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Hillary Clinton Told People to Google Donald Trump Iraq. They Did.  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Brutal Assault on ‪‎Erie‬ Resident Montrice Bolden By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Delivers a Statement in Orlando  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Women React To Real Life Experiment On Transgender Bathroom Debate  

Joey Salads By : Staff Reporting

Did political donation stop Florida Trump U. investigation?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Florida attorney general is denying that a $25,000 donation from Donald Trump is in any way connected to her office's decision not to pursue action against Trump University, her spokesman said. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Footage By Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer Showing A Massive Tornado  

AccuWeather By : Staff Reporting

Watch this incredible footage by extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer showing a massive tornado swirling south of Dodge City, Kansas on May 24.

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Put Electronics Inside Your Body  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Medical gel may hold the key to our cyborg future. The biggest challenge to implanting complicated electronics within ourselves is our own immune system's tendency to reject foreign bodies. Xuanhe Zhao, a scientist at MIT, has developed a flexible and sticky plastic gel that will provide an interface between these two very incompatible materials.

100% of Urban Prep Academy students were admitted into a four year College or University.  

Warner Brothers By : Staff Reporting

Amazon Act To Help The Homeless In Seattle  

Amazon By : Staff Reporting

Barack Obama Kicks Off American Idol Finale with a Call for Voter Registration  

WHO News By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama kicked off American Idol‘s series finale in a video message to celebrate the show’s legacy and encourage more people to register to vote.

Hillary Clinton Talks Bernie Sanders, NY Primary, 2016 Race  

Today Show By : Staff Reporting

President Obama on the state of politics in America  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Patient learns the hard lesson of being Getting-Surgery-While-Black  

Fox News  By : Staff Reporting

Mars map shows most detailed view to date  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

First Family Take a Stroll in Old Havana By : Staff Reporting

President Obama and the First Family Take a Stroll in Old Havana. President Obama is the first American president to visit Cuba in 90 years.

President Obama arrives in Cuba for historic visit  

Today By : Staff Reporting

Ad Links Kelly Ayotte SCOTUS Inaction to Donald Trump  

Senate Majority PAC By : Staff Reporting

President Obama On iPhone Encryption  

South by Southwest Interactive Discussion By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama give the most compelling case against absolutists who are against any back door into encrypted smartphones at the South by Southwest Interactive Discussion.

President Obama on SCOTUS Selection By : Staff Reporting

President Obama chides the U.S. Senate on doing its job of 'advice and consent' on the next Supreme Court Justice.
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SNL: A Message From Racists For Donald Trump  

SNL By : Staff Reporting

Johnny Cochrans Jury Instruction At OJ Simpson Trial By : Staff Reporting

Unedited Donald Trump Campaign Rallies By : Staff Reporting

Astronaut Scott Kelly returns to Earth after longest US space mission  

Euronews By : Staff Reporting

An American astronaut and Russian cosmonaut have returned to Earth after an unprecedented period of almost a year in space for NASA.

The time spent by Scott Kelly, 52, and Mikhail Kornienko, 55, on the International Space Station was intended to pave the way for human travel to Mars.

A Soyuz capsule carrying the pair and a second Russian cosmonaut made a parachute landing in Kazakhstan three and a half hours after they left the ISS.

Donald Trump Refuses To Condemn The KKK  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

Horrific German Train Crash In Bad Aibling By : Staff Reporting

Lady Gaga's Super Bowl 50 National Anthem  

NFL By : Staff Reporting

Chris Christie On The Attack  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Michael Eric Dyson Talks Obama, Race & 2016  

The Late Show By : Staff Reporting

Obama: Americans are working  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Actress-filmmaker duo on The Wait, saving sex for marriage  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Actress Meagan Good's real-life views on sex and marriage are quite different from her character's outlook in "Jumping the Broom." It was on that set where she first worked with her filmmaker husband, DeVon Franklin.

They believe saving sex for marriage is the key to success. For the couple that meant committing to celibacy until they tied the knot in 2012. Good and DeVon join "CBS This Morning" to discuss their new book, "The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love."

Ted Cruz: The people, not the media, pick the president  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Video: Larry Fitzgerald visited Hot List testing and we made him work  

Golf Digest By : Staff Reporting

Ted Cruz Explains Goldman Sachs Loan  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

WOW...The video thats taking the Internet By Storm  

Smag31 By : Staff Reporting

Eating You Alive - Trailer Whats on your Plate  

Eating You Alive By : Staff Reporting

Samuel L. Jacksons Trump Feud  

Late Night with Seth Meyers By : Staff Reporting

Ice Cube, Kevin Hart And Conan Help A Student Driver  

Team Coco By : Staff Reporting

#CONAN Highlight: A CONAN staffer is learning the rules of the road, with a little help from Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, & Conan. Look out, fellow drivers!


Socks Are The Fastest Growing Multi-Billion Dollar Fashion Statement  

CBS This Morning By : Jamie Wax

Socks are the fastest growing segment of men's fashion -- a multi-billion dollar business that's encouraging guys to wade ankle-deep into style. Jamie Wax reports.


Access To Chinas Olympic Training Camps  

The Economist By : Staff Reporting

Watch some of the biggest stories of the year ahead – before they happen. Early access to our latest film, featuring behind-the-scenes access to China's Olympic training camps, former Doctor Who star David Tennant, the biggest environmental problem you've never heard of, therapeutic virtual reality and much more.

Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015  

CBS By : Staff Reporting

Why Star Wars is setting box office records  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

New York Magazine film critic explains why "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is resonating so well with Star Wars fans and critics alike.

Obama: It is important not just to shoot, but to aim  

NPR By : Staff Reporting

Soyuz rocket to fly Tim Peake to ISS  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Watch in 360 video as the Soyuz rocket is moved into place, in Kazakhstan. The spacecraft will take Tim Peake, a British astronaut and other crew members to the International Space Station.

The journey will start on December 15th. Soyuz is the only means of transportation that can take humans to space today and it will lift off from the same launchpad Yuriy Gagarin, the first man in space blasted off in 1961. (Filmed by Abdujalil Abdurasulov)

Obama: ISIS strategy moving forward with urgency  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama met with military leaders at the Pentagon as part of an ongoing effort to "review and constantly strengthen" U.S. military plans against ISIS.

Victims recount Oklahoma cops sexual assault  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Like many college football stars, Daniel Holtzclaw dreamed of joining the NFL. Instead, he became a police officer in Oklahoma City. He could face life in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting 13 women. It went on for months until one brave victim said, “Enough.” Manuel Bojorquez reports. - Referenced Article

The rise of the Twitter advertising audience  

Bloomberg Business By : Staff Reporting

Soldier Surprises Daughter with Santa  

Clarksville Now By : Staff Reporting

Oman Oman hits incredible full-court buzzer-beater  

USA Today High School Sports By : Staff Reporting

Many kids dream of it. Down by two with just seconds left in the game. A heave to beat the buzzer. For the win. Dreams for many kids.

A reality for Oman Oman. The Austin, Minn. Packers traveled to Northfield, Minn. Tuesday night for a conference tilt against the Raiders. - Referenced Article

Investigators find ISIS connection in shooting  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes honor Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards  

Oscars By : Staff Reporting

Volkswagen dealers reports 25% decline in November U.S. auto sales  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Dashcam shows close call with deer  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Dashcam shows officer's close call with deer

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel asks Supervisor Garry McCarthy to resign  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has asked Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy to resign after a police officer was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald.

Obama discusses terror response with world leaders at G-20 summit  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

VICE Special Report: Fixing The System  

Vice  By : Staff Reporting

Typhoon Mujigae rips through Southern China  

Euronews By : Staff Reporting

President Obama responds to Vladimir Putins Perceived Strength By : Staff Reporting

President #Obama's Response To #Putin's #Syrian Campaign

Posted by ENews Reference on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Russian airstrikes in Syria underway: Moscow  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Cameron hit for slave reparations in Jamaica  

euronews By : Staff Reporting

High schools cancel football due to injuries, low interest  

CBS Morning News By : Staff Reporting

Man robs bank dressed as Rick James  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

A man disguised himself as Rick James and robbed a bank with another guy. Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) has the details.

CCTV footage captures assault on Davenport Citibus  

Shelly Larsen By : Staff Reporting

Dr. Ben Carsons business manager defends his candidates comments  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Russian military intervention in Syria creates risk for run-ins with U.S. warplanes  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Onlookers horrified as 9 police arrest teen for jaywalking  

Euronews By : Staff Reporting

A policeman carries a baby to safety  

Newsweek By : Staff Reporting


Obama: No student should be priced out of college  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Migrants decide to walk to Austria from Budapest  

ODN By : Staff Reporting

Migrants chant "We want bus!" as they walk along a road towards Austria, while another thousand cross into Hungary from Serbia. Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

Tiger Woods holes flop shot for birdie at Wyndham  

PGA Tour By : Staff Reporting

Obama's improved Golf Swing at his Martha Vineyard Vacation By : Staff Reporting

Obama: Superpowers dont respond to taunts  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

How 3D-printing will literally make the future  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

14 GOP candidates to take stage in New Hampshire forum  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Candidates and their supporters want to raise their profiles before the top 10 gather for Thursday's prime-time debate. Monday night’s forum will not include Donald Trump, but we heard a lot from him and his opponents over the weekend. Major Garrett reports.

Anatomy of an Ad: Michael Ballacks Priceless Surprise  

Ad Age By : Staff Reporting

Will Joe Biden run for President?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Zimbabwe wants Dr. Walter Palmer extradited  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Make A Plan | Emergency Preparedness | Ad Council  

Ad Council By : Staff Reporting

Facebook takes on YouTube  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Why? with Hannibal Buress - Visiting a PETA Protest  

Comedy Central By : Staff Reporting

Obama urges African leaders to uphold human rights  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

President Obama is wrapping up a five-day visit to Africa with a speech to the African Union. He is the first American president to address the 54-nation organization based in Ethiopia. Major Garrett reports from Addis Ababa.

Saif Al Islam Gaddafi: late dictator Muammar Al-Gaddadis son condemned to death, Wiki- Bio  

Franch 24 By : Staff Reporting

Saif Al Islam Gaddafi Wikipedia Bio

Jeffrey Brown: How we cut youth violence in Boston by 79 percent  

TED By : Staff Reporting

Police officer investigated for throwing peanuts at a homeless man  

Mashable By : Megan Specia

A Florida police officer is being investigated for allegedly throwing peanuts at a homeless man who was being booked in the Sarasota County jail earlier this month.

A video of the incident has prompted an investigation, according to local reports, into the dehumanizing way the officers appear to have treated the homeless man. - Referenced Article

Thirty-five of Cosbys alleged sexual assault victims appear on magazine cover  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Kelly Clarkson singing fan request Blank Space by Taylor Swift in Toronto  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Did Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandle sensitive government information  

Boston Globe By : Staff Reporting

MI Films Automotive Productions  

MI Films By : Vern Nicholson

MI Films and Digital Magic produces spell binding Advertising renditions of Automotive genius for the world's leading Brands.

Rare Photos Show Jewish Prisoners Selected for Death  

AHC By : Staff Reporting

Kenya Making Preparations For Obama's Visit  

Kenya CitizenTV By : Staff Reporting

All is set for U.S. President Barack Obama’s tour this week. The 3-day visit is Obama’s first tour of Kenya since his election to the White House, though it’s a grand return after his trip in 2006 when he came to Kenya as the Senator of Illinois.

The President Meets with the President of Nigeria  

White House By : Staff Reporting

President Obama delivers remarks before holding a bilateral meeting with President Buhari of Nigeria. July 20, 2015.

Travel Noire appeals to young black millennials  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Since launching in 2013, Travel Noire has become one of the go-to sites for black travelers with some cash to spend and a desire to see the world. The site provides ideas of where to go and stay, in addition to travel deals that will take them there. Vladimir Duthiers reports.

Walker unsure if being gay is a choice  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

John King, Julie Pace & Ed O'Keefe speak about the Wisconsin governor and whether he believes sexual preference is a choice.

Nation of Change: Irans Millennials Look to the Future  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

ABC US News | World News

Montel Williams slams Donald Trump for Mocking John McCains service  

Lucid Public Relations By : Staff Reporting

Kerry, Moniz defend Iran deal  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Obamas At Central Park  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Verna Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them  

TED By : Staff Reporting

The Numbers Behind Obamas Push For Prison Reform  

NEWSY Politics By : Staff Reporting

Former Nazi bookkeeper sentenced to prison  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Oskar Groening, a 94-year-old former Nazi guard, was found guilty on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder. It stems from his work at the Auschwitz death camp. Although he never killed anyone, prosecutors say that his role as a bookkeeper helped the camp function. Mark Phillips reports from London. 

Richard Williams on raising champions  

Q on CBC By : Staff Reporting

Bargain battle: Walmart play hardball against Amazon with Omni-Channel Retail  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Obama: Iran will not develop nuclear weapons  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Drug lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman vanishes from Mexican prison  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Ta-Nehisi Coates explores Americas racial divide in new book  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

The author says he is terrified by the number of unarmed black men who have died at the hands of police. His new book, "Between the World and Me," is written as a letter to his 14-year-old son on what it means to be black in America. Coates joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the tough advice he gives to his son and the country.

Leon Bridges: Coming Home  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Judge recognizes burglary suspect as middle school classmate  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

It was an emotional reunion in a very odd place. Forty-nine-year-old Arthur Booth was in a Florida court Thursday facing charges for burglary, grand theft and resisting arrest. He broke down when he realized the judge, Mindy Glazer, was a former classmate. Ben Tracy reports.

Making sense of the jump in Shark Attacks  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Could new technology ALIAS replace co-pilots?  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

The Air Force is 520 pilots short of requirements this year due to budget cuts and a hiring spree by airlines, but first on "CBS This Morning," we're getting a look at new technology that could one day help solve that shortfall and maybe save lives. Kris Van Cleave reports.

Active shooter at Washington Navy Yard  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Child Hunger In America - Scarlett Johansson | Hunger Prevention | Ad Council  

Ad Council By : Staff Reporting

Wal-Mart Apologies for Baking Cake Decorated With ISIS Flag  


Wal-Mart has apologized for baking a cake decorated with the ISIS flag. The cake was ordered from a Wal-Mart in Slidell, Louisiana.

The customer said he had been denied an earlier request for a cake decorated with the Confederate battle flag and the words "Heritage Not Hate." Wal-Mart said in a statement: "It's unfortunate that one customer sought to take advantage of an associate who did not know the flag or its meaning. - Referenced Article

President Obama: Im Really Proud of All of You By : Staff Reporting

Brazilian Cop Shoots Suspects After High-Speed Chase  


A Brazilian cop who was filmed by a TV news crew shooting two teenage suspects after a high-speed chase is being investigated, officials said. One of the suspected motorcycle thieves is seen throwing a helmet at the officer as they raced through the streets of Sao Paolo. Seconds later, they crashed off the road and crumpled onto the sidewalk.

New research questions medical marijuanas impact  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Doctors are allowed to prescribe pot in 23 states and Washington, D.C., but a groundbreaking new study challenges many of the health promises that came with legalization.

Dr. Tara Narula joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the true healing power of medical marijuana.

Diddy Ecstatic on Son Justins First Game  

DIDDY TV By : Staff Reporting

Putin: Russia is not striving for dominance  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Putin: We're not being aggressive, we are persistent. Russia is not striving for dominance...what we're seeking is equal partnership with the international community...

Is TV winning the digital revolution?  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

There may be a surprising winner in the digital revolution. While ratings for traditional and cable channels have fallen, the companies that own them are more profitable than ever. Media columnist and author of "Television is the New Television" Michael Wolff joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how companies are riding this wave of success.

Dolezal Colleague: Rachel Sees Herself as Black  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Angela Schwendiman, a colleague and fellow instructor at Eastern Washington University, says Rachel Dolezal always projected a black identity and doesn't believe it was an act but that Dolezal sincerely sees herself as black.

Inside Apples new ritzy Manhattan store  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Destruction and chaos reign in real-life Grand Theft Auto  

CNET By : Anthony Domanico

Welcome to Los Santos. In a new video from YouTube filmmaking studio CorridorDigital, we see the hyper-violent world of Grand Theft Auto come to life in the very real city Los Angeles, which served as inspiration for the fictional city in the action adventure game.

The clip, which posted Monday, was shot with a GoPro camera that follows the main character around as he wreaks havoc on the town, takes out a couple of targets who are either dummies or born from CGI and steals a few cars. - Referenced Article

Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard  

TED By : Linda Cliatt-Wayman

On Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s first day as principal at a failing high school in North Philadelphia, she was determined to lay down the law.

But she soon realized the job was more complex than she thought. With palpable passion, she shares the three principles that helped her turn around three schools labeled “low-performing and persistently dangerous.” - Referenced Article

California plant transforming sewage into drinking water  

CBS News By : Ben Tracy

In the midst of California’s historic drought, cities and towns are looking for any source of water they can find. That includes a water recycling process some call “toilet to tap.”

Increase Qualified Sales Leads  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Iowa Republicans Lukewarm on Jeb  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Google Self-Driving Car Project  

Google By : Staff Reporting

We started designing the world’s first fully self-driving vehicle to transform mobility, making it easier, safer and more enjoyable for everyone to get around. Now we're ready for the next step of our project: this summer, our prototype vehicles will leave the test track and hit the familiar roads of Mountain View, California, with our safety drivers aboard.

Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Baltimore mom: To see my son at riots with rock in hand, I just lost it  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

Obama Zings the Patriots on Deflationgate  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Facebook Plans to Monetize WhatsApp  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout  

LinkedIn By : Catherine Fisher

Complicated legacy of Malcolm X, 50 years after assassination  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Meet the robots making Amazon Fulfillment Centers even faster  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

U.S. official: Jordan launches airstrikes against ISIS  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Footage from TransAsia plane crashes into Taipei river  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Ukraine War Wounded Flood Civilian Hospitals  

VOA By : Staff Reporting

Dozens of injured Ukrainian troops arrive daily at the Central Hospital in the Donetsk Region city of Artemivsk, 40 kilometers from the government-controlled town of Debaltseve, which has been under siege from Russian-backed rebels for the past week. VOA's Al Pessin reports on the sometimes chaotic, always stressful and too often somber scene.

US President Barack Obama wraps up three-day visit to India  

NDTV By : Staff Reporting

Fox News Get Hammered By High School Students For Their Lack Of Journalistic Ethics  

The Quantum Leap Exhibit Program By : Staff Reporting

The Quantum Leap Exhibit Program at Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vermont took a good look at FOX News and put FNC up against the published Ethics of Journalism per the Society of Professional Journalists. See how FOX News failed miserably at practicing journalism on every level.

De Blasio: Don't underestimate this storm  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

PM Modi receives President Obama at Delhi Airport  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Tours India  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

11-Year-Old Golf Whiz Also a Viral Video Star  

NECN By : Jack Thurston

French Clamor to Buy New Charlie Hebdo Issue  

Wall Street Journal By : Staff Reporting

Insiders Alert: Jameis Winston Going Pro  

Campus Insiders By : Staff Reporting

Terror attack on French magazine  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Interview earns a stunning $15M from online sales  

MSNBC By : Staff Reporting

What makes a video go viral?  

BBC Trending By : Staff Reporting

Officers carry casket, salute Ramos family  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

President Obamas approval rating at 7 month high  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Who is Ismaaiyl Brinsley's ex girlfriend Shaneka Thompson?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Shaneka Thompson was gunned down in her third-floor apartment in the Baltimore suburb of Owings Mills, Maryland.

NYC Mayor de Blasio goes off on reporter  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

Mayor De Blasio: There are some bad people who say inappropriate thing...who say hateful things.

They have no place in these protests. The vast majority of New Yorkers...of Americans believe in peaceful Democratic process.

President Obama May Be One Giant Step Closer to Visiting Cuba  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama normalizes relations with Cuba  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Iraqis train with U.S. Air Force to fly F-16 jets  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Witness 40 for Ferguson grand jury exposed as a racist  

MSNBC By : Staff Reporting

Chaos over new Air Jordans  

KPRC By : Staff Reporting

Oprah: Don't judge out-of-context emails  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Race debate over leaked Sony emails on Obamas movie picks  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Finding Bill Cosby's Drug Connection By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle deliver Toys for Tots  

The Telegraph By : Staff Reporting

CIA Torture Defenders Have Little Merit: Mark Halperin  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Harlem cheers for Kate after charity visit  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

#BlackLivesMatter Everywhere By : Staff Reporting

How did we get here?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Bob McCulloch gave the jurors an outdated copy of Missouri law  

The Last Word By : Staff Reporting

Attack Their Greed Campaign By : Staff Reporting

Taking to the streets and hollering aimlessly about Racism is not the case here. We can differentiate between Agents of the law using brutality and Black on Black violence, but we know that the system allows them both.

Pantaleo and the young Black mercenaries in our street are sanctioned, to a large extent, by the same system that allows all of the guns and drugs in our neighborhoods unabated.

When Fox News talks about Black on Black violence whenever a grand jury lets someone off they're not concerned about it except to use it to foster their own bigoted ideas about race. THE BLACK COMMUNITY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO CORRECT THIS PARTICULAR WRONG. Attack them where it hurts...attack their GREED

Eric Garner's mom: I do not accept an apology  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Alicia Keys Releases: We Gotta Pray in Wake of NYC, Ferguson Protests  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Fatal Police Encounters in New York City  

 NY Times By : Staff Reporting


Referenced Article


YouTube By : Staff Reporting

The First Lady Previews the 2014 White House Holiday Decorations  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Response to No Indictment on NYPD Chokehold Eric Garner Case  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Ashton Carter's National Security Career Biography  

WikiPedia By : Staff Reporting

White House police initiatives include body cameras, task force  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Gov. Patrick Hillary Clinton's inevitability is off-putting to regular voters By : Staff Reporting

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser  

Star Wars By : Staff Reporting

What does Ferguson mean? By : Vern Nicholson

We haven't seen such an outpouring of protests and unrest in this country in recent memory.

When the verdict was announced in the beating of Rodney King in the early nineties we watched a similar public reaction, but a more sophisticated digital media has given Ferguson's version something entirely different.

During the turbulent 60's, as it’s frequently referred to, we were limited to news after the fact. Footage from photos, hand held cameras and voice recorders had to be taken to the office and edited for the morning's print or the evening's broadcast. Today Vine, Twitter and Instagram is taking us to the scenes live. Even traditional media has allowed their reporters to individually post immediate updates using the latest digital channels.

While observing the human reaction and the emotional impact, digital technology professionals also appreciate and even marvel at the how media has evolved; it's quite extraordinary. We're watching history unfold here. We saw it in the Arab Spring uprising chronologized on Twitter, as governments sought to shut the social networking service down and we're even witnessing it in Hong Kong as students take to the street in protest.

As traditional media gives way to a groundswell of emerging ways to disseminate vast resources of information instantaneously, we are left with few outlets to make sense or compartmentalize what we're consuming. I guess some would argue, let media consumers filter the information themselves in a free and open society.

#Ferguson unveils a story of two individuals and their personal stories colliding like two freight trains on a national and even world stage. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, even gave a statement about what is unfolding. We already know that Social Media has outstretched the town square to global proportions.

Matters of a town of roughly 21,000 becomes an uncensored topic of conversation for millions.

Ferguson has presented us with the unique opportunity to develop even more sophisticated social media tools that can take all of the live content, systematically categorize and chronologize it all in real time. After all, technology should not only bombard us with information, it should also provide us with the best means for clarity too.

Michael Smerconish spoke with Bassem Masri about the escalating protests in Ferguson, Missouri  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Scenes: Ferguson Erupts with reports of Arson and Gunfire By : Staff Reporting

White House: Secy. Hagel to resign  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Prime Minister Jose Socrates returns before judge in tax fraud case By : Staff Reporting

China building possible airfield in South China Sea, U.S. says By : Staff Reporting

Iran Nuclear Deal Unlikely Before Deadline, Extension Proposed By : Staff Reporting

Israel Considering Military Action Against Iran  

The Jerusalem Post By : Staff Reporting

Akai Gurley, Another Unarmed Black Male Killed in the US By : Staff Reporting

Beyonce - 7/11  

Beyoncé By : Staff Reporting

Ferguson waits: No grand jury decision this weekend  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Derrick Rose: Getting to the Point  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Akai Gurley, Another Unarmed Black Male Killed in the US  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Iran Nuclear talks enter crucial stage  

YouTube Channel By : Staff Reporting

Sgt. Henry Johnson of the Harlem Hellfighters closer to Medal of Honor Award By : Staff Reporting

Bill Cosby Actually Told a Joke About Drugging Women In a Comedy Routine  

Time By : Staff Reporting

In a clip recently unearthed by the Village Voice, Cosby unsettlingly laughs about slipping the aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly” into women’s drinks as if dosing women was a sort-of universal boys-will-be-boys lark.

Obama condemns 'terrible' attack in Israel  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The President reacts to a terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue that left four rabbis dead.

When Fake Super Meat Is Better Than the Real Thing  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Beyond Meat, maker of plant-based "chicken" and "ground beef," will aim for the heart of the carnivorous market with a soy-protein-based hamburger patty called the Beast Burger. Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown says their meatless products taste and feel like the real thing and they believe they can revolutionize the way we eat...

Netanyahu vowed that Israel will respond harshly  

The Australian By : Staff Reporting

Minneapolis Mayor Hammers Local Police Who Absurdly Claimed She Was Flashing Gang Signs By : Staff Reporting

Last week, a Minneapolis news station ran a story, provided to them by local law enforcement, claiming Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges was photographed flashing gang signs with a known criminal.

My Parents Tried Forever This System Didn't Offer Relieve For Them  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Secretary Burwell: The law is based on the issues of transparency  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Obama prepares executive action on immigration  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Americans Check Out Iran's Golden Eagle Danube Express Tourist Train  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Who is Jonathan Gruber? Bio-Wiki By : Staff Reporting

Jonathan Gruber Wiki-Bio

#Rokerthon: A 34 Hour Weather Forecasting Marathon Blitz  

NBC By : Staff Reporting

U.S. and China reach historic agreement on climate change  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Nixon in China  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Richard Nixon's 1972 trip to China showing some of his negotiation preparations and tactics; taken from the 2006 BBC documentary "The War of the World"

President Obama and Putin APEC 2014 Encounters By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have met briefly on the topics included Iran, Syria and Ukraine, but did not provide additional details. Meetings lasted 15-20 minutes.

Obama wades into foreign policy challenges on Asia trip  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Advocate explains its Person of the Year selection By : Staff Reporting

Dr. Myles Munroe, wife and daughter killed in airplane crash By : Staff Reporting

Obama is in Beijing for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings By : Staff Reporting

Gov. Dan Malloy used the gun control issue to win his campaign  

MSNBC By : Staff Reporting

North Korea has released Americans, Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Who is Loretta Lynch?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

US Attorney Loretta Lynch Bio-Wiki By : Staff Reporting

Washington's measure to expand background checks passes  

King Staff By : Staff Reporting

Bloomberg Politics: Election All-Nighter  

Bloomberg Politics YouTube Channel By : Staff Reporting

Bloomberg Politics managing editors and "With All Due Respect" co-hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann anchor Bloomberg Television's midterm election night coverage. Bloomberg Politics >>

President Obama and Control of the Senate on the Line  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Russell Brand Explains How You Start a Revolution  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Michael Alsbury identified in Virgin Galactic crash  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

The pilot killed Friday when a Virgin Galactic spaceship exploded and broke apart midflight was identified Saturday as Michael Alsbury.

Michael Alsbury was an experienced flier and father of two. Richard Branson stated: we owe it to our test pilots to find out what went wrong. - Full Article

Jeffrey Fowle talking about North Korean Captivity  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

“I thought — my faith in God said, ‘God will take care of this. You will take care of the Bible and get it into the hands of a Christian group of some sort.’ God had other plans.”


Fall back 2014: 12 ways to use your extra hour from Daylight Saving Time By : Staff Reporting

On Sunday, many Americans across the country will be turning their clocks back at 2 a.m. to participate in Daylight Saving Time.

Full Article at:

Menino's funeral procession to pass by 10 special Boston locations  

Boston Globe By : Staff Reporting

The funeral procession for former Mayor Thomas M. Menino Monday will pass by 10 locations in Boston that were special to the city’s longest serving mayor in what staffers are calling his “last ride home.” - Full Article

NYPD's Chief Philip Banks III resigns  

YouTube Channel By : Staff Reporting

Virgin Galactics SpaceShipTwo Crashes: 1 Dead, 1 Injured  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Judge LaVerdiere limits movement of Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Rand Paul: The Republican Party brand sucks  

Washington Times By : Staff Reporting

The Guide To Trading Candy  

Buzz Feed By : Staff Reporting

Everything you need to know to get ahead in candy trading. Everything.

Bill O'Reilly decries vicious race politics, plays down White privilege  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

The first lick, er, look, at Android Lollipop  

USA Today By : Ed Baig

Ed Baig goes hands on with the new Android operating system update, Lollipop.

Amazing New Google Email App Is Missing This 1 Feature  

Time By : Alex Fitzpatrick @alexjamesfitz

Learning how to use Inbox, Google’s new algorithm-based email app, is like learning how to drive stick: It’s intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to imagine going back. - Full Article

UPS Delivery Guy Mishandles $12,000 Package  

CBS News     By : Staff Reporting

In Long Island, New York, a surveillance video shows the worker mishandling a package worth $12,000.

ISIS' power of propoganda and production  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

CNN's Kyung Lah reports on ISIS' use of social media to push propoganda and recruit young Westerners

$95 Million View: Inside NYC's Tallest Apartment | Mashable  

Mashable By : Staff Reporting

What's the Best Candy To Buy? Ask a Kid (VIDEO)  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Massachusett's Governor Patrick nixes state quarantine for Ebola  

Boston Herald By : Staff Reporting

Gov. Deval Patrick said he has no intention of implementing a mandatory quarantine for Massachusetts health workers returning Ebola-ravaged region of West Africa.

Bama boosters pay off Alabama coach Nick Saban's 3.1M home  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

According to a report from, the Crimson Tide Foundation paid off Saban's $3.1 million home in January 2013 even though the organization was under no obligation to do so.

The Sabans, who bought the 8,759-square-foot home in 2007, continue living there with the foundation picking up the tab for property taxes each year. - Full Article

Health worker in N.J. tests negative for Ebola (VIDEO)  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Jordan Luton and his firsthand account of the Washington State Shooting  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Jordan Luton was finishing his lunch in the cafeteria at Washington state's Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Friday when he heard it -- a loud bang.

Then there was another. And another. And another. And another. - Full Article

Cornel West's Thoughts on Ella Baker  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Concerns Over Ebola Case in New York  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Gmail will automatically respond to in-coming email messages in 5 years  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Google aims to revamp email with new Inbox app  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Citizen Pulls Over Police Officer  

Yahoo By : Staff Reporting

Citizen's arrests date back to medieval times. They are arrests made by a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. Generally, citizens are encouraged to be mindful of unlawfulness and to take action when they see it.

Mike Jones: Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Pentagon building special Ebola support team  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Indiana suspect leads police to more bodies  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

U.S. drops weapons, supplies in Kobani  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

David McCallum spent 28 years in a New York prison  

CBSNews By : Staff Reporting

W.H.: Klain right choice for Ebola fight  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Putin in symbolic visit to Serbia, torn between EU and Russia  

Euro News By : Staff Reporting

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly - EPIC Interview over White Privilege  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Debbie Dunnegan: No ill intent after calling for military coup against Obama  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

A county official in Missouri is scaling back her latest suggestion that American troops should overthrow President Barack Obama.

Jefferson County Recorder of Deeds Debbie Dunnegan called President Barack Obama "our domestic enemy" and suggested the U.S. Constitution would give the U.S. military the authority to oust the president in a coup d'état, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Wednesday. - Full Article


Hong Kong authorities vow to probe alleged police beating at protest  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Cutest Ad of the 2014 Cycle  

YouTube Channel By : Staff Reporting

Martin Luther King, Jr. On Police Brutality  

NBC News YouTube Channel By : Staff Reporting

Martin Luther King: It seems to me that it will be necessary to continue to demonstrate until these conditions are removed. We don't believe in demonstrating for demonstration sake. We don't have demonstration fever, but we do feel that as long as the conditions of injustice and man's inhumanity to man inflitrate that state it will be necessary to demonstrate in order to bring these issues to the surface and lay them square before the conscience of the nation.

Leaders of Iraqs Anbar province call for U.S. ground forces to stop ISIS  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

ISIS fighters stand on the verge of taking a key Syrian town along the Turkish border as well as an entire province on Baghdad's doorstep.

Malala Yousafzai's entire Nobel prize speech  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Crazy Guy Yelling at President Barack Obama's Motorcade  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Rumors About Kim Jong-Un Feature Coups, House Arrest, Cheese  

Newsy By : Staff Reporting

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?  

YouTube Channel By : Prince Ea

Future of wearable technology  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Scott Brown: Been protecting women since my mom was being beaten at five years old  

Ledger Transcript By : Staff Reporting

Monadnock Ledger Transcript: Shaheen takes a jab at challenger Scott Brown

Facebook Messenger Hack Discovers Friend-To-Friend Payments  

Newsy By : NewsyTech

Kassig Family Message  

YouTube Channel By : Staff Reporting

North Koreans make surprise visit to South Korea  

Breaking News By : Staff Reporting

U.S. Ebola Case: Rick Perry Reassures Texans  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Obama: Gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement  

White House By : Staff Reporting

What we know about the Texas Ebola Patient  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Protest swells in Hong Kong  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

GoPro CEO reveals new POV action camera  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

GoPro cameras are no longer just an adrenaline junkie's best friend. As Carter Evans reports, with over 10 million cameras sold to the masses, the GoPro stock has quadrupled since the company's initial public offering. GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman joins "CBS This Morning" to reveal GoPro's latest POV action cameras.

CNN crew gassed during Hong Kong protests  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Walmart shooting: No indictments against officers in fatal shooting of John Crawford III  

9 WCPO Cincinnati By : Staff Reporting

The U.S. Department of Justice announced it will review a fatal officer-involved shooting inside a Beavercreek, Ohio, Walmart on the same day a special grand jury decided not to indict anyone involved in the Aug. 5 death of John Crawford III. - Full Article

Syrian media: Chief of al-Nusra Front killed  

Press TV Videos By : Staff Reporting

Mark Zuckerberg brings noise, dump trucks and traffic congestion to the hood  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Delivers a Statement on ISIL  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Jesse Matthew is wanted for questioning in disappearance of Hannah Graham  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Bear attacks hiker in New Jersey  

Fox 5 By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Talks with First-Graders at Tinker Elementary School  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Three generations of corporal punishment  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Obama insists: No U.S. ground combat troops in Iraq  

USA Today By : David Jackson

President Obama doubled down Wednesday on an increasingly questioned pledge: There will be no U.S. ground combat troops back in Iraq.

"I will not commit you, and the rest of our armed forces, to fighting another ground war in Iraq," Obama told troops at the U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Fla. - Full Article

Adrian Peterson Cant Play  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

Rent the Runway: An inside look at the tech startups success  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

The e-commerce site is trying to change the way women dress. It allows women to rent designer dresses at a fraction of their original price. Michelle Miller takes you inside the Rent the Runway warehouse.

AD: #Scott Brown received a cool $270,000 when US jobs were shipped to China  

Senate Majority PAC By : Staff Reporting

No Good Deed tops Dolphin Tale 2 in box office weekend, Trailer  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

“No Good Deed” topped the box office this weekend and helped reinvigorate a domestic movie business that was flickering at low ebb reports Variety.

The Sony/Screen Gems thriller took in $24.5 million from 2,175 theaters, easily beating expectations. Going into the weekend, analysts expected the home invasion thriller to hover around $20 million.

Females made up the bulk of the audience, taking up 60% of the seats in theaters.

Sony Pictures and Screen Gems have launched a first-of-its-kind social media campaign (#TweetToEscape Campaignd) on both Twitter and Instagram for their upcoming thriller “No Good Deed,” which pits Idris Elba against Taraji P. Henson. - Full Article

Mitt Romney Endorses Scott Brown  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

The Cliffhanger Verdict in Oscar Pistorius Trial  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Samsung latest ads attack everything Apple launched this week, and its livestream too  

TNW By : Staff Reporting

That was quick. It’s been barely a day since Apple announced two new smartphones and its first smartwatch at a media event, and Samsung is taking aim with a series of new videos promoting its new Galaxy Note 4.

The ad spots (ordered in a playlist below) take aim the decision to adopt a bigger screen... - Full Article

McCain: Facts are stubborn things Mr. Carney  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Stephen Colbert absolutely destroys Scott Brown  

Stephen Colbert By : Staff Reporting

Women post Craigslist ad for fall boyfriends  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Would Scotland Be Better Off Independent of the UK?  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Obama to Delay Immigration Action Until After November Elections  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Fast food workers arrested  

Fox News 5 By : Staff Reporting

Putin Striving for a New Russia?  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Michael Sam cut by St. Louis Rams  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Google experiments with drone deliveries  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

In this Google video, Australian farmers receive an airdrop of a first aid kit and other items, from a drone that's part of the company's new Project Wing.

Is Russia opening up a new front in Ukraine?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have acknowledged that there are Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. Phil Black reports.

Suge Knight Shot Twice inside Pre VMA Party at 1OAK nightclub then Taken to Hospital  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Northern California rocked by 6.0 Earthquake  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

What Obama did after speech on ISIS  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Moment Michael Brown Strong Arm Robbery Surveillance  

MailOnline By : Staff Reporting

Chief: Brown wasn't stopped due to robbery  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Ferguson's police chief says officer Darren Wilson shot the unarmed teen after first approaching him for "walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic." 

The officer approached Brown not because of the robbery, but "because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic," Jackson said.

President Obama addresses the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, and U.S. efforts in Iraq  

PBS News Hour By : Staff Reporting

In a short statement from Martha's Vineyard, President Obama said that Americans should be proud of U.S. efforts in Iraq, which have helped turn the tide of conflict against the Islamic State Group. Obama went on to speak about clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri in the aftermath of the...

Ferguson Police Chief: We dont have a clear understanding  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer - Reveal Trailer  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Shooting Riots After Mike Brown Killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Looting at Ferguson - Shooting riots after Mike Brown killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri Shooting & vandalism riots at Ferguson, Missouri - unarmed Mike Brown killed by Police Ferguson, Missouri Riots Looting Weave Shop Looting reported during vigil for teen shot by police A few thousand people crammed a suburban St. Louis...

Syracuse professor grows 40 different fruits on one tree  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Sam Van Aken, an art professor at Syracuse University, grafted the tree over nine years into something of biblical proportions. The "Tree of 40 Fruits" contains peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots, all of which are readily edible. Jeff Glor reports.


UK to allow driverless cars on public roads in January  

BBC News By : Staff Reporting

It also invited cities to compete to host one of three trials of the tech, which would start at the same time. In addition, ministers ordered a review of the UK's road regulations to provide appropriate guidelines.

The Department for Transport had originally pledged to let self-driving cars be trialled on public roads by the end of 2013. - Full Article

The Private Life Of Vladimir Putin  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Author Ben Judah reveals little known facts about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Robotic surgery on the rise in operating rooms: 422,000  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Doctors Jon LaPook and Holly Phillips join "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the week's top medical news stories, including the use of robots in hospital operating rooms and jealousy among man's best friend...

Drone Footage Shows Air Algerie Crash Site in Mali  

WSJ By : Staff Reporting

The Burkina Faso military on Friday released drone footage of the crash site of Air Algerie Flight 5017 in a remote region of northern Mali. French President Francois Hollande announced that the crash had no survivors.

Did Snoop Dogg smoke pot in the White House?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Top 5: Most powerful four-cylinder cars  

CNET By : Brian Cooley

Yahoos revenue slumps on weak ad sales  

PC World Video By : Staff Reporting

Yahoo reported falling sales in the second quarter and mixed results in its critical advertising business.

LeBron James Return Worth $500M: Cleveland Official  

Bloomberg News By : Staff Reporting

LinkedIn Connected aims to take work out of networking  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

A new app from LinkedIn offers a quick way to keep up with connections, Sprint targets business travelers with the LivePro projector hotspot, and a new Google Now command helps correct misunderstandings...

Rick Santorum: Republicans Need a Positive Vision  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

The former Pennsylvania senator and Republican presidential candidate says the party is divided, but vibrant in its debates.

President Obama: Cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice By : Staff Reporting

President Obama speaks in Denver on expanding opportunity for more Americans. July 9, 2014.

CNET Top 5 - Futuristic Google projects  

CNET By : Donald Bell

Fan sleeps in stands during game vs. Red Sox  

The Week By : Staff Reporting

A man who who was caught on camera snoozing away during a New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox game is suing the Yankees, Major League Baseball, ESPN, and announcers Dan Shulman and John Kruk for $10 million, citing defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. - Full Article

How much information is there in you vs the world?  

Veritasium By : Staff Reporting

In the Know: 4G LTE Wi-Fi - #TheNew Independence | Chevrolet  

Chevrolet's Channel By : Staff Reporting

Stay in the know on the go with 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring 4G LTE Wi-Fi to cars, trucks and crossovers.

Google will control Android TV, Android Auto and Android Wear  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Funniest Moments from Chris Rock's Monologue!  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Chris Rock had the audience and those at home busting up with laughter during his opening monologue at the 2014 BET Awards and we're highlighting some of the best moments. From Scandal to Solange to even OPRAH, no one was safe from Chris' hilarious remarks. 

Are Oklahoma Earthquakes Tied to Fracking?  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Do Ad Taglines Really Work?  

ADWEEK By : Staff Reporting

How Advertising Strategy is Like Kung Fu  

ADWeek By : SPereira & O'Dell's PJ Pereira

Boko Haram kidnaps another 20 women  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Possible Perils of User-Generated Content  

Magnet Minute By : Amy Schmittauer

It sounds like a great idea at first. You think: "let's invite our Twitter followers to ask questions and we'll answer them on the spot." Or "let's have them tweet photos using a promoted hashtag."

Kerry: Snowden should come home and face the consequences  

PBS News Hour By : Staff Reporting

Lebron vs Bird...Who You Got?  

First Take By : Staff Reporting

Putin unloads on Obama  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

The President Takes a Surprise Walk  

White House By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Awards Sgt. Kyle J. White the Medal of Honor  

White House By : Staff Reporting

Veterans care scandal: Shinseki orders nationwide audit of VA system  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Obama On Arkansas Tornado Damage  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

President Obama makes a statement after viewing devastation from the recent tornadoes and severe storms in Central Arkansas and meeting with families affected by the disaster. May 7, 2014.

G.O.P. Is The Get Obama Party?  

CNN Crossfire By : Van Jones

Joe Scarborough: How stupid are these students...oh thats great!  

MSNBC By : Staff Reporting

President Obama at the 2014 White House Correspondents Dinner  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Biggest Surge in Employment in More Than 2 Years  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

V.Stiviano: Im Mr. Sterlings Right Hand Arm...Man  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Tommy Vietor: Ben Rhodes e-mail tells us nothing new, Wiki-Bio-Video  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Tommy Vietor Wiki on the iconic Osama Bin Laden Compound Raid Reference

Washington Times Reference >>

McCain calls for select committee on Benghazi  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

V. Stiviano, Bio-Wiki-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

V. Stiviano, the woman involved with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

V. Stiviano Biography Wiki

Magic Johnson reacts to Sterlings ban  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Former NBA star Earvin "Magic" Johnson comments on the banning of Los Angeles Clipper's owner Donald Sterling.

Van Jones: You can send two kids to Yale for the cost of sending one kid to jail  

CNN Crossfire By : Staff Reporting

Van Jones explains how the United States has 25% of the world's prisoners yet we make up only 5% of the population.

Captain Lee Joon-seok saving himself from the sinking ferry  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Obama on racist remarks by LA Clippers owner  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling to GF - Dont Bring Black People to My Games, Including Magic Johnson  

TMZ By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama played soccer against a ASIMO  

Time By : Laura Stampler

Obama: Thats some good Sushi right there  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

President Arrives In Japan  

Today By : Staff Reporting

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

How Marissa Mayer changed Tumblr  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Tumblr CEO David Karp talks about his relationship with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and how his company has changed.

Too poor for Obamacare  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Millions of Americans fall into the 'coverage gap' where they do not get Medicaid, but are too poor to qualify for federal subsidies on the new insurance exchanges.

U.S. military to train in Eastern Europe  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Obama: Time for political fight to end  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Rate Amazon FireTV TV Spot Featuring Gary Busey  

iSpotTV By : Staff Reporting

Gary Busey loves talking to things. Fortunately, with the new FireTV from Amazon, he has something that listens back.... Rate here >>

Donald Trump Interested in Buying Buffalo Bills  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss reports that Donald Trump is committed to buying the Buffalo Bills.

Is it Prime time for Amazons smartphone?  

The Verge By : Staff Reporting

The first images of Amazon's smartphone were revealed today in leaked photos, but why would Amazon want to enter such a highly-competitive, low-margin market?

Scott Browns official campaign starts out low key  

NashuaTelegraphVideo By : Staff Reporting

Russian fighter jet provokes U.S. ship  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

U.S. officials say a Russian fighter jet made a dozen low-altitude passes on the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea.

GOP base includes racist elements, congressman charges  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Bubba Watson Wins Second Masters Title  

Associated Press By : Staff Reporting

Beekeeper thought it was fun to cover himself with half a million bees  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Mike Huckabee is not homophobic  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Rat Terrorizes Subway Riders During Morning Commute  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Top 10 The Notorious B.I.G. Songs By : Staff Reporting

He's not only the client, he's the player president. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 songs by The Notorious B.I.G. Special thanks to our users Blackrippin, Emily Carlstrom, superbad333, Philip Folta, Birdman408, Mike Eriksen and Egie Asemota for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at!...

Coach Muffet McGraw and players Jewell Loyd and Kayla McBride met with the media  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Coach Muffet McGraw and players Jewell Loyd and Kayla McBride met with the media after Notre Dame's win to secure a berth in the national

Pros And Cons Of The Keystone Pipeline  

Meet The Press By : Staff Reporting

President Obama: The Affordable Care Act Is Here To Stay  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Acknowledging that the Affordable Care Act is not perfect, President Obama announces 7.1 million signups and says 'the debate over repealing this law is over.'

Obamacare sign-ups surge in final hours  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

S.E. Cupp offers advice on how to understand women  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

VIDEO: Senator Barack Obama stated his case for the Presidency in 2007  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Piers Morgan says goodbye  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

At the end of his final show on CNN, Piers Morgan gives some parting thoughts as he says goodbye.

NJ Governor Chris Christie has a testy exchange today  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

President Obama: Putin Is Misreading US Foreign Policy  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Obama Meets Pope Francis for the first time  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Dramatic Rescue by the Houston Fire Department Caught on Gripping Video  

The Wire By : Staff Reporting

Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands  

White House By : Staff Reporting

President Obama visits Amsterdam - The Netherlands  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

President Obama visits Amsterdam (capital city of The Netherlands). He's in The Netherlands for the NSS 2014 in the Hague.

Michelle Obama supporting free speech for all at a university in China  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Video: FLOTUS Arrives In China  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

This Day In History: President Bush Announces Start of Iraq War, 3.19.2003  

History By : Staff Reporting

President Obama: Florida, Michigan State, Arizona and Louisville in the Final Four  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

Denzel Washington In The Great Debaters: Find Take Back And Keep Your Righteous Mind  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Google introduces Android for smartwatches  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Google jumped into the smartwatch market Tuesday, revealing a version of its Android operating system to work on wearable devices.

The project dubbed Android Wear -- focused first on smartwatches -- delivers notifications for information such as sports scores, weather and directions directly to a smartwatch. - Full Article

Stephen A on Jim Irsay: I think that cats out of bag  

First Take By : Staff Reporting

First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the impact Colts owner Jim Irsay's arrest will have on the team.

St Patricks Day Earthquake on set  

KTLA King By : Staff Reporting

Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Lets talk about marijuana and your brain  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The White House view on Ukraine: The costs are economic  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Why Isnt Black box Data Transmitted Via Satellite In Real-Time?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Nia Long Dishes On Kissing Tyler Perry  

Global Grind By : Staff Reporting

An early selfie of former Secretary of State Colin Powell  

Twitter By : Staff Reporting


Kim Kardashian in the latest bikini photo  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

Fireside Chat Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting


Glenn Ford Spent 30 years on death row before being found innocent  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Glenn Ford walked out of Louisiana prison today after being wrongfully convicted of a 1983 murder and sent to death row.

Chelsea Handler: I'm not a racist  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Russell Simmons meditates twice a day  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Fat Girl Dancing Video Goes Viral  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Randi Zuckerberg: Clear out your inbox, Wiki-Bio-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Randi Zuckerberg Biography Wiki

Rep. Peter King has concerns about Sen. Rand Paul  

Meet The Press By : Staff Reporting

Tiger Woods cards a 66 in Round 3 at Cadillac  

PGA Tour By : Staff Reporting

American Apparel going off the deep end?  

NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting

American Apparel wants you to know the naked truth about its employees. In its latest attempt to get under people’s skins, the Los Angeles-based company featured a topless model with the words, “Made in Bangladesh” written across her chest.

They aren’t referring to the woman’s barely-visible jeans, which the ad points out were made in a factory in downtown L.A. and sell for a cool $90. - Full Article

Ebony Wilkerson wildly drove her three children into the surf  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Runners stopped to thank Joe Bell, 95  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Lindsey Graham: In the last 24-Hours Obama has done a very good job.  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Jay Carney: Be a partisan American, Video  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Queennie Lucio  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Obama: The Ukrainian People Should Decide Its Own Future  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Stephen A On NFL N-Word Ban: Who the hell do you think you are?  

First Take By : Staff Reporting

ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss recent news surrounding the NFL possibly creating a rule that would penalize players for using the N-word on field.

Sen. John McCain warns that Russian President Vladimir Putin  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks to Sen. John McCain about the Ukraine crisis and what actions should be taken against Russia.

Sen. John McCain warns that Russian President Vladimir Putin might make mischief in Ukraine after the Olympics. U.S. Senator John McCain talks about sanction.

Geopolitics of the Ukraine Crisis  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Rory McIlroy shot  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

The U.S.S. Forrestal  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Jared Leto acceptance speech  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Ukraine leaders accuse Russia of declaring war  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Alan Pardew headbutt, Video-Bio-Wiki  

BBC Sports By : Staff Reporting

Pardew, 52, has been fined £100,000 and given a formal warning by his club after the incident during their 4-1 win at the KC Stadium on Saturday.

The Football Association said it will investigate Pardew's actions. "He shouldn't be allowed in the ground for the last 10 games of the season," Savage told BBC Radio 5 live. - Full Article

Alan Pardew Biography

Barkhad Abdi: From Limo Driver To Oscar Nominee, Bio-Wiki-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Barkhad Abdi Biography Wikipedia

OReilly lectures Valerie Garrett about these people  

The O'Reilly Factor By : Staff Reporting

Tavis Smiley  

Breaking News By : Staff Reporting

Economy in Ukraine near collapse  

DW By : Staff Reporting

The new Ukrainian premier, Arseni Yatsenyuk, says 37 billion dollars were siphoned from the treasury during the rule of Viktor Yanukovych. Yatsenyuk says the country urgently needs an IMF loan.

Apotek Interactive Subway Ad That Responds To Arriving Trains  

Taxi By : Staff Reporting

To promote a new line of hair products, Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek installed an interactive subway ad in Stockholm that responds to arriving trains.

The ad was equipped with ultrasonic sensors that were able to monitor a train’s arrival. As a train pulled up to the station, the model on the screen had her long, lush hair tousled by the ‘wind’ of the moving train.

Video: Spike Lee is very upset about gentrification  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Black vs. white man breaking into car explains their prank  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Noose draped on historic James Meredith statue at Ole Miss  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Van Jones vs Ted Nugent  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Evolution Of Hip Hop Dancing  

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon By : Staff Reporting

Ethiopian Airlines Plane Hijacking  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

We Shall Overcome - In Moscow, with the Gay Mens Chorus of Los Angeles  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

University of Texas ecologist finds crazy ants secret weapon By : Staff Reporting

Fire ants are longtime bullies in the southeastern United States.

They poison other ant species, hog food, sting bare feet and ruin picnics.

But since 2012, the Tawny crazy ant has given fire ants a run for their money, even ousting some area colonies. University of Texas ecologist Ed LeBrun recently discovered why crazy ants have the upper hand... Full Article

Charles Barkley Interviews President Obama...No Really!  

Inside The NBA By : Staff Reporting

Stephen A: Lebron is one of the top 4 players we have seen in NBA history  

ESPN First Take By : Staff Reporting

Tune in for more cable mergers?  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Ann Coulter on women and politicians  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Obama: The thing about being President...I can do whatever I want  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Vilma: Shower Comment Was A Poor Example, Bio-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting


If your saying you're attracted to men and you have over 50 male players surrounding you...I think it should be something to consider...same thing for the military. There should be policies in place or there should be no reason to separate females and males in the showers.

Jonathan Vilma Biography

Iran moving warships near US  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Rachel Maddow's Chris Christie Marathon  

MSNBC By : Staff Reporting

Richie Parker: Drive  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

Shaun White pulls out of Sochi  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

President Obama compliments a school teacher on her looks  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Stephen A: Broncos Got Punked In Every Way Possible  

First Take By : Staff Reporting

President Obama Super Bowl Interview On Fox News  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Obama: Marijuana criminal penalties applied unevenly and with racial disparity, Video-Wiki  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Dennis Rodman tells CNN he is not a traitor  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Amanda Knox speaks out after being found guilty of murder  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Al Roker was on a rampage  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Atlanta commuters stranded in cars after snowfall  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Atlanta mayor: There were no fatalities  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Video: War Hero Cory Remsburg Standing Ovation Wiki- Bio-Video  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Sgt. Cory Remsburg received a standing ovation during the State of the Union. He was nearly killed in the Afghan war. 

Sgt. Cory Remsburg Biography

Obama: Do away with Mad Men workplace policies  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Bitcoin Shrem Charged in Drug Trafficking Case  

Bloomberg By : Staff Reporting

Rand Paul: Clinton took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Dennis Rodman In Trouble  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Alex Trebek rapping Dr. Dre lyrics on Jeopardy?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Justin Bieber arrested, Surprised?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Richard Sherman - Student of the Game  

Turning Point By : Staff Reporting

Big divide: What is a living wage?  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Christie's long-ago lesson about political hardball  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Hoboken mayor: Christie has been a great governor  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The UN rescinds Iran invitation to the Geneva 2 peace talks  

euronews By : Staff Reporting

Millions affected by South Korean credit card data theft  

EuroNews By : Staff Reporting

Angry credit card customers have flocked to banks in South Korea to cancel their cards after a... euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained: Euronews is available in 13 other languages:

Rodman checks into rehab after N Korea alcohol-fueled meltdown  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Retired basketball star Dennis Rodman checked into an alcohol rehabilitation center to seek treatment for his long-time struggle with alcoholism, his agent said.

Dennis Prince declined to disclose which facility will treat the star.

"What was potentially a historic and monumental event turned into a nightmare for everyone concerned," Prince said, according to The Associated Press. - More

9-year-old girl stars on high school basketball team  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Video: Prepare for the attack of the devil baby  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Secretary Robert Gates: I actually agreed with virtually every decision President Obama made on Afghanistan  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Giuliani: A stupid political prank backfired  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Contract Talks for Cam Newton  

NBC Sports By : Staff Reporting

Putin's Sochi preparations  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Obama's to do list  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Mary J. Blige This Christmas  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Remembering activist and peacemaker Nelson Mandela  

PBS News Hour By : Staff Reporting

Wild Walmart Black Friday Fight  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Obama's Iranian Deal  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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Historic Deal With Iran  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Russell Crowe fights natural disasters of biblical proportions  

Entertainment Weekly By : Staff Reporting

In Noah, director Darren Aronofsky’s Old Testament epic, Russell Crowe plays the titular biblical figure who must save his family from God’s impending wrath of natural disasters. In the pair of trailers below, Crowe sports varying hair lengths and levels of distress as he “builds a vessel to hold the innocent.”

This vessel — his Book of Genesis-worthy ark — is gargantuan, with special compartments for reptiles, mammals, and birds.

After all, it has to withstand biblical plagues. - More

Mexico swept to a 5-1 victory over New Zealand  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

FOR SALE: Michael Jordan's Residence, Highland Park, IL  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

What is Google building on Treasure Island?  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

OKLA 4 Prisoners Escape, Go Thru Walls To Freedom  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Shaq - TV ad for Chris Christie  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

Merkel says spying among friends not acceptable  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Ted Cruz: People are realizing Obamacare isn't working  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Oops! Teacher sends nude photos to class  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Carney: US Not Monitoring Merkel  

AP By : Staff Reporting

CSKA Moscow 1-2 Manchester City  

YouTube By : Staff Reporting

McCain: Shutdown tactics fool's errand  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Newark Mayor Cory Booker elected to Senate  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Warren Buffet: America's Credit Worthiness Is Like Virginity  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

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