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Kim Kardashian: I went to O.J.s house just to support him  

CBS Sports By : John Breech

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the O.J. Simpson trial revolves around the murder weapon.

To this day, authorities have been unable to locate the knife that was believed to be used in the killings of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

Over the past 22 years, there have been several conspiracy theories that have emerged surrounding the knife. - Referenced Article

Jeffrey Felix: Khloe Kardashian begged OJ Simpson to take a paternity test over claims he was her real father  


Khloe Kardashian begged OJ Simpson to take a paternity test because she feared he might be her real father, one of his prison guards has revealed. Jeffrey Felix told a documentary about Robert Kardashian that he had overheard a conversation between Khloe and Simpson at Lovelock prison in Nevada, where Simpson is serving a 33-year term for robbery. - Referenced Article

Kanye West adds new song to The Life of Pablo  

EW By : Staff Reporting

The Life of Pablo has returned to Tidal — with a new song, titled “Saint Pablo.” You can listen to it here. - Referenced Article

The Good Wife calls it quits  

USA Today By : Lorena Blas

What a way to make an announcement about the end. CBS drama series The Good Wife made it official in a commercial during Sunday night's Super Bowl. This is the drama series' final season. - Referenced Article

Beyonce drops new single: Formation  

CNN By : Emanuella Grinberg

When it rains Beyonce it pours Beyonce. One day before taking the stage with Coldplay at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, the singer dropped her first new single since 2014. - Referenced Article

Birth of a Nation Plays Big Race Card  

popZette By : Vinnie Penn

“I’m swinging a hammer. I wanna break everything. Subvert, subvert, subvert.” So proclaimed Nate Parker, whose film, “The Birth of a Nation,” won top honors at the Sundance Film Festival.

You’d think he’d prefer to be swinging a bottle of champagne. - Referenced Article

Concussions and NFL: How the name CTE came about  

CNN By : Bennet Omalu

When I read Mike Webster's file before I began his autopsy, I knew he was more than a 50-year-old heart attack victim.

His file and the television reports of the death of the former Pittsburgh Steelers center described a long, steep fall into bizarre behavior.

I suspected he suffered from some sort of brain disorder. The potential diagnoses on my mind were post-traumatic encephalopathy (encephalopathy... - Referenced Article

Idris Elba on return to Luther, filming Beast of No Nation  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Golden Globe winner Idris Elba is becoming one of the go-to actors in Hollywood. He’s played everyone from Nelson Mandela in “Long Walk of Freedom,” drug kingpin Stringer Bell on “The Wire,” and even the villain in the upcoming “Star Trek Beyond.” Elba joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss his latest role as the self-destructive, genius detective John Luther in the critically acclaimed crime drama, "Luther." - Referenced Article

Kim Kardashian Wants Baby Boy West to Arrive Already: Ready Whenever You Are  

People By : Staff Reporting

Patience is a virtue Kim Kardashian may or may not have. The expectant mom shared a selfie on Instagram on Friday, baring her baby belly as she reminded baby boy West that’s she’s ready for his arrival—but of course, on his own time. - Referenced Article

PIERS MORGAN: Lamar Odoms tragedy is that he just couldnt keep up with the Kardashians  

Daily Mail By : PIERS MORGAN

There can’t be many more pitiful, humiliating ways to potentially end your life than face down in an infamous Nevada brothel, vomiting uncontrollably from the overdose of herbal Viagra you took to keep up with myriad prostitutes during a 4-day binge.

As I write, Lamar Odom is clinging on. He’s in a coma, distraught family and friends at his bedside. - Referenced Article

Apple Supports An Apology To Women From Dr. Dre  

Slate By : Ben Mathis-Lilley

Dr. Dre has issued a statement apologizing to "the women I've hurt," the New York Times reported Friday.

The release of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton has triggered significant coverage—including a harrowing Gawker first-person piece this week by music-industry figure Dee Barnes... - Referenced Article

Josh Duggar linked to cheaters website  

Houston Chronicle By : Dana Thompson

It looks like a celebrity has popped up in the Ashley Madison data dump.

According to reports on Wednesday, hacked data may have exposed troubled "19 Kids and Counting" star Josh Duggar as one of the people with a paid membership to the dating website for those who want to cheat on their spouses. - Referenced Article

Kevin Bacon on Acting, Tremors, & Playing a Crooked Lawman  

Vice By : Staff Reporting

Being Unoriginal, Taking Jokes From Twitter Might Cost You  

Time By : Eriq Gardner

A San Diego man has filed a lawsuit against Conan O’Brien, TBS and others on the comedian’s team for allegedly violating copyright on four jokes.

According to a complaint filed on July 22 in California federal court by Robert Kaseberg, the jokes were posted on a personal blog and on Twitter before making it into O’Brien’s late night show monologue. - Referenced Article

Katy Perry Just Joined the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj Twitter Drama  

Time By : Nolan Feeney

If Taylor Swift and Katy Perry didn’t have “Bad Blood” before, they certainly do now.

Fans of Swift have long-speculated that her most recent No. 1 single—which was just nominated for several MTV Video Music Awards—is about her falling out with Katy Perry, who pretty much confirmed that interpretation when she weighed in on Swift’s recent, widely criticized Twitter exchange with Nicki Minaj. - Referenced Article

Chris Brown is stuck in the Philippines  

Business Insider By : TRAVIS LYLES

Award-winning American popstar Chris Brown, 26, has been barred from leaving the Phillipines because of a contract dispute gone wrong, the official Philippines News Agency reported Wednesday.

Brown was prevented from leaving the country just hours before he was supposed to arrive in Hong Kong to perform at another concert. - Referenced Article

Nicki Minaj on MTV Video Music Awards: Black Women Are Getting Snubbed  

Time By : Jack Linshi

Minaj argued how Taylor Swift is privileged as an artist Nicki Minaj tweeted her frustrations on Tuesday over what the annual crop of MTV Video Music Award nominees says about mainstream music: black women are rarely rewarded for their influence on pop culture.

The rapper, who scored three nominations herself, accused MTV of snubbing her hit song “Anaconda” - Referenced Article

Siri Will Correct You if You Call Caitlyn Jenner Bruce  

Time By : Alissa Greenberg

With Caitlyn Jenner firmly in the spotlight after accepting the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the ESPYs on July 15, it is only appropriate for Siri to take notice as well.

The iPhone’s AI, who was last in the news for her hilariously cruel response to the question “What’s zero divided by zero?” now also corrects users who call Jenner “Bruce.” - Referenced Article

Hannibal Buress jokes about Bill Cosby assassins coming for him in Why? premiere  

Entertainment Weekly By : Mark Davis

Hannibal Buress didn’t wait too long into the premiere of his new Comedy Central show Why?

With Hannibal Buress to make a Bill Cosby joke. During the host’s stand-up monologue at the show’s onset, Buress made a few topical jokes about Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, and Greece. But then he surprisingly segued into a set-up about his mistrust of male housekeeping in hotels.

Watch the clip below to find out why. - Referenced Article

Surprise! Lil Wayne Drops Entire New Free Album On Tidal  

Forbes By : Hugh McIntyre

Another month, another surprise release by one of the biggest names in the music world. Today, Lil Wayne has dropped his latest album, Free Weezy Album (or FWA as it appears to have been shortened to), exclusively on Tidal.

FWA is technically a mixtape, as it isn’t going to be for sale, but rather just a free gift to fans.

The rapper is in the middle of a very nasty battle with his record label, Cash Money Records, which he has been with since the beginning of his career. He claims that the company is withholding not only two full albums, but also tens of millions of dollars in money he is owed. - Referenced Article

Remembering Michael Jackson on the anniversary of his death  

CNN By : Lisa Respers

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009, but for many of his fans, it feels like yesterday. From the radio to the Internet, the King of Pop is being remembered today for his legacy of music and superstardom.

A cappella group Pentatonix performed a mashup of 25 MJ songs in an "Evolution of Michael Jackson" video that has gotten more than 3 million views. - Referenced Article

Ben Affleck slavery row leads to TV show suspension  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Finding Your Roots, similar to the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?, researches celebrity family histories.

A review into an episode, which aired in October, concluded Affleck lobbied producers about ditching details about his slave-owning ancestors. PBS said it plans to hire a fact-checker and an independent genealogist. - Referenced Article

Apple to Pay Artists After Taylor Swift Shames Company in Letter  


t took an Apple executive less than a day to bow to pop music juggernaut Taylor Swift.

Swift penned an open letter to Apple on Sunday shaming the company over its plan to not pay music artists during a trial period for its new streaming music service that launches June 30. - Referenced Article

Why is everyone so surprised that Lady Gaga can sing?  

Washington Post By : Bethonie Butler

Lady Gaga received a standing ovation at the Oscars for her rousing “Sound of Music” tribute.

Even Julie Andrews approved. On the Internet, the praise was swift, effusive and tinged with the slight skepticism of a backhanded compliment: It was good, but unexpected.

But here’s a question — why are we so surprised that Lady Gaga, professional singer, can actually sing? Referenced Article

What John Legend said about slavery at the Oscars  

PolitiFact.com By : Aaron Sharockman

While accepting an Oscar for a song from the movie "Selma" Sunday night, singer John Legend claimed that "there are more black men under correctional control today than were under slavery in 1850."

PolitiFact Rhode Island fact-checked a nearly identical claim in December.

It rates True. - Referenced Article

Kanye West says Beck's Grammy win is disrespectful to inspiration  

The Guardian By : Staff Reporting

“Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé,” West said in an interview with E! after the ceremony. “At this point we tired of it because what happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats in music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration.

“We aren’t playing with them anymore. And by the way, I got my wife, my daughter, and I got my clothing line, so I’m not going to do nothing that would put my daughter at risk, but I am here to fight for creativity. That’s the reason why I didn’t say anything tonight, but you all knew what it meant when ’Ye stepped on that stage.” Referenced Article

Not Exactly Brilliant, but at Least the Colors Are  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Given the agonizing over air pressure that has racked the N.F.L. in recent weeks, it was appropriate that the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl XLIX was Katy Perry, a queen of our deflated pop times.

Ms. Perry is a Technicolor cipher, a singer who takes on the shapes and tones she is given with aplomb and cheer but maybe not wit. - Referenced Article

No Actors or Actresses of Color Among Oscar Nominees  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

This year's lineup of Academy Award nominees for acting is the least racially diverse in 17 years.

All the performers nominated across the four acting categories are white — the first time that's happened since 1998, the year "Titanic" scored the top prize. David Oyelowo, the British-born Nigerian actor who played the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in "Selma," was widely expected to be nominated for Best Actor — but he was shut out.

Bradley Cooper ("American Sniper") and Steve Carrel ("Foxcatcher") nabbed nominations in that column, defying predictions from Oscar pundits. - Referenced Article

Ben Affleck's Favorite Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech  

E Online By : Staff Reporting

Ben Affleck knows he's been called a lot of names during his Hollywood career. But one title that brings the actor a wide variety of emotions is being referred to as a humanitarian.

"To be honest, it's something I have a hard time accepting," he shared at the 2015 People's Choice Awards after accepting the Favorite Humanitarian Award. - Referenced Article

Halle Berry Husband Olivier Martinez Accused of Battery at LAX  

E Online By : Staff Reporting

Traveling with kids is tough, but it's even more difficult when you and your little ones are being swarmed by the paparazzi—just ask Olivier Martinez!

The French actor, wife Hally Berry, son Maceo and step-daughter Nahla were making their way out of LAX Sunday afternoon when a crowd of photographers and a contract airport employee reportedly got too close to the famous family. - Referenced Article

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock Split After 19 Years  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Chris Rock and his wife are divorcing after nearly 20 years together.

“After much contemplation and 19 years of marriage, Chris and I have decided to go our separate ways,” Malaak Compton-Rock, a philanthropist and founder of the nonprofit styleWorks, said in a statement Sunday. - Referenced Article

North Korea Behind Sony Hack: U.S. Officials  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

U.S. officials have concluded that the North Korean government ordered the hacking attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment — a breach that led to the studio cancelling the planned release of "The Interview" — and a U.S. official told NBC News that the country "can't let this go unanswered."

The officials told NBC News the hacking attack originated outside North Korea, but they believe the individuals behind it were acting on orders from the North Koreans. Referenced Article

D'Angelo, The Vanguard - Prayer  

DAngeloVEVO By : Staff Reporting

Kevin Hart responds to Sony email hack, exec calling him a whore: I refuse to be broken  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Kevin Hart is speaking out in response to leaked Sony emails in which one exec called him a “whore.” “Knowing your self worth is extremely important, people,” the movie star wrote Thursday on Instagram.

“I worked very hard to get where I am today. I look at myself as a brand and because of that I will never allow myself to be taking advantage of. - Referenced Article

Exodus: Gods and Kings | Official Trailer  

20th Century Fox By : Staff Reporting

Sony hack reveals aliases used by actors  

The Telegraph By : Staff Reporting

Hackers calling themselves Guardians of the Peace (GOP) have leaked a large number of confidential files from entertainment giant Sony, in a cyber attack that began on November 24.

While the identity of the hackers remains unclear, the information in question has been circulated far and wide: the latest leak contained the secret names used by stars hoping to remain incognito. - Referenced Article

Bill Cosby accused of sexual assault at Playboy Mansion  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

A Riverside County woman filed a lawsuit Tuesday against beleaguered comedian Bill Cosby, alleging he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974, when she was 15 years old. In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Judy Huth said she and a 16-year-old friend met the comedian that year at a San Marino park.

The alleged assault occurred later, after Huth said Cosby gave her alcohol to drink and led her to the mansion. - Referenced Article

Chris Rock: A weird year for comedy  

Hollywood Life By : Staff Reporting

Chris Rock is the first to admit that it’s been “a weird year for comedy.” Between the deaths of comedy legends Joan Rivers and Robin Williams, and now with the rape allegations surrounding his idol Bill Cosby, Chris admits in an interview with New York Magazine on Dec. 1 that he feels like a big part of Bill has been lost too.

Chris, 49, is pretty speechless about Bill’s rape allegations scandal, even though the 77-year-old comedian has denied any truth to them. Referenced Article

Phylicia Rashad's take on Firestorm of Accusations surrounding Bill Cosby's  

2 Paragraphs By : Staff Reporting

As the heat turns up on comedian Bill Cosby–with more accusations of predatory behavior surfacing–it’s fascinating to watch the woman most inextricably linked with Cosby in the public mind speak about him. - Referenced Article

John Legend Doesnt Want Piers Morgan's Opinion On The N-Word  

Vibe By : Staff Reporting

Former CNN host Piers Morgan offered his opinion on the use of the N-word, and John Legend was not here for it.

In a column for Daily Mail titled, “If black Americans want the N-word to die, they will have to kill it themselves,” Morgan called for the expunging of the term by Black people as the solution to other race’s use of the word. - Referenced Article

Kim Kardashian bares it all for Paper Magazine  

Fox411 By : Staff Reporting

Photographer Jean-Paul Goude captured Kim Kardashian with a bare bottom and also balancing a champagne glass on her sizeable butt.

The photos, taken for Paper magazine, had some users on Twitter insisting the famous Kardashian derriere had been edited for the pics. Referenced Article

Here's Why Taylor Swift Pulled Her Music From Spotify  

Time By : Jack Linshi

Taylor Swift pulled all her music from Spotify on Monday, save for one song, in a move that’s got many of her fans—and especially the music streaming service—calling desperately for her return.

The Shake It Off singer hasn’t been too keen on sharing her music with Spotify.- Full article

Instant Index: Host of NPR's Car Talk Tom Magliozzi Dies at 77  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Beyonce to Release New Songs in Box Set This Month  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Almost a year ago, the world woke up to a beautiful surprise: Beyoncé secretly released a self-titled album — plus music videos — overnight.

Well, on Tuesday, Queen Bey announced in a statement that her Platinum Edition Box Set will hit on Nov. 24... - Referenced Article

T-Pain ditches autotune, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  

NPR By : Staff Reporting

Top 10 Destiny's Child Songs  

Mojo By : Staff Reporting

Before Queen B struck out by on her own, there was a group of three – or four, depending on the year – women that wanted you to say their name.

Between Two Ferns Welcomes Brad Pitt  

Mashable By : EItan Levine

“My guest today, Bradley Pitts.”

Between Two Ferns invited all-too-cool actor Brad Pitt to the show this week to discuss his career, family and latest movie. Well, sort of.

Zach Galifianakis' signature belligerent BTF character roasts/interviews the Hollywood A-lister. - Full Article

Kelly Clarkson Slays Sam Smith's Stay With Me  

Mashable By : Staff Reporting

Director George Lucas on threat to the movie industry  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

During a Chicago Ideas Week panel, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas told Charlie Rose that the lack of creativity from the big movie studios is a major threat to Hollywood.

The director is opening the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago that will house movie memorabilia along with works of art.

Celebrity victims of naked photo hack join together to sue Google $100M  


It's the most widespread celebrity photo hacking scandal to date - and now its time to pay.

A large group of the women whose personal email accounts have been compromised - with the stolen intimate shots of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian subsequently disseminated online - are now threatening to sue Google for $100 million, according to a new report. - Full Article

Tracy Morgans injuries in deadly crash were his fault, Wal-Mart says in response to lawsuit  


Wal-Mart defended itself Monday against a lawsuit by former ‘SNL’ funnyman Tracy Morgan by filing papers that threw blame for his injuries back on him.

The comic created his own suffering by failing to wear a seat belt June 7, when the deadly crash occurred, Wal-Mart claimed. Morgan, 45, had sued the retail giant in July in U.S. District Court in New Jersey. - Full Article

They did it! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married!  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

They were married Saturday in France, a spokesman for the Pitt, 50, and Jolie, 39, tells AP. It happened in a private ceremony attended by family and friends.

A California judge presided. The couple's children took part in the wedding. - Full Article

Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men  

Richard Cazeau By : Staff Reporting

I'm sure many men have dreamed of an island completely populated by exotic women.

Of course, fantasy is fantasy, but what if it were reality? In a certain regard, it is — in Noiva do Cordeiro, Brazil. It's a scenic rural town in the hills outside of Belo Horizante with one big quirk, or perk, depending on whom you talk to. - Full Article

Beyonce closes VMAs with 20-minute showstopper  

Fox 411 By : Staff Reporting

Bow down: Beyonce was the reigning queen of Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. The diva closed the awards show with an epic nearly 20-minute performance.

Tears streamed down her face as she was joined onstage by her beaming husband and daughter, amid the numerous rumors surrounding her marriage. - Full Article

Suge Knight Shot Twice At West Hollywood Nightclub  

MTV By : Rebecca Thomas

Suge Knight, the onetime Death Row Records CEO, was reportedly shot twice early Sunday morning (August 24) at a West Hollywood nightspot.

The imposing former label boss apparently walked out of an unofficial, pre-VMA 1 OAK party hosted by Chris Brown on his own but was led to an ambulance by police, according to TMZ. - Full Article

Why Did NBC Fire Meet The Press Host David Gregory?  


You’ll be excused if you haven’t been following the rumor mill over in the NBC news department.

The job of David Gregory — who hosts Meet the Press, the longest running television show in history (it dates back to 1947) — has been in danger for months.

The question of David Gregory being fired wasn’t a matter of if, but when, and it’s been kind of a slow, excruciating trainwreck for the last few weeks as that has become apparent to the entire world. - Full Article

Beyonce posts Instagram Photo of Jay Z and Blue Ivy  

China Topix By : Staff Reporting

Beyonce and Jay Z has been making the headlines about a possible divorce but Beyonce keeps on posting photos to slam the rumors.

So what is Bey's latest post? It's a photo of her hubby and their daughter, Blue Ivy, frolicking under the sun. - Full Article

The U.S. Government Is Investigating Why Your Netflix Is So Slow  

Huffington Post By : Gerry Smith

If your "Orange is the New Black" binge marathon has been interrupted by buffering and you wondered who to blame, the Federal Communications Commission is now trying to answer your question.

In a statement Friday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he has asked his staff to obtain information about the secret deals that Web companies like Netflix make with Internet service providers... - Full Article

Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests Wedding: The Weekends Itinerary  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

It's here! The big wedding weekend to end all wedding weekends. Kim Kardashian will be married to Kanye West by Saturday night.

The couple, which are already parents to baby North West, became engaged last October and since then, everyone has been trying to piece together what the rapper would do for his muse. - Full Article

Whoopi Goldberg: If you hit anybody, they have the right to hit you back  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Whoopi Goldberg is defending her view on Jay Z and Solange Knowles's infamous elevator fight.

"The View" co-host came under fire Tuesday after telling the show's audience that the rapper, who did keep his hands to himself, could have hit his sister-in-law back since she took the first swing. - Full Article

Catching Fire wins best film at MTV Movie Awards  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Fast and loose and all over the place. That was the vibe of Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, a blockbuster-friendly awards show with winners selected by fan votes.

Dystopian fiction ruled the night, with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire taking home the ceremony's biggest award: movie of the year. - Full Article

Stephen Colbert: I won't be doing the new show in character, Bio-Wiki-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Stephen Colbert will succeed David Letterman as host of "The Late Show," CBS announced Thursday, one week after Letterman told his audience that he would retire sometime in 2015.

CBS said Colbert had signed a five-year contract to helm the iconic late-night broadcast. - Full Article

Stephen Colbert Biography Wiki

George Bushs Paintings Of World Leaders May Be Based On Google Images  

Business Insider By : Staff Reporting

Not only has George Bush stunned the art world with his ability with a paint brush, it now appears the former US president is also a dab hand using internet search engines.

Art critics have pointed out that Bush’s 30 oil paintings of world leaders appear to be have been based upon casual searches of Google Images. - Full Article

David Cassidy: I am an alcoholic  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Pop icon David Cassidy, in rehab after his latest DUI arrest, says if he ever takes another drink, it could be fatal.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Cassidy admitted that his latest drunken driving arrest was a wake-up call. "If I take another drink, I'm going to die, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. - Full Article

Judge Joe Brown jailed by real judge  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

TV's Judge Joe Brown was jailed on a contempt of court charge issued by a Tennessee juvenile judge Monday, according to a court spokesman.

Brown, 66, was sentenced to five days in jail after he became "pretty raucous" and "challenged the authority" of Magistrate Harold Horne, another judge told CNN. - Full Article

CBSs The Good Wife Takes On Cable Rivals At Their Own Game  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

Sunday evening isn’t safe anymore. (Major spoiler alert for all of The Good Wife, minor spoiler alerts for The Walking Dead, and True Detective confined to the next paragraph and Downton Abbey spoilers in the second half of the story .)

Last night, as it so often does, the busiest TV night of the week yielded a shocking plot twist–and the death of a major character. - Full Article

Steven and Michelle Seals of Maud, Texas welcome quintuplets  

Today By : Staff Reporting

A little after 3 p.m. on March 18, baby Mia met her parents, Steven and Michelle Seals of Maud, Texas. Shortly thereafter Tessa joined her sister.

Then brother Brant came into the world, followed by Gracie then Rayleigh. The Seals quintuplets — four girls and one boy — join older brother, Brady, who turned 2 on March 15.

They are the first set of quints born at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas during its 110-year history. - Full Article

Inside Scoop: Kanye West and his ordeal with justice  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Kanye West is paying a price for not ignoring a swarm of paparazzi surrounding him at an airport this past summer.

West's lawyer entered a no contest plea Monday on behalf of the rapper to a misdemeanor count of battery against a photographer. - Full Article

LWren Scott, Girlfriend of Mick Jagger, Found Dead in Apparent Suicide  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Mick Jagger's girlfriend, the fashion designer L'Wren Scott, has been found dead in Manhattan of an apparent suicide, according to law enforcement sources. Scott, a 49-year-old former model, was found inside an apartment in Chelsea Monday. - Full Article

Opinion: Drake Rihanna Nuptials in the future  

Time Times of India By : Staff Reporting

Drake has apparently told Rihanna's family that he wants to marry her. The singer recently convinced the 'Umbrella' hitmaker's that no other woman could keep him interested for life, Stuff.co.nz reported. - Full Article

The new versions of Led Zeppelin  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

It's the first installment in what the band describes as an "extensive reissue program" of its nine studio albums that have been remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page.

Moreover, each record will come out as a single-disc remastered album or as a "Deluxe Edition" with a bonus disc of previously unreleased studio and live tracks that the group recorded around the time of the album. - Full Article

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez perform sexy choreographed dance  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

It may take a bit of quick stepping to keep up with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s romance, but the on-and-off couple are apparently dancing around confirming they’re back on.

Bieber, 19, posted two video clips of a sexy choreographed dance session he did with Gomez to his Instagram page on Monday night, but quickly took them down. - Full Article

New Annie Movie With Jamie Foxx Sparks An Outcry  

Sony Pictures By : Staff Reporting

Yes a "black" Oscar nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis has the starring role in the remake of Annie which also stars Oscar winner Jamie Fox, now for the outrage that Annie is White you know like Santa Claus and Jesus.

So a beautiful child just has too much color to play this fictional character...WTFuck America? - Full Article

Will Prince Harry Marry Cressida Bonas?  

People By : Staff Reporting

Third time's the charm?

After appearing together for the second time in three days this weekend, Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas are fueling speculation – and the placing of bets – that they will decide to wed, bookmakers say.

On Friday, Cressida joined Harry at his first official function – and they looked cozy together. Sunday, she was pictured gazing up at him as they enjoyed a rugby game between England and Wales. - Full Article

A docu-series chronicling Lindsay Lohan?  

Today By : Staff Reporting

"Lindsay" was touted as a docu-series chronicling Lindsay Lohan's "attempts to build a new life" in New York City following her sixth stint in rehab.

But the premiere, which aired Sunday on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, could just have easily been an episode of A&E's "Hoarders" or "Intervention," or even Britney Spears' "Chaotic" (the word pops up a lot in "Lindsay"). - Full Article

The family home of Spike Lee vandalized  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

A graffiti vandal hit the home owned by Spike Lee's father and a neighboring home in Brooklyn Friday -- days after the filmmaker's curse-filled rant against the gentrification enveloping his old neighborhood.

The glass was shattered on the front door of the neighbor's home on Washington Park in the Fort Greene section, and "Do the Right Thing," the title of Lee's controversial 1989 film about racial tension in Brooklyn, was spray-painted on the wall along with the Circle-A, the symbol for anarchy. - Full Article

Seth Meyers Late Night debuts with Joe Biden  

Today By : Staff Reporting

The two have been pals since 2001, when they both joined "SNL," eventually becoming co-anchors on the Weekend Update segment.

"You are going to do such a wonderful job," the "Parks and Rec" star reassured Meyers, who was admittedly nervous about his first talk-show gig.

Then she quipped: "I have watched you for 13 years pretend to listen to people." Meyers also got a cold-open assist from his predecessor and lead-in, Jimmy Fallon — now ruling the roost at "The Tonight Show." - Full Article

House of Cards Binge in full effect  

CNBC By : Staff Reporting

Netflix saw a bumper number of U.S. subscribers tune in to Web-only TV program "House of Cards" as the second series of the drama was made available on Friday, according to broadband technology firm Procera.

Some 16 percent of Netflix users on one particular Internet service supplied by an unspecified U.S. cable operator watched at least one episode of the show, said Procera.

Procera, which cannot share information on individual clients, said last year the... Full Article

Mother helps son with Facebook page  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

An avalanche of well-wishers are joining a Michigan mom in proving to her young son via social media that he has friends, that he is loved and that he should believe in himself.

A boy referred to only as Colin, 10, of Richland, Mich., suffers from Asperger's syndrome and other health problems and told his mother there would be no point in organizing a birthday party for him because all the kids at school make fun of him... Full Article

Red Hot Chili Peppers faked Super Bowl show  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Adopted daughter accuses Woody Allen Wiki-Bio-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The adopted daughter of Woody Allen, in an open letter posted Saturday on a New York Times blog, recounted her allegation that she was sexually assaulted by the film director.

Billed as the first time Dylan Farrow has publicly written about her allegation that she was assaulted in 1992 at age 7, the letter was released the same day as the Writers Guild Awards -- where Allen has been nominated for best screenplay for "Blue Jasmine."

"What's your favorite Woody Allen movie?... Full Article

Woody Allen Biography

WH Petition: Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.  

WhiteHouse.gov By : Staff Reporting

We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture.

We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked.

He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society... Full Article

Quentin Tarantino has good chance with suit against Gawker Media Wiki-Bio-Video  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Quentin Tarantino was, to put it mildly, not impressed when an early script for his forthcoming Western, “Hateful Eight,” hit the Web last week. It was hard to find, and search engines didn’t pick it up, but it was there nonetheless.

Tarantino, clearly miffed, declared he was pulling the plug on the film due to the leaked screenplay.

One day later, Gawker Media posted an article about the leak, and encouraged readers to send the website a copy of the script. - Full Article

Quentin Tarantino Biography

Jay Leno blindsided by Conan replacement - Bio  

Entertainment Weekly By : Staff Reporting

How did Jay Leno really feel in 2009, when NBC revealed its master plan to hand The Tonight Show over to Conan O’Brien?

The comedian doesn’t mince words in an upcoming interview with 60 Minutes, telling Steve Kroft that the decision took him completely by surprise.

“I was blindsided,” he says, according to CBS News. And though Leno adds that he never asked his corporate overlords to explain their reasoning, hearing he was being replaced felt like being rejected by his girlfriend: “You know, you have a girl [who] says, ‘I don’t want to see you anymore.’... Full Article

Jay Leno Biography

The Huxtables are coming back to TV  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Bill Cosby is returning to NBC with a new sitcom, a network representative told CNN on Wednesday night.

The comedian will play the patriarch of a multigenerational family.

The show brings the 76-year-old comedian back to the same network where his groundbreaking 1980s sitcom "The Cosby Show" had an eight-year run. - More

Gilligan's Island professor, actor Russell Johnson, dead at 89  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Actor Russell Johnson, best known as the Professor in the 1960s TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island," died Thursday, his agent said. Johnson was 89.

Johnson played the iconic role of Professor Roy Hinkley, whose scientific schemes to get the castaways rescued were always foiled by Gilligan's bumbling.

He died at his home in Washington, where he lived with his wife, Connie. She and their daughter, Kimberly, were at his side, said agent Mike Eisenstadt. Johnson is also survived by a stepson, Court, and a grandson, he said. - More

Barkhad Abdi is still in a state of shock  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Think 12 Years a Slave newcomer Lupita Nyong'o is overwhelmed? Try Barkhad Abdi, a former Minnesota-based Somali limousine driver who answered a Captain Phillips casting call and wound up with an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor on Thursday. The nomination has "been crazy, in a good way.

It was just so exciting," says Abdi. "I'm really humbled and honored and really happy about the nomination. I still cannot comprehend it fully." - More

Kanye Barclays Center Act Disgusting  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Kanye West strode onto the stage of the Barclays Center Tuesday like a gladiator, his face shrouded by a mask laden with jewels and gold.

At the first of four New York-area shows, the star moved with menace.

He yielded his soldierly stance only in one dramatic moment, stopping to spread his arms in wide surrender while gazing toward a blinding white light emanating from the arena ceiling. - More

Sylvester Stallone artwork on show in Russia  

BBC News By : Staff Reporting

The exhibition, titled: Sylvester Stallone. Art. 1975-2013, is a selection of works produced by the 67-year-old over the past four decades.

At the show's opening the star said, if he had the choice, he would spend his life drawing instead of acting.

"I think I'm a much better painter than an actor," he said. - More

Producer Quincy Jones Sues Michael Jackson's Estate for $10 Million  

BWW Music World By : Staff Reporting

The Associated Press reports that Quincy Jones is suing Michael Jackson's estate and Sony Music Entertainment for at least $10 million.

Jackson's estate responded in a statement: "To the best of its knowledge, Mr. Jones has been appropriately compensated over approximately 35 years for his work with Michael." - More

Truth is the Truth: Steve McQueen on making 12 Years A Slave  

Co.Create By : Staff Reporting

Lean close and gaze at what art historians refer to as the “Mona Lisa of photography"--the eight small copper daguerreotype panels of the “1848 Cincinnati Panorama” by Charles Fontayne and Williams S. Porter, one of the oldest photographs of an urban city.

Look closer, thanks to cutting edge digital technology and the incredible resolution of the daguerreotype method and see what experts describe as the first candid images of free African Americans. - More

Alfre Woodard in 12 Years A Slave  

NPR By : Staff Reporting


Alfre Woodard has been a familiar face on television over the course of her three-decade career. She was up for an Emmy Award on Sunday for her role in the Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias. She didn't win that one, but she still has on her mantle previous Emmys for programs like The Practice and L.A. Law. Woodard is also a powerful presence on the big screen, as evidenced by her Oscar nomination for the 1983 film Cross Creek and roles in acclaimed features like Primal Fear and Love & Basketball. - More

YouTube Interview:


Interview: Alfre Woodard Talks to S&A About '12 Years a Slave >> 

Kim Kardashian Wears Nori  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Kanye West To Photographer: Shut the fuc* up!  

TMZ By : Staff Reporting

Movie stars leaping to TV  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

5 Things About Kendrick Lamar that you haven't heard of  

Durham Landlord Association By : Staff Reporting

1. He'll be touring with Kanye West in Boston on Sunday, Nov. 17th (Tour dates...ticketmaster)

Kendrick Lamar 5 things you haven't heard of

2. At 26 yrs, he's straight outta Compton, CA (Born 1987)

3. His idols are the legendary Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre

4. LOL...he released "Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)" in June 2011

5. Nice little website at: www.KendrickLamar.com This is all from Durham Landlord Association (DLA)

Katy Perry Is Pop Music's Biggest Star  

The Daily Beast By : Staff Reporting

Beyoncé is an artist capable of whipping the world into an obsessive frenzy with just the slightest twitch of her hand—literally, she turned that very gesture into a global pop phenomenon—in turn bringing music listeners to their knees, bowing to her Tina-Turner-by-way-of-the-Tasmanian-Devil on-stage ferocity and star power.

Lady Gaga is the kind of singing supernova who is shrewdly cognizant of the fact that pop music is, by nature, weird, and its stars themselves should be talked about as much as their songs. - More

Kanye West, North West to appear on with Kris Jenner  

NJ.com By : Staff Reporting

Kanye West almost pursued an athletic career to win over Kim Kardashian.

At least that’s what he joked about during an appearance on the “Kris Jenner Show,” Us Weekly reports.

On the episode that was taped Monday, the rap mogul told Kris Jenner he’s been “so in love” with her daughter that he thought about “playing sports” to win over the reality-TV starlet, since she dated a slew of athletes before getting together with him in April 2012. - More

Chris Brown had a Seizure Wiki-Bio-Video  

RollingStone By : Staff Reporting

Chris Brown suffered a seizure at a recording studio in Los Angeles early Friday morning.

According to TMZ, the L.A. City Fire Department responded to a 911 call at the Record Plant shortly after 1 a.m. on August 9th, but Brown declined hospitalization and treatment from the paramedics.

A representative for Brown confirmed to Us Weekly that the 24-year-old singer... - More

Chris Brown Biography Wiki

Sharknado Goes Viral On Twitter  

Examiner By : Staff Reporting

Sharknado has taken a bite out of fans and Twitter users alike this week, as CNN reported this Friday, July 12, that social media sites are currently in the grips of the immensely popular “Sharknado” sci-fi disaster film that aired Thursday night.

The “Sharknado” show was the most recent show on the Syfy channel, and from its interesting title to its premise — of a giant storm that sends vicious sharks on ready-and-willing shark attacks toward helpless victims in California — it’s a flick that’s not hard to miss. - More

Does Jay-Z Advise The President Of The United States?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

It's no secret that Jay-Z is close with President Barack Obama.

The hip hop artist held big fundraisers for the president, and his megastar wife, Beyoncé, performed at Obama's second inauguration.

But Jay-Z said this week their friendship also plays out on the small screen–a very small screen. In an interview with New York radio station Hot97, the rapper confirmed that he and Obama exchange text messages. - More

World War Z rumors and Brad Pitt  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Brad Pitt's new zombie film premieres this weekend, after suffering major setbacks in production. USA Entertainment Now host Carly Mallenbaum talks about what really happened behind the scenes of 'World War Z.'


Queen of Southern cooking dropped from Food Network  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed queen of Southern cooking and a sugary mainstay of the Food Network, was dropped by the network on Friday, after a bewildering day in which she failed to show up for an interview on the “Today” show and then in two online videos begged her family and audience to forgive her for using racist language. - More

Kanye Kardashian deny affair allegations  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Has Kanye West been unfaithful to girlfriend Kim Kardashian?

In a shocking report by Star magazine, model Leyla Ghobadi claims she slept with West while he was dating Kardashian — even after she became pregnant.

The 24-year-old curvaceous brunette dished details of their rendevous' to this week's issue of the mag, however a rep for the 36-year-old rapper has since denied these allegations to TMZ in a statement on his behalf.- More

Paris Jackson Transferred Hospital Where Father MJ Died  

TMZ By : Staff Reporting

Paris Jackson was transfered to UCLA Medical Center this evening, effectively ending her 72-hour psychiatric hold, and TMZ has the exclusive video of her being wheeled into the hospital.

As TMZ first reported, Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after Jackson allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver.

Jackson was taken to a local hospital and placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours. - More

ABC Seeking Katie Couric Replacement  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

From the co-host of NBC’s once unbeatable “Today Show” to an esteemed CBS Evening News anchor, Katie Couric was once America’s most trusted sweetheart for delivering the news.

But could her freshman daytime ABC talk show, simply titled “Katie,” be her demise? “While all television is going through a difficult time and programming is having a hard time finding its niche, Katie’s new talk show does not live up its expectations,” a source closely connected to the ABC show told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. - More

After Earth  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

It's a family affair as Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, venture on a dangerous mission back to humanity's home planet in "After Earth"...could the father/son duo bring emotion to the sci-fi adventure? Would M. Night Shyamalan get his career back on the right track?? Enjoy!

Eva Longoria Graduates  

EOnline By : Staff Reporting

The Desperate Housewives star received her Master's Degree in Chicano Studies yesterday from Cal State Northridge.

As you can see, the 38-year-old actress was pretty proud of her latest academic accomplishment. Longoria had lots of support from her family, friends and fellow stars, but don't think for a... - More

Kanye West Debuts New Yeezus Track Black Skinhead On SNL  

MTV.com By : Staff Reporting

"Saturday Night Live" usually reserves their weekly musical guest spot for the biggest and brightest pop stars and last night was no different as Kanye West took the televised stage.

The performance was definitely big, but there was nothing bright about Yeezy’s dark and loud performance.

Instead of the super catchy "Gold Digger" or cheery "Good Life," ’Ye looks to be headed in a deeper direction... - More

Beyonce Knowles is expecting her second child  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Queen Bey has another baby on board. Beyoncé Knowles is expecting her second child with her husband, rapper Jay-Z, sources confirmed exclusively to E! News.

The "Countdown" singer had sparked rampant pregnancy rumors after she canceled a performance in Antwerp, Belgium, part of her global "Mrs. Carter World Tour," citing "dehydration and exhaustion."

But rumors were flying a week earlier at the exclusive New York Met Gala, where the 31-year-old songstress wore a custom-made Givenchy dress that was cinched at the waist. - More

Diddy and Downtown Abbey  

thestar.com By : Staff Reporting

Music mogul and rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs will not be appearing in British period TV drama Downtown Abbey, U.S. broadcaster PBS said on Wednesday, despite tweets saying he would be joining the hit show’s upcoming season.

Diddy set social media abuzz on Wednesday after posts on his verified Twitter account said, “MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that Im a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY-my favorite show+i’ll be debuting a sneak peek tonight 12am PST!.” - More

Leonardo DiCaprio $38 million for Mother Earth  

Vanity Fair By : Staff Reporting

While the rest of the world was recovering from phoning in on Mother’s Day, Leonardo DiCaprio spent his Monday raising $38 million for Mother Earth.

At the beginning of the 11th Hour Auction at Christie’s in New York City, the actor and environmentalist motivated bidders with an alarming statement:

“140,000 animal and plant species are becoming extinct every year.” - More

Matthew Knowles, owes IRS $1.2 million in taxes, Wiki-Bio-Video  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Apparently, Matthew Knowles had a bit of trouble paying his bills, bills, bills.

The father and former manager of superstar Beyoncé owes the IRS over $1.2 million, TMZ reports.

Knowles, 62, faces a lien claiming he owes the government thousands from the past few years.

According to the gossip site, the former Destiny's Child manager has to pay over $485,000 from 2010 and over $728,000 from 2011. - More

Matthew Knowles Biography

Christina Aguilera return to The Voice  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Shakira, get ready to shake your hips and move aside -- Christina Aguilera might be headed back to "The Voice" very soon.

The pop diva, who appeared on the first three seasons of NBC's singing hit, has just signed to return for Season 5 this fall, according to a new report.

The Wrap reports that the "Beautiful" singer willl bring home a $17-million paycheck. - More

Savannah Guthrie Gets Engaged  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

“Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie broke the news that she’s engaged to political consultant Mike Feldman on the set of the “Today” show this morning.

“Big news from Savannah!” her co-anchor Matt Lauer tweeted, along with a photograph of Guthrie, 41, flashing her ring. “Congrats to her and fiancé Mike Feldman,” her colleague Al Roker chimed in via Instagram. - More

Meyers to Succeed Fallon  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Seth Meyers will be the next host of NBC’s “Late Night,” the network announced Sunday.

Mr. Meyers, the longtime head writer on “Saturday Night Live” and host of its “Weekend Update” segment, will succeed Jimmy Fallon, who is moving up one hour to take over NBC’s “Tonight Show.” - More

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy  

Hollywood Life By : Staff Reporting

Kim Kardashian confidently bares her baby bump on the beach, and Randy Jacksons confirms he is leaving American Idol.

Bonnie Fuller has all the latest celebrity news on Good Morning America.

From the most powerful Hollywood moms, to the most famous mom to be – Kim Kardashian – Bonnie Fuller breaks down all the latest celebrity news headlines for the crew of Good Morning America. - More

Now Kanye has a bump too! Pregnant Kim Kardashian's boyfriend West left with dent on head after walking into caution sign  

mail online By : Staff Reporting

Making the incident even more embarrassing was the fact that the sign was emblazoned with a warning that read: 'Caution: Watch For Pedestrians'.

The Touch The Sky rapper was left with an abrasion in the middle of his forehead and was clearly not impressed.

As he became more and more enraged, paparazzi checked to see if he was OK, but Kanye was not left with any serious injuries. - More

Downtown Abbey casts Gary Carr  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

"Downton Abbey's" bringing on a roster of new cast members for its fourth season.

The addictive British series has tapped Gary Carr (TV's "Death in Paradise" and "Bluestone 42") to portray a "charming and charismatic" jazz singer named Jack Ross - "Downton's" first recurring black character. - More

Lindsay Lohan talks drugs, booze, rehab, sex  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

This could be the last story you read about Lindsay Lohan for the next three months if all goes well during her 90-day stay at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Just days before checking into court-ordered rehab last week, the actress spoke extensively to Piers Morgan in an article for London's Daily Mail newspaper, which published it in this Sunday's edition. - More

Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep Into the Woods  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep are in talks with Disney's for the revival adaptation of Into the Woods, about a baker and his wife who goes into the woods to find a witch who cursed and left them without the ability to have children.

Streep and Depp have musical experience in their work with Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Streeps lead role in ABBA musical Mamma Mia!

Vince Vaughn, Kyla Weber Number Two Is On The Way  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

With three movies slated for release in 2013, Vince Vaughn will also be expecting a second child with Wife Kyla Weber.

Vaughn revealed it for the first time on the Ellen DeGeneres show saying, "This is the first time I've said anything. We're very excited."

Splendour in the Grass 2013: Mumford & Sons  

Billboard By : Staff Reporting

Australia’s hugely popular mid-year Splendour in the Grass festival today revealed a line-up with something for every indie music fan – a bill that includes Mumford & Sons, Empire of the Sun, Frank Ocean, the National, Of Monsters and Men, TV on the Radio and James Blake. - More

4 Storylines That NCIS Should Never Repeat  

BuddyTV By : Staff Reporting

As NCIS heads towards its season 10 finale, we're counting down by celebrating some of the best episodes with our favorite characters, like Abby and McGee. But now it's time to take a look at some of our least favorite stories and why they didn't work for the show. - More

Gallery: Will & Jaden Smith Explore Our Planet's Future  

Space.com By : Staff Reporting

A new movie set for release in June shows Earth 1,000 years into the future. Will and Jaden Smith star in a movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan. - More

Justin Bieber's tour bus raided, Swedish police find drugs  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Swedish police say they have found drugs on board a tour bus used by Justin Bieber.

Police spokesman Lars Bystrom says a small amount of drugs and a stun gun were found when officers raided the empty bus parked under the Globen concert venue in Stockholm, where Bieber was performing Wednesday. - More

Brown University Bestow Honorary Degree On Ben Affleck, Wiki - Bio - Video  

Gossip Center By : Staff Reporting

Adding yet another accomplishment to his already impressive career, Ben Affleck is set to receive an honorary doctorate degree from Brown University.

The “Argo” actor/producer will be presented with his honor on May 26 during the prestigious school's 245th Commencement, according to E! News on Wednesday (April 24). - More

Ben Affleck Biography

After Earth  

Discovery By : Staff Reporting

In the fictional world of After Earth, history lessons teach of a planetary ecological disaster that doomed human life on Earth.

A millennium later, a father and son return and confront the results of that catastrophe.

Use this high-energy movie to engage and excite your students about global change. - More

Mariah Carey Posts Family Photo in Matching PJsSee the Too Cute Pics!  

ENews By : Staff Reporting

Now this looks like a fun family night in!Mariah Carey posted the most adorable photos on Instagram of her family in matching striped pajamas today.Monroe looked like she... Read More...

American Idol Team Tried to Replace Mariah Carey With Jennifer Lopez: Report  

US Weekly By : Staff Reporting

Even more diva wars behind the scenes of American Idol.

A new report claims that the Fox reality competition's producers recently mulled a drastic attempt to boost its flagging ratings:

Bring back departed judge Jennifer Lopez mid-season to replace none other than Mariah Carey. - More

Fantasia Barrino emerges triumphant on Side Effects of You  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Fantasia was ready to walk away from her music, and her life, not so long ago.

"I was starting to hate what I loved — the label, the industry," said the R&B singer on the eve of her first album in nearly three years, "Side Effects of You."

"I was at a place where I knew what I wanted. And if I couldn't have it, I didn't want to do it anymore." - More

Reese Witherspoon and husband CAA agent James Toth arrested in Atlanta  

Today By : Staff Reporting

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon was arrested and jailed for a short time in Atlanta early Friday morning, according to an incident report originally obtained by Variety.

Her husband, CAA agent James Toth, was also arrested and jailed.

Toth was spotted by an Atlanta police officer while driving in the wrong lane, and now faces one DUI charge... - More


Jaden Smith Best Friends with Kylie Jenner  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

It’s no secret that Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner have been spending time together.

But in a new interview, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s 14-year-old son says that, despite reports and what people think, he and Kim Kardashian’s 15-year-old half-sister are just “best friends.”

“I was in L.A., we were all hanging out.

Then I went to New York and she came too, and then she came here [to London] and surprised me, so that’s pretty baller,” Smith, 14, gushed to Britain’s Wonderland Magazine. - More

RIHANNA Pregnancy Rumors Persist  

TMZ By : Staff Reporting

Rihanna came out of a medical building in Bev Hills Tuesday ... and said she's doing a lot better, but it's done nothing to stop the pregnancy talk.

Rihanna has cancelled 4 concert dates on her Diamonds World Tour ... which kicked off on March 8. Sources connected to the singer told TMZ in early March she was suffering from a throat infection.

Thing is ... it's been more than a month now and there are clearly still issues. - More

Sharon Osbourne moves into new home  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

The couple has split but have yet to make any plans for divorce, TMZ reported.

"They are living at different addresses and not spending any time together," a source is quoted as saying.

"They row a lot.

They aren't acting like husband and wife. It is unusual to not even have dinner together when both of them are five minutes apart." - More

Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman welcome a baby boy  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Harvey Weinstein and wife Georgina Chapman have a new silver lining:

The power couple has added its first baby boy to their playbook.

Chapman, 37, a co-founder of fashion house Marchesa and a "Project Runway: All Stars" judge, gave birth to the little studio exec last Thursday in New York, Weinstein's rep confirmed to Us Weekly. - More

Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng Dead at 42  

billboard By : Staff Reporting

Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who has been in a semi-conscious state since a 2008 car accident, died early Saturday morning, his family announced.

He was 42.

In a statement posted on the fan site Oneloveforchi.com, Cheng's family writes that the musician was taken to the emergency room where he died at 3 a.m. - More

26-year-old Lindsay Lohan - headed to Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York  

contactmusic.com By : Staff Reporting

Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed Adderall during her time in rehab.

The 26-year-old actress has reportedly said she will only enter a court ordered treatment facility if she is allowed to have the prescription drug - used to treat Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - but a source at Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York, where she has chosen to check in to, insists they don't allow it. - More

Jonathan Winters dies at 87, Bio - Wiki - Video  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Jonathan Winters, one of the great comedians of the 20th century, died Thursday night.

He was 87. Winters, who had been in declining health, died at his longtime home in Encino, said Gary Owens, who was his good friend. - More

Jonathan Winters Bio

Actress Junie Hoang sues IMDb site for revealing her true age  

The Week By : Staff Reporting

LIKE most actresses of a certain age, Junie Hoang, an aspiring star from Houston, kept her birth date a secret.

And when a popular movie website used the 41-year-old's credit card details to verify and publish her age she hit it with a $1 million lawsuit. - More

Charlie Sheen On Lindsay Lohan Rumors  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

UPDATE: Kate Upton And P. Diddy Both Deny That Kate Upton Is Dating P. Diddy  

Uproxx By : Staff Reporting

OMG did you hear the totally scandalous news that Kate Upton and P. Diddy were seen “sucking face” at a Miami club and are now, like, totally dating?!?!

Well, now they’re all, “OH NO WE DI-ENT!” For realz, first Diddy was all, “Kate Upton? I don’t know no Kate Upton! Who is she…a dry cleaner or something?

I know a Blake Runyun, but I don’t know no Kate Upton!” - More

Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion  

The Guardian By : Staff Reporting

Snoop appears, as if by magic, in a puff of his own smoke.

The rapper, actor, gangster and stoner extraordinaire has reinvented himself as a reggae-singing messenger of hope. Snoop Dogg is dead, long live Snoop Lion.

We meet in his management office in Los Angeles, an enormous warehouse dedicated to all things Snoop. - More

Lawmakers ask why Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Cuba  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Two Republican lawmakers are asking a government agency to look into a recent trip to Cuba by Beyoncé and Jay-Z, suggesting the superstar couple violated restrictions on travel to the communist island.

“Despite the clear prohibition against tourism in Cuba, numerous press reports described the couple’s trip as tourism... - More

Snipes released from prison  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Actor Wesley Snipes has been released from a federal prison where he was serving a three-year sentence after being convicted on tax charges in February 2010.

The release to a supervised residential location in New York occurred Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons told CNN. - More

Halle Berry Pregnant With Second Child: It's a Boy!  

EOnline By : Staff Reporting

Halle Berry's daughter Nahla is going to have a little brother.

E! News has confirmed that the Oscar winner is pregnant with her and fiancé Olivier Martinez's first child, and that she'll be adding a baby boy to her growing brood!

The actress' rep told E! News, "We can confirm that Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are expecting a child. - More

Film critic Roger Ebert dies at 70, Bio  

Today By : Staff Reporting

Roger Ebert, the longtime critic who popularized film criticism with his "thumbs up, thumbs down" reviews in print and on television, has died, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Thursday. He was 70.

Ebert revealed this week that he suffered a recurrence of the cancer that he had battled in recent years.

"There is a hole that can't be filled. - More

Roger Ebert Biography Link

Combs falls victim to swatting prank  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Hollywood's swatting saga continued Wednesday when an apparent prankster targeted the Los Angeles home of rap mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Five patrol cars rushed to Diddy's $5-million mansion in Toluca Lake after an unidentified person used a 911 "Internet relay" system to report an assault with a deadly weapon, cops said. - More

TBS extends Conan O'Brien through 2015  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Turner Broadcasting has extended "Conan" through November 2015, solidifying the network's relationship with late night host Conan O'Brien.

Time Warner-owned Turner scooped up the red-haired O'Brien in 2010 shortly after red-faced NBC executives displaced the comic to shuffle Jay Leno back into his longtime perch at 11:35 p.m. on "The Tonight Show." - More

Dorothy Hamill drops out  

the edge By : Staff Reporting

Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill stopped the show during the first elimination night of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars” when she quit the competition.

Citing the advice of her spine surgeon, Hamill said she had no choice but to withdraw.

“It would be completely unfair for me to stay in this and have any of these people go home,” she said in the show’s final moments. - More

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart filed for divorce  

E Online By : Staff Reporting

There's a drama-fueled wind hitting the Real Housewives of Atlanta today, but Kenya Moore isn't twirling away.

After the former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart filed for divorce from his reality star wife Porsha Williams, the former Miss USA has spoken out in support of the troubled couple.

No, seriously. - More

Justin Bieber being investigated  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Justin Bieber’s temper may have gotten him into trouble again.

The pop superstar is being investigated for battery, according to TMZ.

A neighbor accused the Biebs of battery and police responded by heading over to the “Baby” singer’s home in California to investigate the matter further, TMZ reported. - More

Bobby Brown turns himself in for 55-day DUI jail sentence  

zap2it.com By : Staff Reporting

Bobby Brown reported to a Los Angeles court Wednesday (March 20) to begin serving a 55-day jail sentence.

Brown was arrested in October and booked on suspicion of DUI and driving on a suspended license.

He was on probation at the time for a prior conviction, this being his third DUI offense. - More

Lindsay Lohan  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Linsday Lohan has until May 2 to prove to a Los Angeles County judge that she has enrolled in rehab.

Lohan reported to the Santa Monica Police Department and got her latest mug shot taken Tuesday after a no-contest plea to misdemeanor charges stemming from a crash on Pacific Coast Highway. - More

Lady Gaga Unbelievable After Hip Surgery, Manager  

E! Online By : Staff Reporting

It looks like Lady Gaga's on the edge of a full recovery.

In an interview published Wednesday, the pop superstar's manager, Vincent Herbert, revealed that a month after her hip operation Gaga is "doing wonderful, doing great."

According to her manager, the hitmaker is "ready to get back to work" finishing up recording her latest album, Artpop, which she began writing during the Born This Way Ball tour. - More

Keyshia Cole Slams Beyonce  

EOnline By : Staff Reporting

"Can't stand when people all self righteous when it's convenient it makes them look good. Lmao! But can still talk s--t when convenient 2 FOH,"

"I done kept it real from the start! #RespectTHAT," she also wrote.

Then: "First "Women need to Stick together" now bitches better Bow. Smh. But it's all G! Chicks stay shooting the shit. But when I speak my mind its a prob. #Well #StayMad." "

Bitch you ain't gon need NO more perm kits. The #BeyHive bouta snatch you BALD !!! @KeyshiaCole," tweeted another concerned fan. - More

Selena Gomez on David Letterman  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Selena visited 'The Late Show' with David Letterman on Mar. 18, where the two discussed her relationship status and bonded over the fact that they've both made Justin cry! Funny or way mean?

While in the midst of her promotional tour for Spring Breakers, Selena Gomez paid a visit to CBS' The Late Show on Mar. 18 to have a talk with funnyman David Letterman.

Lil Wayne still hospitalized  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

After being hospitalized in Los Angeles following a series of seizures last week, rapper Lil Wayne has been visited by several high-profile associates including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Birdman and basketball player Chris Paul.

Birdman tweeted that the rapper “will be home real soon,” and a source close to Wayne told The Times on Friday that he was “recovering.” - More

Heidi Klum Keeps Her Shape  

People Magazine By : Staff Reporting

Heidi Klum says she manages to keep her shape by staying constantly on the go with her four children and merging her busy schedule with theirs.

"It's very hard to find time obviously to work out.

I'm like a mom and dad in one," says the über-fit supermodel, 39, who separated from husband Seal last year.

"When I go shopping I put on my sneakers and my [fitness] clothes. - More

New Project for Life of Pi director  

CBC News By : Staff Reporting

Weeks after winning the Academy Award for best director, Life of Pi's Ang Lee has taken on his first TV project.

Lee will direct the pilot for an FX drama series, Tyrant, about an unassuming American family drawn into the workings of a turbulent Middle East nation.

Producer Howard Gordon and writer Gideon Raff... - More

Jay-Z The Great Gatsby Soundtrack  

NME By : Staff Reporting

Jay-Z is to act as executive producer and release original material on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, it has been confirmed.

A statement released yesterday, via Reuters, reveals that Jay-Z will oversee the official soundtrack to the film adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald novel, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan and is directed by Baz Luhrmann. - More

Steven Seagal Helps Vladimir Putin  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Russian President Vladimir Putin has enlisted Hollywood action man Steven Seagal to help him promote a return to Soviet-era fitness.

The unlikely pair opened a new martial arts center outside Moscow on Wednesday, reports Reuters, to kick off Putin’s attempt to bring back a mass physical training program first introduced in the 1930s under Joseph Stalin. - More

Charlie Sheen: Send dog poo to my daughter's school  

The Sun By : Staff Reporting

The actor posted an angry message on the site last night, urging fans to send "dog s***" to private California prep school Viewpoint.

Charlie claims nine-year-old Sam - his daughter with ex-wife Denise Richards - was "bullied out of" the school and then called a "liar" by staff. - More

Bieber rants  

Daily Dish By : Staff Reporting

Bieber rants about 'lies' in Instagram post Justin Bieber has taken to Instagram to unload frustration over what he says are the "countless lies" being circulated about him.

In a passionate post Thursday, Bieber wrote that he's "tired of all the countless lies in the press right now," denying rumors that he's going to rehab.

Bieber railed against those he perceives as against him, writing that "I'm 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning." - More

First Lady: Our number-one priority is making sure that our family is whole  

Vogue Magazine By : Staff Reporting

First Lady Michelle Obama in Vogue:

“I don’t think it’s our job to put an idea to rest. Our job is, first and foremost, to make sure our family is whole. You know, we have small kids; they’re growing every day. But I think we were both pretty straightforward when we said, ‘Our number-one priority is making sure that our family is whole.’ ”

“The stresses and the pressures of this job are so real that when you get a minute,” the First Lady says, “you want to give that extra energy to your fourteen- and eleven-year-old. . . .”

Brandi Cochran Pregnancy Suit Wiped Out By CA Supreme Court  

Business Insider By : Staff Reporting

A former model on "The Price Is Right" has had a massive jury award for alleged pregnancy discrimination wiped away, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

A California state court judge threw out an $8.5 million jury award for Brandi Cochran Tuesday because a jury didn't receive proper instructions before making its decision. - More

Good Times to Return  

moviefone By : Staff Reporting

Hollywood loves an adaptation, and with the success of franchises like “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek,” it’s no wonder they keep going back to the television well.

The latest TV-to-movie adaptation will be “Good Times,” Norman Lear’s groundbreaking, socially-aware comedy.

According to Deadline, Scott Rudin will produce and Phil Johnston (“Wreck-It Ralph”) will write.

“Good Times” was one of the first sitcoms to focus on an African-American, working-class family. James and Florida Evans struggled to get by while raising three kids in a Chicago housing project. - More

No Beef Between Kanye and Timberlake  

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon By : Staff Reporting

Beef? What beef?

Sure, it seemed like Justin Timberlake threw a light-hearted lyrical jab at Kanye West during his performance of "Suit & Tie"
 on "Saturday Night Live."

But on the first night of his weeklong stint on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on Monday, Timberlake sidestepped any talk of a growing feud with the rapper. - More

Oprah Winfrey Will Speak at Harvard University's Graduation  

Complex City Guide By : Staff Reporting

Oprah Winfrey, the boss herself, has been named the principal speaker at Harvard University's 362nd Commencement ceremony.

“Oprah’s journey from her grandmother’s Mississippi farm to becoming one of the world’s most admired women is one of the great American success stories,” Harvard President Drew Faust said in a statement.

If you aren't aware of Oprah's accolades, where the hell have you been?

To keep it concise, The Oprah Winfrey Show ran for 25 seasons and drew 40 million weekly viewers in the United States alone. - More

Justin Timberlake Responds To Kanye  

NewOne By : Staff Reporting

While hosting Saturday Night Live last night for the 5th time, an honor that was given due props during his opening monologue, Justin Timberlake, all the way on his “suit & tie sh*t,” responded to Kanye West‘s highly publicized rant last month during a performance at London’s Hammersmith Apollo. - More

Oz: The Great and Powerful' Opens at No. 1 With $80.3 Million  

ACE ShowBiz By : Staff Reporting

"Oz: The Great and Powerful" makes a strong debut on the North American box office this weekend.

The Disney fantasy adventure movie starring James Franco and Mila Kunis becomes one of the only two newcomers which break into the top 10, bowing at No. 1 with the biggest opening of the year so far. - More

Jon Bon Jovi Hits  

Belfast Telegraph By : Staff Reporting

Jon Bon Jovi can’t tell whether a song he has penned will be a hit.

The frontman of rock band Bon Jovi is currently promoting their new album What About Now with Because We Can – The Tour.

Despite going strong since the 1980s, the 51-year-old admits it’s hard to tell whether a new track will go down well with fans or not. - More

Jim Carrey in Burt Wonderstone role  

Boston Herald By : Staff Reporting

Jim Carrey knows all about creating crazy characters, but he may have topped himself with Steve Gray, the strange Las Vegas street magician he plays in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”

Gray, with long straight hair and a bizarre sense of “magic,” mutilates himself with one shocking Can you top this? stunt after another in his rivalry with the city’s most famous and beloved illusionists, Steve Carell’s Burt Wonderstone and his partner Anton Marvelton (Steve Buscemi). - More

Timberlake Reprises "Candle in the Wind" During Chavez Funeral on "SNL"  

NBC By : Staff Reporting

If "Saturday Night Live's" musical guest and host this week Justin Timberlake didn't enjoy his time on the show, he's an even better actor than anyone knows.

Timberlake and his mega-watt smile reprised old roles and added a few new characters to his catalog, including a dancing vegan restaurant mascot and a bailiff on a Maine court show. - More

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Ousted From The View  

US Weekly By : Staff Reporting

The people have spoken. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the five cohorts of ABC's daytime talk show The View, will not be returning to the couch next season, following hot on the footsteps of fellow cohost Joy Behar, a source tells Us Weekly.

According to the source, the show's resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn't popular with TV audiences. - More

Joy Behar Departing The View  

The Hollywood Reporter By : Staff Reporting

The actress and comedian's contract will not be renewed when it expires at the end of the current season, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

A panelist alongside creator Barbara Walters from the very beginning, Behar leaves the ABC News vet as the last original member of the daytime show. - More

Kim Kardashian Scare: Doctor Tells Pregnant Kim To Calm Down  

contactmusic.com By : Staff Reporting

The Kim Kardashian scare was, luckily, nothing for the pregnant reality star to worry about and her sister Khloe Kardashian wants Kim’s fans to know that she “appreciates their concern and support” and wrote on her blog that “mummy and baby are doing fine and just taking it easy right now.”

32 year-old Kim Kardashian has been busy travelling the world with her partner, rapper Kanye West, despite being pregnant with their first child. - More

Kelly Osbourne rushed to hospital after seizure  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

ET has exclusively learned that Kelly Osbourne has had a seizure while filming her E! show, Fashion Police, and has been rushed to a Los Angeles-area hospital.

The seizure, which caused Kelly to fall to the floor, lasted for approximately 30 harrowing seconds.

Melissa and crew members, as well as an EMT who happened to be in the audience, all rushed to Kelly's side to help.

She awoke on the floor, and was shielded by blankets on her way out of the studio to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. - More

Video: Chris Brown Fights Bodyguard  

TMZ By : Staff Reporting

It sounds like Chris Brown has some beef with his bodyguard. While in Bermuda earlier today, the 23-year-old singer reportedly got into an altercation with his pal and bodyguard Big Pat aboard their private plane, which had stopped to refuel. - More

The Guys On American Idol  

TV Guide By : Staff Reporting

Randy Jackson said Tuesday that this season is a "girls' year" on American Idol — but not if the Top 10 guys have anything to say about it.

Taking the stage for their performances on Wednesday's show, the male semifinalists showed that they, too, are a force to be reckoned with.

While the guys' group lacks standouts like Kree Harrison and Candice Glover from the girls, most of the male singers are delivering solid B-worthy performances and can hold their own. - More

How Snooki Lost Over 42 Pounds  

KPopStarz By : Staff Reporting

Snooki loses 42 pounds and shows off her new post-baby figure in US Weekly. Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, posed for the latest cover of US Weekly in a leopard print bikini.

The new mom is proud of her slim new figure and reportedly lost 42lbs after giving birth to her son, Lorenzo, in August of last year.

"I lost it for me," she says in an interview for the new issue of US Weekly.

"But I also wanted (fiance) Jionni (LaValle) to know that I can be hot as a mom." - More

Terrence Howard: "Iron Man' responsible for 'killing my career'  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

"Iron Man" may be on the verge of releasing its third installment in theaters, but not everybody's a fan of the franchise.

Terrence Howard, who portrayed Col. James Rhodes in the original 2008 movie -- and at the time was the highest-paid member of the cast -- now says doing the movie ruined his career. - More

Pamela Evette Smith  

Examiner By : Staff Reporting

Yesterday, WBTV reported that on February 6, 2013, a Fulton County, Georgia woman filed a paternity suit against NBA legend and Charlotte Bobcats owner, Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

According to the suit, Pamela Smith alleges that MJ fathered her son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan "Taj" Reynolds. - More

Lindsay Lohan's Incompetent Attorney  

HollyScoopTV By : Staff Reporting

A judge on Friday refused to delay the latest criminal case against Lindsay Lohan and had some choice words for the actress and her new attorney.

Lohan faces criminal charges that she lied about not being behind the wheel of a Porsche that crashed into a truck on Pacific Coast Highway.

On Friday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Dabney took Lohan's attorney to task for problems in the way he worked with the court. - More

Ja Rule In NYC Jail  

ABC By : Staff Reporting

Federal authorities say platinum-selling rapper Ja Rule is in a New York City jail with a July release date.

The 36-year-old rapper left a state prison in central New York last week after serving most of his two-year sentence for illegal gun possession and went straight into federal custody in a tax evasion case.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons says he has since moved from an upstate jail to Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, which houses prisoners awaiting court dates or having short terms left on their sentences. - More

Bieber Is 19  

The Hollywood Gossip By : Staff Reporting

Justin Bieber celebrates his 19th birthday today.

We'll wait for the squealing to calm down before we continue...

The opening two months of 2013 haven't been ideal for this young artist, who officially split from Selena Gomez to start the year; got embroiled in a pot smoking scandal; feuded with Patrick Carney.

And, oh, right: he wore this hat. - More

Ashley Bell: I was thrilled to be able to do it  

contactmusic.com By : Staff Reporting

The 26 year old plays a young girl possessed by a powerful demon in the movie, and she had to contort her body into a number of awkward and uncomfortable positions during the shoot to give viewers the idea she was being controlled by a dark spirit.

And Bell, who also writhes around on a bedwhile a religious leader tries to cure her, admits it all really took a toll on her back. - More

Spielberg to head film festival jury  

Los Angeles By : Staff Reporting

Steven Spielberg will head the jury at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, slated for May 15-26, organizers have announced.

In announcing Spielberg's selection, festival President Gilles Jacob said the 66-year-old American director is a "Cannes 'regular'," noting that several of his 27 films, including "Sugarland Express" and "The Color Purple," screened at the festival.

"Sugarland" won the best screenplay award at the festival in 1974. - More

Ricky Schroder Airport Altercation Drama  

SFGate By : Staff Reporting

Former “Silver Spoons” star Ricky Schroder was allegedly involved in an altercation at an airport on Monday as he argued with a worker about his luggage.

Police were called to Los Angeles International Airport after the actor became embroiled in a heated exchange with a female employee who wouldn’t let Schroder go through a security check with three bags, as the limit is two. - More

Michelle Williams, Jason Segel Split  

US Magazine By : Staff Reporting

Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are back on the market. The Oz the Great and Powerful actress, 32, and the How I Met Your Mother star, 33, quietly ended their romance earlier this month, sources tell Us Weekly.

Though the two seemed happy together as recently as January, when they were photographed on vacation in Cancun with Williams' BFF Busy Philipps, an insider tells Us that their romance couldn't survive the long distance. (Williams lives in New York with daughter Matilda, 7, while Segel is based in Los Angeles, where his CBS sitcom is filmed.) - More

Lindsay Lohan's attorney seeks deal  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Lindsay Lohan's attorney has suggested to prosecutors that the actress serve as a motivational speaker and perform non-jail activities to resolve her latest criminal case, according to a letter obtained Tuesday.

The letter from lawyer Mark Heller proposed several alternatives for Lohan, who could be sent to jail if a judge determines her actions in a traffic crash violated terms of her probation in a previous theft case. - More

Barbara Walters Returns  

Celebrity Gossip By : Staff Reporting

After being MIA since her hospitalization during the presidential inauguration, Barbara Walters is ready to return to her seat on "The View."

On Tuesday morning, the 83-year-old journalist phoned into the show to announce that she would be back on Monday.

Speaking with the whole crew, including her substitute, Brooke Shields, she shared, "I really miss you." - More

Bobby Brown Must Do The Time - 55 Days In Jail  

POP Blend By : Staff Reporting

The hammer has come down on Bobby Brown in response to his most recent DUI conviction, and this time, the damage was a little more severe than a slap on the wrist.

The troubled singer has been ordered to spend fifty-five days in jail, attend eighteen months worth of alcohol treatment and check in with a probation officer for the next four years.

The incident in question happened back in October. - More

Janet Jackson Married to Qatari Billionaire  

The Hollywood Reporter By : Staff Reporting

After months of denying rumors, Janet Jackson has finally confirmed that she has been secretly married to Qatari billionaire, Wissam Al Mana for months. On Monday, Feb. 25, the coupled released a statement to Entertainment Tonight saying,

"The rumors regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private and beautiful ceremony." - More

Ben Affleck's Oscar for best film  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Christoph Waltz Wins  

The Standard By : Staff Reporting

Austrian actor Christoph Waltz won the best supporting actor Oscar on Sunday for his role as a dentist turned bounty hunter in Quentin Tarantino's blood-spattered western "Django Unchained.''

In the first prize of the night, Waltz beat fellow nominees Alan Arkin for ''Argo,'' Robert De Niro for "Silver Linings Playbook,'' Philip Seymour Hoffman for "The Master'' and Tommy Lee Jones for "Lincoln'', AFP reports. - More

Jermaine Changes Name to Jacksun  

Pop Blend By : Staff Reporting

Several months back, Jermaine Jackson filed a petition to change his name from Jermaine Jackson to Jermaine Jacksun.

Not surprisingly, a lot of observers thought he’d eventually change his mind, but the big day came and went this week and he actually followed through.

So, from this point forward, he will be known as Jermaine Jacksun.

The former member of the Jackson (with an o) Five hasn’t spoken publically about why he felt the moniker alteration was necessary, but he listed “artistic reasons” as the rationale in his paperwork. - More

Kanye West "Ain't F-cking With That Suit & Tie''  

Billboard By : Staff Reporting

There's nothing like a rant from Kanye West. The rapper is known to occasionally let off steam during his shows by going off on long freestyles.

While performing in London yesterday (Feb. 23), 'Ye took to the mic for a minute, 10-11 minutes to be exact, to express his dislike for Justin Timberlake's Jay-Z assisted single, "Suit and Tie," the Grammys, the music industry and more. - More

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Expecting Baby Girl  

BET By : Staff Reporting

The rapper and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby girl, a source close to West confirms to Us Weekly.

The couple, who are due in July, are said to be "over the moon" by the news.

"Kanye always wanted a girl," the friend says.

Yeezy's daughter will undoubtedly be one of the best-dressed infants in the world.

"If anyone knows Kanye, they just know how into fashion he is, and I think he's going to have things specially made," Kim said of her aspiring fashion designer beau in January.

"So I don't think hand-me-downs are going to work." - More

Source: Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Have Split  

Examiner By : Staff Reporting

That's right! According to several sources Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have already parted ways, but are waiting until after the release of the final "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" DVD to make the announcement.

A source released a statement to Hollywoodlife, "Rob & Kristen were asked to not announce a break-up or any relationship trouble until the DVD has been out for a few weeks and everything has sold. - More

Clarkson slams record mogul Clive Davis  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Pop superstar Kelly Clarkson is blasting legendary record mogul Clive Davis as a bully with a faulty memory.

The former “American Idol” champ took to the Internet on Tuesday to rebut descriptions of her and recollections the 80-year-old Davis wrote about in his new memoir,

“The Soundtrack of My Life.” - More

Google debuts Academy Awards event page  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Google is rolling out the red carpet for the Academy Awards with a destination site that promises to help users "get more from the Oscars."

In a partnership with Oscars organizers, the Web giant has created a resource page to keep movie fans engaged and informed in the days leading up to the awards ceremony on Sunday.

While Google has created event-specific sites before, such as its election hub last year, this is the first time it has focused on the Oscars. - More

Blue Ivy and Drake Baby Photos  

Buzz Feed By : Staff Reporting

In the latest buzz on Buzz Feed staff person Whitney Jefferson brought up some striking similarities with Beyonce and Jay-Z's child's baby photos and Drake the Rapper's baby photo. Coincedentally their are some startling similarities there for sure.

Buzz Feed Photos >>

Chris Brown Totals Car In Paparazzi Crash  

Celeb Dirty Laundry By : Staff Reporting

Chris Brown became a victim of being chased by the paparazzi chase that turned foul. We’re betting that you never thought you would read “Chris Brown” and “victim” in the same sentence, huh? We kid, we kid. (Spoiler alert: No we don’t…) - More

PHOTO: Kanye And Kim In Rio  

People By : Staff Reporting

While many stars have decamped to Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards this weekend, Kanye West and pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian have taken their romance to Rio!

The two were spotted snapping pictures and taking in the scene at Corcovado Mountain on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the annual Carnival celebrations officially kicked off on Friday. - More

Ocean Nominated For Six Grammys  

Billboard By : Staff Reporting

Frank Ocean performed an abbreviated set Friday night at Levi’s 501 140 Year Anniversary Pre-Grammy Party at the Ace Museum in Los Angeles.

Ocean, who is nominated for six Grammys, including Best New Artist, focused his set mainly on last year’s Channel Orange in a six-song performance that followed a DJ set from M83.

The party, set in a built-out Levi’s art gallery that featured massive abstract sculptural installations, mingled hipster music fans with celebrities like Busy Phillipps, Alan Cummings, Ashley Benson and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. - More

Frank Ocean's Sexuality Made News  

NPR By : Staff Reporting

Frank Ocean is set to take a victory lap at this year's Grammys.

He's up for six awards for his album Channel Orange, including best new artist, and he'll be performing as well.

But just a few months ago, Frank Ocean's music wasn't the story — his sexuality was. To review: After a listening party for Channel Orange last July, a BBC journalist pointed out that a few of the love songs referenced a "him" where you might have expected to hear "her."

All of a sudden it seemed the entire Internet was asking one question: Is Frank Ocean gay? - More

Kim Kardashian Want Immediate Dissolution Marriage  

E Online By : Staff Reporting

Kim Kardashian wants her legal battle with Kris Humphries to be over by the time she gives birth to her and Kanye West's child in July. Or, if not entirely over, then she at least wants to be legally single.

The pregnant star's camp filed a motion last month requesting that either a trial date be set as soon as possible or for a judge to grant her a divorce not reliant upon the financial disagreements still pending ... - More

Chris Brown slams claims he failed to complete community service  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Chris Brown and his lawyer are blasting claims by prosecutors that the “Don’t Judge Me” singer took credit for community service he never performed.

“I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!” Brown wrote on his private Instagram account, according to E! News.

“Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect im sick of being accused…Im just tired of this sh--."

"A day in my shoes is a day in hell," he continued. - More

Photo: Pre-(mega) fame Kardashians pose in swimsuits  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

One of the most entertaining things about famous people are the before-they-were-(mega)-famous photos. One of the most famous sisters in the world — Khloe Kardashian —

has posted to her blog a shot of herself, Kim and Kourtney from one of their first photo shoots about five years ago, back when they starred on an emerging reality show on E!

and (in one instance) a home sex video. (Can you even remember?) - More

New Collaboration with Rihanna, Chris Brown On The Way  

MTV By : Staff Reporting

Rihanna and Chris Brown are up to something. The on-again, off-again, probably on-again couple was spotted leaving a L.A.-area recording studio Thursday night.

The session took place in West Hollywood and a Brown rep confirms to E! News that a new Brown/Rih Rih track is in the works. - More

Django Unchained Action Figures Discontinued!  

Perez Hilton By : Staff Reporting

We told you about the controversy behind the Django Unchained Action Figures. Rev. Al Sharpton's Nation Action Network and others condemned the dolls as

racially insensitive due to their portrayal of slaves. - More

The People's Choice is the Hunger Games  

NBC By : Staff Reporting

Big names took home most of the awards at Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards, televised live on CBS from Los Angeles. "The Hunger Games" proved itself trophy-hungry, taking home six awards. - More

Samuel L. Jackson Oscar Winner?  

Yahoo By : Staff Reporting

When it comes to this year's Oscar race, Samuel L. Jackson seems to be giving the Academy the knowing evil eye. The 64-year-old actor recently admitted he was none

too pleased when he was passed up for an Academy Award more than 15 years ago, all but revealing his intention to win the award this year for his role as house slave

Stephen in "Django Unchained." - More

Kim Kardashian not fit for Jenny Craig  

Hollywood Scoop By : Staff Reporting

Frank Ocean stopped by police for drugs and speeding  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

The 25-year old was pulled over on New Year's Eve for speeding at 90 mph (145 kph) in a 65 mph (105kph) area. According to a police spokeswomen, when a deputy went to Ocean's car, there was a smell of marijuana. - More

David Letterman: Jay and I were friends  

The Clicker By : Staff Reporting

"Jay and I were friends. We were always friends before all of this happened," he says of being passed over to take over Johnny Carson's seat.

Mellody Hobson engaged to George Lucas  

The Grio By : Staff Reporting

Star Wars director George Lucas has found his real life princess right here on earth. The 68-year-old entertainment mogul has gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Mellody Hobson, according to the Huffington Post. - More

Verbal assaults and poor ratings to Matt Lauer  

Daily News By : Staff Reporting

This just in: A man is being verbally assaulted on the streets of Manhattan. And that man is reportedly Matt Lauer.

The 45-year-old co-anchor of NBC’s “Today” show is being regularly screamed at by passersby on the streets of Manhattan in the wake of the awkward handling

of Ann Curry’s dismissal, TMZ reported. - More

'Django Unchained' stars rolled up 'N-word shield' during filming  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie, “Django Unchained,” about a slave-turned-bounty hunter, doesn’t shy away from violence and language, including 110 uses of the N-word –- something the cast had to come to grips with while filming. - More

Plane that carried Jenni Rivera Nosed Dived at 600 mph  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

The jet that crashed into the mountains south of Mexico City and killed singer Jenni Rivera plunged from 28,000 feet at speeds topping 600 mph,

officials said. “The plane practically nose-dived,” investigator Gerardo Ruiz Esparza told a radio station, according to the Associated Press.

“The impact must have been terrible.” - More

Rihanna and Chris Brown are together so what!  

Thy Black Man  By : Staff Reporting

Well Despite Karrueche Tran’s best efforts, Thanksgiving Day found Chris Brown partying with Rihanna at Berlin’s Adagio club. According to inside sources, Chris Brown was overjoyed at her visit and grateful for her support. - More

Michael Duncan: Large in Talent and stature  

5 KSDK By : Staff Reporting

Michael Clarke Duncan, the imposing, bass-voiced actor who earned an Oscar nomination for playing a death row inmate in The Green Mile, died Monday.

He was 54. Duncan was being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after having had a heart attack July 13, said his fiancée, Omarosa Manigault, in a statement released by publicist Joy Fehily. - More

Michael Duncan's death light up Twitter  

Radar By : Staff Reporting

The Hollywood community continues to grieve following Monday's tragic death of Michael Clarke Duncan at 54, and many took to Twitter to express their condolences for the late actor.

As we previously reported, Duncan, who earned an Oscar nomination for his signature role in The Green Mile, died Monday in a Los Angeles hospital, more than six weeks after suffering a July 13 heart attack his rep said he “never fully recovered” from. - More

Kim Kardashian rock climbing  

Zimbio By : Staff Reporting

Kim Kardashian has been very busy lately. On top of dating one of the hottest rappers around, the sexy bikini shots just keep on coming!

The curvaceous brunette posted a few new snapshots on her Twitter page this week and we bet her nearly 16 million followers didn't mind one bit.

The first image shows the reality TV star in a gold monokini, bending seductively over some rocks with her mouth open and her long ponytail dripping down her side. "Rock climbing lol" she wrote as the caption to the ultra sexy, not-so-outdoorsy shot. At least she has a sense of humor, right? - More

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals jail time he once served  

The Celebrity Cafe By : Robert Kirchgassner

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed Friday that his desire to become a bodybuilder briefly led to jail time.

Schwarzenegger, 65, said that, at 18 years old, he was serving a mandated year with the army in his native Austria when he snuck out to participate in the Junior Mr. Europe contest in Germany. - More

Robert Pattinson bans Stewart from his film's premiere  

DailyBHaskar.com By : Staff Reporting

Los Angeles: Kristen Stewart is not welcome at the premiere of her jilted boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s new film Cosmopolis.

Security has been told to keep the Twilight star away from the red carpet and after-party of Pattinson’s first scheduled public appearance on August 13 at the New York City premiere of Cosmopolis, reported Radar Online.

The couple have fallen apart after Stewart admitted to hooking up with her Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders after photos were published of the pair making out. - More

Lil Wayne Taking a Rap Hiatus to Pursue the Skateboarding Lifestyle  

The Hollywood Reporter By : Staff Reporting

The rapper is planning to trade in his microphone, saying,

"I believe the fans deserve some peace from me."

What would make rapper Lil Wayne put a hold on his career as a rapper after nine successful studio albums and over 20 mixtapes? - More

Lorne Michaels, Jimmy Fallon in Line for Oscars Gig?  

The Wrap By : Steve Pond

Outgoing Academy president Tom Sherak had conversations with producer Lorne Michaels and talk-show host Jimmy Fallon about producing and hosting next February's Academy Awards,

but discontinued those conversations when a deal could not be made prior to Tuesday night's Academy presidential election,

according to AMPAS insiders with knowledge of the negotiations. - More

Kim Kardashian Should Not Get Married On TV Again to Kanye West  

Entertainmentwise By : DEEPIKA RAJANI

With an abundance of rumours alleging that Kanye West is about to get down on one knee and propose to Kim Kardashian, we decided to question whether the reality TV beauty should make the decision to show her wedding (if she says yes to Kanye that is!) on TV.

We're sure everyone can remember the backlash Kimmy faced when her lavish televised wedding to husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries was slammed for being a publicity stunt. - More

Robin Roberts Takes Leave From Good Morning America for her long-awaited bone marrow transplant  

gather By : Charlotte Kuchinsky

Robin Roberts is taking a leave from her job on Good Morning America to focus on getting well.

The plucky host will exit the show for her long-awaited bone marrow transplant.

She's hoping that the surgery will help her beat myelodysplastic syndrome, formerly called pre-leukemia. - More

Katie Couric unveiled details of her eponymous new daytime talk show Thursday  

thestar.com By : Rob Salem

Katie Couric unveiled details of her eponymous new daytime talk show Thursday at the TV critics previews.

The show, debuting Sept. 10, will feature a theme song called “This Day,” co-written and performed by Sheryl Crow.

“Katie is somebody I can talk to about the things so many of us juggle,” says Crow, “our children, careers, health, and balancing our personal and professional lives. . . . Plus she is really fun! I think her show will reflect the same kind of heart and energy I try to give my music, so ‘This Day’ was a fun project to work on together, as friends.” - More

Kristen Stewart Cheated With SWATH Director - And Admits It  

Movie Line By : JEN YAMATO

The Twilight world is reeling with the revelation that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, confirmed in a public apology issued by Stewart today.

Needless to say, people have questions. What was she thinking? What exactly is going on in those car photos? - More

Chad Everett Biography  

eNewReference.com By : Staff Reporting

Chad Everett, the classically handsome actor remembered for playing thoracic surgeon Dr. Joe Gannon on the 11969-76 CBS drama Medical Center, died Tuesday at his Los Angeles home, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Biography Page >>

Wikipedia Page >>

Katherine Jackson Removed As Guardian of Michael Jackson's Children  

MTV.com By : Gil Kaufman

The unpredictable wheel of Jackson family drama continued to spin on Wednesday (July 25) when a judge stripped family matriarch Katherine of her guardianship duties for late King of Pop Michael's three children, handing over the duties to their cousin, TJ Jackson. After nearly a week of increasingly bizarre public feuding, accusations, confrontations and allegations of kidnapping, TMZ reported that Judge Mitch Beckloff temporarily stripped Katherine of her guardianship over Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II ("Blanket").

Sherman Hemsley of The Jeffersons dead at 74  

eNewsReference.com By : Staff Reporting

"The Jeffersons" star Sherman Hemsley has died at age 74, TMZ is reporting.

Hemsley, who also appeared on "All in the Family" and "Amen," was discovered by his nurse at his El Paso home.

The cause of Hemsley's death was not known.

Kate Gosselin: ready to find love again  


E! News is reporting that Kate Gosselin has signed up for a reality dating show a la The Bachelorette and is shopping the idea around to networks. She is ready to get back into the dating game, says an unnamed source. She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past.

Mariah Carey Joins AMERICAN IDOLs Judges Panel to the tune of 18 Million  

TalkTVWorld.com By : Staff Reporting

Mariah Carey, one of the best-selling female recording artists of all time, has joined AMERICAN IDOL as a new judge.

A five-time Grammy Award-winning global superstar with more than 200 million records sold worldwide and more No. 1 songs than any solo artist in history, her 18 Billboard No. 1 singles (17 of which Carey wrote) rival all but The Beatles.

Carey joins the judges' panel when AMERICAN IDOL returns in January 2013 on FOX. - More

The Dark Knight Rises comes out strong  

Northern Iowan By : ALEX TOFT

The Dark Knight Rises had some high expectations to live up to, even in a film culture like ours that tries to make every movie into an event.

After the popular and critical success that was “The Dark Knight” (2008), which has since become legendary for its thematic weight and for Heath Ledger’s ultimately tragic portrayal of the Joker, fans have eager awaited the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. - More

Jermaine Jackson reports Katherine Jackson is resting with family in Arizona  

WFAA By : Staff Reporting

Jermaine Jackson says that his mother is doing fine and is not missing as another relative reported to authorities.

Jackson posted a statement to Twitter Sunday evening saying that his mother Katherine is complying with doctor's orders to de-stress.

Halle Berry rushed to hospital after accident on movie set  

Mail Online By : SARAH BULL

Halle Berry was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles last night following an accident on the set of her latest movie, it has been claimed. It is believed that Halle hit her head on some concrete after taking a nasty fall while shooting The Hive in the city. - More

Will Smith Eyeing Cain And Abel Film As Directing Vehicle  

Yahoo! Movies By : MIKE FLEMING

EXCLUSIVE: With Biblical epics the rage in Hollywood, here’s another. Will Smith is eyeing a film about battling brothers Cain and Abel as his directorial debut. The project is set at Sony in development and is being produced by Overbrook Entertainment.

Jamie Foxx Django Unchained  

Movie Talk By : Matt McDaniel

Another morning of Comic Con brought another mother of a line for Hall H, with rampant fans queuing up to see Quentin Tarantino's sneak peek of his epic western "Django Unchained," Or maybe they were more excited to hear from the famously quote-worthy director and members of the cast, including Jamie Foxx.

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Romneys sit down for interview with Oprah Winfrey  

The Sacramento Bee By : Staff Reporting

Republican Mitt Romney is talking about his presidential campaign with Oprah Winfrey.

The presumptive GOP nominee and his wife, Ann, met with Winfrey on Friday for an interview that will be published in O, The Oprah Magazine.

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Sylvester Stallones son dies of drug overdose: reports  

The Vancouver Sun By : KIRSTIN ENDEMANN

Actor Sylvester Stallone’s son, Sage, has died of a drug overdose according to media reports.

Sage Moonblood Stallone, 36, is reported to have been found in his Hollywood home Friday afternoon after an overdose of pills.

It remained unclear Friday evening if the death was accidental or intentional. Sage’s mother is Stallone’s first wife, Sasha Czack.

Steven Tyler, J Lo depart TV's American Idol  

cbc news By : Staff Reporting

Jennifer Lopez has joined Steven Tyler in exiting American Idol.

Lopez announced on Friday she was leaving the talent competition after two years as a judge, a day after Tyler said he planned to return to rock 'n' roll.

Speaking on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, she said,"I honestly feel like the time has come that I have to get back to doing the other things that I do that I've put kind of on hold because I love Idol so much." - More

Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes: Disposable phone used to start divorce  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Katie Holmes set the wheels in motion for her divorce from Tom Cruise using a throwaway cellphone provided by a friend to initially talk to her lawyers and avoid her husband knowing about the conversations, according to a source familiar with the divorce.

The move allowed her to prepare her legal case without Cruise and his staff knowing she was about to exit the marriage and left him shocked at the sudden divorce. By the time a deal was struck last weekend to end the marriage, she hired three law firms in three states.

Photos: Kourtney Kardashian Has Baby Girl  

LongIslandPress.com By : Jessica Sinclair

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian has given birth to her second child, a baby girl, this weekend. Kardashian welcomed her second child with boyfriend Scott Disick Sunday, a daughter they named Penelope Scotland Disick.


Pop Crush By : Jessica Sager

Ushers stepson, Kyle Glover, is currently hospitalized after being struck with a jet ski. Though his ongoing divorce proceedings with ex wife, Tameka Foster, are dramatic, Ush is one hell of an ex husband and stepfather to have. When Ushers former stepson was injured in a jet skiing accident, Usher personally chartered a plane for Foster to visit her son. For her part, Foster was greatly moved and thankful for Ushers generosity and rushed to be at Glovers side.

Brad Pitts mom bashes Obama  

canada.com By : ALEXANDER C. KAUFMAN

Looks like Brad Pitt is at odds with his mother in this year's presidential election. Jane Pitt, the actor's mother, urged fellow Christians to vote for presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, setting aside any preconceptions of his Mormon faith. She pilloried President Obama, calling him a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.

Diddy's Hamptons Home Intruder Sentenced! Squatter Admits to Smoking Rapper's Cigars, Using His Toothbrush  


Quamine Taylor, the Queens man who broke into the entertainment mogul's Hamptons mansion in April, really lived it up Diddy-style, he revealed at his sentencing Thursday.

He noshed on Sean Combs' food, smoked his cigars, drank his liquor—he even borrowed his toothbrush!

Man lives off Craigslist ads for a month, turns his adventures into a documentary  

Y! Tech By : Tecca

In a major change of pace from his work in The Hangover, actor and comedian Zach Galifianakis is working as the executive producer for a new documentary called Craigslist Joe.

The movie is about Joe Garner, who traveled across America living off Craigslist ads. Over 31 days, Garner sought transportation, food, and shelter through ads on the online classifieds network.

All he took with him on the journey was a laptop, cell phone, toothbrush, and the clothes he wore. Get a first look at the movie with the trailer above. The movie is slated to hit theaters and iTunes on August 2. - More

Box Office Report  

The Hollywood Reporter By : Pamela McClintock

The box office surged Friday as Ted and Magic Mike scored some of the best numbers ever for the R-rated comedy genre.

Tyler Perry's more tame Madea's Witness Protection also did good business.

Directed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, Ted grossed $20.2 million on Friday for a weekend debut in the $51 million to $52 million range -- the top opening of all time for an original R-rated comedy, eclipsing the $45 million earned by The Hangover in 2009.

Alec Baldwin weds Hilaria Thomas  

Toronto Sun By : Staff Reporting

Alec Baldwin is a married man again after exchanging vows with fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

The 30 Rock star, 54, wed 28-year-old yoga instructor Thomas at the historic St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York on Saturday, reports People.com.

The Catholic ceremony, performed by Reverend George Deas, also included readings in Spanish in recognition of the bride's upbringing in Spain.

Hip hop songstress Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty  


Grammy Award-winning hip hop singer Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges Friday in federal court in Newark, N.J., and could face up to three years in prison.

The ex-Fugees member failed to file three years of tax returns between 2005 and 2007 on $1.8 million in income amassed mostly from film and recording royalties.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes to divorce: People magazine  

Jakarta Globe By : Staff Reporting

Hollywood dream couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce after five years of marriage, People magazine reported Friday.

This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family, an attorney for 33-year-old Holmes told the magazine. Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest.

Quincy Jones: Diddy couldnt recognize a B Flat  

Huffington Post By : Kia Makarechi

In an interview with The Wrap at a Spotify launch event in Los Angeles (the streaming service was announcing artist-curated playlists), Jones said that the rapper and Bad Boy head honcho "couldn't recognize a b flat." Instead, Jones noted, "P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing," citing his clothing labels and success with Ciroc (his vodka company) as the rapper's true talents.

50 Cent in car accident, release from hospital  

eNewsReference.com By : Staff Reporting

50 Cent was injured in a car accident in the early morning hours of Wednesday. The rep says 50 Cent was taken to New York Hospital Queens where he was treated for "minor neck and back injuries" and is now "doing fine."

Bruce Jenner storms out of holiday dinner  

Mail Online By : LEAH SIMPSON

Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians got off to a rocky start when Kris Jenner decided to meet with ex-boyfriend Todd Waterman behind her husband’s back. The show began with Kris turning the car around after she realised the move was a bad idea. She called her confidant Noelle Keshishian and told her that she backed out of meeting the man that was the reason behind her divorce with the late Robert Kardashian.

Alex Trebek Recovering from Heart Attack  

Vulture By : Staff Reporting

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek was hospitalized in Los Angeles on Saturday after what THR calls "a mild heart attack." A statement from Sony Pictures Television says Trebek, age 71, "is in good spirits and is currently under observation and undergoing further testing.

He is expected to fully recover and be back at Jeopardy! when production begins taping in July for the new season, the show's 29th." After a heart attack in late 2007, Trebek returned to his hosting gig within weeks.

Kris says Kim sex tape staged  

Fox Sports By : Staff Reporting

NBA star Kris Humphries, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, reportedly has hurled the most explosive accusation during their bitter breakup: that Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, instructed her to shoot her infamous sex tape, and even told her to re-shoot it because it didn't come out "pretty enough."

John Travolta and His Lawyer React to Libel Lawsuit  

ACEShowBiz By : Staff Reporting

John Travolta and his attorney Martin Singer aren't staying quiet when they are served with a libel lawsuit by Robert Randolph, the author of a book about his alleged encounters with the actor in a spa.

The writer accuses the twosome of spreading lies about his mental health, but the "Hairspray" star and his attorney are quick to defend themselves.

Giovanni Ribisi weds model Agyness Deyn  

OTRC By : Staff Reporting

"Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi quietly married in Los Angeles over the weekend," Ribisi's rep told OnTheRedCarpet.com on June 21.

Ribisi is best known for his roles in films like "Boiler Room," "Gone in Sixty Seconds," "The Rum Diary," "Perfect Stranger," The Other Sister" and "Saving Private Ryan."

Alec Baldwin punches Daily News photographer  


Serial shutterbug smacker Alec Baldwin unleashed his fury on a Daily News photographer — and now he’s the focus of a criminal investigation.

A lensman for The News filed an assault complaint with the NYPD, charging the hot-headed “30 Rock” star punched him in the face Tuesday outside the city Marriage License Bureau.

Dark Knight Rises Already Selling Out  

ComicBook.com By : Russ Burlingame

Midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolans third and final Batman film, are already selling out around the country, spurring scalpers on eBay and Craigslist to sell them for several times face falue, according to MTV.

Photos: Angelina Jolie in Maleficent  

Unleash The Fan Boy By : Staff Reporting

Disney‘s returned to their fairy tale roots with their latest live action fantasy flick. This time around, the House of Mouse will delve into the dark, twisted origins of Sleeping Beauty’s resident mean girl, Maleficent.

Last we heard of the project, Angelina Jolie was cast as the titular character and I’ve been absolutely dying (alright, that’s a lie… I’ve been mildly curious, at best) to see a picture of Mrs. Pitt in full meanie makeup. - More

Lindsay Lohan crashes  

ALL Voices By : Harry68

Lindsay Lohan is back under media limelight after an event full week. Apparently Lindsay has been through a lot over the past week which includes smashing a Porsche into an 18-wheeler, being linked in headlines to a porn star and then calling paramedics to her hotel room. - More


RAP-UP.com By : Staff Reporting

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa celebrated the Blu-ray and DVD release of Mac & Devin Go to High School with a party at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday night. - More

Def Leppard impressed by Cruise  

Toronto Sun By : Staff Reporting

Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage has heaped praise on Tom Cruise after the superstar tackled the band's Pour Some Sugar On Me in new movie Rock Of Ages. - More

Paz Vega: Crisis affects Spanish cinema  

El Sol de Cuautla By : Staff Reporting

The Spanish actress Paz Vega, which is filmed in our country the horror film spectrum, was in favor of social movements currently undertaken by young people in Spain (through The Outraged) and Mexico (I'm 132), considers that the terrible economic crisis the country now has meant that film production has slowed considerably and cause unemployment, especially among the technicians. - More

Britney Spears Wears White  

Idolator By : Staff Reporting

Britney Spears was working it in her white Alaïa-designed white dress as she made her grand entrance into the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday (June 8) for the city’s first day of auditions for The X Factor. - More

Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized After Accident  

Jezebel By : Staff Reporting

Today around noon, Lindsay Lohan rear-ended an 18-wheeler and totaled her Porsche on PCH (the only place to wreck your porsche, obv), and it was probably really really scary. - More

Liz and Dick Fight Scene  

Celebrity-Gossip.net By : Staff Reporting

Falling victim to another wardrobe malfunction, Lindsay Lohan put on a peep show while filming a scene for "Liz & Dick" -as her boobs fell out of her dress while on the Los Angeles, California set on Monday. - More

Herman Cain to get his own radio talk show  

Chicago Sun-Times By : Staff Reporting

ATLANTA — Conservative talk radio host Neal Boortz announced his retirement Monday after four decades at the microphone, saying he will be replaced by former GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain.

Boortz said during his morning talk show that his last day will be Jan. 21, 2013, the day of the presidential inauguration. The 67-year-old Boortz said he is in good health and plans to enjoy retirement by traveling with his wife. - More

Snow White Box Office Success  

Winnipeg Free Press By : Staff Reporting

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - "Snow White & the Huntsman" turned out to be a fairer box-office beauty than Hollywood anticipated. According to studio estimates Sunday, Universal Pictures' action yarn inspired by the fairy-tale princess debuted strongly at No. 1 with $56.3 million domestically. That's about $20 million higher than industry expectations. - More

Octomom reveals stripper photos  

The Daily Caller By : Staff Reporting

If you have ever wanted to see a woman who was once pregnant with eight babies at the same time slide down a pole topless, you’re in luck.

Nadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom,” who recently added to her resume by acting in a solo porno flick last month, can now round out her C.V. to include full-blown stripper, TMZ reports. - More

Oprah Book Club 2.0  

StarTribune By : Staff Reporting

Oprah Winfrey is back in the book club business. "Oprah's Book Club 2.0," a joint project of Winfrey's OWN network and her O magazine, begins Monday with the memoir "Wild," Cheryl Strayed's story of her 1,100-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail in California and Washington.

Besides the traditional paper version, special e-editions will be made available that include Winfrey's comments and a reader's guide. "This is way different from the old book club," Winfrey said in an online video announcement. "This time it's an interactive, online club for our digital world." - More

Hot Topic -Sugary Drink Ban Discussion - The View  

eNewsReference.com By : Staff Reporting

There was a heated discussion on the proposed New York City Ban on Sugary Drinks by Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters were on opposite sides of the debate. Whoppi, who didn't like Bloomberg's smoking ban, had strong words on the topic. For the first time it appears as though she was an advocate of less government intrusion when it came to her personal space. - More

Bieber beats up paparazzo  

Macleans By : Emma Teitel

It looks like all of Justin Bieber’s rough housing with Mike Tyson and friends has finally paid off. The Stratford, Ont.-born teen heartthrob turned lesbian icon is now a suspect in a “misdemeanor battery” case in Calabasis, California, where he currently lives. Bieber and longtime celibacy sponsor Selena Gomez, the story goes, were leaving a local shopping mall on Sunday afternoon, when a paparazzo tried to take J.B.’s photo, allegedly blocking the pop star’s car in the process. - More

Beyonce Live at the Revel  

Beyonce Online By : Staff

Beyoncé on stage at Revel for its Premiere weekend in the first of four shows scheduled for this weekend. Photo: Kevin Mazur. - More

Robert De Niro  

By : Staff

Robert De Niro addressed students at Bates College in Maine on Sunday (May 27, 2012) when he was awarded an honorary doctorate during the 146th commencement, officially making him Dr Robert De Niro. - More

Will Smith-led Men in Black 3  

By : Chuck Vinch

Tommy Lee Jones is one of my favorite actors. I know Tommy Lee Jones. So I can say with some authority that Josh Brolin, for all his accomplishments, is no Tommy Lee Jones. But in “Men in Black 3,” Brolin sure does a wickedly hilarious impersonation — vocal tics, physical mannerisms, deadpan demeanor and all. - More

Rachel Uchitel Gives Birth to Baby Girl!  

By : Anonymous

Rachel Uchitel has some exciting news to share: She and hubby Matt Hahn are the proud parents of a baby girl.Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend's rep tells E! News that Uchitel gave... Read More...

Dancing With the Stars Backstage Scoop: Eliminated Couple Sound Off! Plus, Who Shared a Kiss?  

By : Anonymous

And then there were three.Dancing With the Stars whittled the intense competition for the mirror-ball trophy down to the final three couples tonight, eliminating a fan favorite (and... Read More...

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