of Facebook Ads and now Amazon Echo, so it is important to keep SEO in the mix or a component of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Since you're producing a great deal of content makes perfect sense to consider Google AdSense. 

What Twitter's latest board member can teach us about diversity myths  

LinkedIn By : Mary Spio

The news that Debra Lee, the chairman and CEO of BET, joining Twitter's board couldn't have come without courageously defiant people like software engineer Leslie Miley who made national news when he left his job at Twitter citing frustration over the company's approach to diversity. - Referenced Article

Apple Invests 1 Billion, In China  


A $1 billion investment by Apple in a Chinese ride-hailing app is a rounding error for the Silicon Valley giant, which generates about $4 billion in profit every month and has $233 billion in cash and securities in the bank.

But Apple’s surprising interest in the company, called Didi Chuxing, and its out-of-character willingness to publicize the news Thursday evening could go a long way toward showing the Chinese government it is interested in supporting local business. - Referenced Article

GE Transportation moves more work to Texas  

ETN By : Jim Martin

GE Transportation, which recently completed a layoff of 1,500 employees, plans to move the job of converting old locomotives -- work that had been scheduled for Erie -- to other locations, including Fort Worth, Texas. - Referenced Article

Japanese yen trade mystifies and could penalize  

CNBC By : Patti Domm

The yen's rapid rise against the dollar has been so mysterious that the experts are having a hard time predicting its next move.

Since the Fed's March meeting, where the central bank signaled a slow road to higher interest rates, the dollar has fallen more than 5 percent against the yen. - Referenced Article

Mossack Fonseca Blames Panama Papers Leak on Hackers  

US News & World Report By : Tom Risen

Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca, the victim of the biggest data leak in history, said Tuesday a hacker stole more than 11.5 million documents that have caused worldwide controversy by linking political leaders with offshore tax evasion.

The law firm's founding partner Ramon Fonseca filed a complaint with the office of Panama's attorney general alleging the 2.6 TB of data that German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung used to publish the so-called "Panama Papers" was stolen by a hacking attack from abroad, Reuters reports. - Referenced Article

Ehmer Kirmani: Great Stories Need Great Visions...  

LinkedIn By : Ehmer Kirmani

MI films worldwide has been in film productions for over 10 years. We have become a world-class global film productions company and have served world’s best brands. MI films has offices and ventures around the world with presence in UK, Thailand, India, Pakistan, UAE and USA.

Now in partnership with digital magic effect house co. ltd. Thailand and taking with some of the best international directors and DOPs in world on board, allows me to give you world class execution of every project which make brands larger than life through visual effects, productions and animations for tv commercials & feature films that has been presented in our showreel. - Referenced Article

Ex-Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon dies in car crash after indictment  

USA Today By : Roger Yu and Nathan Bomey

Aubrey McClendon, considered a maverick in the energy industry, died in a fiery single-car crash Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiring to rig bids for oil and natural gas leases.

The controversial former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, who was forced to relinquish his position as chairman of that company in 2012... - Referenced Article

Lazy Workers Seen as Key to Survival  

Wall Street Journal By : JUN HONGO

A reservoir of lazy workers may be the key to an organization’s survival. That was the conclusion of Japanese researchers who studied eight colonies of 150 ants each.

They found that 20% to 30% of the ants in each colony remained inactive while others performed tasks including egg cleaning and larval care. - - Referenced Article

America has near record 5.6 million job openings  

CNN Money By : Patrick Gillespie

There were 5.6 million job openings in December, just shy of the all-time record of about 5.7 million set in July, according to Labor Department data published Tuesday.

Good news: American companies are hiring, despite all the concern surrounding the U.S. economy.- Referenced Article

Daimler recalls 840,000 cars with Takata airbags  

CNN Money By : Ivana Kottasova and Chris Liakos

The recall affects about 705,000 Mercedes-Benz cars and around 136,000 Daimler vans in the United States, the German automaker said Wednesday. It is the latest is a series of recalls prompted by concerns about Takata airbags. - Referenced Article

Peyton Manning gets in some final plugs for his biggest sponsors  

NESN By : Pat Bradley

So this was weird. If Super Bowl 50 was indeed Peyton Manning’s last game, he was sure to get in some final plugs for several of his biggest sponsors. Manning was seen before the Denver Broncos’ 24-10 victory... - Referenced Article

Apple now accepting your banged-up iPhone  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Apple for the first time is accepting banged up iPhones as a trade-in from those wanting to upgrade. Until now, Apple offered credit to iPhone owners only if the device had an intact screen and working buttons.

Apple hopes that with more leeway, applicable only to iPhone 5 and later models, more people will upgrade to new iPhones. - Referenced Article

Alphabet Grows Briskly to Close In on Apple  


Wall Street got its first glimpse of the financial details of a new conglomerate called Alphabet on Monday. Investors liked what they saw so much that the outfit formerly known as Google is poised to become the world’s most valuable company.

Despite spending $3.6 billion a year on projects like self-driving cars that don’t make much money... - Referenced Article

Iran sanctions lifted: Brace for oil shakeup  

CNN Money By : Ivana Kottasova

U.S. and European Union sanctions on Tehran were finally lifted on Saturday, restoring Iran's access to world's markets.

Iran has been gearing up for this moment for months and could soon return to the top ranks of global oil producers. Crude prices have been tanking for months, dropping to below $30 a barrel. - Referenced Article

Ford saw a 8.4% increase in U.S. auto sales in December 2015  

Seeking Alpha By : Brent A. Miller

Ford announced December 2015 U.S. vehicle sales of 239K, up 8.4% from the same month in 2014, and capping its 2015 total at 2.6 million vehicles, up 5% from 2014.

While this increase came in slightly below expectations from analysts, who were expecting an increase of 10% to 11%, I believe it caps off an impressive 2015... - Referenced Article

Toyota Hires Artificial Intelligence Gurus For Self-Driving Cars  

Fortune By : Jonathan Vanian

Toyota is following up on its billion-dollar plan to develop artificial intelligence technology that underpins self-driving cars.

The Japanese automobile maker said on Tuesday during the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it’s hired a squad of AI and robotics experts that will help the company build self-driving cars that can safely maneuver through roads without causing wrecks. - Referenced Article

Whole Foods to pay $500,000 for overcharging NYC customers  

Washington Post By : Justin Wm. Moyer

It was the story that, over the summer, ushered in a season of discontent with the grocery store chain nicknamed by its critics “Whole Paycheck”: the accusation that Whole Foods had overcharged some New York customers for, among other items, produce and pre-packaged fresh products. Apologizing — and blaming its employees — Whole Foods quickly retreated. - Referenced Article

Will Google pass Apple as most valuable company?  

CNN Money By : Paul R. La Monica

It wasn't that long ago that many investors assumed Apple (AAPL, Tech30) would get there first. At its peak price earlier this year, Apple had a market value of nearly $775 billion.

Alphabet, which I'm now going to refer to as Google (GOOGL, Tech30) for the rest of this story, was worth $366 billion at the time. - Referenced Article

Kim Dotcom to Appeal U.S. Extradition Ruling  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Rothken Law Firm’s Ira Rothken discusses Kim Dotcom’s legal struggles with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.”

Will higher interest rates boost Bank of Americas stock price?  

The Charlotte Observer By : DEON ROBERTS

This week, the Federal Reserve will once again consider whether to raise its benchmark short-term interest rate for the first time since the regulator slashed it during the recession.

With expectations for an increase rising, some longtime Bank of America shareholders might be hoping a hike will boost the Charlotte bank’s stock price, which remains below its prerecession levels. - Referenced Article

Chipotle Norovirus Outbreak At Boston College Sickens Nearly 150 People  

Tech Times By : Staff Reporting

Just days after vowing to become an industry leader in food safety, Chipotle had to apologize for yet another outbreak of a food safety issue in an entirely different region of the country.

After E. Coli prompted the closure of dozens of fast-casual chain's locations out west, over 140 cases of norovirus lead back to an east coast Chipotle near Boston College.

Hours before the number of sick climbed to 141, Chipotle Founder Steve Ells appeared in a "Today" show to apologize for the latest outbreak. - Referenced Article

Google Plan for Faster Mobile Web May Reshuffle Search Rankings  

Fortune By : Jonathan Vanian

Media outlets that participate in Google’s ambitious project to make websites load more quickly on mobile devices could find themselves higher in Google’s search results in 2016.

But companies that don’t sign on could be buried lower down. Google unveiled more details on Wednesday about its ambitious project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)... Referenced Article

Solid Jobs Report: 211,000 Jobs Added In November, Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 5%  

Forbes By : Samantha Sharf

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a somewhat stronger than expected November jobs report Friday, with numbers more than solid enough to support a interest rate hike from Federal Reserve later this month. New employment data shows employers in the United States adding 211,000 jobs last month.

The report also shows the unemployment rate steady at 5% (a level previously not seen since April 2008). Economists were anticipating 200,000 payroll additions in November and for the unemployment rate to remain the same. - Referenced Article

Yahoo Board to Weigh Sale of Internet Business  


Yahoo Inc.’s board is planning a series of meetings this week to consider selling off the company’s flagging Internet businesses and how to make the most of its valuable stake in Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. - Referenced Article

Obama: I cannot believe the commissioner of football gets paid $44 million a year  

Yahoo Finance By : Staff Reporting

Simmons, who has been vocal in his criticisms of the commissioner, broached the subject of Goodell by bringing up a hypothetical situation in which three of the major sports leagues were looking for a new commissioner. Simmons asked Obama whether he would be interested in any of them... - Referenced Article

Richard Plepler got schooled by tech whizzes  

CNN Money By : Brian Stelter

"I went to school," he says. "I brought in all kinds of people who knew an enormous amount, much more than I did about this... and made sure that we had the right people around us."

It is a hiring process that continues to this day. HBO in 2015 is a fundamentally different company than it was just 10 years ago. First it created an app that made it easy to stream shows. - Referenced Article

Penney plunges on sales outlook  

Arkansas Online By : Christie Boyden

J.C. Penney Co., the third-largest U.S. department-store company, fell the most in more than two years after signaling that sales growth during the Christmas season may slow from the third quarter's pace.

Same-store sales this year will rise 4 percent to 5 percent, the Plano, Texas-based company said Friday in a statement, repeating an earlier projection. - Referenced Article

Apple Is Not Racist: Tim Cooks Take On The Incident In Australia  

Bidness ETC By : Martin Blanc

Apple Inc has made an official statement about the incident at its retail store in Australia; earlier this week the store barred three black teenagers from entering its premises, as employees felt they might “steal something.”

As per an email sent to all Apple employees, CEO Tim Cook said it was “unacceptable” for the staff to have acted in such a manner and stereotype a particular ethnic group. - Referenced Article

Amid emissions scandal, Volkswagen may have mortally wounded the diesel passenger car market  

Extreme Tech By : Jamie Lendino

This morning there’s more fallout from the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, as VW has now admitted 11 million vehicles globally may have the defeat software installed that lets the company cheat on its emissions tests.

At least in the US, there are approximately 500,000 TDI-branded cars on the roads that are routinely spewing out up to 40 times the legal amount of NOx, which leads to increased air pollution in the form of smog... - Referenced Article

UK puts the kibosh on Googles Freedom to provide Information  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Details of a "minor criminal offence" were referenced in the stories regarding an individual, the ICO said. Earlier links about the case had already been removed - but this act of removal itself later became news.

It is the links to those new articles, when searched for via the individual's name, which must now be removed. - Referenced Article

Amazons data-driven approach becoming more common  

Washington Post By : Mae Anderson

A New York Times article over the weekend portrayed Amazon’s work culture as “bruising” and “Darwinian” in part because of the way it uses data to manage its staff.

The article depicted a work culture where staffers are under constant pressure to deliver strong results on a wide variety of detailed metrics the company monitors in real time ... - Referenced Article

Samsung Unveils The Worlds Largest Hard Drive, Boasting 16 TB In A 2.5-Inch Case  

Tech Times By : Christian de Looper

Samsung may have announced bigger products in the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the company showed off a nearly 16-terabyte flash hard drive at the Flash Memory Summit this week.

This is a pretty significant announcement. Flash memory is generally faster than its disc-spinning counterpart, although it generally doesn't offer the highest amounts of storage. - Referenced Article

AT&T was close partner to NSA in Internet spying, article asserts  

CNN Money By : Jackie Wattles

That's according to a report by the New York Times and ProPublica citing NSA documents obtained from former agency contractor Edward Snowden.

AT&T gave the agency access to information regarding emails sent on its networks and allowed the agency to monitor communications at the United Nations, according to the documents. - Referenced Article

Samsung prepares to battle Apple in the Supreme Court  

Benchmark Reporter By : ADIP XION

Samsung has taken the battle again and have decided to take on Apple for a fine charged for alleged copyright infringement of two-dozen Apple patents.

But the Korean giant just came to know that the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected their appeal. - Referenced Article

BMW owns and it's not selling it to Google  

By : Chris Perkins

Perhaps Google (Alphabet?) should have googled its new name before it decided to restructure the whole company.

The New York Times reports that Google's new parent company, Alphabet, has encountered an issue with german automaker BMW, which owns a fleet services company with the same name and the domain - Referenced Article

26 reasons Google created Alphabet  

Fusion By : Felix Salmon

A is for Alphabet, which is about to become the biggest tech company most people have never heard of. It’s going to have a market capitalization of more than $400 billion.

You might be more familiar with the company under its present moniker, Google. Why did Google create Alphabet? Here are 26 reasons: - Referenced Article

Google is now a subsidiary of ALPHABET  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Staff Reporting

The name is easy enough to remember. The latest news from Google has rocked the technical world across the globe. Google is now a subsidiary of ALPHABET, which consists of a collection of companies." Alphabet described it this way,

What is Alphabet? Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which, of course, is Google. This newer Google is a bit slimmed down, with the companies that are pretty far afield of our main Internet products contained in Alphabet instead. What do we mean by far afield? Good examples are our health efforts: Life Sciences (that works on the glucose-sensing contact lens), and Calico (focused on longevity). Fundamentally, we believe this allows us more management scale, as we can run things independently that aren’t very related. Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence... - Referenced Article

Microsoft Corporation Reports 14 Million Windows 10 Installations So Far  

Tech News Today By : Alison Peters

Microsoft just announced through its official blog that the recently launched Windows 10 has reached over 14 million devices just in a matter of 3 days; the operating software that was rolled out to the general public on Wednesday has been receiving good reviews from the critics so far.

Microsoft has also pointed out that many more upgrades are yet to come, as users all around the world eagerly await to upgrade to Windows 10. - Referenced Article

Facebook, Google Tighten Grip on Mobile Ads  


Facebook Inc. offered fresh evidence of its allure to deep-pocketed big brands, as it and Google Inc. increasingly take the lion’s share of the fast-growing mobile advertising market.

The social networking company posted a 39% increase in quarterly revenue, nearly three-fourths of which came from advertising on mobile devices.

Expenses grew faster than revenue, but executives said the company would spend less than previously forecast this year, which will boost profitability. - Referenced Article

Twitters Jack Dorsey: We know we must be easier to use  

CNN Money By : Hope King

Jack Dorsey, the company's co-founder and interim CEO, acknowledged this sentiment on Tuesday and promised he would try to get Twitter (TWTR, Tech30) to do better.

During an earnings call with investors, Dorsey said Twitter's recently launched features had little impact on getting new users to join and stay active. "This is unacceptable and we're not happy about it," he said. - Referenced Article

Why Microsoft Corporation Is Streaming Xbox One Games to Windows 10  

The Motley Fool By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft recently enabled local streaming of Xbox One games to Windows 10 computers or tablets.

This move, which it announced back in January, could have huge implications for both the PC and console gaming markets. Let's focus on how this feature fits into Microsoft's "One Windows" strategy, and how it could impact other streaming players like Sony (NYSE:SNE), Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), and Valve. - Referenced Article

Dunkin CEO: $15 minimum wage is outrageous  

CNN Money By : Jackie Wattles

On Thursday, New York state's wage board recommended fast food workers make at least $15 per hour. The board said it should happen by the end of 2018 in New York City.

Dunkin' Brand CEO Nigel Travis says the plan will do more harm than good.

Travis said he supports governments making "reasonable increases" to the minimum wage, but a hike to $15 per hour represents a 71% increase over the current state minimum. - Referenced Article

YouTube redesigns app; priority is mobile, mobile, and mobile  

CNN Money By : Brian Stelter

YouTube is unveiling a redesign to its mobile app, visible right away on Android devices and coming soon to Apple devices.

The app has a "streamlined design," YouTube says, with three main pathways: a personalized home page, a subscriptions page for channels that users have signed up for, and an account page. - Referenced Article

Amazon worth more than Wal-Mart after posting surprise profit  

Independent By : Staff Reporting

Combined with a bullish forecast for the third quarter, upbeat comments from company executives on Amazon's Prime delivery service and rapid growth in its cloud computing service, Amazon delivered the kind of results Wall Street is looking for.

Seattle-based Amazon, which last reported a profit in the 2014 fourth quarter, has often faced worries by investors that its heavy spending on new ventures will not actually pay off. - Referenced Article

VIDEO: Mayor Bill de Blasio Unusual Stance On Uber  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

The on-demand car app is taking to the airwaves in New York with a blunt message aimed at Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city's taxis. But that is just one front in the company’s worldwide fight to grow even bigger. Uber’s chief adviser and board member David Plouffe used to serve as President Obama’s campaign manager in 2008 before becoming a White House adviser. Plouffe joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss Uber's explosive growth and legal fights.

MI Films adds value to video production  

MI Films Production By : Staff Reporting

MI Films video production showcases beauty, underwater photography and visual effects that work toward capturing and surprising audiences with images that push the limits of breath taking imagery.

MI Films adds value to video productions from crafting concepts at the pre-production stage at breath-taking locations, product shots that make your brand stand out in the media clutter, followed up by a post production that adds the finishing touches for a world class product. Especially in food and beverages.

Our team designs the mood, the images, the delicious sounds, movement and color which give the photographed beverage a flavor one can almost taste through the screens.

Take a look:

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

Toshiba CEO to resign over doctored books  

AP By : Staff Reporting

Toshiba's chief executive is stepping down to take responsibility for doctored books that inflated profits at the Japanese technology manufacturer by 151.8 billion yen ($1.2 billion).

Toshiba acknowledged a systematic cover-up, which began in 2008, as various parts of its sprawling business including computer chips and personal computers were struggling financially. - Referenced Article

How 20 Years of Amazon Changed Retail  


Since it opened its website in July 1995, Inc. has grown from a seller of books into one of the world’s biggest retailers.

Its growth has been fueled by a consumer shift to online shopping and Amazon’s willingness to sacrifice profits to expand. Here’s a look at 20 years of sales for Amazon and three close competitors— Target Corp., Best Buy Co. and Barnes & Noble Inc.—and a look how Wall Street has valued those companies. - Referenced Article

Facebook wants to let you buy things from retailers pages  

Fortune By : Kia Kokalitcheva

Facebook’s pages for small businesses originally started as a way for them to stay in touch with customers and hopefully generate leads, but now the social network wants to supercharge their revenue power by providing merchants with online storefronts inside their page. Facebook FB 0.61% is reportedly testing this new feature with some online retailers, according to BuzzFeed.

The new feature essentially lets merchants showcase products and let Facebook users shop directly from within the storefront in the page instead of having to go to the merchant’s website. - Referenced Article

Walmart Announces Big Online Sale to Compete with Amazon Prime Day  


The summer retail wars are heating up. Walmart has announced a massive online sale in an effort to compete with Amazon Prime Day. Starting Wednesday, the giant retailer will offer thousands of new online-only "rollback deals" and lower its free shipping minimum order to $35 from $50. "We've heard some retailers are charging $100 to get access to a sale.

But the idea of asking customers to pay extra in order to save money just doesn't add up for us," Fernando Madeira, president and CEO of, said in a statement on a company blog. - Referenced Article

Apple claims 99% satisfaction in latest iPhone ads  

Slash Gear By : Chris Davies

"If it's not an iPhone," Apple's latest advert for its smartphone points out, "it's not an iPhone."

That might be a pretty obvious statement - infamous mimicry notwithstanding - but it comes with a bold statistic. According to Apple, 99-percent of people who own an iPhone, love that phone. It's part of a one-two punch against Android tackling not only brand-loyalty and device satisfaction, but - thanks to a second advert released at the same time - the value to be had when you make both your hardware and your software. - Referenced Article

Shigeru Miyamoto Tops List of Nintendo Contenders  


After the death of Nintendo Co.’s president, the leadership spotlight is falling on Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of blockbuster videogame franchises such as Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda. Nintendo said Monday that it had no plans yet for who would replace Satoru Iwata, who served as president from 2002 until his death from cancer on Saturday at age 55.

The company didn’t name an interim president but said that Mr. Miyamoto and another executive, Genyo Takeda, would maintain their roles as representative directors, a title they shared with Mr. Iwata. - Referenced Article

Relief rally on Wall Street as Greece agrees to deal  

USA Today Money By : Adam Shell

U.S. investors woke up to word of Greece agreeing to a bailout deal with creditors, news that is likely to deliver a relief rally to Wall Street, which had feared a Greek exit from the euro.

After marathon negotiations that began Sunday, Greece and eurozone creditors shook hands on a tentative agreement early Monday that would unlock about $95 billion in new aid to debt-strapped Greece in exchange for a spate of new tough concessions agreed to by Athens’ prime minister Alexis Tsipras, which included reforms to a costly pension system, higher taxes and the placing of Greek state assets in a dedicated fund of 50 billion euros. - Referenced Article

With Microsoft Office 2016, the Mac Is No Longer a Second-Class Citizen  

NDTV By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft's new Office apps do a good job of helping us navigate a world in which we frequently switch from one device to another - from a Mac to a Windows PC, with a smartphone or tablet along the way.

The company released Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac on Thursday and new apps for Android phones two weeks ago. New ones for Windows phones and tablets are coming this summer and for Windows PCs this fall. - Referenced Article

iOS 9 public beta is finally here. Here's how you can install it  

IBN Live By : Staff Reporting

Apple recently announced its next iOS 9 and for the first time ever, it has released a public beta of the software.

Anyone who has a compatible iOS device can now download the iOS 9 beta. As it is still in beta, you must know that it could have its set of glitches that you- as a consumer beta tester- could report directly to Apple with Feedback Assistant.

Also, before you begin downloading the iOS 9 beta on your iPhone or iPad, it is important to backup all of the device’s data onto iTunes or iCloud. - Referenced Article

The world of smart clothing  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Clothing is hitting store shelves embedded with smart technology that can give you information on heart rates, breathing and calorie counts. CNET Reviews editor-in-chief Lindsey Turrentine joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the technology transforming the fitness and health industry.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao apologizes: We screwed up  

CNN Money By : Laurie Segall and Chris Isidore

Pao also promised to improve communication between the website and its community of users. Some users and moderators of the popular discussion site have been up in arms by Pao's decision last week to let go a top executive who was popular with Reddit users.

"Today, we acknowledge this long history of mistakes. We are grateful for all you do for reddit, and the buck stops with me," Pao said in a statement posted on the site. - Referenced Article

Unemployment falls to lowest level in 7 years  

CNN Money By : Patrick Gillespie

U.S. unemployment fell to 5.3%, its lowest level since April 2008, according to the latest government data released Thursday.

It was an even healthier rate than many economists predicted and brings America back to a rate last seen before the financial crisis. Hiring remains robust: the U.S. added 223,000 jobs in June.

Thursday's news was slightly below the prediction from CNNMoney's survey of economists, which projected there would be 235,000 jobs added. - Referenced Article

Transforming Branding: Digital In Advertising  

Forbes By : Jason Bloomberg

For those of us in the technology world, digital is a technology concept – customer-driven technology to be sure, but still about the ones and zeroes in the end.

Ask someone in the advertising industry about digital, however, and you’ll get a very different answer.

It’s about the transformation of branding. “Colors and the emotional aspect of what a brand represents – those days are gone,” says Eric Pilkington, Chief Digital Officer at McCann Health, a McCann Worldgroup agency, which is owned by advertising giant Interpublic Group. - Referenced Article

iPhone anniversary: How the first iPhone beat the critics  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Eight years after Apple's first iPhone went on sale, we look back at a gadget that rocked the tech world, despite lacking some crucial features.

Study Suggests Google Harms Consumers by Skewing Search Results  


New research by two prominent U.S. academics suggests that Google Inc. is harming Internet users and violating competition laws by skewing search results to favor its own services, a potentially significant twist in Europe’s long-running antitrust investigation of the U.S. search giant.

The research combines statistical testing with detailed legal and economic analysis to examine the ramifications of Google’s practice of promoting its own specialized search services, such as for local restaurants or doctors, at the expense of rivals like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

It was sponsored by Yelp, which has filed a complaint with EU antitrust authorities over Google’s search practices. It was presented to EU regulators on Friday. - Referenced Article

Ford launches car-sharing program with owners  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Detroit is jumping into Silicon Valley's "sharing economy." Ford is launching a pilot program to allow owners who've financed through Ford credit to rent their cars short-term. Fourteen-thousand American drivers in six cities will be eligible, as well as 12,000 Ford owners in London. CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson joins "CBS This Morning" from Chicago to discuss the car-sharing trend.

No Regrets! Google Debuts New Undo Send Feature in Gmail  


How often have you fired off an email and then immediately thought, "I maybe shouldn't have sent that"? Whether it's a typoed name, a sentence worded less-than-perfectly or simply something that your lawyer would have urged you not to put in writing, there are certain mistakes you probably don't want your intended recipients seeing.

On Monday, Google's email service debuted an attempt at a solution to these problems: the Undo Send feature. - Referenced Article

Well-known manufacturer halts production of Confederate flags  

CNN Money By : Aaron Smith

This follows similar movies by major retailers WalMart , Sears, eBay and Amazon, which all said they're going to stop selling the Confederate flag. Vanden Bosch told CNNMoney earlier this week that the flag making industry doesn't like to get involved in the politics of various flags.

"Generally speaking, as an industry, the stance has been we are not making patriotic statements or unpatriotic statements," said Vanden Bosch, who is also president of Flag Manufacturers Association of America. - Referenced Article

Facebook is nipping at YouTubes heels in the race for video viewers and advertisers  

VB News By : Staff Reporting

YouTube is the clear leader in video sharing and viewing, but Facebook is creeping up on the Google-owned giant. According to a recent survey and market research by Ampere Analysis, Facebook is on track to deliver two thirds as many video views in 2015 as YouTube does — two trillion versus YouTube’s three trillion.

Both services have a comparable number of monthly users overall. Referenced Article

Google May Be Natural Acquirer of Twitter  

Barron's By : MKM Partners

We are downgrading Twitter from Buy to Neutral. We are establishing a fair-value estimate of $39, down from our previous $57 price target.

We still believe in the long-term potential for and see significant upside if Twitter executes on user experience improvements.

However, we see no catalyst for improving sentiment in the next two quarters (besides a possible Google bid. Referenced Article

50 Billion Devices Connected By The End Of This Decade  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Cisco CEO John Chambers is a pioneer in building the digital economy. On his watch, Cisco grew from just over $1 billion in annual revenue to $47 billion. Chambers joins “CBS This Morning” from the Cisco headquarters in San Jose, California, to discuss how companies can survive cutthroat competition in the digital age.

BlackBerry considers releasing Android phone, says report  

CNET By : Carrie Mihalcik

BlackBerry may be looking to Google's Android operating system to power an upcoming smartphone.

The struggling smartphone maker could run Android on an "upcoming slider device" that will likely be released this fall, Reuters reported on Thursday, citing sources "familiar with the matter." - Referenced Article

Online mattress startup has unique approach  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Casper is a mattress company that’s flipping expectations. It has raised $15 million in funding from high-profile backers, including Ashton Kutcher.

The company, which sells exclusively through its website, is already disrupting an established industry that traditionally relies on salesmen and showrooms. 

Nike becomes suspected player in alleged $150 million FIFA bribery scandal  

Washington Post By : Drew Harwell

The international investigation into bribery, fraud and corruption at FIFA involved some surprising American names: The Miami chairman of a popular nationwide soccer league, and a major U.S. sportswear firm some believe could be Nike.

For more than two decades, the Justice Department said Wednesday, five "unscrupulous" U.S. and South American sports and banking executives helped funnel more than $150 million in bribes to officials atop FIFA, the multibillion-dollar goliath governing the world's most popular sport. - Referenced Article

U.S. judge orders Yahoo to face class-action suit over spying  

Fortune By : Staff Reporting

A U.S. judge ordered Yahoo Inc to face a nationwide class-action lawsuit accusing it of illegally intercepting the content of emails sent to Yahoo Mail subscribers from non-Yahoo Mail accounts, and using the information to boost advertising revenue.

In a decision late Tuesday night, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California said people who sent emails to or received emails from Yahoo Mail subscribers since Oct. 2, 2011 may sue as a group under the federal Stored Communications Act for alleged privacy violations. - Referenced Article

Yellen says Fed on course for 2015 rate rise By : Jeff Kearns, Jeanna Smialek and Craig Torres

A first-quarter economic chill won't deter the Federal Reserve from its plan to raise interest rates this year, chair Janet Yellen said, assuring investors the pace of subsequent tightening would be gradual.

Although the labor market is nearing full strength, "we are not there yet," she said Friday in a speech in Providence, R.I., emphasizing that the Fed would proceed cautiously. - Referenced Article

Google Buy Buttons Could Start Showing On Mobile Shopping Ads In A Matter Of Weeks  

Search Engine Land By : Ginny Marvin

The long-rumored morphing of Google Shopping into a marketplace that could compete head-on with the likes of Amazon and Ebay appears to be getting closer. “Buy” buttons could start appearing on select Google mobile search ads in a matter of weeks.

The Wall Street Journal cited anonymous sources saying Macy’s is among the retailers in discussions with Google to join the launch. - Referenced Article

Tim Armstrongs AOL Stock Worth $200 Million After Verizon Deal  

Forbes By : Nathan Vardi

In May of 2010, investors were not showing a great deal of faith in Tim Armstrong and his new plans for AOL as the company once again operated as an independent company, spun off from Time Warner and one of the worst mergers in corporate history.

As AOL’s stock was falling and changing hands for just under $22, Armstrong, AOL’s CEO, decided to put some money where his mouth was, purchasing more than $11 million of AOL stock. - Referenced Article

Twitter expands threats ban, may lock accounts in aim to limit abuse  

CNet By : Don Reisinger

Twitter has announced policy changes that the company hopes will limit abuse on its social network.

Twitter has updated its policy pertaining to violent threats to include "promot[ing] violence against others." Previously, the policy banned tweets that were limited to "direct, specific threats of violence against others." - Referenced Article

Instantaneous brand elevation for Under Armour  

USA Today By : Josh Peter

"What's not quantifiable is the instantaneous brand elevation that occurred," O'Connor told USA TODAY Sports. "The apparel they had on him is mainstream apparel, and it's a whole new marketing and sales platform available to the general public.

"People are saying, 'I want to be like Jordan,' only this time it's not Mike. Under Armour has capitalized on that beautifully." - Referenced Article

EU set to announce Google action  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Margrethe Vestager, the competition commissioner, could make a statement about her intentions on Wednesday.

Reports suggest she will announce that a "statement of objections" is being prepared.

Such action would mark an escalation in the Commission's handling of complaints that Google favours its own products in search engine results. - Referenced Article

Twitter is testing the ability to pin apps to brand profiles  

The Next Web By : Owen Williams

Twitter is testing yet another interesting new feature; some brands are now able to pin their apps directly to their Twitter profiles in its iPhone app.

The change was spotted by a tipster on profiles of some verified business accounts including Periscope, Vine and Uber. It now prominently shows the company’s app, its rating on the App Store and a button to download or open it if it’s already installed. - Referenced Article

Chinese Internet authority clashes with Google over digital certificates  

PC World By : Michael Kan

A Chinese Internet administrator blasted Google on Thursday, after the U.S. search giant decided to stop recognizing digital certificates issued by the group following a security lapse.

“The decision that Google has made is unacceptable and unintelligible,” China’s Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said in an online posting. - Referenced Article

Satya Nadella can see what every Microsoft employee is working on  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The program he uses isn't some NSA-like top-secret spy software. It's actually a part of Microsoft Office called "Delve."

You can use it too -- if your company pays Microsoft for it. Microsoft Delve is yet another cloud tool that allows team members to share and collaborate on documents with one another (see: Google Docs, SharePoint, Trello, Yammer, Slack, etc.) - Referenced Article

What people really search for most on Google  


You've seen Google's annual lists of trendy search terms, featuring things like "robin williams," "world cup," and "ebola," but those show only the most unusually popular terms, not the most popular terms overall. In fact, the most popular searches are a lot more basic.

The clear winner around the world is "facebook," which is funny given that you could just as easily type into a URL bar. "google" and "youtube" are also popular and likewise amusing. - Referenced Article

Ford unveils MoDe electric bike prototypes at MWC 2015  

CNET By : Lynn La

Looking to make bicyclists' commutes safer and more efficient, American car company Ford introduced two concept electric bicycles today during a press event at MWC 2015. Known as the MoDe:Pro and the MoDe:Me, the e-bikes are equipped with a number of smart features that connect to the Apple iPhone 6.

According to Erica Klampfl, Ford's head of mobility, the bikes were part of a company-wide challenge that asked employees and designers to come up with a smart e-bike. Referenced Article

A More Precise Approach to Marketing in 2015  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Using Comprehensive Marketing Strategies, with the most cost-effective Internet Marketing Tools, will give you the ability to seize every available opportunity to extend your Market Reach.

Businesses are getting more excited about the opportunity to implement multi-pronged Internet Marketing ‘Solutions’ that offer enormous advantage over competing messages.

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Google Confirms Plans for Wireless Service  


Google today confirmed that it is exploring the option of offering a wireless service. During a keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sundar Pichai, Google's SVP of Android, Chrome, and Google Apps, said that in order to push Android forward, you always need to be looking ahead.

That's why Google got into the hardware business with the Nexus lineup, and why it's looking into offering wireless service. - Referenced Article

Apple Inc. Stock Will Plummet to $60: Berenberg  

Value Walk By : Michelle Jones

Apple Inc. usually draws out the bull in analysts, but one firm is predicting destruction for the company. In fact, the $60 per share price target set by the German investment bank is so low that some of you are probably wondering if that’s a typo.

No, it isn’t. Apple Insider‘s Neil Hughes reported on the research note from analyst Adnaan Ahmad of Berenberg Bank. His biggest problem regarding Apple is its reliance on iPhone sales... - Referenced Article

Is People Magazine Relevant in a Digital Age?  


These are jittery times for magazine publishers as readers and advertisers dance between the companies’ once-dominant publications and relatively new but powerful competitors such as Twitter , Facebook and Instagram.

For Joe Ripp, chief executive of Time Inc., the competitive landscape has translated into the sale of once-prized real estate, and a coming move to lower Manhattan that will save on rent. - Referenced Article

Europe gives Greece another four months  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The deal struck Friday by finance officials in Brussels should keep Greece afloat and safely in the euro while it works out a long term plan for economic recovery.

Greece must still come up with a list of reforms acceptable to its creditors, including the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, by Monday for the massive bailout to be extended beyond the end of the month. - Referenced Article

8 Questions Successful People Ask Themselves  

Time By : Will Mitchell

We all know that having a mentor is one of those things you’re “supposed to do” to be successful. But, the reality is that there aren’t nearly as many good mentors out there as there are people who need them.

What’s a guy (or gal) to do?

We suggest looking to the greats. We scoured the web for advice from the mentors we wish we had to figure out what aspects of our lives they would be drilling us about. - Referenced Article

What is the Google Idiot Tax?  

The Sydney Morning Herald By : Louis White

For three months Elisha Casagrande tried Google AdWords to launch her new fashion website, Repeat Offender.

She hired a search engine marketing agency that specialised in Google Adwords to help her with a campaign and budgeted $1500 a month, plus agency fees. The result? Not one sale. - Referenced Article

As Eurozone Finance Ministers Meet About Greece, Compromise May Be Elusive  


German and Greek officials traded barbed remarks ahead of a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Monday, signaling how difficult it may be to resolve the latest crisis over finances in Greece.

The European part of Greece’s bailout program is to expire at the end of the month, raising the risk that the country could default on loan repayments and become the first member of the euro currency union to leave it. - Referenced Article

Chipotle Mexican Grill Twitter account hacked and followers bombarded with racist and homophobic abuse  

Mirror By : Chris Slater

Hackers posted a series of racist and homophobic messages after taking over the Twitter account of a popular restaurant chain.

Users of the social media site were left stunned when Chipotle Mexican Grill changed its profile picture to a Swastika in the early hours. - Referenced Article

Intel CFO on PCs: More innovation than at any time in my career in the industry  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Stacy Smith, finance chief of the world's biggest chipsmaker, sits down with CNET's Ben Fox Rubin to discuss PCs, mobile and wearables.

Tablet Shipments Fall for First Time, With Amazon Hit Hard  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Tablet shipments fell at the end of last year for the first time since the market's inception in 2010, according to a new report, with Amazon devices plummeting nearly 70 percent.

Global shipments for tablets fell to 76.1 million in the fourth quarter of 2014, dropping 3.2 percent from the same period the previous year, according to tech market research firm IDC. - Referenced Article

India Manufacturing Activity Cools in January, Survey Says  

WSJ By : Staff Reporting

India’s manufacturing activity fell to a three-month low at the start of the year as growth in new orders cooled while inflation eased, building the case for more rate cuts by the central bank.

The seasonally adjusted HSBC India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index, prepared by Markit, fell to 52.9 in January from a two-year high of 54.5 in December, the survey showed Monday.

However, the reading remained above 50, the level that separates expansion from contraction, and marked the 15th straight month of an expansion in manufacturing. - Referenced Article

As Indias billionaires were seen in one frame  

The News Minute By : Staff Reporting

A picture of India's top corporate honchos waiting in a line has gone viral on social media. The picture had Indian businessmen and CEOs lined up for the summit with US President Barack Obama.

The US-Indo CEO forum in New Delhi on Monday evening saw Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Adani Group head Gautam Adani, Mahindra & Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra, Bharti Enterprises chief Sunil Mittal, Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani... - Referenced Article

Google to Announce Fiber Expansion In Four Cities  


Google Inc. is preparing to offer its high-speed fiber-optic Internet service in four new metro areas, the latest step in a careful expansion of the service.

Google will announce launches of Google Fiber in Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Raleigh-Durham, N.C. and Nashville, Tenn. in coming days, according to two people familiar with the situation. - Referenced Article

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel discuss that time they discovered the Internet  

USA Today By : Alan Siegel

In January 1994, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel were introduced to something that would soon change the world.

During a taping of the Today show, they began discussing a new email address to which viewers could send feedback.

This flustered the usually unflappable hosts, especially Gumbel, who didn’t know what to make of the “@” symbol. - Referenced Article

How digital collaboration will evolve in 2015  

ZDNet By : Dion Hinchcliffe

Information technology typically changes in leaps and bounds, and for collaboration in digital channels, those changes have been rather turbulent over the last decade.

While the most significant overall trend during this time has been the strategic up-leveling of corporate engagement using the social business model to foster large-scale, high impact corporate communities, the pendulum of innovation has recently swung back to more intimate and close quarters. - Referenced Article

Are Girl Scouts losing out as cookie sales enter digital realm?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

When I was a member of the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, cookie time was my favorite time of the year, from first grade to 12th grade.

I was the girl who hit up teachers before anyone else had a chance, the co-worker's daughter who showed up in person before it became the norm to pass around the order form.

Camping was fun, but nothing beat the joy of watching my order form fill with names as I went from door to door in my apartment building until I reached the bottom. - Referenced Article

Stocks plunge as retail sales, JPMorgan disappoint  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Stocks tumbled in early trading Wednesday after a weak reading on December retail sales and a profit miss from JPMorgan added to investor worries. Hurting the Dow was a fourth-quarter earnings miss from Dow component JPMorgan Chase (JPM).

The bank posted earnings per share of $1.19, far below the $1.31 analysts' expected. JPMorgan's revenue number also came in light. - Referenced Article

Samsung profit to drop more than 35% amid smartphone troubles  

CNN Money By : Charles Riley

The South Korea-based firm said Thursday that it anticipates an operating profit of 5.2 trillion won ($4.7 billion) for the fourth quarter -- a 37% decline from the previous year.

Fourth quarter sales are also expected to be lower, falling 12% to around 52 trillion won ($47.3 billion), compared to the same period last year. - Referenced Article

Super-sized stock gains: Fast food soars  

CNBC By : Katie Little

New Year's resolutions are in full swing, but don't tell that to restaurant stocks. Several of them are hitting intraday all-time highs on Wednesday on the heels of Sonic's blockbuster same-store sales report. Sonic, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Jack in the Box, Texas Roadhouse, DineEquity, Papa John's International, Brinker International, Cheesecake Factory, Buffalo Wild Wings and Darden Restaurants all jumped to all-time intraday highs Wednesday, according to FactSet data. - Referenced Article

Pimco Total Return Fund Had Withdrawals of $19.4 Billion  

Bloomberg By : Mary Childs

Pacific Investment Management Co.’s biggest mutual fund suffered about $19.4 billion in withdrawals in December, the 20th straight month of redemptions, capping a year that included the surprise departures of Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian. Reference Article

Apprenticeship programs fill gaps in American manufacturing  

TRIB Live By : Staff Reporting

Aerotech has the space it needs to keep up with rising sales demand. It has the tools, too. Just not enough talent. “Our shortcoming was our human resources,” said Ashley Wellner, director of manufacturing at the O'Hara company. - Referenced Article

Largest commercial transaction of the year in Boston  

NECN By : Maxine Giza

Christmas Delivery Wars: Apple And Zappos Killed, Staples And Toys R Us Missed  

Forbes By : Clare O'Connor

This holiday season, Americans spent a record $48.3 billion shopping online, up 15% on last year according to ComScore.

Of that, $5.8 billion was spent the week before Christmas, meaning millions of you spent the days prior to the holiday desperately checking online package trackers to see whether the gifts you ordered made it under your loved ones’ trees by the 25th. - Referenced Article

Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund Surges 50%  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Thomas J. Herzfeld has been waiting over two decades for the U.S. government to normalize trade relations with Cuba, after isolating the Communist country 90 miles offshore from Florida for over a half century.

A closed-end fund Herzfeld manages called the Nasdaq-listed Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund (ticker: CUBA) surged as much as 50% to seven-year highs on Wednesday ... - Referenced Article

U.S. set to blame North Korea for Sony hack  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

U.S. investigators say an announcement pinning the blame on hackers working for the Pyongyang regime could come as soon as Thursday.

Because of the North Korean regime's tight control of the Internet in the reclusive country, U.S. officials believe the hack was ordered directly by the country's leadership. - Referenced Article

Russian ruble plunged by about 12%, loses 50% against dollar  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The ruble plunged by about 12% Monday, meaning it's lost nearly 50% against the dollar this year. Early Tuesday in Russia, the central bank hiked its key interest rate for a sixth time this year to 17% from 10.5%.

A double-whammy of collapsing oil prices and Western sanctions is driving up inflation. Cash is flooding out of the country and the risk that some Russian companies may default is increasing. - Referenced Article

Google to shut down news site in Spain over copyright fees  


Google said it plans to close its news-linking service in Spain in response to legislation under which publishers will soon be able to force Internet sites to pay for re-publishing headlines or snippets of news.

In a statement, the search giant said the new law makes the Google News service unsustainable and that it will remove Spanish publishers from Google News sites worldwide and shut down this service in Spain on 16 December. - Referenced Article

Instagram Celebrates 300M Users With Verified Accounts  


Instagram has something to shout about this holiday season, as the photo-sharing service announced a milestone 300 million users.

The image-centric social network has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos every day as a portal for users to share things like the beauty of the Nile River and the everyday silliness of Taylor Swift. - Referenced Article

Yahoo will host Mobile Developer Conference on Feb 19, 2015  

Maine News By : Staff Reporting

In a noteworthy announcement made on Monday, Yahoo said that it will host its first-ever mobile developers conference next year.

The conference will simply be called the Mobile Developer Conference; and it will be held in San Francisco on February 19, 2015.

The conference will be a one-day event, during which Yahoo and mobile analytics firm Flurry - which Yahoo acquired in July this year - will mainly focus on what the two companies are describing as their next stride in mobile development. Referenced Article

11 Google Tricks That Will Change the Way You Search  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Google Search’s learning curve is an odd one.

You use it every day, but still all you know is how to search. But the search engine has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

Here’s an overview of some of the most useful Google search tricks, from basic tips to new features just recently released. - Referenced Article

Girl Scouts Go Digital to Sell Their Iconic Cookies  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

There's a different kind of cookie coming to your computer this holiday season. For the first time in their more than 100-year history, the Girl Scouts have gone digital.

Starting Dec. 12, all you have to do is go online to buy your Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and more. Scouts can sell their cookies through personalized cookie websites and a mobile app, customizing their landing pages with pictures, text and more. - Referenced Article

Samsung Group sells shares in chemical, defense arms for $1.7 billion  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

South Korea's Samsung Group said on Wednesday it is selling stakes in four chemical and defense firms for 1.9 trillion won ($1.72 billion) to Hanwha Group, the latest move in the massive task of restructuring the country's largest conglomerate.

Samsung Group is reorganizing its business empire to make it easier for the children of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) chairman Lee Kun-hee, 72, who has been hospitalized since a May heart attack, to divvy up the conglomerate. - Referenced Article

New Service by Google Kills Ads on Your Favorite Sites for a Monthly Fee  

Wired By : Staff Reporting

The web is funded by ads.

But so many people hate seeing them, and they often resent all the data tracking that props them up. It’s a clash that has become a major pain point for news websites and other publishers.

The rise of ad blockers, which let people surf the web without these annoying ads, is also blocking their revenue. But Google is now offering a service that addresses both sides of this rather complicated issue. - Referenced Site

Asia Stocks Rise on PBOC Cash Report as Yen Climbs on Aso  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Asian stocks rallied, with the regional index paring its weekly retreat, after a report that China’s central bank injected funds, while crude oil climbed a second day.

Japan’s yen rose for the first time in seven days as Finance Minister Taro Aso said its decline has been too fast. - Referenced Article

Firefox dumps Google for search, signs on with Yahoo  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

In a major departure for both Mozilla and Yahoo, Firefox's default search engine is switching from Google to Yahoo in the United States.

"I'm thrilled to announce that we've entered into a five-year partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox across mobile and desktop," Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer said in a blog post Wednesday.

"This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years." - Referenced Article

Akio Toyoda introduces Toyota's Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan  

Toyota Global Newsroom By : Staff Reporting

Akio Toyoda has seen the future, and it’s called “Mirai”.

That’s the name of Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle, which the company’s president announced in a video released the day before the car’s official launch.

UK inflation rate rises to 1.3% in October  

BBC News By : Staff Reporting

UK inflation rose to an annual rate of 1.3% in October, up from 1.2% in the previous month, official figures show.

The slight increase moves the rate, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), above its recent five-year low.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), said the marginal rise was because transport costs fell by less than they did a year ago. - Referenced Article

With Two Years of dismal sales Pizza Hut focuses on new flavor options  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Following two years of disappointing sales...Pizza Hut will focus on dozens of new flavor options as it mounts the 56-year-old brand's biggest-ever redo. It will add 11 new pizza recipes, 10 new crust flavors, six new sauces, five new toppings, four new flavor-pack drizzles, a new logo, new uniforms and, yes, even a new pizza box.

For those keeping count, the chain is more than doubling its available ingredients at all 6,300 U.S. locations beginning Nov. 19. - Referenced Article

Buffett's $15 Billion From BNSF Show Railroad Came Cheap  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Days after Warren Buffett announced his $26.5 billion buyout of railroad BNSF, he insisted that he’d paid a steep price to own a business that would benefit his company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., over the next century.

“You don’t get bargains on things like that,” he said in a November 2009 interview with Charlie Rose that aired on PBS. “It’s not cheap.” - Referenced Article

U.S. has added 2.3 million jobs this year By : Staff Reporting

Employers added 214,000 jobs in October, continuing a trend of strong job growth this year that is on track to be the best for America since 1999.

The unemployment rate fell to 5.8%, according the government report released Friday. The rate fell below 6% in September for the first time in six years. Referenced Article

Canada Posts Surprise Drop in Jobless Rate to 6.5%  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Canada’s unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to a six-year low last month on hiring led by retailers and financial companies. Employment rose by 43,100 after a jump of 74,100 the prior month and the jobless rate fell to 6.5 percent from 6.8 percent, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa.

Both results exceeded all economist predictions in a Bloomberg News survey that called for unemployment to rise to 6.9 percent on 5,000 job losses. Referenced Article

Watch McDonald's Prove the McRib Is Made of Actual Food  

Time By : @LauraStampler

Social media has not always been kind to McDonald’s. And so, the fast food chain hired MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara do disprove Twitter-feuled myths of pink slime and other gross rumors as part of a new ad campaign.

The latest target in McDonald’s marketing campaign is the McRib. Although the seasonal menu offering has a cult-like following, the company took a PR hit last year when an alleged image of the uncooked food went viral. - Referenced Article

Burger King is winning back customers  

Business Insider By : Staff Reporting

Burger King just posted its biggest quarterly same-store sales increase in North America in two years.

Sales at stores open at least a year in the US and Canada rose 3.6% in the third quarter compared with the same period last year. - Referenced Article

European stocks fall on growth concerns, energy shares slump  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

European shares fell on Tuesday as the European Commission's move to cut its growth forecast for the euro zone prompted investors to trim their equity exposure and a sharp drop in oil prices tripped up energy shares.

The STOXX Europe 600 Oil and Gas index fell 3.3 percent, the biggest sectoral decliner, tracking a drop in crude oil to a more than four-year low after Saudi Arabia cut sales prices to the United States. - Full Article

Hands on: Getting to know Google's new Nexus 6  

Computer World By : Staff Reporting

Is bigger really better?

That's the question that immediately comes to mind when you pick up Google's new Nexus 6 -- the company's latest "pure Google" flagship and the first phone to ship with the shiny new Android 5.0 Lollipop software. - Full Article

Medtronic, 3M, St. General Mills and Ecolab hiding billions in tax dollars  

Star Tribune By : Staff Reporting

Medtronic, 3M, St. Jude Medical, General Mills and Ecolab are among the companies named in the Star Tribune article that alleges that they're hiding billions in tax dollars from the US government.

Penn State law professor Samuel Thompson stated, “It is a disaster for the U.S. economy. - Full Article

Hands on: Getting to know Google's new Nexus 6  

Computer World By : Staff Reporting

Is bigger really better? That's the question that immediately comes to mind when you pick up Google's new Nexus 6 -- the company's latest "pure Google" flagship and the first phone to ship with the shiny new Android 5.0 Lollipop software. - Full Article

Why Japan's economy needs more juice  

SF Gate By : Staff Reporting

Japan is pumping more money into its lagging economy, expanding an already lavish stimulus effort.

The surprise announcement Friday highlights diverging fortunes among the world's top economies. Earlier this week, the U.S. Federal Reserve ended its own unprecedented stimulus in a sign of increased confidence in economic recovery. - Full Article

Tesla barred from selling cars in Michigan  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

A battle line has been drawn between Tesla Motors and the state of Michigan. It started after the state's governor signed legislation that effectively bans the electric car maker from doing business there. Elaine Quijano reports.


Just 13 Banks Fail E.C.B. Stress Test, in Possible Economic Turning Point  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

The bulk of Europe’s biggest banks would be able to survive a financial crisis or severe economic downturn, the European Central Bank said on Sunday, concluding a yearlong audit of eurozone lenders that is potentially a turning point for the region’s battered economy. The highly anticipated assessment of European banks was intended to remove a cloud of mistrust that has impeded lending in countries like Italy and Greece... - Full Article

UK banks axe branches in favour of digital model  

Financial Times By : Emma Dunkley and Martin Arnold

Britain’s biggest lenders are shutting hundreds of branches and culling thousands of staff in a push to cut costs and move towards a digitally focused model that is irrevocably changing high street banking.  - Full Article

Britain will have to pay extra 2.1bn into EU budget by December  

The Guardian By : Ian Traynor

Britain has been told it must pay an extra €2.1bn (£1.7bn) into the European Union budget by the end of next month because the UK economy is doing better relative to other European economies.

The demand is certain to be used against David Cameron by the growing camp who want the UK to quit the EU. - Full Article

Microsoft Corporation Stock Price Jumps After Q1 Earnings Beat Street  

International Business Times By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft Corporation shares rallied more than 3 percent on Thursday in extended-hours trading after the world's largest software company beat expectations and tallied record first-quarter sales, driven by the company’s cloud strength and hardware progress.

The Seattle-based company turned in a fiscal first-quarter profit of $4.54 billion, or 54 cents per share... - Full Article

Apple Will More Than Double China Stores to 40 in 2 Years  

Bloomberg News By : Staff Reporting

Apple Inc. (AAPL:US) plans to more than double the number of stores it operates in the Greater China region in the next two years.

The number of outlets will increase to 40 in the region, which includes the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from 15 now, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said in an interview that was translated into Chinese and published live by Sina Corp. - Full Article

Zuckerberg speaks Chinese in Beijing visit  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Facebook has been blocked by Chinese authorities for over five years, but company founder Mark Zuckerberg appears to be on a new charm offensive to crack the massive market.

In a move that has sent tongues wagging across China and around the globe, Zuckerberg showed off his nascent Chinese language skills this week in Beijing by participating in a 30-minute Q&A conducted entirely in Mandarin.   - Full Article

Microsoft CEO says Dual-use personal and work apps key to success  

CNBC By : Jon Fortt @jonfortt

Microsoft has already proven its potency in the cloud era, and is one of three companies with the scale, resources, and know-how to dominate the booming $100 billion market, CEO Satya Nadella told CNBC.

In his first television interview since becoming the software giant's third CEO, Nadella focused on Microsoft's cloud ambitions. - Full Article

Marketing agencies have completely missed the potential of digital  

The Guardian By : Tom Goodwin

We sit here in 2014 and we think we’ve “got” digital. We’ve been talking about it forever and we’ve introduced new processes, expressions, agencies.

We’ve acquired, hired and rebuilt. What more evidence is needed? How could it be in an age where Unilever has a YouTube Channel, Oreo can put tweets on cookies and where we make TV ads out of recycled vines, that we’re not on top of it? - Full Article

Google Shopping Express Expands To More Cities, Rebrands As Google Express  

Tech Crunch By : Sarah Perez (@sarahintampa)

Google Shopping Express, rebranded to simply “Google Express” as of this morning, is no longer entirely subsidizing the costs associated with same-day delivery.

The program, which offers instant shopping gratification to consumers in a growing number of U.S. cities, is now working to transition its more regular customers into paying members, who subscribe on either a monthly or annual basis for $10/month or $95/year, respectively. - Full Article

Google Express set to launch deliveries in Boston area  

The Boston Globe By : Staff Reporting

Google Inc. brings its same-day delivery service to Greater Boston Tuesday, allowing customers to browse the offerings of local merchants online, order, and get the items within several hours. The service, called Google Express, will be available in parts of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Somerville, Arlington, Everett, Malden, and Medford.

So far, eight companies have partnered with Google: Babies R Us, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Guitar Center, L’Occitane, Staples, Stop & Shop, and Walgreens. Full Article

Marvin Ellison, Home Depot top exec, picked as next President/CEO of JCPenney, Bio  

New Pittsburgh Courier By : Staff Reporting

The Board of Directors of J. C. Penney Company, Inc. announced Oct. 13 the appointment of Marvin Ellison, currently executive vice president of stores at Home Depot, as President and CEO-Designee, effective November 1, 2014. Mr. Ellison will also join the Board of Directors.

He will then succeed Myron E. (Mike) Ullman, III as CEO of JCPenney on August 1, 2015. At that time, Mr. Ullman will become Executive Chairman of the Board for a period of one year.  - Full Article

Google upbeat over brand advertising tools  

The Financial Times By : Robert Cookson

Google has claimed promising early results from its latest attempt to draw brand advertisers, following years of disappointment over the slow growth of branded display and video ads to match its search business.

Ads on YouTube, Google’s video platform, have so far failed to live up to the high expectations of Wall Street, despite the website's surging traffic numbers. - Full Article

Economy gains 248,000 jobs as hiring rebounds  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

The labor market rebounded sharply in September as employers added 248,000 jobs, but wage growth remained weak despite a tightening supply of workers.

The unemployment rate fell to 5.9% from 6.1%, lowest since July 2008, the Labor Department said Friday. - Full Article

Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Added 248,000 Jobs In September, Unemployment Down To 5.9%  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Friday morning The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a much stronger than anticipated September jobs report.

Employers added 248,000 jobs last month, beating the 215,000 economists were predicting. The unemployment rate, which is drawn from a different survey of households, dropped from 6.1% to 5.9% ... - Full Article

Hidden Bra Cam Does Its Job, Catches People Staring at Boobs  

Mashable By : EITAN LEVINE

Smile, gawkers, you're on Hidden-Nestlé-Boobie camera! Nestlé is taking an unusual, yet on-topic approach to raising awareness for its #CheckYourSelfie breast cancer awareness campaign with this stunt.

The jury is still out on whether this is an effective campaign... - Full Video

General Mills plans 700-800 job cuts  

AP By : Staff Reporting

General Mills Inc. plans to eliminate 700 to 800 jobs as part of its cost-cutting plan to fight declining sales.

The Golden Valley-based food company revealed the layoffs late Tuesday in a filing with federal securities regulators. General Mills says the job cuts will primarily be in the U.S. - Full Article

EBay to Spin Off PayPal, Adopting Strategy Backed by Icahn  


EBay said on Tuesday that it would spin off its PayPal payments unit into a separate publicly traded company, taking a step the activist hedge fund magnate Carl C. Icahn first demanded nine months ago.

The move will cleave eBay almost in half, separating it from the payments processor it acquired 12 years ago and built into a giant that generates almost half of the company’s revenue. - Full Article

Chinese government approves iPhone 6 for sale  

The Telegraph By : Rhiannon Williams

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be sold across China from October 17 following approval from the Chinese government.

Apple was approved to sell the handsets following "rigorous security testing" and addressing risks of personal information leaks related to iOS 8's diagnostic tools, according to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). - Full Article

Windows 9: What it has to strategically accomplish  

ZDNet By : Larry Dignan

Microsoft on Tuesday will preview its next operating system---code named Threshold and expected to be Windows 9---and the rollout is critical to make CEO Satya Nadella's master plan a success.

As noted previously, Nadella is steering Microsoft around a platform and productivity mantra with a heavy dose of cloud and mobile. - Full Article

Is there a recipe for going viral? Experts offer suggestions  

Biz News By : Staff Reporting

Psy was a completely unknown Korean pop star until the summer of 2012, when he released his smash hit single, “Gangnam Style.”

Since then, the music video has shattered all records by becoming the single most watched video of all time, reaching more than two billion views in May 2014. Two billion is a huge number. - Full Article

Twitter Uses War Room to Coax Marketers Into Spending  

Ad Age By : Mark Bergen

Twitter is building up a war room to coax marketers into spending around big events.

The top general is Ross Hoffman, director of brand strategy. Mr. Hoffman joined Twitter in 2010, long before its IPO and when its ad products were in their infancy.

Before that, he worked on business development and strategic partnerships with YouTube, overseeing the video platform's live-streaming strategy. - Full Article

Signs of the times: Digital displays light up common areas  

Finance Commerce By : Frank Jossi

Earlier this year Gaviidae Common I in downtown Minneapolis unveiled a digital signage installation featuring two 40-foot-long LED banners hanging from the top level of the atrium and an LED ring positioned between the first floor and skyway.

On the skyway, two kiosks also offer an interactive display for visitors to find their way around the building, at 651 Nicollet Mall, and the surrounding neighborhood.- Full Article

Family Court Rules That You Can Serve Someone With Legal Papers Over Facebook  

Slate By : Lily Hay Newman

A New York City family court ruled on Sept. 12 that a Staten Island man could use Facebook to serve his ex-wife with a legal notice about child support.

According to the New York Post, Staten Island Support Magistrate Gregory Gliedman noted in his decision that it was the first such decision in New York or the United States in general (excluding situations in which the person being served was overseas).

Noel Biscocho was allowed to serve Anna Maria Antigua through social media because... - Full Article

First Person to Buy an iPhone 6 Drops It on Live TV  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Talk about bad luck. The first person to buy a new iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia, early this morning proceeded to drop it on the ground as he was being interviewed on live TV.

The young man, named Jack, and a Channel 9 reporter struggled to cut the plastic covering the box. As he excitedly opened it, the phone fell out and landed on the concrete. - Full Article

Apple Pay may test regulators  

USA Today By : Darrell Delamaide

Apple's ambition may have accidentally taken it where most companies fear to tread — into the land of financial regulation.

This at least was the argument made by Georgetown law professor Adam Levitin after the tech giant announced last week that it would launch a mobile payments service, Apple Pay. - Full Article

Anheuser-Busch: Disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents...this NFL season  

USA Today By : Nancy Armour

Now the NFL has real trouble on its hands.

Fed up with the league's woeful inconsistencies on domestic violence and its belligerent insistence on protecting misbehaving players, Anheuser-Busch took the NFL to task on Tuesday. No, it didn't say it was pulling its $1.2 billion, six-year contract – yet. - Full Article

Top 20 colleges with most billionaire alumni  

CNN Money By : Emily Jane Fox

According to Wealth-X and UBS's "Billionaire Census," University of Pennsylvania tops the list of 20 schools with the highest number of billionaire undergraduate alumni.

The rest of the list reads like a laundry list of Ivy League and prestigious U.S. universities. - Full Article

Head to Head: How Apples New iPhone, Watch Compare to Samsungs Products  


They say good things are worth waiting for. Apple and Samsung unveiled a slew of new products within a week of each other, but the new technology will be available at different times.

The Apple Watch is on target for an early 2015 debut while the Samsung Gear S smart watch is expected to be available in certain global markets starting in October. - Full Article

Microsoft Said Near $2 Billion Deal for Minecraft Maker  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek By : Dina Bass and Alex Sherman

Microsoft Corp., maker of the Xbox video-game console, is in discussions to acquire Mojang AB, the software maker behind the popular game Minecraft, for more than $2 billion, two people with knowledge of the talks said.

Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, is in serious talks with 4-year-old Mojang, said the people, who asked not to be named because the negotiations aren’t public. - Full Article

Apple launches Apple Watch, dives into wearable market  

Fox News By : James Rogers

Apple finally made its big entry into the wearable technology market on Tuesday, unveiling the Apple Watch, its long-anticipated smartwatch.

“It’s the next chapter in Apple’s story,” declared Apple CEO Tim Cook during a packed event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. - Full Article

Coca-Cola to inject Life into new low calorie brand with multi-million pound UK marketing push  


Coca-Cola, the world’s leading drinks manufacturer, has announced a multi-million pound marketing drive to acquaint UK consumers with its new low calorie drink Coca-Cola Life, throughout September and October. - Full Article

How Google Pigeon Impacted Local Queries, and What You Can Do  

Search Engine Watch By : Jim Yu

Google’s local algorithm update, "Pigeon," took flight around July 24, 2014, affecting U.S. English queries.

Local businesses have been scrambling to adjust, as some deal with the fact that they’re no longer showing in the seven-pack local results at all. - Full Article

A&E deal would price Vice at $2.5 billion  

CNN Money By : Katie Lobosco and Cristina Alesci

Vice Media is in talks with A&E about a deal that would value it at more than $2.5 billion, according to a Vice spokesman.

A&E would buy a 10% stake in the company.

Vice would also create content for the A&E cable networks, according to a person with knowledge of the negotiations. - Full Article

Facebook tries to assuage Messenger app privacy fears with a Get the Facts clarification  

IBN Live By : Staff Reporting

Even though the widespread privacy concerns about Facebook's Messenger app did not deter over 500 million from downloading the app from Google Play, Facebook has issued a 'Get the Facts' clarification to assuage some of its users' concerns.

Facebook is now pushing an alert to users that directs them to a page titled 'Get the Facts About Messenger' in which the company refutes reports of privacy invasion and adds that "many have been corrected." - Full Article

A smart necklace from Samsung? Really?  

CNN Money By : Paul R. La Monica

While rumors are heating up that Apple (AAPL, Tech30) may debut the long-rumored iWatch at a big event (that it finally officially announced) on Sept. 9, the maker of iEverything is late to the wearable party.

Samsung has just released its latest high-tech timepiece. And there's an odd-looking, Bluetooth-enabled necklace-y thing to go with it. More about that in a bit. - Full Article

Burger King is Giving Away Smartphones. Yes, That Burger King  

Mashable By : Todd Wasserman

Burger King has a whopper of a deal this week. Starting Monday, the fast food chain will be offering about two dozen free smartphones free with two-year contracts with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

The phones include the Moto X, the Samsung G4, the LG Optimus G Pro, the HTC One M7 and the Motorola Droid Mini. - Full Article

Twinkie bakery to close, putting 400 out of work  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Just 13 months after Twinkies made their celebrated comeback to store shelves, one of the four bakeries that make the cream-filled treats is closing.

Hostess said Wednesday that it will close the Schiller Park bakery, located outside Chicago, as the company streamlines its manufacturing. - Full Article

Business growth slows in China and Europe, Russia sanctions still to bite  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Business growth in China and across Europe slowed this month, surveys showed on Thursday, providing more evidence that the world economy is stuttering and may need more monetary stimulus to keep it going. Euro zone private business activity expanded slower than expected in August, despite widespread price cutting.

This is before the full effects of sanctions imposed on and by Russia over Ukraine are felt. - Full Article

Why the Ice Bucket Challenge Is a Watershed Moment for Facebook  

Mashable By : Todd Wasserman

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been a juggernaut this summer.

Everyone in your Facebook feed — from Tim Cook to your parents — is pouring ice water on their heads to raise awareness and money for ALS research.

But besides the ALS Association, which has raised more than $15.6 million in just a few weeks, there has been another big beneficiary: Facebook. - Full Article

How E-Commerce Is Finally Disrupting The $600 Billion-A-Year Grocery Industry  

Business Insider By : COOPER SMITH

At $600 billion a year in sales, food and beverage is by far the largest retail category in the U.S. by a wide margin.

However, it's also the category that has been the least disrupted by e-commerce; less than 1% of food and beverage sales currently occur online, according to BI Intelligence's estimates. - Full Article

Social Media Analytics Market Worth $2.73 Billion by 2019  


The report "Social Media Analytics Market by Components (Software, Services, Consulting, Integration, Support), Data Sources (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Others), Users (SMBs, Enterprises) - Market Forecasts and Analysis (2014 - 2019)", defines and segments the global Social Media Analytics Market into various sub-segments with an in-depth analysis and forecasting of market sizes. - Full Article

The Highest-Paying Jobs At Google  


Google loves its engineers. So it's not much of a surprise that software engineers are some of the best-paid employees at the company.

But there are a bunch of other roles at Google — and a lot of them have salaries that are competitive with Google's bread and butter, according to salary data we pulled from Glassdoor. - Full Article

Android and iOS dominate smartphone market with 96 per cent share combined  

IT Pro Portal By : Darren Allan

There's increasingly less room for any other platform players in the smartphone world according to the latest figures from IDC for Q2 2014, with Android and iOS dominating the landscape.

In fact, Android now has a global market share of a mammoth 84.7 per cent (with the number of units shipped up a third on last year), and iOS has an 11.7 per cent share – though that was actually slightly down on last year, when Apple had a 13 per cent share. - Full Article

The Real Reason Facebook Is Forcing You To Download Messenger  

The Huffington Post By : Timothy Stenovec

A little over a year ago, Facebook launched Facebook Home, software designed to take over some smartphones completely.

It was a huge flop, but the message was clear:

Facebook was on a mission to dominate the time you spend on your phone.

The company's recent controversial move to force iPhone and Android owners who want to keep chatting with their friends to download Facebook Messenger... Full Article

Jaguar Land Rover to Recall 40,000 S.U.V.s Over Air-Bag Issue  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

More than 40,000 Land Rover sport utility vehicles in the United States are being recalled because the passenger-side air bag may fail to deploy in a crash.

According to documents posted Wednesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Jaguar Land Rover will recall 40,551 LR2 and Range Rover Evoque models to fix the electronic system... - Full Article

School system CIOs are sold on Chromebooks  

Computer World By : Patrick Thibodeau

David Andrade, the CIO of Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut, has deployed 11,000 Chromebooks over the past year and plans to add another 5,000 in the next 12 months.

It's a major deployment, but not unusual. Other school systems are doing much the same thing. The Cherry Creeks School District in Greenwood Village, Co. deployed 18,000 last year, and Boston recently announced a deployment of 10,000 Chromebooks. - Full Article

Arthur T. Demoulas has not lowered the amount of his initial bid  

Boston Globe By : Casey Ross

Arthur T. Demoulas said Sunday that negotiations on his offer to buy the Market Basket grocery chain from rival family members are continuing, but he accused those relatives of countering his proposal with “onerous” terms that are blocking a deal from being completed.

Demoulas made that claim in the latest of what has become a battle of press statements waged by either side of the family. - Full Article

Google, Yahoo Working Together on Encrypted Email Tool  

Daily Tech By : Tiffany Kaiser

Google and Yahoo are joining forces to create a tool that will encrypt messages sent and received between users.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the two tech giants will create a tool based on PGP encryption that will encrypt data contained in messages, but not the sender/receiver's emails or the subject line. - Full Article

Samsung Electronics under pressure to reinvent itself  

Khaleej Times By : Se Young Lee

As its smartphone sales stutter and a generational leadership succession looms, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is under pressure to reinvent itself - to be more innovative, but not lose the rigor and focus that made it a global powerhouse.

One effort this summer to foster a more worker-friendly environment and a more creative culture is to allow staff at its main Suwon campus south of Seoul to wear shorts to work at weekends. - Full Article

For $100,000, GQ Magazine's Most Elite Readers Will Promote Your Brand  

Ad Age By : Michael Sebastian

Here's the pitch Conde Nast's GQ magazine is giving marketers: Spend at least $100,000 with us and get access to 57 "elite" GQ readers who will help promote your brand across print and digital.

The program, called GQ57, is the magazine's latest effort to tap digital-ad budgets by enlisting readers, according to Chris Mitchell, VP-publisher at GQ, part of Conde Nast. - Full Article

Microsoft Looks to Open NYC Retail Store on Fifth Ave  

Daily Tech By : Tiffany Kaiser

Microsoft is looking to open up a new retail store on Fifth Ave. in Manhattan, just a short distance from Apple's glass cube store.

According to the NY Daily News, Microsoft has spotted a Fifth Ave. space that was formerly rented by luxury fashion brand Fendi at 677 Fifth Ave., near 53rd St. - Full Article

Google to give more weight to encrypted websites in search results  


Following reports of a Russian ring of hackers who stole more than a billion online logins and passwords from vulnerable websites, Google has announced that its search service will give higher priority to websites that use encrypted connections to keep their online visitors secure.

Other factors, such as the quality of content on a website, still hold far more weight when it comes to search results, but going forward, Google said websites with Hyptertext Transfer Protocol Secure connections, or HTTPS, will get slight boosts in their rankings. - Full Article

500+ Organic Search Terms in the Top 1-5 Impact On Business  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

I’m hearing and reading a lot of talk about Google’s Algorithm, so I thought I’d chime in to give my take on things.

An article last week about Search Engine Optimization being dead sparked a lot of debate on the discussion boards and a few heated flares here and there.

First don’t be alarmed, search is alive and well and will not be going anywhere... - Full Article

Facebook app gives free Internet to mobile users in Zambia  

PCWorld By : Loek Essers

Facebook introduced an app on Thursday that will give mobile phone subscribers in Zambia access to a set of free basic mobile data services—and Facebook.

The app is part of Facebook’s project that aims to bring Internet access to the two thirds of the world’s population that doesn’t have it. - Full Article

Google Updates Hangouts With New Features For Businesses  


Google is beefing up its Hangouts video chat feature for business users.

For starters, Hangouts is now covered under the same Terms of Service as other Google Apps for Business products like Gmail and Drive, meaning you'll get 24-7 phone support and a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, the Web giant announced Wednesday. - Full Article

Red Lobster bets on fancier-looking plates to turn things around  

CNN Money By : Ben Brody

But Red Lobster is making some big changes, pulling back from deep discounting and presenting food on the plate in a more vertical fashion, in the manner of upscale restaurants, rather than with fish, rice and vegetables positioned separately on the plate.

The casual seafood chain, which changed owners on Monday, will keep popular, buffet-esque promotions -- like Endless Shrimp and Lobsterfest -- but will nix deals like two entrees for $25. - Full Article

Twitter Reveals Its Master Plan For Growing As Big As Facebook  

Forbes By : Jeff Bercovici

“The largest information network in the world”: Prepare to hear that phrase out of the mouth of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo a lot in the coming months.

Costolo and his fellow executives used it four or five times on Tuesday’s second-quarter earnings call, signaling a shift in how they want the rest of the world to think about Twitter. - Full Article

Israels Intelligence Minister: Hamas gives Israel no alternative to their current military campaign  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Apple stock is an iPhenomenon  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Shares of Apple are above $600 again. Investors love the upcoming stock split. But where's the innovation? And can new Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts get the Apple Stores back on track? She's being paid handsomely to try...

Twitter Stock Jumps on Soaring Revenue, but Growth Remains a Concern  


Twitter reported a jolt of growth in the second quarter, driven in part by heavy use of the service during the World Cup soccer tournament. The strong results surprised Wall Street, and prompted investors to send the company’s shares up 30 percent in after-hours trading.

Revenue soared 124 percent, and the average number of people using the microblogging service in June was up 6 percent from March. - Full Article

Zillow Buys Rival Trulia For $3.5 Billion In Stock  

Marketing Land By : Greg Sterling

The rumor that real estate site Zillow was buying its chief rival Trulia surfaced last week in a Bloomberg report.

This morning it was confirmed. Zillow and Trulia’s boards had approved a $3.5 billion stock-for-stock transaction. Both companies are public. The deal will create a dominant digital real estate company in the U.S. market.

The closest rival will be, operated by the National Association Of Realtors. - Full Article

The Retargeting Trap: How Targeting Conversions Hurts ROI  

Marketing Land By : Susan Esparza

Data are wonderful things. Properly applied, data can provide insights into where to trim budget and where to increase it. Data will indicate what’s working versus what’s not, what’s a signal versus what’s an outlier.

And, data help to determine the proper media mix for the overall campaign strategy. Data-driven, performance-based advertisers reviewing their online display metrics often find it easy to justify spend on retargeting.

After all, it’s very simple to see that retargeting is a big winner when it comes to display. But beware! There’s a trap in that data. - Full Article

Google search changes will push SEO firms and social media marketers closer  

The Guardian By : Natasha Clark

Google's Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird search algorithms affect around 90% of online searches, according to Search Engine Watch.

These algorithms strip out "bad searches" – sites stuffed with keywords, duplicated content and manipulated hyperlinks – and rightly so; the onus for higher search rankings has consequently been placed on the quality, originality and relevance of online content. - Full Article

Judge expresses concern on $450 million e-book settlement of Apple  

Tech Times By : Staff Reporting

The settlement is Apple's way to evade an antitrust lawsuit which stated that the company formed a conspiracy with five publishers on its bid to fix the prices of e-books.

Apple's settlement request sparked an area of concern as its provisions could undervalue the consumers' claims. One clause states that Apple will be required to pay a lower amount of $70 million if the decision from the appeals court is reversed, making the company non-liable in antitrust laws violation. - Full Article

If you cant check in, is it really Foursquare?  

ComputerWorld By : Mike Elgan

Foursquare unceremoniously dropped its "check in" feature this week. Now, the service has been re-created as a third-rate Yelp instead of a first-rate Foursquare.

Check-ins are now done via Swarm, a new app launched recently by Foursquare.

The trouble with this is that, for many of Foursquare's most loyal and passionate users, checking in to locations is what Foursquare has always been about. - Full Article

Bose Is Suing Beats Electronics Over Noise-Canceling Headphone Patents  

Forbes By : Amit Chowdhry

Today Bose Corporation has filed a legal complaint against Beats Electronics for allegedly infringing patents related to its noise-canceling headphones, which was first reported by CNBC.

Bose claims that Beats is infringing upon 50 years of research and development of noise cancellation technology that is protected by 36 U.S. patents and applications. - Full Article

Google Wants to Index and Optimize Your Body  

Vanity Fair By : Kia Makarechi

Google’s new “moonshot” project isn’t a new fancy gadget, but the fanciest gadget of all: the human body. Announced Friday in The Wall Street Journal, Google’s Baseline Study will aim to define “healthy.” - Full Artile

Fundamental Building Blocks Of A Successful Marketing Campaign  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen the shortened phrase ROI in an article I’d probably have a nice pot of cash somewhere.

We know that not all marketing campaigns are the same, they do not yield the same results and unfortunately marketing tactics do not yield significant long term results.

Are there comprehensive marketing strategies that could maximize opportunities and yield a greater ROI?

My one word answer is an obvious yes. - Full Article

EU Tells Apple, Google: Limit In-App Purchasing  

InformationWeek By : Thomas Claburn

As U.S. regulators continue to press mobile platform providers for failing to prevent children from making unauthorized purchases in apps, European regulators are doing the same.

On Friday, EU Commissioner for Consumer Policy Neven Mimica said in a statement that EU efforts to stop children from conducting in-app transactions without permission have been going well. "[C]hildren must be better protected when playing online," he said. - Full Article

Facebook to challenge Amazon soon?  

ZEEBiz By : Staff Reporting

Houston: After making billions connect socially on its network, Facebook is testing a new feature designed to let users buy products directly from ads and posts on its news feed.

"With this feature, people on desktop or mobile can click the 'Buy' call-to-action button on ads and Page posts to purchase a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook," the post reads. - Full Article

Old guard fights back against Amazon and Google  

The Telegraph By : Staff Reporting

As revolutions go, it was a quiet one: earlier this month, HarperCollins, the book publisher owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, quietly began selling its titles directly to customers.

It had dabbled in selling a few of its own books before but this time it went about things differently. - Full Article

Microsoft CEO Nadella On The Verge Of Making Major Organizational Changes  

Wall Street OTC By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft which employs about 2,800 people will make major modifications in the company’s organizational set-up, according to CEO Satya Nadella.

In an email to all employees on Thursday, CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft will direct its business on making tools to make the best use of the consumer’s time in the mobile-first, cloud-first world. - Full Article

My Top 3 Digital Marketing Tools  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Our development pipeline owe a lot to innovation in the digital marketing industry. I can’t say, we couldn't do it without technologies that continue to make life easier for marketers, but we can all say life would be much harder without automation in this business.
If you woke up in the morning and had 130 updates to contend with, without the convenience of tools to make life easier, it would put a damper on your day. Google’s algorithm continues to demand more useful content that browsers gravitate to; it is a winning formula, because subscribers like enriched and meaningful content and it enhances the value proposition around your product or service. It is essential to understand your marketing segments and your audience’s relationship with your brand(s).
When you’ve honed this relationship, content becomes valued beyond measure. The mission at Online eBusiness Solutions is to deploy relevant content directly to subscribers that value the message in return. This is a godsend.
My sung heroes in this hourly task are the following:
1. WordPress – I love you so much WordPress. My clients are engaged and increasingly fight message wars on their own because of you. It’s simply a matter of getting on their cell phone and putting their expertise out there. On some days you can line up a litany of ideas about your brand, review industry news and simply say “Hello Dolly.” It integrates with number 2…
2. Hootsuite – has become an indispensable tool that I won’t start my day without. Being able to sync your WordPress tools, industry news with your RSS/Atom Tool and Social Media, all while collaborating with your team, is a celebration of sorts. It allows small organizations to speak as though they were giants.
3. Google Analytics – it converges a lot of my favorite tools…Google AdWords, Webmaster Tools and Google AdSense. Tracking automated reports and understanding your market penetration scientifically and tracking conversions gives you a breath of knowledge that took ten employees and a lot of logged travel time 15 years ago. All of the critical data integrated seamlessly to increase your ROI.
Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilize SEO, Social Media Engagement, Video Production and Advertising. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and maintain advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities in key priority segments.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email me at:

Zuckerberg: Basic Internet should be as universal as 911 service  

PCWorld By : Zach Miners

Mark Zuckerberg sees the Internet as a vital service that should be made available to everyone across the world—a service that can be as vital as, say, the ability to call for emergency help on a telephone.

In an editorial published Monday in The Wall Street Journal, the Facebook chief outlined his vision for a future of universal Internet access, and the steps he sees to get there. - Full Article

Songza, Music Streaming Startup Acquired for $39m By Google  

Wall Street OTC By : Nathan Fortin

Google just acquired Songza, the music streaming company for an undisclosed amount. Previous reports pegged the deal at $15 million. But now there are reports of $39m sale. - Full Article

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg, devised compensation plans for GM victims  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The automaker will give another $300,000 for each surviving spouse and dependent, in addition to a sum of money that will be determined by the victims' earning potential.

At least 13 people died, and many more were injured as result of a faulty ignition switch installed in 2.6 million GM cars. - Full Article

How to Maintain Style Alongside Keyword Density When Writing SEO Content  

ClickZ By : Tim Nichols

Creating good SEO content is something of an unsung skill. Perhaps that's because it's a relatively new writing discipline.

There's a constant call for high-quality SEO content on the Web and an ever-growing demand for accomplished writers who understand how to create effective optimized copy.

In short, consistently publishing quality content that is SEO-aware in the form of case studies, blogs, etc. will help generate a growing amount of incoming organic traffic to your website. - Full Article

Cleaning News: Antibacterial Fabric  

McGarr Service Corp By : Kelly McGarr, President

Researchers at RMIT University have created a new fabric “that can kill harmful bacteria like E coli in as little as 10 minutes”.

This new discovery may be a major breakthrough in the way hospitals and care facilities control infectious areas. - Full Article

Google tests domain-name purchasing service, freaking out competitors  

VB News By : Alexia LaFata

Small businesses are slowly but surely learning the importance of a web presence, be it a social media account, a professional email address, or a domain name.

Research shows, though, that 55 percent of small businesses still don’t have their own URL.

A website’s domain name is its identity, and with Google Domains, small businesses will be able to purchase their own domains with just the click of a few buttons. - Full Article

D.C. Who? 5 New Names for the Washington Redskins  

RollingStones By : Staff Reporting

If boycotts, Congressional hearings or basic human decency weren't enough to convince Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder that it was time to change his team's name, perhaps Wednesday's decision by the U.S. Patent Office will do the trick. - Full Article

Over 90 Percent of Marketers Are Not Confident in How They Measure Content  

AdWeek By : Contently

Content marketers are incredibly uncertain about how they’re measuring the success of their content. That’s the most striking takeaway from Contently’s new research report, “A Crisis of Confidence: The State of Content Marketing Measurement.”

The content measurement debate has reached a crescendo so far in 2014, as content marketers are increasingly challenged to tie their efforts to true business results. - Full Article

Outrage grows as Google axes some Chrome extensions  

CNET By : Seth Rosenblatt

Some businesses and their Chrome-using customers are furious at Google's crackdown on Chrome extensions that had been hosted outside of the Chrome Web Store.

Their ire stems from Google's forced disabling of extensions that shipped with paid software that have yet to be replaced, effectively hamstringing those services. Games, financial software, third-party Windows security suites, and productivity tools are among those affected. - Full Article

Amazon Kindle Fire Smartphone releasing, Apple should worry  

The Westside Story By : Clinton Hesler

The world’s largest online retailer-cum-electronics company, Amazon will finally introduce its first smartphone in the market.

The new smartphone will be powered by the company’s home grown Android based Kindle Fire OS. - Full Article

Google Is Making It Easier to Keep Up With the World Cup  

Mashable By : Katie Nelson

Google is going for the goal in its coverage of this year's FIFA World Cup. Google launched a World Cup website — as a part of its Google Trends section — on Wednesday to make it easier for fans to get the latest stats, player news and live game updates in one spot.

Users who now search for "World Cup" or "World Cup USA" in Google will see this data pop up at the top of the results page. - Full Article

Mozilla to Bring Low-Cost Firefox Smartphones to India and Indonesia  

Mashable By : Adario Strange

Earlier this year, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we told you about Mozilla's plans to bring smartphones into even the poorest regions by introducing a $25 dollar device.

Now the organization has launched a major new effort in that plan by announcing plans to bring its low-cost smartphone to India in the next few months. - Full Article

Google Launches New Platform to Connect Businesses With Customers  

Mashable By : Jason Abbruzzese

Google wants to create a better business directory and, this time, they mean business.

On Thursday the tech giant launched Google My Business, a one-stop way for merchants to manage their presence on a variety of the company's properties including search, maps and Google+. - Full Article

Marketing Success Stories Start With A Single Hunch  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

In the planning process, when you’re sorting through all of the tools that will be deployed, any Marketer will tell you there is something special about a good hunch; when experience, skills and training converge to make you feel even giddy about your intuition about the potential for enormous success.
I informed my client that we were not taking advantage of street traffic around the largest University in New Hampshire. My team determined we would use backpack banners with an option to text for information about my client’s services.
The hunch was we’d build brand recognition during peak traffic hours and a significant amount of students would follow the instructions on the banners. I was correct about my theory, a lot of students participated and my intuition paid off.
Marketing and the word comprehensive are synonymous to me. You’ve definitely heard, “all options are on the table” a lot lately and I like to utilize all of the latest Internet Marketing Channels in my dogged determination to engage my target audience. It's hard being comprehensive without great ideas.
A comprehensive Marketing Campaign requires an intense focus on the latest Internet Technologies to maximizing success. My company’s slogan is “ideas = solutions”. I don’t know if you can be productive without ideas in this business. You’ll find that the most successful firms flourish because there’s a synergy around ideas and a free expression of hunches no matter how outlandish they are.  

Google could flag adjusted search results, report says  

CNET By : Rich Trenholm

When links have been snipped out of your Google search you'll know about it, according to new reports.

European lawmakers recently ordered Google to remove links to articles and online posts that contain inaccurate, irrelevant or out-of-date information, granting individuals the "right to be forgotten." - Full Article

8 trends shaping the future of marketing  

Marketing By : Apple Lam

What does it take to future-proof the CMO function? We take an in-depth look at some of the trends that will shape the industry in the years ahead.

1. Real-time data will rule

To improve the efficiency of advertising, the demand for real time information and capabilities will go up. - Full Article

Beats Electronics Breaks Epic World Cup Campaign (Including a Plug for Apple)  

Beats by Dre By : Staff Reporting

Beats Electronics has introduced its push for the World Cup -- and it includes a plug for Apple, which is planning to buy the company for $3 billion.

In the five-minute clip, created by R/GA, soccer player Neymar Jr. is given a pep talk before the start of a big game and asked to "run like it's the last day of your life." - Full Article

Intel wants your next PC to have no wires  

PC World By : Staff Reporting

Intel wants to completely eliminate wires from computers, and is working on a series of wireless technologies to make that a reality in the coming years.

PCs are on the way to a “true no-wire” experience, and Intel is working on technologies to remove the clutter of power cords, display connectors and peripheral cables, said Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president, and general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel, during a speech at the Computex trade show in Taipei. - Full Article

Google End-to-End E-Mail Encryption Challenges Industry  

Top Tech News By : Staff Reporting

Google is flying in the face of the National Security Agency with a new Chrome browser add-on.

The idea is to make your e-mail more secure Relevant Products/Services -- and to provoke other e-mail providers to take similar measures.

Dubbed End-to-End, the Google Chrome extension promises to help users encrypt, decrypt, digitally sign and verify signed messages within the browser using OpenPGP... Full Article

McDonalds Sets Up Shop in Silicon Valley  

Ad Age By : Maureen Morrison

McDonald's is setting up shop in the tech community epicenter of Silicon Valley.

The company's new outpost, on San Francisco's Market Street, is the brainchild of McDonald's Chief Digital Officer Atif Rafiq, who came to the company in October. - Full Article

Do you use a Guiding Principle or Mission Statement?  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

It occurred to me that a Guiding Principle would be more effective for our purposes than a Mission Statement when we started a business about ten years ago. First of all, a Guiding Principle goes into every business decision I’ve made and ever will going forward. I describe it as that angel on my shoulder.

Here are the definitions online:

Guiding Principle: an idea that influences you very much when making a decision or considering a matter – Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Mission Statement: a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person, its reason for existing. – Wikipedia

My impression on Mission Statement was there to old fogey. They’re usually pinned up on a wall and ignored. I instituted several Guiding Principles and started every presentation off with what it wase. We condensed it into our ‘Three C’s’ (Comprehensive, Consistent and Concerted Efforts) and then went on to describe what each word meant for my business with enormous success.

So this is my discussion for my LinkedIn group. Is it Guiding Principle or Mission Statement or both?


Does Dr Dre Bring Hip to Apple? By : Vern Nicholson

I have to admit, when Craig Federighi called Dr. Dre during the WWDC conference I sort of cringed. It seemed very choreographed and scripted.

Dr. Dre speaking during the audience's applause and cheers of enthusiasm for a brief moment made the situation a little awkward. Craig says, "I want to make a phone call to a new Apple employee..." They talked about Dr. Dre coming in to work at Apple at 4 in the morning.

Come on people, you'd think a billionaire could work from home and telecommute. The real question is, does Dre give Apple the creds it needs to appeal to a connect savvy generation or better put, is Dre part of Apple's answer to Samsung?

Euro Zone Edges Closer to Dreaded Deflation  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Consumer prices in the euro zone ticked ever closer to outright deflation, official data showed Tuesday, making it almost certain that the European Central Bank will move to ease monetary policy this week.

Inflation in the 18 nations that share the euro rose just 0.5 percent in May from a year earlier, down from a 0.7 percent rate in April, Eurostat, the statistical agency of the European Union reported from Luxembourg. - Full Article

Google reportedly banned in China  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

China has reportedly blocked all Google services days before the 25th anniversary of the military clampdown on the student protest centered around Beijing's Tiananmen Square., citing a Chinese news website, reported Monday that Chinese users have found Google's services to be inaccessible since last week. - Full Article

Apples purchase of Beats heralds a new era in music, who wins?  

Los Angeles Times By : John Healey

Days after Spotify announced that it had more than 10 million subscribers to its online music service, Apple announced that it had struck a $3-billion deal to buy the company behind one of Spotify's newest, buzziest rivals: Beats.

The challenge for both companies is the same: attracting the mainstream consumers who haven't yet warmed to paying monthly fees for music they don't own. - Full Article

Want to be forgotten by Google? Heres how you do it  

ZDNet By : Jo Best

After a ruling from Europe's top court that Google should remove links to 'outdated information' about individuals at their request, the search giant has opened up an online form for those wanting to be forgotten.

The decision on the 'right to be forgotten' was handed down earlier this month after Google appealed an order by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) to remove links to articles about an individual published in a Spanish newspaper in 1998 by Spanish newspaper. - Full Article

Dish Network to accept bitcoins  

The Times Of India By : Staff Reporting

Satellite TV operator Dish Network said it would accept bitcoin payments from customers from the third quarter, joining companies such as Inc and Zynga Inc in accepting the digital currency.

Dish said it selected Coinbase as the payment processor for bitcoin transactions with customers who choose to pay their bills online with the bitcoin wallet of their choice. - Full Article

Google rolling out its own driverless car  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Google is building a fleet of electric-powered self-driving cars that it plans to begin testing by the end of the year.

The technology giant plans to test the compact two-seat vehicles with safety drivers, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said in an interview on Tuesday night. - Full Article

First operation streamed live with surgeon wearing Google glass  

The Telegraph By : Staff Reporting

A surgeon at The Royal London Hospital has become the first to broadcast online a live surgical procedure using a pair of Google Glass eyewear.

The glasses, which the surgeons wears as normal, allows his view to be broadcast live and means the viewers can interact with him directly. - Full Article

Time Inc. Breaks Industry Taboo, Starts Selling Ads on Magazine Covers  

AdAge By : Staff Reporting

Time Inc., the nation's largest magazine publisher, is running Verizon Wireless ads this week and next on the cover of two of its most iconic titles, Time and Sports Illustrated.

The ads are tiny, but their arrival puts a big crack in the longstanding tradition that kept ads off magazine covers. Full Article

Hackers raid eBay in historic breach, access 145 million records  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

EBay Inc said that hackers raided its network three months ago, accessing some 145 million user records in what is poised to go down as one of the biggest data breaches in history, based on the number of accounts compromised.

It advised customers to change their passwords immediately, saying they were among the pieces of data stolen by cyber criminals who carried out the attack between late February and early March. - Full Article

Leaked Pictures Hint at Gmail Redesign  

Mashable By : Samantha Murphy Kelly

Leaked screenshots of a new web interface for Gmail reveal that Google may be quietly testing a major design overhaul.

The pictures, which were first published on Geek, show a collection of potential new features, though the screenshots haven't been verified. - Full Article

G.M. Is Fined Over Safety and Called a Lawbreaker  

New York Times By : Staff Reporting

Saying that safety practices at General Motors were “broken,” federal regulators on Friday imposed the biggest punishment they could on the automaker and condemned it over its failure to promptly report a defect that G.M. has linked to 13 deaths.

G.M. will pay a $35 million penalty — the maximum allowed and the largest ever imposed on an automaker — and will be required to make wide-ranging changes to its safety practices that will be supervised by the government, another first for an automaker. - Full Article

Colgate to embrace 100% recyclable packaging  

Packaging Buzz By : Staff Reporting

So it looks like Colgate isn’t just about making sure your teeth are clean, but are also wanting to clean up some packaging trash.

Following the trend of brands making a public stance regarding packaging waste, personal care products giant Colgate-Palmolive has committed to making 100% of its packaging for three of four product categories completely recyclable by 2020. - Full Article

EU Court: Google Must Remove Certain Links on Request  


Individuals can ask Google to remove links to news articles, court judgments and other documents in search results for their name, the European Union's highest court said Tuesday—a surprise decision that could significantly disrupt how Google and other search-engine operators work across Europe.

The case centered on the so-called right to be forgotten, which plaintiffs argued before the court gives individuals the opportunity to request old information about them be removed from search engines. - Full Article

Thousands of retweets means no final for savvy students  

pal-item By : Staff Reporting

Let's just say they are mastering the art of negotiation.

Fifteen thousand retweets means no final for one high school class in Texas after an opportunistic student struck a sweet deal with his art teacher, ABC News reports.

Andrew Muennink, a senior at Round Rock High School, has until May 23 (12 p.m.) to produce results, according to the network. - Full Article

Apple close to buying Beats for $3.2 billion: source  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Apple Inc is close to paying a record $3.2 billion for Beats Electronics, two people with knowledge of the matter said, an expensive foray into music streaming and headphone gear that would mark a departure for the usually cash-conservative iPhone maker.

Both companies are hashing out details and the envisioned deal could still fall through, one person told Reuters on condition of anonymity because the discussions were private. - Full Article

Facebook Announces Advertising Boot Camp For Smaller Advertisers  

Mashable By : Kurt Wagner

Facebook will be pounding the pavement this summer in an attempt to teach its largest group of advertisers — small and medium-sized businesses — how to utilize the company's ad offerings.

Facebook, along with partners like Square, Intuit QuickBooks, and LegalZoom, is planning a five-stop event tour the company calls Facebook Fit, a series of "boot camp-style events designed to help SMBs achieve business success," Facebook wrote in a blog post Tuesday. - Full Article

The next enormous headache for Twitter  

Times By : Staff Reporting

Twitter’s quickly falling stock may face even more downward pressure Tuesday when about 470 million shares are eligible to enter the open market for the first time.

Today marks the end of the lock-up period in which early investors, executives and other Twitter insiders are barred from offloading their stock. Less than 20 percent of Twitter’s total stock has been publicly traded to this point. - Full Article

Warren Buffett Has Plans To Build Up Berkshire, Not Break It Up  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

As he sometimes does, Warren Buffett likes to welcome the 40,000 visitors to the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting today with a last minute deal, this time a $2.8 billion acquisition of an electric transmission company in Alberta, Canada, that will further build out the holdings of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

This part of Berkshire Hathaway operation owns Mid-American gas pipelines, a wind energy infrastructure in Iowa and operating utilities in Nevada and other western states. - Full Article

Google quits scanning student Gmail for targeted ads  

ZDNet By : Staff Reporting

Google says it has stopped scanning the email of its 30 million Apps for Education users, backing off its main method of targeting ads across its online services.

"We've permanently removed all ads scanning in Gmail for Apps for Education, which means Google cannot collect or use student data in Apps for Education services for advertising purposes," Google said in a blog post on Wednesday. - Full Article

Google: Driverless cars are mastering city streets By : Staff Reporting

Google says that cars it has programmed to drive themselves have started to master the navigation of city streets and the challenges they bring, from jaywalkers to weaving bicyclists — a critical milestone for any commercially available self-driving car technology.

Despite the progress over the past year, the cars have plenty of learning to do before 2017, when the Silicon Valley tech giant hopes to get the technology to the public. - Full Article

Five Takeaways from Samsung Earnings  

WSJ By : Staff Reporting

Samsung Electronics released its earnings for the quarter ended March 31 on Tuesday morning in Seoul.

Net profit edged higher compared to the year-ago period.

But for the key division that makes handsets, which accounts for three-quarters of Samsung’s profits, recent earnings weakness continued... - Full Article

Google Now and Cortana are the future, not Siri  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Based on the investments Big Tech companies are making, the next tech wave will likely be powered by contextual and predictive technologies.

In plain terms, contextual and predictive technologies are designed to get our devices to do exactly what we want without us having to ask over and over again.

Taco Bell tests new restaurant aimed at Chipotle crowd  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

How far is Taco Bell branching out? The Mexican Car Bomb isn't even a taco. It's a vanilla shake with Guinness, tequila caramel sauce and chocolate flakes.

U.S. Taco Co, set to open in Huntington Beach, Calif., this summer, with a taco-focused menu -- but not the same tacos you can buy for a buck or two at Taco Bell. - Full Article

Ad Buyers Slowly Taking Digital NewFronts More Seriously  

Ad Age By : Staff Reporting

Digital platforms are aggressively seeking TV dollars again in this year's NewFronts presentations, which kick off on Monday.

And while the dollars shifting into digital are still expected to pale in comparison to the size of TV's upfront market, on which the NewFronts are based, advertisers are getting closer to considering these platforms on the same playing field as traditional TV networks. - Full Article

Microsoft Posts Smaller-Than-Expected Profit Decline  

Wall Street Journal By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft Corp.'s corporate profit engine is steaming along under its new boss.

The Redmond, Wash., software giant on Thursday posted strong fiscal third-quarter sales from office tools, database and other programs for computer centers that historically account for the majority of its profit. - Full Article

HBO shows coming to Amazon ... not Netflix  

CNN Money By : Brian Stelter

Amazon described the deal as a first for HBO, which has a reputation for being tightfisted with its library of hit shows -- even ones that stopped airing years ago.

The assortment of HBO shows will be a significant addition to Amazon Prime as it attempts to sign up more monthly subscribers and challenge Netflix. - Full Article

General Motors Profits Drop 86 Percent After Recalls  

Time By : Noah Rayman

General Motors said Thursday its first quarter profits dropped approximately 86% from the same period last year after a series of massive recalls cost the automaker $1.3 billion.

The company’s profits in the first three months of the year fell to $125 million, compared to $865 million for the first quarter of 2013. - Full Article

Google Should Buy Dropbox  

Slate By : Staff Reporting

Siri and I don’t talk much these days. Which is odd, because she probably knows more about me than anyone else in my life. She knows where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

She knows how many books I own, and which ones I’ve actually read. She knows whom I talk to every day, and what I say. - Full Article

Google agreed to pony up for Samsungs defense against Apple  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Google has provided funding to help Samsung defend itself against Apple's patent-infringement claims, emails between the two companies revealed Tuesday.

Google patent attorney James Maccoun, in deposition testimony presented by Apple in court here, authenticated emails between Google and Samsung from 2012 that said that the Internet giant would "defend and indemnify" Samsung over its use of technology that Apple said infringed its patents. - Full Article

Samsung slugs it out with Apple for consumers  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

In the South Korean industrial town of Gumi, about a 45-minute helicopter ride southeast of here, Samsung Electronics factory workers, nearly all of them young women, are methodically applying the finishing touches on Galaxy S5s.

The launch of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone on April 11 was a little over a week away, and though most of the Galaxy S5 manufacturing process in the factory is automated, workers on this day were putting the backs of AT&T Galaxy S5 phones on or manually removing the stickers on certain tiny components. - Full Article

Why Google isnt growing  

The Times of India By : Staff Reporting

Google CEO Larry Page can be forgiven for being in a bad mood this weekend. On his company's Q1 2014 earnings call, his people delivered what he thought would be good news: revenues of $15.4 billion, up 19%.

Very, very few business can deliver 20% growth on billions in revenues.

By any measure, Google is on fire as a company. - Full Article

Why Facebook and Google are buying into drones  

The Guardian By : Staff Reporting

Back in the bad old days of the cold war, one of the most revered branches of the inexact sciences was Kremlinology. In the west, newspapers, thinktanks and governments retained specialists whose job was to scrutinise every scrap of evidence, gossip and rumour emanating from Moscow in the hope that it would provide some inkling of what the Soviet leadership was up to.

Until recently, this particular specialism had apparently gone into terminal decline, but events in Ukraine have led to its urgent reinstatement. - Full Article

Will Starbucks Alcohol Infect Other Products?  

Forbes By : Roger Dooley

Starbucks continues to test alcohol sales in selected stores, and appears to be on the verge of rolling out beer and wine to more of its coffee shops.

Their Starbucks Evenings concept adds selected adult beverages to an expanded food menu.

The benefits to Starbucks are clear: if they can make this work, they will increase sales during times when coffee sales are slower and, almost certainly, raise their average sale at the same time. - Full Article

Jay Zs Net Worth: $520 Million in 2014  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter is a member of this year’s Forbes Five–a list of the wealthiest hip-hop acts that appeared in the May 5th, 2014 issue of FORBES magazine.

Though they’ve all had successful careers in music, it’s their outside business ventures that were most instrumental in creating their fortunes. - Full Article

Michaels says nearly 3 million customers hit by data breach  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Michaels has confirmed that credit and debit card information was stolen from 3 million customers who shopped at some of its stores during an eight-month period.

The craft-store chain initially confirmed the data breach in January but gave few details of what occurred or how many customers were affected. - Full Article

Twitter starts pushing mobile app-install ads  

Techie News By : Staff Reporting

Twitter on Thursday announced a new advertising platform through which it intends to grab a share out of the increasing app advertising vertical.

The microblogging site said the new mobile advertising suite will make it easier for advertisers to promote their mobile apps... Full Article

Former Yahoo Exec Henrique de Castro 58 mil platinum parachute, Bio-Wiki-Video  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Henrique de Castro's 15 months as Yahoo's chief operating officer may have ended on a sour note, but it was sweetened by a severance package valued at nearly $58 million. All but about $1 million of de Castro's severance was based in the value of his equity award in Yahoo, which began appreciating after former Google colleague Marissa Mayer joined the company in July 2012. - Full Article

Henrique de Castro Biography Wiki

Googles customizable smart phone to the next 5 billion subscribers  

The Christian Science Monitor By : Karis Hustad

Google’s next major smart phone project won’t just be competing for the same customers as Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S5, or even Amazon’s rumored upcoming smart phone.

Google is aiming for the “next 5 billion” mobile consumers who are poised to jump from feature phones to low-cost smart phones as the technology and mobile access expand to further corners of the globe than ever before. - Full Article

Intel is losing billions every year on tablets and smartphones  

The Verge By : Staff Reporting

In recent months, Intel has been under pressure to explain why personal computers haven't been selling quite as well.

But the chipmaker may have another pressing concern: losing billions of dollars on mobile. In 2013, Intel's mobile chip division lost a hefty $3.15 billion, after posting an operating loss of $1.78 billion in 2012.  - Full Article

One-day sale empties Google Glass shelves  

Computer World By : Tim Hornyak

Google's one-day sale of Google Glass seems to have been a success with all units sold out, a blog post by the search giant suggests.

"All spots in the Explorer Program have been claimed for now, but if you missed it this time, don't worry," the Google Glass team wrote on its blog on Wednesday.

"We'll be trying new ways to expand the Explorer program in the future." - Full Article

Google to acquire drone-maker Titan Aerospace  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Send in the drones. Google says it has agreed to acquire Titan Aerospace, a 2-year-old start-up maker of high-altitude drones.

The search-engine giant did not say how much it will pay for Titan, whose solar-powered drones will help Google collect aerial images. - Full Article

How Android Changed After the iPhone  

re/code By : Ina Fried

Android, which in its earliest days bore more resemblance to a BlackBerry than a modern smartphone, evolved significantly after Apple’s 2007 introduction of the iPhone.

Before Apple showed off its smartphone, Android lacked touchscreen support and depended on physical keys for control, according to an internal Google document made public as part of the Apple-Samsung trial. - Full Article

Abandon Android: Samsung planned on backstabbing Google for years  

Tech Times By : Staff Reporting

New revelations in the battle for smartphone supremacy are being released by a number of media organizations, with reports that Samsung has been planning to end its use of Android technology from Google for its smartphones as it looks to create and implement its own operating system for its devices.

A number of bloggers and observers have called the leak documents proof that Samsung is looking to leave Google behind in a move that could send shockwaves through the industry. - Full Article

Two 34-Year-Old Aussies Are Latest Techies To Become Billionaires Thanks To Sky High Financing Round  

Forbes By : Alex Morrell

Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes are Australia’s newest billionaires after their business software company Atlassian announced this week it had closed a financing round that valued the company at $3.3 billion.

T. Rowe Price and Dragoneer Investment Capital paid $150 million, which amounts to a 4.6% stake in Atlassian. - Full Article

Wolff Olins Global CEO Karl Heiselman Leaves to Join Apple  

Ad Age By : Staff Reporting

Wolff Olins Global CEO Karl Heiselman is leaving the branding agency to join Apple next month in a marketing communications role, he told Ad Age Friday.

Mr. Heiselman confirmed by email that he accepted "an exciting new role at Apple after 14 fantastic years at Wolff Olins," but referred further questions to Apple. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment. - Full Article

Android Chief Claims Google Invented Key Features Before Apple  

App Advice By : Staff Reporting

Apple might be accusing Samsung of infringing several of its key patents, but on Friday an Android executive explained that Google actually invented many of the “key features” discussed before Apple patented them.

The news comes as the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial reaches its second week. - Full Article

Teens increasingly dumping Facebook: survey  

hindustan times By : Staff Reporting

While teenagers continue to lose interest in Facebook, they are showing an increasing interest in picture-sharing site Instagram, a new survey has found.

The conclusion was drawn in a semi-annual survey of upper-income and average-income teens in the United States from the investment bank and asset management firm. - Full Article

A redesign of Apple products may come later this year  

AJC By : Staff Reporting

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a report he claims details Apple’s product roadmap for the rest of the year.

Kuo says to expect refreshes across Apple’s product line, from desktops to tablets and even wearables. Apple is expected to have an especially busy third quarter... - Full Article

Google Glass Goes On Sale to the Public Next Week  

The Wire By : Staff Reporting

Anyone in the U.S. with $1,500 and the will to walk around in public with a computer on his or her face will be able to sign up to do just that next Tuesday.

Google announced on Thursday afternoon that it would offer a "limited" sale of Glass starting on April 15 at 9 a.m. You can sign up for a reminder email here. - Full Article

Email from Steve Jobs hints at how Apple ticks  

The Times of India By : Staff Reporting

When technology companies like Apple and Samsung Electronics go to trial, one significant price they must pay is giving up some corporate secrets.

Take a 2010 email written by Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, who died in 2011. Samsung lawyers obtained it as evidence to present to jurors. - Full Article

Microsoft Cant Fail in Marketing  

CMS Wire By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is like a baseball team holding a 7 to 1 lead in the final inning.

Throw strikes, worry about the batter only and make the routine plays. That's all the team in the field needs to do to win the ballgame. - Full Article

Digital is the clay with which marketing will remodel business  

Marketing Week By : Staff Reporting

What is interesting about this trend, apart from the challenge to current agency propositions, is that these management consultancies are selling to marketers.

They seek to persuade digital marketers, ecommerce practitioners, marketers more broadly and the chief marketer in particular, that they are the ‘future fit’ choice of partner. - Full Article

Toyota recalls about 6.4 million vehicles globally  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 6.39 million vehicles globally for a variety of problems spanning nearly 30 models in Japan, the U.S., Europe and other places.

No injuries or crashes have been reported related to the recalls announced Wednesday. But two fires have been reported related to one of the problems, a defective engine starter that can keep the motor running. - Full Article

Samsung predicts profits drop ahead of Galaxy S5 launch  

BrandRepublic By : Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith

The brand has estimated it will record an operating profit of $7.96bn (£4.8bn) for the three months from January to March, which is 4% lower than the same period last year.

The drop in profits follows a 6% decline in the previous quarter.

The Galaxy S5 is being launched later this week, and is reported to have priced the handset at 10% cheaper than its last model, the S4. - Full Article

Amazon wants to turn your kitchen into a shop  

The Registry By : Staff Reporting

Amazon is testing a handheld barcode reader that'll scan stuff in your house so that you can create a shopping list of things you're running out of – that list being sent to Amazon's Fresh grocery delivery service, natch.

The company said that its Dash tool, being put through its paces in an invitation-only trial program, will combine voice-logging, barcode-scanning and wireless connectivity to help users build lists of items which can be transferred directly to order pages on the Fresh service. - Full Article

Economy added 192,000 jobs in March  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

The U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs in March, according to government data released Friday morning, a concrete sign that the recovery remains on track despite a slowdown over the winter.

The Labor Department reported that the unemployment rate held steady at 6.7 percent as about half a million people joined the labor force, and the broad-based expansion touched industries ranging from health care to construction. - Full Article

Microsoft Announces Free Windows For Smartphones By : Staff Reporting

Since Satya Nadella has assumed the position of Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) CEO, he has been quick at making changes – focusing on mobile devices, introducing new products, and shaking up the company’s management.

In a San Francisco Build Developer Conference on Wednesday, Microsoft announced free Windows licensing for devices smaller than nine inches which, of course, include smartphones and tablets.  - Full Article

The Overwhelming Evidence That Apple Is Working On Something Really Big  

Business Insider By : Staff Reporting

Morgan Stanley has a big report out today on the "Internet of Things."

Buried in the report is the following table that lays out everything Apple has done since 2012 that points toward it releasing some sort of wearable device like an iWatch... - Full Article

@WalmartLabs search-bid-management platform to manage a portfolio of 50 million keywords  

Ad Age By : Staff Reporting

Having driven cost out of distributing goods for decades, Walmart has a newer vision: Driving waste out of advertising and media. And not just for itself.

As Brian Monahan, VP-marketing of said in a talk at the Ad Age Digital Conference on Tuesday, the retailer hopes to do the same for its suppliers, too. - Full Article

Apple says Samsung copied iPhone  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Samsung copied Apple's iPhone as it tried to figure out how to react and compete with the device, Apple attorneys told a court here Tuesday.

Because of that, Samsung should pay Apple about $2 billion in damages, they said. Harold McElhinny, one of the lead attorneys in Apple's patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, said during opening arguments that Samsung realized it "simply did not have a product that could compete successfully against the iPhone." - Full Article

Consumers continue to trust brands that undertake high-profile offline marketing  

The Drum By : Staff Reporting's Welcome Rewards loyalty programme recently reached 10 million members, so The Drum caught up with Matt Walls, VP of marketing EMEA at the brand, to discuss loyalty and how it interacts with the rest of the marketing mix, the role of cashback in the brand’s digital strategy, and why TV is still important. - Full Article

Eurozone inflation drop adds pressure on ECB  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Inflation across the 18-country eurozone fell again in March to reach its lowest level in over four years, piling pressure on the European Central Bank to ease its monetary policies further.

The annual inflation rate fell for the third consecutive month, to 0.5 percent from 0.7 percent in February, the European Union's statistics agency said Monday. - Full Article

McDonalds announced a free cup of McCafe coffee for two weeks  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The nation's largest fast-food chain said the campaign, which kicks off on Monday, will give breakfast customers at its participating locations a free 12-ounce small coffee.

And it will be up to each McDonald's location to decide if customers get just one cup or refills on the free coffee. - Full Article

Microsoft Office for the iPad Is (Finally) Here  

Time By : Staff Reporting

It’s been the subject of speculation and rumor for years. And now, at long last, Microsoft Office for the iPad is a product.

Its arrival was among the news items at a press conference in San Francisco this morning about Microsoft’s cloud and mobile strategy, presided over by new CEO Satya Nadella, in his first public appearance since his appointment to replace Steve Ballmer. - Full Article

Mark Zuckerberg: Weve been working on ways to beam Internet to people  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Two thirds of the world population does not have Internet access. Facebook already has more than a billion users on its service, but before it can sign up the rest of world it needs to get them online.

The social media company announced a new step in its ambitious plan to bring affordable, basic Internet access to "every person in the world. - Full Article

BlackBerry executive must stay on, court rules  

The Globe and Mail By : Staff Reporting

BlackBerry Ltd. has won a lawsuit to keep one of its most senior executives from jumping ship to Apple Inc. – at least temporarily.

A ruling released by the Ontario Superior Court this week offers a glimpse of the uncertainty within BlackBerry’s senior executive ranks late last year, as the company struggled through a painful transition and the installation of a new CEO. - Full Article

Facebook goes Virtual-Reality for 2 Billion  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek By : Staff Reporting

Facebook Inc. is making a $2 billion bet that a virtual-reality headset will one day become the center of its users’ social lives.

The world’s largest social network yesterday said it is buying Oculus VR Inc., pushing into wearable hardware for the first time and stepping into a race with Google Inc. - Full Article

The NY Times Is Expanding Its Digital Subscriptions Offerings  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

The New York Times announced two new subscription plans on Wednesday, including NYT Now, a lower-priced app curated for a mobile audience, as part of the company’s push to expand its digital offerings and increase its revenue.

The other plan, Times Premier, provides access to content like Times Insider, a new feature that will aim to give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the newspaper and its journalism.

NYT Now and Times Premier begin April 2. - Full Article

Consumer confidence hits highest level since Jan. 2008  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Consumer confidence jumped in March as people were more upbeat about future job prospects.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index rose to 82.3, up from 78.3 in February. It's the first reading above 82 since last June, and the highest reading since January 2008. - Full Article

Digital Video Ads and the Viability of a Vice Media IPO  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek By : Staff Reporting

With any luck, on the day of its IPO, perhaps Vice will choose Dennis Rodman to ring the market’s opening bell.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Vice Media co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Shane Smith revealed that the Brooklyn-based alt-journalism factory—the same outfit that last year sent Rodman on an ill-fated diplomatic stunt mission to North Korea—is now weighing an initial public offering. - Full Article

Disney Pays $500 Million for Maker Studios  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek By : Staff Reporting

Walt Disney Co. agreed to buy Maker Studios, a supplier of online video content to YouTube, for $500 million, gaining technology and experience with short-form entertainment.

Disney also agreed to pay as much as $450 million more if Maker Studios meets “strong” performance targets, the Burbank, California-based company said today in a statement.

That could boost the total to $950 million. - Full Article

Are Netflix users ripping off the rest of us?  

CNN Money By : James O'Toole

Hastings sounded off Thursday on the likes of Verizon, Comcast, and others, accusing them of "sacrific[ing] the interests of their own customers" in demanding fees to ensure quick delivery of content from Netflix and other data-intensive services.

The dispute flared up earlier this year following news that Netflix streaming speeds for customers of major ISPs were slowing, as these firms attempted to extract a fee from Netflix in exchange for connecting directly to their networks and resolving the issue. - Full Article

BlackBerry Suffers Blow as White House Tests Samsung, LG Phones  

Wall Street Journal By : Staff Reporting

The White House is testing smartphones from Samsung Electronics Corp. and LG Electronics Inc. for internal use, a person familiar with the matter said, threatening one of the last and most high-profile strongholds of BlackBerry Ltd.

The devices are being tested by the White House's internal technology team and the White House Communications Agency, a military unit in charge of President Barack Obama's communications, the person said. - Full Article

Toyota to pay $1.2B to settle criminal probe  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek By : Staff Reporting

Toyota agreed to pay $1.2 billion to settle an investigation by the U.S. government, admitting that it hid information about defects that caused Toyota and Lexus vehicles to accelerate unexpectedly and resulted in injuries and deaths.

Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that the penalty is the largest of its kind ever imposed on an auto company. - Full Article

Stocks Extend Slide After Fed Statement  

WSJ By : Staff Reporting

U.S. stocks and bonds fell as traders saw in the Federal Reserve’s latest policy statement some hints of rising rates.

The Fed announced another reduction in its monthly bond purchases, as expected. It also emphasized that it would keep rates low for some time after its bond purchases wind down entirely... Full Article

Hacker crashes Google Play -- twice  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

It's an outage you may not notice -- until it holds up the next update to Candy Crush, Plants v. Zombies or Clash of Clans. But developers are furious.

The publishing system known as Google's Developer Console first crashed mid-day Sunday. Many app developers still found themselves blocked from uploading to the Google Play Store on Monday. - Full Article

GM recalls 1.2 million of its popular crossover SUV models  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The biggest of Monday's recalls affects 1.2 million of its popular crossover SUV models that need to have the wiring for their seat-mounted side airbags fixed.

The models involved are the 2008-13 Buick Enclave and the GMC Acadia, along with the 2009-13 Chevrolet Traverse and the 2008-2010 Saturn Outlook. - Full Article

Hertz to Spin Off Rental Equipment Business  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

The Hertz Corporation said on Tuesday that it would spin off its equipment rental corporation, a move that would give the remaining company net proceeds of $2.5 billion.

The separation is planned as a tax-free spinoff to Hertz shareholders and is expected to close by early 2015. - Full Article

Haiti manufacturing its own Android tablet, Surtab  

MSN News By : Staff Reporting

Better known for producing third-world poverty and political mayhem - as well as a world-class rum - the Western Hemisphere's least developed country has made a surprising entry into the high-tech world with its own Android tablet. - Full Article

Microsoft Announces Office 365 Personal  

tapscape By : Staff Reporting

Making the jump from the traditional Office suite to Office 365 was big for Microsoft but in a world where there are numerous free alternatives to Office, a new version of the software is being released at a cheaper price point.

For only $6.99 per month ($69.99 per year) Microsoft is providing Office 365 Personal, a somewhat limited version of the software that still comes with 20GB of OneDrive storage... - Full Article

U.S. to Give Up Remaining Control of Internet Address System  

Bloomberg BusinessWeek By : Staff Reporting

The U.S. said it plans to hand over control of the system for assigning website addresses to a non-government entity, the final phase in an effort to fully privatize and globalize management of the Internet’s backbone.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which has managed the system since 1998 under a U.S. government contract that expires next year... - Full Article

Quiznos files for bankruptcy  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Quiznos has filed for bankruptcy protection, five days after the Sbarro pizza chain did the same.

Executives at the restaurant chain, known for its toasted sandwiches, agreed to a restructuring plan that will reduce its debt by more than $400 million, the company said in a statement Friday. - Full Article

The Pot Tax Refund For Colorado Residents  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Budget advisers to the state legislature crunched the numbers and revealed the state could be forced to refund as much as $100 million to taxpayers.

The state's Taxpayer Bill of Rights, known as TABOR, sets limits on taxes and government spending. If the government collects more than expected, it generally owes taxpayers a refund. - Full Article

Russian business giants Alexei Miller and Igor Sechin targeted for sanctions, Wiki-Bio-Video  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

The CEOs of Russia's two largest firms are on a list of those who may be hit next week with European and U.S. sanctions over the Crimea crisis, a German newspaper said on Friday, suggesting tougher than expected measures against Russia's elite.

Moscow shipped more troops and armor into Crimea on Friday... - Full Article

Alexei Miller Biography Wiki

Igor Sechin Biography Wiki

Lawsuit: McDonalds has forced employees to work off the clock  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The suits allege that McDonald's has forced employees to work off the clock, not paid them overtime and struck hours off their time cards.

The suits were announced in a conference call led by the workers' lawyers and organizers of the union-backed campaign to raise fast food wages across the country. - Full Article

Yahoo Search Calls Yelp To The Rescue  

The Post And Courier By : Staff Reporting

Yahoo is cribbing from Yelp's online reviews of local merchants to soup up its search engine.

Ratings and excerpts from Yelp's merchant reviews began to appear in Yahoo's search results on Wednesday.

Financial terms of the partnership weren't disclosed. News of the deal first leaked out last month, so it didn't come as a surprise. - Full Article

Prime? Here Are 5 Alternatives  

Time By : Brad Tuttle

You could just suck it up and pay the freshly hiked rates for Amazon Prime. Or you could get a little creative, save some money, and still enjoy free shipping. The idea that’s been floated for a few months has become a reality... Full Article

About Time: Starbucks Adding Digital Tips  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Starbucks will soon let customers leave tips with its mobile payment app, which begs the question — how often do people tip their baristas?

The coffee chain says the mobile tipping option, which it announced more than a year ago, will be available on its updated app for iPhones starting March 19. - Full Article

Google has a different looking search result  

San Jose Mercury News By : Staff Reporting

Google is rolling out a new design of search to desktop users that includes changes to both organic search results and ads to desktop users.

The new design removes underlines, increases the font size and, most important, changes the way ads are labeled in search results. - Full Article

Google is encrypting search globally, will thwart censors in China  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Google has begun routinely encrypting Web searches conducted in China, posing a bold new challenge to that nation’s powerful system for censoring the Internet and tracking what individual users are viewing online.

The company says the move is part of a global expansion of privacy technology designed to thwart surveillance by government intelligence agencies, police and hackers who... - Full Article

Google Capital Leads $85 Million Investment Into Credit Karma  

WSJ By : Staff Reporting

Google Capital, the online-search firm's newest investment vehicle, unveiled a second investment this month, leading an $85 million funding round for consumer-finance and tech company Credit Karma. Google Inc. formed Google Capital last year, but formally disclosed it had done so last month.

It announced a $50 million investment in online real estate marketplace a week ago, and in February disclosed a $40 million investment in education-software firm Renaissance Learning Inc. - Full Article

COO Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook advertising beat its ROI from TV  

Ad Age By : Staff Reporting

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg recently made a bold claim in a Wall Street Journal story: Coke's return on investment from Facebook advertising beat its ROI from TV.

Where did that claim come from? France. Specifically, one campaign in the first quarter of 2013 to reintroduce Coke's polar bears. - Full Article

Netflix faster on Comcast, after deal  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Netflix said Comcast speeds were up 11% from January, following four straight months of declines.

Instead of delivering its traffic through third parties, such as Cogent Communications, as Netflix has done previously, Netflix now pays Comcast to feed its videos directly. - Full Article

Mens Wearhouse to buy Jos. A. Bank for $1.8 billion  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The deal combines the two largest independent men's clothing retailers. It was not an easy combination to reach -- each company has spent much of the last six months taking runs at the other.

Men's Wearhouse, which has 1,133 stores, will pay $65 a share in cash for Jos. A. Bank, which has 629 stores.

Both brand names will continue to operate after the deal, and the companies did not announce plans to close an of the 1,700 stores they have between them. - Full Article

Sundar Pichai at Google is finally getting serious about wearables  

The Verge By : Staff Reporting

Speaking today at the SXSW conference, Google's SVP of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, said that in two weeks, Google will be releasing a developer SDK that will make it easier for companies to create wearable devices that run on Android.

Pichai didn't drop any hints as to whether or not Google itself was working on any devices, but instead said that when it comes to wearables, he thinks about it "at a platform level."  - Full Article

2 Secrets To the growth of Microsoft  

Seeking Alpha By : Staff Reporting

There's no second guessing in my mind; CEO Satya Nadella needs to get tablet and mobile market share in order for Microsoft (MSFT) to find success in 2014.

And I think it's very possible.

Last week's Microsoft news included Satya Nadella getting his executive cabinet the way he wants it, and news of Steve Ballmer apparently pushing for the Nokia (NOK) acquisition... Full Article

Android is the preferred mobile operating system in America  

Tech Times By : Staff Reporting

Of the 160 million smartphones in the United States today, five brands dominate the market, based on the latest report by of the research firm comScore.

Apple has topped the list of smartphone manufacturers in the country with a 41.6 percent share in January... Full Article

Chromecast sales reached millions  

Android Community By : Staff Reporting

It seems that Google's Sundar Pichai isn't done making big revelations at SxSW today.

Just after pre-announcing a wearable device SDK coming in two weeks, the Google exec has now disclosed that the company was able to sell millions of its immensely popular Chromecast dongle.

Anyone doubting how big Chromecast is should probably take a look at TIME Magazine's top ten gadgets of 2013. - Full Article

Google chairman Eric Schmidt: We were attacked by the Chinese and the NSA, Video  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Although he didn't get into specifics, Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt told a packed house in Austin on Friday that the company has completed its efforts to secure user data against unauthorized access.

On the first day of the annual South by Southwest Interactive conference, Schmidt told panel moderator Stephen Levy of Wired that the solution to governmental intrusions was, "to encrypt data more." - Full Article

Cerberus Capital to buy Safeway for about $9.4 billion  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Safeway Inc. the second-largest U.S. mainstream grocery store operator, said private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management would acquire the company in a deal valued at about $9.4 billion.

The offer price of $40 per share represents a premium of 1.3 percent to Safeway's Thursday closing stock price of $39.47 on the New York Stock Exchange. - Full Article

Economy adds 175,000 jobs in February; unemployment rate up to 6.7%  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

The economy added 175,000 net new jobs last month, a surprisingly robust figure given the bad winter weather, the Labor Department said Friday.

Despite the increase -- the largest in three months -- the unemployment rate ticked up 0.1 percentage points to 6.7% after hitting a more than five-year low in January. - Full Article

US jobless claims hit three-month low  

Business Recorder By : Staff Reporting

The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits hit a three-month low last week, suggesting some strength in a labour market that has been hobbled by severe weather.

Other data on Thursday showed a second straight monthly decline in factory orders in January, likely because unusually cold and snowy weather disrupted activity. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits tumbled 26,000 to a seasonally adjusted 323,000... - Full Article

Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, Wiki-Bio-Video  

The Globe And Mail By : Staff Reporting

Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto said Thursday that he is not the creator of bitcoin, adding further mystery to the story of how the world’s most popular digital currency came to be.

The denial came after Newsweek published a 4,500-word cover story claiming Nakamoto is the person who wrote the computer code underpinnings of bitcoin. - Full Article

Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto Wiki Biography

Yahoo cutting off access to services for Google, Facebook log-ins  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Yahoo will no longer allow users to access its services, including its popular fantasy sports platform and photo-sharing site Flickr, using log-in credentials from competitors Google and Facebook.

Users must instead have a Yahoo ID. Yahoo said the decision "will allow us to offer the best personalized experience to everyone."

The company did not provide a precise timeline for the changes to take effect... - Full Article

FREE FOOD ALERT: Grab some IHOP pancakes  

9 News By : Staff Reporting

Every year the breakfast chain gives a free short stack of flapjacks to its customers. In return, IHOP asks that diners make a donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals or other specified local charities.

You may want to get up a little early Tuesday to take part in a beloved IHOP tradition: National Pancake Day. - Full Article

RadioShack to Shut 1,100 Stores as 4Q Sales Plunge  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

RadioShack (RSH) revealed another quarter of red ink and a 19% tumble in same-store sales on Tuesday, prompting the embattled electronics retailer to shutter up to 1,100 stores.

Wall Street slammed RadioShack’s beaten-down share price in the wake of the big earnings miss, driving it as much as 19% in the red.

The electronics company logged a net loss of $191.4 million, or $1.90 a share, last quarter, compared with a loss of $63.3 million, or 63 cents a share, a year earlier. - Full Article

Bill Gates is the Richest Billionaire, Wiki-Bio-Video  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft's founder Gates was propelled to the top spot primarily because of a rally in the software company's stock, said Forbes, which published its annual list of the world's richest billionaires on Monday.

Gates is now valued at $76 billion, compared to $67 billion last year, when he was No. 2 on the list. - Full Article

Apple CEO Tim Cook promises new products  

The Age By : Staff Reporting

Apple sold more than $US1 billion ($1.1 billion) of Apple TV set-top boxes in 2013 and is investing heavily in the next generation of products, chief executive Tim Cook said at the company's annual meeting on Friday.

Apple's ability to again transform the fast-moving technology arena is the central question in investors' and Silicon Valley executives' minds as the company's growth slows, and rivals like Samsung and Google take chunks out of its market share. - Full Article

Warren Buffett $19.5 billion purse, Video-Bio-Wiki  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

The Oracle of Omaha has done it again. Berkshire Hathaway, the investing conglomerate billionaire Warren Buffett chairs, posted a record profit last year of $19.5 billion, the company said in its annual report released Saturday.

The company also released its anticipated annual letter to shareholders from Buffett, one of the most successful and widely followed investors of all time. - Full Article

Warren Buffet Biography Wik

Google Barge, $35 million and counting  

CNET By : Daniel Terdiman

Google Barge is about to be on the move, relocating from its current berth alongside Treasure Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay to Stockton, Calif., a delta city about 80 miles east.

But what does that mean for the future of the project, expected to be a floating showroom for Google X products and concepts like Glass, driverless cars, and more? It's hard to say for sure, because no one in the know is talking.

What is known is that the $35 million project, made out of dozens of shipping containers, and intended to float from location to location around the San Francisco Bay and beyond, is unfinished and not ready for prime time. - Full Article

British spy agency collected millions of Yahoo users images  

LA Times By : Staff Reporting

A British intelligence agency reportedly intercepted and stored millions of images from Yahoo users' video chats. Under a program code-named Optic Nerve, the Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, would collect still images in bulk from users when they chatted with others via webcam through Yahoo, the Guardian reported on Thursday.

The report cited documents provided by U.S. surveillance program leaker Edward Snowden. During a six-month period in 2008, the GCHQ collected images from more than 1.8 million Yahoo users through the Optic Nerve program, the report said. - Full Article

Crude prices could do an about-face, and soon  

CNBC By : Patti Domm

After jumping to a four-month high, domestic crude oil could be close to topping out for now and heading to what could be the lowest prices of the year. West Texas Intermediate sold off Tuesday, ahead of government inventory data that are expected to show a buildup in supplies.

The report is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

WTI crude for April delivery settled at $101.64 per barrel, a decline of $1.18 a barrel. - Full Article

Samsung directs its focus on simplicity  

The Times of India By : Brian X Chen

Samsung must have made a New Year's resolution to stay more focused.

The company has often been criticized for being gimmicky and loading as many features on its devices as it can - and for sparing no pennies in marketing them.

But its new flagship smartphone and smartwatch, both announced at a relatively subdued media event... Full Article

Netflix and Comcast agree to terms, Wiki-Bio-Video  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Comcast, the country’s largest cable and broadband provider, has reached an “interconnection agreement” with Netflix to ensure that its videos would be streamed directly — and thus faster and more reliably — to Comcast’s customers, both companies announced Sunday.

The terms of the multiyear agreement, including whether Netflix was paying for its direct connection, were not disclosed, other than to say that the company “receives no preferential network treatment.” ...Full Article

Comcast Wiki

Netflix Wiki

Net Neutrality

Two Competing Viewpoints On The Future Of Apple  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Barclays came out this week cautioning investors that Apple is on the decline and cited several reason for this.

Among them were: There is increasing concern that Apple is the Microsoft of the late 90s to early '00s, Apples buyback plan in and of itself will not cause the stock to rise and the market itself determining that "...your main product will remain slow for a long time, there does seem to be a visible pattern for multiples to sustain lower levels for a long time even if revenues grow."

Forbes: No, Apple Is Not Like Microsoft

Apple Insider: Barclays downgrades rating on Apple stock

Google Launches Project Tango Smartphone  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Google today announced Project Tango, an Android-based prototype 5″ phone and developer kit with advanced 3D sensors out of its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) hardware skunkworks group.

Using its sensors, the phone doesn’t just track motion, but it can actually build a visual map of rooms using 3D scanning.

The company believes the combination of these sensors with advanced computer vision techniques will open up new avenues for indoor navigation and immersive gaming, among many other things... Full Article

Tesla Motors stock soars, Wiki-Video  

San Jose Mercury News By : Staff Reporting

Tesla Motors announced Wednesday that it delivered 22,477 Model S sedans in 2013 but expects to deliver more than 35,000 cars this year, sending the stock soaring more than 12 percent in after-hours trading.

Tesla also said more information about its planned battery "gigafactory," which it says will reduce the cost of its battery packs, will be disclosed next week... Full Article

Tesla Motors Wiki

Facebook Acquisition of WhatsApp...what does it mean?  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Facebook is buying buzzy messaging app WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion in cash and stock, the social media giant announced in a regulatory filing late Wednesday.

WhatsApp is a messaging service that works on all major phone operating systems, and it transmits users' text and video messages via their Internet data plan -- it doesn't "charge" the messages to users' texting plans, even if the text is being sent internationally.

The app is free to download, and its service is also free for the first 12 months. It costs 99 cents annually after that first year... Full Article

Android Smartphone shipment crosses 800 million  

./muktware By : ABHIJOY SARKAR

The year 2013 has seen smartphones cross an important milestone.

The global smartphone shipment hit the billion mark for the first time, with 800 million contributed by Android. It is clear that Android dominated the smartphone market with Apple’s iPhone shipments maxing out at 153.4 million.

These stats are according to data published by IDC on Wednesday.

Out of the total 800 million units Samsung Electronics was responsible for making 39.5% of them, helping it keep the crown of largest smartphone manufacturer... Full Article

Comcast Deal Faces Hurdles In Washington  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The combined company would bring cable or Internet service to about 30% of American subscribers and serve 19 of the country's 20 largest metropolitan regions.

That would give Comcast, which is already the nation's largest TV, Internet and home phone provider, an even more sizable lead on its rivals.

The Obama administration will weigh whether that could translate into higher prices, worse service and fewer TV channels for customers... Full Article

Barclays cuts 12,000 jobs  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Britain's second-largest bank by assets Barclays is to cut 12,000 jobs, the firm's chief executive said on a conference call Tuesday.

Antony Jenkins confirmed the job losses as the bank said it had increased bonus payments by 10% in 2013 to $3.9 billion.

The job losses and bump in payments came on a day when Barclays announced that annual operating profit for 2013 at its key investment banking unit slumped 37% to $4.1 billion... Full Article

Chobani's LGBT digital edition for Putin  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Its product still blocked from Sochi, yogurt giant Chobani took another jab at Russia with a pro-LGBT promotion. “Naturally Powering Everyone,” Chobani tweeted a rainbow-colored stack of its product.

Russia has held up a shipment of the yogurt that was meant to go to U.S. athletes, purportedly on the grounds it had not met the country’s food safety standards.

The move has prompted Sen. Chuck Schumer to appeal on behalf of the New York-based company to the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and the International Olympic Committee... Full Article

Apple buys back $14 billion of shares in two weeks since results  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Apple Inc has repurchased $14 billion of its stock in the two weeks since it reported disappointing first-quarter results, a company spokesman said.

Apple bought $12 billion of shares via an accelerated share repurchase program (ASR) and $2 billion of shares from the open market, the spokesman said.

An ASR usually involves a company buying its shares from an investment bank... Full Article

Green Mountain stock soars on Coke partnership  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Coca-Cola (KO, Fortune 500) announced a partnership Wednesday with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), maker of the popular Keurig single-serving coffee machine.

The news sent Green Mountain shares soaring more than 40% in after-hours trading Wednesday.

Green Mountain said it would undertake a "meaningful" share repurchase program to reduce dilution of existing investors' holdings. Coke shares rose about 1% after hours Wednesday... Full Article

Warren Buffett crushing hedge funds Wiki-Bio-Video  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Results are in for the sixth year of the competition sometimes called the $1 million bet, and Warren Buffett—once a piteous straggler in this 10-year wager on stock market performance—has opened up a sizeable lead over his opponent, New York asset manager Protégé Partners.

Buffett's horse in the bet is a low-cost S&P index fund, and Protégé's is the averaged returns to investors (after all fees) of five hedge funds of funds that the firm carefully picked for the contest... Full Article

Warren Buffet Biography

Google set to avoid massive fines by EU competition regulator - economy  

euronews By : Staff Reporting

Google seems to have settled a competition investigation by European authorities, so avoiding a fine that could have been as much as 3.5 billion euros.

The probe followed complaints from rivals that the search engine was promoting its own services at their expense. Google has now offered further concessions and the European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia was satisfied...

Facebook is gunning for big growth in India  

ZDNet By : Staff Reporting

In a statement released Tuesday, Facebook said it currently has over 1.2 billion monthly active users and quoted CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

"In the next decade, we have the opportunity and responsibility to connect everyone and to keep serving the community as best we can."

The site launched a "Look Back" feature, allowing users to view a video that features a personalized collection of their biggest moments since joining the social media platform... Full Article

How to lower your tax bill  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

New Year's tax planning can be especially profitable for high earners looking to offset the sting of 2013's tax code changes.

These include, for couples filing jointly with modified adjusted gross income above $250,000, a new 0.9% tax on wages above that amount, plus 3.8% on some investment income; and for couples over $300,000, new caps on exemptions and deductions... Full Article

Super Bowl ticket prices heat up  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Worries about the league's first outdoor Super Bowl in a cold-weather climate had cooled off demand for tickets, driving prices lower than they'd been for the last three championship games.

With temperatures predicted to be in the 40s at kickoff, average resale prices have jumped ahead of a year ago.

Fans can now expect to shell out an average of $3,552 according to SeatGeek, a search engine that tracks online sales... Full Article

5 ways Facebook changed us, for better and worse  

CNN By : Doug Gross

Ten years and 1.2 billion users into its existence, there's no question that Facebook has changed our lives.

Whether it was an inspired vision, deft execution, a bit of dumb luck or a combination of all three, Mark Zuckerberg's social juggernaut has ingrained itself into the daily lives of digital-age users in a way that forebears like MySpace and contemporaries like Twitter could only imagine.

Which is not to say it's all "likes" and "shares" and happy kid pics... Full Article

Google, from Yahoo add-on to monolithic heights Wiki-Video  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Google's earnings are still rising at an impressive clip even as a long-running slump in its ad prices deepens and management gambles on risky ventures such as its unprofitable purchase of smartphone maker Motorola Mobility.

The latest evidence of the company's moneymaking prowess emerged Thursday with the release of results covering the holiday shopping season and the advertising blitz it produces. Investors evidently liked what they saw because they drove up Google's stock by 4 percent in extended trading to position the shares to reach a new peak Friday.

Although the company's earnings rose 17 percent during the fourth quarter, there were further signs of deterioration in Google's ad prices despite efforts to close the gap between rates for mobile devices and for traditional computers... Full Article


Google Glass Gets Prescription Options  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

They can work with either transparent or shaded lenses (additional $150 for the tinted shades, which also comes in three styles) and Google currently offers custom fitting by optometrists at locations in SF, LA and NYC, with plans to seed the program in more cities worldwide.

There are only 200 doctors currently versed in the fitting system, but Google tells CNET it hopes to increase that number to 6,000 by year’s end. Google is working with eye care insurer VSP VisionCare to get the training done, and the insurance partnership should help with adoption, too... Full Article

Bitcoin exchange CEO arrested for money laundering  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York said Shrem helped someone he hadn't met in person, Robert Faiella, sell more than $1 million worth of bitcoins to Silk Road customers.

Faiella, a 52-year-old Florida man, allegedly ran an underground Bitcoin exchange using the alias BTCKing.

Shrem was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Sunday, and Faiella was arrested at his home in Cape Coral, Fla., on Monday, prosecutors said.

Both are charged with conspiracy to launder money and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business...Full Article

What does the Samsung Google marriage signify?  

SFGate By : Staff Reporting

Samsung Electronics Co. has signed an agreement with Google Inc. to cross-license their patents, reducing the risk of costly legal disputes over intellectual property and likely fostering greater collaborate between the two tech giants.

Seoul-based Samsung said Monday that the deal covers patents to be filed over the next 10 years as well as existing patents. - Full Article

Xbox One Integrates Live TV  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

The good: Microsoft's Xbox One integrates live TV in an innovative fashion and can control your cable or satellite cable box, TV, and receiver.

Most games present noticeably improved graphics over those on the Xbox 360. The One has a slightly better roster of exclusive launch games compared with the PS4's.

The bad: The live TV integration is fraught with frustrations: Kinect voice commands don't always work, the new dashboard is more confusing than it needs to be, and the system lacks full DVR integration. - More

Facebook: Princeton report 'utter nonsense'  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Last week Princeton researchers released a widely covered study saying Facebook would lose 80% of its users by 2015-2017.

But now Facebook’s data scientists have turned the study’s silly “correlation equals causation” methodology of tracking Google search volume against it to show Princeton would lose all of its students by 2021.

A Facebook spokesperson says “the report that Princeton put out is utter nonsense.” Indeed, it’s flawed throughout. - More

Study Predicts Facebook Will Lose About 1 Billion Users Within 3 Years  

ADWEEK By : Staff Reporting

Facebook is about to be wiped out like a bad plague, losing 80 percent of its users by 2017, according to the latest doomsday study about Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

These types of studies are pitched to the press all the time, predicting the demise of Facebook.

Some carry elements of truth, like research that shows teens to be fleeing Facebook. Some studies show Facebook causes loneliness or stress.

No matter what, studies often show how harmful Facebook is to our culture—or how irrelevant it is. - More

Massive data theft hits 40% of South Koreans  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Customer details appear to have been swiped by a worker at the Korea Credit Bureau, a company that offers risk management and fraud detection services.

The worker, who had access to various databases at the firm, is alleged to have secretly copied data onto an external drive over the course of a year and a half.

Clients of three Korean companies -- KB Kookmin Bank, Lotte Card and Nonghyup Bank -- were hardest hit by the data theft. - More

Teens flee Facebook  

THV11 By : Staff Reporting

Facebook started as a social network for college kids, and it really took off from there.

But now, it may have reached a saturation point among that group. A new study shows teens are turning away from Facebook. So who is liking the social network these days?

Facebook might be more for grandpa these days, and junior is turning away. The social network was once a hallmark site for teens and young users, but now, Facebook seems to be falling out of favor with that age group. - More

Google Contact Lens To Monitor Diabetes Holds Promise, Say Doctors  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Google has come up with another eye wearable device, this time a lens made out of soft contact material that might help diabetes patients keep track of their glucose levels.

The company revealed a functional prototype Jan. 16 that doctors are saying has the potential to replace not only the current continuous glucose monitors implanted under the skin, but perhaps one day even the painful finger-pricking blood tests.

The so-called smart lens, a tiny wireless computer chip that contains a glucose sensor and an antenna thinner than a strand of hair, is implanted between soft contact lens material, which is worn on the surface of the eye. - More

Facebook Launches Trending Topics  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Following tests of Twitter-style Trending Topics on the web and mobile in August, Facebook today officially launches a redesigned “Trending” section on its web homepage’s sidebar in the US, UK, Canada, India and Australia.

The richer design shows personalized lists of the most mentioned words and phrases of the moment with short explanations of why each is blowing up. A click-through leads to a Page of mentions by friends, Pages, and public posts by anyone who lets people “Follow” them.

If Facebook users find the Trending section atop the right sidebar of their homepage useful, it could encourage public sharing, drive return visits, and most importantly — make Facebook better known as a news source for current events. - More

Why must Apple fight back against Google?  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Google has stolen all of Apple's thunder and Apple needs to try and reclaim some of it. During the past few years, Google has become the most innovative company in the tech industry.

It has used its cash to buy extremely interesting startups.

The $3.2 billion deal for connected home/Internet of Things (we need a better buzz phrase) hardware company Nest on Monday is just the latest example. - More

DirecTV: Goodbye Weather Channel  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

DirecTV, the biggest satellite television distributor in the United States, appears to have replaced the Weather Channel with WeatherNation, a 24-hour channel that DirecTV has been promoting as an alternative.

"This is unprecedented for the Weather Channel," said David Kenny, CEO of the Weather Channel's parent company.

"In our 32 years, we have never had a significant disruption due to a failure to reach a carriage agreement." - More

What is Google doing opening up its email?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

A new feature from Google will let you e-mail just about anyone with a Google+ account, and, in turn, give them the ability to e-mail you.

The feature, announced on the official Gmail blog, won't give your actual e-mail address to strangers.

But when a Gmail user begins typing in the address box, it will provide suggestions including people in their Google+ network.

The idea, Google says, is to make it easier to contact friends and other contacts when you've forgotten, or never had, their e-mail address. - More

An Android camera that prints  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

It started off as a concept, but by later this year (and I mean later) the Socialmatic camera will exist. Instead of ink-jet prints, the 14-megapixel camera will spit out Polaroid's Zink (zero ink) prints.

With built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, and running on Android, the camera will also be able to share shots straight to social networks. - More

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone revealed his top-secret new startup Jelly, a mobile app that enables users to ask short questions of their social network through pictures.

For instance, Stone snapped a photo of an art piece in San Francisco, asked his network what it was, and got a few dozen answers.

Since this morning’s announcement, there’s been a swirl of confusion and criticism about Jelly, especially because it seemed odd to limit an information utility to short questions within one’s own relatively small social network. - More

Will Android Cars Solidify Android's Dominance?  

PC World By : Staff Reporting

Google has teamed up with several auto manufacturers on Monday with the goal of bringing Android to cars by the end of this year.

To achieve this, Google, together with Audi, General Motors (GM), Honda, Hyundai and processor chip company Nvidia, launched the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA).

The OAA wants to accelerate auto innovation with an approach that offers openness, customization and scale, the companies said in a news release. - More

iPhone Ongoing Marketshare Decline  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Following the release of its latest pair of flagship smartphones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c, Apple is growing its share of smartphone sales, month on month, according to the latest figures out from Kantar Worldpanel.

However despite its flashy new flagships giving it a short-term boost, Apple’s marketshare is continuing to be eroded year-on-year by smartphone rivals using the Android and Windows Phone platforms, the data suggests.

Apple’s new iDevices went on sale towards the end of September, with the two models racking up sales of nine million between them, over the launch weekend. - More

Google Puts Rap Genius Back Atop Searches  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Google apparently cares more about giving the best search results than punishing spammers, as it’s returning lyrics site Rap Genius to its high rankings for searches after it was exiled for SEO spam 10 days ago.

What looked like a death sentence for Rap Genius’ traffic has turned into a slap on the wrist.

Today Rap Genius detailed what it did wrong, and how it ditched the spammy links to get back in Google’s good graces. - More

Reed Hastings Salary To Get 50% Bump To $3M In 2014  

TechCrunch By : Staff Reporting

Remember Qwikster? Wall Street doesn’t.

The AP is reporting this morning that the Netflix CEO will get a healthy pay raise in 2014. According to a regulatory filing, Reed Hastings’ annual salary will jump to $3 million, up from the $2 million he earned this year.

His annual stock option allowance also improves to $3 million from the current level of $1 million. - More

Google buys a robotics firm  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert confirmed the purchase to CNNMoney.

"We are excited and looking forward to taking robotics the next couple of steps, working as part of Google's gangbuster team," he said.

The purchase is part of Google's (GOOG, Fortune 500) broader push into the field of robotics, led by Andy Rubin, the man responsible for developing the Android platform for smartphones. - More

Fast food worker: We don't get enough money  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Instead, the 22 year-old joined about 100 other people outside of a Brooklyn Wendy's restaurant calling for an hourly wage increase to $15 an hour.

She was holding a sign that read "Raise pay, live better."

"I have bills to pay and we don't get enough money," said McClain, who makes the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, and works 20 hours a week.

Missing out on a day's pay would be hard for McClain, who can barely pay for diapers and clothes for her five-month old daughter Kamayah. - More

Online retailers expect to rake in more than $1 billion on Cyber Monday  

Daily Mail By : Staff Reporting

Following on from Grey Thursday and Black Friday comes Cyber Monday - the marketing term given to the Monday after Thanksgiving when retailers offer online deals for customers.

Retailers are hoping customers will be just as enthusiastic about shopping from the comfort of their own homes as they were about finding deals at major retailers over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Starting midnight tonight (or Sunday, in the case of Amazon), retailers will be offering exclusive deals for online shoppers. - More

S&P 500 above 1,800. Dow hits record again.  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The S&P 500 closed above 1,800 for the first time ever. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to a new all-time high above 16,000, a key level crossed for the first time this week.

The Nasdaq rose nearly 0.5%, and is less than 10 points from 4,000, a level not seen since 2000.

The Dow and S&P 500 both ended higher for a seventh week. The Nasdaq posted its third consecutive weekly gain. - More

Xbox midnight launch officially starts new console war  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Arieo Gonzalez had been waiting for an Xbox One since 1 p.m. Thursday. Brian Miller, in his own way, had been waiting since June.

Both walked away from a Best Buy in Timonium, Maryland, early Friday with one of the newly released, next-generation gaming consoles from Microsoft.

The box hit shelves a week after rival Sony's PlayStation 4, marking the official start of the latest battle in gaming's console wars. - More

Boeing looks at taking 777X production elsewhere after Washington machinists reject contract  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Boeing’s history in the Pacific Northwest dates back more than a century, when William Boeing purchased a Seattle shipyard that would become his first airplane factory.

In recent years, however, those ties have been fraying, first with the company shifting its headquarters to Chicago, then with the development of a new production line in South Carolina.

Now, the relationship between Boeing and Washington state is near the point of unraveling after a fiery debate among machinists this week led the workers to reject a long-term contract. - More

Google serves users from 700% more locations than a year ago  

Economic Times By : Staff Reporting

Google search has expanded its network, serving its users from 700 per cent more locations than a year ago, a new study, including an Indian-origin scientist, has found.

Over the past 10 months, Google search has dramatically increased the number of sites around the world from which it serves client queries, repurposing existing infrastructure... - More

JPMorgan to Pay $5.1 Billion to Settle Mortgage Claims  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) agreed to pay $5.1 billion to settle Federal Housing Finance Agency claims related to home loans and mortgage-backed securities the company sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, resolving part of a $13 billion accord the firm is negotiating with the government.

The deal includes $4 billion to end the FHFA’s 2011 lawsuit accusing JPMorgan of selling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (FMCC) faulty mortgage bonds, the agency said yesterday.

The remaining $1.1 billion settles claims that the firm sold the companies defective loans that they packaged into their own securities. - More

Samsung Group patent filing details a device similar to Google Glass  

Inferse By : Staff Reporting

Samsung is planning to introduce a smart pair of glasses, to enter in an argument reality sector with great potential, which is currently being grasped by Google Glass.

The very first rumors about such project circulated earlier this month, but today new leaked details are coming from a recently filed patent, by the South Korean manufacturer. - More

Is Facebook Rapidly Declining Amongst Teens?  

Huffington Post By : Staff Reporting

For the first time since the launch of Piper Jaffray's semi-annual report on the habits of American teens, Facebook lost its spot as the most important social network among teenagers.

Facebook's popularity among teen users has been on a steady slide, with many complaining that its size, privacy risks and tendency to incite drama has made it a "social burden."

Just 23 percent of teens now deem Facebook the most important site, down from 42 percent from a year ago, according to Piper Jaffray's survey. - More

Larry Page Speaks  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Cars that drive themselves. Eyeglasses with tiny built-in computers. High-altitude balloons that carry the internet everywhere.

A cure for aging. These are a few of the blue-sky products is pouring money into developing at the moment.

And to any investors who might consider them a waste of capital, CEO Larry Page offered a strong rebuttal on Wednesday’s third-quarter earnings call. - More

China Q3 growth 7.8%  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Gross domestic product grew by 7.8% over the previous year in the third quarter, according to the survey's median estimate.

That represents faster growth than earlier this year -- 7.5% for the second quarter and 7.7% for the first three months of 2013.

China's National Bureau of Statistics will announce its third quarter GDP figure on Friday. - More

Cadillac's plug-in ELR priced higher than Tesla  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Cadillac has priced its new ELR extended-range electric coupe at more than twice the price of Chevrolet Volt sedan which uses the same basic powertrain.

ELR will start at $75,995, including delivery fees. ELR is General Motor's first vehicle to use the plug-in technology of its breakthrough Volt. - More

Mark Zuckerberg Just Spent More Than $30 Million Buying 4 Neighboring Houses for Privacy  

Yahoo! Finance By : Staff Reporting

Mark Zuckerberg just made an unusual purchase.

Well, four purchases.

Facebook's billionaire founder bought four homes surrounding his current home near Palo Alto, Mercury News reports.

The houses cost him more than $30 million, including one 2,600 square-foot home that cost $14 million. (His own home is twice as large at 5,000 square-feet and cost half as much.) - More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumors  

Latinos Post By : Staff Reporting

It seems techies just can't seem to get enough.

The second a device is out of the gate, the rumor mill about the next-gen version begins churning, and that's exactly what's happening with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung's next flagship smartphone is now rumored to rear its head as early as January. - More

Wall Street sizes up 13-inch iPad as Mac successor  

CNet By : Staff Reporting

Barclays Equity Research has an interesting theory about Apple's new 64-bit A7 chip and how it could change the future of the iPad. The gist: think bigger, both in physical size and what it can do.

In a note to investors Tuesday, the firm laid out why it believes the new 64-bit architecture paves the way for a 13-inch model of the iPad that would be aimed squarely at replacing laptops for both casual and business users.

That includes some of Apple's Mac portables with more productivity features. - More

Debt ceiling: Countdown to default  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Congress is sowing the seeds of a debt ceiling crisis: If lawmakers don't raise the limit on federal borrowing soon, they will put the nation at risk of defaulting on some of its legal obligations. When exactly? Much has been made of Oct. 17 as the drop-dead date. But that's not quite right.  - More

Oil Reforms Could Trigger Economic Boom in Mexico  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Mexico has one of the world’s most notoriously closed-off oil industries.

The Mexican constitution makes it illegal for anyone but the state oil monopoly Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) to even own a barrel of oil.

If you’re a farmer in Mexico and oil is discovered underneath your land, not one drop of the black gold is yours — it belongs to the state, to the people. - More

Apple passes Coke as world's top brand  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Move over, Coke. It looks like Apple is the real thing. The tech giant has ended Coca-Cola's 13-year run as the world's most valuable brand on a highly regarded annual list.

And the rivalry between Apple and Google has apparently been good to both.

Bolstered by the dominance of its Android operating system, Google also leapfrogged Coke, moving into second place on Interbrand's yearly Best Global Brands list. - More

Intel invests in Google Glass rival  

ZDNet By : Staff Reporting

Intel is developing a strong interest in wearable technology, and has invested a "significant" amount of capital into a firm which could shape up as provider of technology to rival Google's Glass headset.

On Thursday, Intel announced the investment, saying the "significant investment" in to wearable technology developer Recon will support product development, marketing and global sales expansion. - More

Global Domination By Google  

Mashable By : Zoe Fox

As Google celebrates its 15th birthday, we think its as good a time as any to look at the scope of the search giant.

More than 1.1 billion people use Google search each month, making 114 billion searches.

Google's Android operating system is found on 79% of smartphones. Google Maps is the most used smartphone app, employed by 54% of smartphone users. - More

The Impact Of A Shutdown  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

If the federal government shuts down next week, the economic impact would be small at first but grow quickly.

A partial shutdown would cut the economy's annual growth rate in the fourth quarter by 0.2 percentage points, to 2.5%, even if it ended in three or four days, Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi told the Senate Budget Committee Tuesday. - More

Happy 15th Birthday Google  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

In a vast, fluorescent-lit facility, rows of workers in white and pink and blue smocks stand at workstations and snap color-splashed backs onto mobile phones.

Then the handset moves down the line to the next station.

Occasionally, a cheer erupts from one of the rows as work teams meet daily quotas.

High-tech assembly lines such as these are typically seen in places like Burma or Beijing. - More

Digging Deeper Into Blowout First Weekend iPhone Sales  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

This morning Apple (AAPL) issued a press release with the title ‘First Weekend iPhone Sales Top Nine Million, Sets New Record.’

On the surface, every word in this title is true but digging deeper shows that the record may not be as good as it seems.

The previous record was 5 million iPhone 5 phones sold over the opening weekend. - More

Fingerprint Features On The New iPhone 5c  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Passwords are played out, according to Apple. The company is touting a fingerprint scanning system, dubbed Touch ID, as one of the most prominent new features of its upcoming iPhone 5S.

Touch ID will boost phone security, Apple says, by allowing people to unlock their phones with a fingerprint instead of a 4-digit PIN.

But it has another purpose too—making it easier for all of us to to buy more stuff, faster, on the iTunes and App stores. - More

Interesting: Why is Google expanding its role in digital education?  

Tech Crunch By : Staff Reporting

It’s turning into a busy week for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers, and the tech companies that love them — particularly Google. On Monday, Udacity co-founder and CEO Sebastian Thrun and California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom announced the Open Education Alliance, a consortium of online organizations dedicated to closing the skills gap, developing standards for career readiness and providing the content that will help get students ready for the workforce. - More

Hearsay Social Raises $30 Million  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Hearsay Social, a startup that provides social media sales and marketing tools, has raised $30 million in Series C financing led by existing investor Sequoia Capital with participation from existing investor New Enterprise Associates.

Founded in 2009, Hearsay provides tools for companies that have multiple local branch offices, such as insurance companies and banks. - More

Microsoft Gets Nokia Units, and Leader  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Microsoft said it has reached an agreement to acquire the handset and services business of Nokia for more than $7.1 billion, in an effort to transform Microsoft’s business for a mobile era that has largely passed it by.

In a news release late Monday night, Microsoft and Nokia said 32,000 Nokia employees will join Microsoft as a result of the all-cash deal. - More

Vodafone/Verizon: Ten Things to Know Amid the Countdown to $130 Billion Deal  

Wall Street Journal By : Staff Reporting

The terms of the second biggest M&A deal in history have been agreed and are now awaiting final board deliberations.

Sterling is feeling the effects too.

It pushed higher Monday amid news that deal will involve bringing some $60 billion of cash back into the U.K.–but analysts say the currency impact may soon fade away. - More

China manufacturing strengthens in August  

The Garden Island By : Staff Reporting

China's manufacturing strengthened in August, an official survey showed Sunday, offering hope that the country's slowdown is stabilizing.

The China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing's manufacturing index rose to 51.0 percent from July's 50.3 percent, the second monthly expansion in a row. The federation said it was the highest reading and the biggest increase this year. - More

Share of digital advertising for Facebook growing fast, thanks to mobile  

Gigaom By : Om Malik

Facebook will nearly triple its share of global mobile advertising in 2013 compared to 2012, according to research firm eMarketer.

They forecast that Facebook will have about 15.8 percent of the total global ad market, ahead of Pandora, Twitter and others.

Google, however, is still the big kahuna with 53.17 percent of the overall market, up from 2012. The overall mobile ad market is forecast at $16.65 billion — up 89 percent from 2012. - More

Market volatility is back and here to stay  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Experts say that these ups and downs could continue. Volatility is back.

The key metric for measuring market volatility, the VIX (VIX), has spiked nearly 40% since early August.

The index jumped 12% Tuesday as the possibility of a U.S.-led military strike on Syria rattled investors. And CNNMoney's Fear & Greed index, which tracks the VIX and six other gauges of market sentiment, has swung into Extreme Fear mode. Just a month ago, it was showing Greed. - More

Detroit pensions: Bribes, a $5,000 poker chip and a big financial hole  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The city says the funds suffer a $3.5 billion shortfall, making benefit cuts inevitable.

The trustees who control the funds say the city is overstating its case and that the funding situation is far less dire.

But one thing is not in question: The two funds, one for police and firefighters and another for general city employees, are haunted by bad investments and City Hall corruption in the past. - More

Dollar slips against yen  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Traders said if consumer durables data, due out later in the day, turned out to be weaker than expected the dollar could drop further.

Forecasts are for demand for durable goods to drop in July from a month earlier.

Amid thin trading conditions due to a market holiday in London, the dollar slipped 0.2 percent versus the yen to 98.50 yen, below Friday's high of 99.15 yen, the U.S. currency's highest level since August 5. - More

Rupee Drops, Foreign Firms Reel  

Wall Street Journal By : Staff Reporting

As India's economy shifted into low gear earlier this year, sales at the country's largest car manufacturer also lost steam, falling nearly 7% in the second quarter from a year earlier.

Now the auto maker, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., faces trouble on a new front: the rapid drop in the Indian currency.

The rupee has slumped nearly 3% against the dollar since last Wednesday and roughly 15% since May. - More

Google Chrome 29 Arrives  

The Next Web By : Staff Reporting

Google today released Chrome version 29 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

The new version features improved Omnibox suggestions, profile resetting, as well as new apps and extensions APIs.

You can update to the latest release now using the browser’s built-in silent updater, or download it directly from - More

PlayStation 4 to be launched in Nov  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

We now have a launch date for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 video game console.

During a press conference at the Gamescom event in Germany, Sony revealed the PS4 will launch in North America on November 15, and Nov. 29 in Europe. The console will sell for $399. - More

JP Morgan Hiring In China Under Scrutiny  

NY Times Blog By : Staff Reporting

Federal authorities have opened a bribery investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase hired the children of powerful Chinese officials to help the bank win lucrative business in the booming nation, according to a confidential United States government document.

In one instance, the bank hired the son of a former Chinese banking regulator who is now the chairman of the China Everbright Group... - More

Is Paid Social Media The New Paid SEO?  

Search Engine Land By : Tom Schmitz

Brands have a new way to pay for external or offsite SEO, a path to influence rankings.

It follows the search engines’ terms of service and can lead to the type of links Google says are among the most valuable.

Google spokespersons even endorse the principle behind this new paid form of SEO… well, sort of. - More

Housing Starts in U.S. Rise on Multifamily Properties  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

New-home construction in the U.S. climbed in July, reflecting a rebound in multifamily projects that overshadowed a slowdown in single-family properties.

Housing starts climbed 5.9 percent to an 896,000 annualized rate from a revised 846,000 pace in June that was higher than previously reported, figures from the Commerce Department showed today in Washington. - More

GOOGLE continues to block the Windows Phone YouTube app  

The Australian By : Staff Reporting

GOOGLE has blocked the Windows Phone YouTube app for the second time in a matter of months, sparking fury from Microsoft.

The app first launched in May, but was soon blocked by YouTube-owner Google, who cited concerns that ads weren't playing and videos were being downloaded.

Microsoft worked on the complaints and launched a revamped version on Tuesday. - More