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The North Korean Denuclearization vs The Iranian Denuclearization Deal  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

Donald Trump just scrapped the Iranian Deal that stalled their nuclear weapons quest for at least a decade. After an early departure of the G7 meeting in Quebec with the same US Partners that negotiated the deal with Iran, one would have to ask what will be the specifics of a North Korean denuclearization plan? Will the details be left for the American public to trust the Trump Administration on?

More specifically, what will be the guarantees and safeguards preventing Kim Jong-un to resorting to previous broken promises of his predecessors. Make no mistake about it, greed might be at the heart of North Korea's willingness to emerge out of the shadows of its hermit existence, that is why the details will be very important. This administration has shown a nack for destoying and cancelling well crafted plans. The Paris Agreement is no more, the path to normalize relations with Cuba stalled, the attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act is still in progress and we're watching an attack on our American Values as families are torn apart with Trump's immigration plan.

Trump has only demonstrated the ability to give more wealth to rich people, so it will be interesting to see how this administration can construct something. Trump has emerged when America is given to it's enormous appetite for HATE and GREED. All of a sudden this country has become a laughing stock and enormous calamity on the world's stage. The nexus of nations (N. Korea, China and Russia) who are traditionally our foes are now waiting in the balance when American is at its most vulnerable. This could be North Korea's moment to get while the getting is good.

Could Google Govern Better?  

Online eBusiness Solutions, LLC By : Vern Nicholson

I went to Baltimore on a business trip, several months ago, and returned to find a speeding ticket in the mail a couple days later. It informed me that I was speeding on Interstate 95 somewhere outside Baltimore Maryland. A natural emotion came over me...I was pissed at getting a ticket, but I realized my disappointment was compounded by the fact that I didn’t have a human to refute with or swear at, but I didn’t feel inclined to question a machine. Today congress’ approval numbers hovers at a dismal 10%, so I’m wondering if we would be less inclined to argue or question the actions of our government if an algorithm handled most of the affairs of day-to-day governance and decisions were made on a fact-based analysis of real data as opposed to influence from special interest. There could possible be a tremendous cost savings for everything with less human involvement, from tax filings to paying our annual vehicle registrations. A significant number of court cases could be left to an algorithm (I read this was going on already), based on the severity of the crime, how many prior offenses of the defendant and if the data is correct and everyone received the same sentence there would be fewer claims of unequal treatment under the law. A jury of the defendant's peers wouldn’t have to show up to a brick or mortar courthouse, that requires a huge cost to update and maintain, they could simply use facial recognition technology to appear in front of their monitors for a trial or be sequestered if the judge orders it. General welfare for the less fortunate would truly be based on need, and since all financial transactions will be electronic the government would have a more accurate way of determining how much taxes you pay as well. How many new citizens would we allow into the country? There could be an algorithm for that based on their need and training levels against, where their skill-sets are needed across the country. What about voting? We would have fewer politicians, but we could ensure many more voters if we securely voted from the mobile device or computer we use everyday. All public education can be done online...all citizens will be guaranteed an electronic device to learn. We would cut down less trees since most of our government documents would be paperless. Tremendous fines and criminal charges will be placed on entities that would sell information on citizens. Most sentences would place offenders under approved house arrest with a GPS tracking. How would we wage war to protect ourselves? Well, Switzerland has done a great job of not waging war, but this is when we vote to maintain treaties with countries like the US to avoid war or be well protected in the event of war. Religion would have zero impact on any choices made by government, or in other words, church would be separate from all state affairs. The 230 year old United States Constitution is a document that has stood the test of time and has positively influenced many countries all over the world, but the argument has always been the application and interpretation of the laws where humans are concerned. If a country cedes its sovereign rights to a Google like entity, it will give humans less biased choices to make. Wouldn’t it at least be as radical as the American ideal?

Jeff Pearlman And His Despicable Essay By : Staff Reporting

It’s Des Bieler job that should be on the chopping block for writing his piece, “Stephen A. Smith fires back at criticism that he should have been among ESPN layoffs.” Bieler relished the so called essay that author Jeff Pearlman used to criticize First Take’s Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen is not a caricature of himself, he happens to represent the heart and spirit of competition amongst the fan base of professional sports in this country. If Bieler or Pearlman were to get off their high horses they would only have to go into any barbershop, tailgate party, school or anywhere to see folks in spirited discussions that existed way before Stephen A. Smith arrived at ESPN.

In the final analysis, ratings matter. Viewers matter in television world. Just when a Black man exceeds expectations and soars to great heights there will always be someone using essays to disguise their bigotry and perceived slights against their privilege.

Smith has earned his seat at ESPN and he has also brought a significant amount of eyeballs to the network.

The truth is the market suggests he should be getting significantly more dollars.

It's really about DIGITAL and the loss of subscribers. Huge segment are accessing sports via streaming services...not cable. Online platforms like Twitter and Amazon purchasing coverage rights is disrupting the market. The age of the dinosaur networks and exploding costs is coming to an end, it has nothing to do with Stephen A. Smith.

GOP Senator Has Concerns About Mar-a-Lago  

Yahoo News By : Staff Reporting

Senator Joni Ernst's Town Hall meeting in Wall Lake, Iowa got into a murky discussion about donald trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. A constituent raised concerns about the reported 1 million dollar price tag per visit. 

The Senator stated, “I agree with you, I do wish that he would spend more time in Washington, D.C. That’s what we have the White House for.”

The Senator also said other Republicans in her cacus shared similar concerns and stated, “I have not spoken to him about the Florida issue yet,” Ernst said. “But that is something I think that has been bothering not just me, but some other members of our caucus. So I think that is going to be a topic of discussion that we have when we get back to Washington, D.C.”

Your Business Can Afford An Effective Super Bowl Ad  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Staff Reporting

So, your company doesn’t have the budget to launch a Super Bowl ad on Fox this year?

No problem, a more effective and measurable ad should be narrowly directed at your target audience among the millions of viewers watching the event worldwide.

Getting your ad placed on the many articles, blog posts and videos referencing the Super Bowl requires a couple of hours of planning for some companies.

The sheer number of viewers highlighted on VidStatX are startling. Both the NFL Network and Fox Sports are among the largest YouTube Channels in the world:

The NFL Network has supplied the Digital Space with thousands of viewable hours of content along with the other sports broadcasts, national news companies and bloggers.

The NFL’s YouTube channel has over 1 billion views, from fantasy sport enthusiasts to your average fan.

A good argument can be made for not wasting millions for a 30 second spot for a single day. Do what more savvy advertisers are doing instead: MAKE IT A SUPERBOWL WEEK.

With a budget of $00.3 cents per view you have the flexibility to use Analytics to maximize conversions and sales.

With Analytics, you know precisely when your customers were engaged and you can accurately analyze metrics to improve your messaging.

Call us to carefully select the right ad placements to reach potential customers on the largest media platform on the planet with Google AdWords.

The Last Political Post Before Elections By : Staff Reporting

Throughout this Presidential campaign, I have unfriended those who unabashedly expressed hate and venom about another ethnic group based on outright hate and I have been unfriended by some who were apparently fed up with my point of view and constant use of the word "FACTS" and display of specific articles, quotes and data to prove my points.

On the other hand, I have actually friended some who have a totally different point of view than my own regarding this Presidential race, because they were informed and had the ability to articulate their opinions.

Clients and family members have asked about my opinions and rants on their timelines, specifically a video of a person in handcuffs sustaining multiple blows before being placed in a patrol car (viewed over 60,000 times on FB, Twitter, XBox, YouTube, USA Today...). I believe you use every vehicle to speak out against some evil.

The Apostle Paul said our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. - Ephesians 6:12. My spiritual sense is we're wrestling against a pervasive evil in our day that manifests itself in intolerance, bigotry, greed and hate.

Having said all of the above, I urge you to vote your conscience and vote for candidates who are more likely to unite rather than divide us tomorrow.

Will Google Buy Twitter?  

Vern Nicholson By : Vern Nicholson

Twitter is rumored to be for sale for about 17 – 20 billion dollars and that would mean it’s going for cheap since popular platforms like WhatsApp sold for 20bn to Facebook and LinkedIn just sold for 23bn to Microsoft.

Some of us are old enough to be astonished by the valuation of Social Media platforms. I can put this into perspective by simply saying my beloved Steelers, the most storied franchise in all of professional sports (as far as I’m concerned) is worth 1 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine.

But when you factor in the cultural significance of Twitter you begin to understand why, even the Queen of England tweets on occasion. Coups are announced on Twitter, the Arab Spring was chronicled on Twitter and it’s the go-to platform for every Hollywood star to Athletic Phenom.

Which brings me to my next point, why is it for sale and who is the likely buyer? Since it’s one of the leading Social Media platforms investors are skittish about dwindling users while new and up and coming platforms like Snapchat surges ahead.

Google is the likely buyer, but I’m sure the terms and conditions must be right.

While we’re talking Twitter, you’re welcome to follow my Twitter account @vernnicholson40. Thank you.

Your System Is A Greater Murderer! By : Staff Reporting

Different names today of Officer shooting and an unarmed person of color, but the same root CAUSE and EFFECT. Before it gets better you have to admit the reason incidents like this occur is YOU ALL have been complicit in allowing this notion of PRIVILEGE.

You observe, more often than not in your own every day lives, and even in your conscious thinking and allow it to happen.

Names can't do anything...'Sticks and stones may break my bones...' and bullets kill. Some of us are human enough to know that the officer in the OK shooting allowed the privileged mindset to control her actions and behavior, like it did in New York, South Carolina, Minnesota, Ferguson, Louisiana, Ohio...

Having this mindset in congress allows laws dumping massive amounts of blackmarket guns in the inner-city, having the mindset in state legislatures allows more state funding to better performing schools and strips it from the ones in the inner-city, bank officers turn down loans to applicants who more than meet the criteria. Having the mindset as a "law enforcement" officer makes you hyper cautious and even fearful of people of color.

It's why when they look at the public issued emails and phones of Officers across the country it is laced with outright hate and bigotry.

Think about your conscious and subconscious thoughts from week to week and ask yourselves. You might and might not be in a position to make decisions based on this FALSE notion of privilege, but it influences how you decipher the news and rationalize information.

Whites standing in protest with Blacks have articulated this better than I can.

Black police officers and other Black people in positions of power, like the professors at UNC that were allowing student-athletes to fail and take mediocre classes, like the teachers in Georgia doctoring student tests...they too have bought into or are complicit in this system.

Court officers are taking Black youths and feeding them into the prison pipeline for doing petty things we all did as youths, for profit and kick-backs. Ignoring these inequities sustains the system.

Did the officer in OK wake-up each morning saying I'm going to kill a Black person...heavens no. Just several weeks ago a Black couple gave her a bouquet of flowers for her help. The system is the real true evil here, it indoctrinated her.

The slave economy eliminated the obstacle of morality in the 1600s  

Slate Magazine By : Peter H. Wood

Interesting piece...curious to know what happened to the descendants of Anthony and Mary Johnson.

The same influences of greed and fright about the color-line in the 1600s are very similar to the motivation to deny the vote and incarceration in 2016.

The landscape is projected to get darker in the coming decades and the tea-party's unease has less to do with economics than it does the color-line and Obama's emergence and what it signifies...hence Trump's so-called "birther" movement. Slates, 'The Birth of Race-Based Slavery' is an excellent piece - Referenced Article

Handwritten ledgers show $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments designated for Paul Manafort  


On a leafy side street off Independence Square in Kiev is an office used for years by Donald J. Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, when he consulted for Ukraine’s ruling political party.

His furniture and personal items were still there as recently as May. - Referenced Article

GOP Congress Dysfunctional Before Trump  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Senator Mitch McConnell calls the GOP chances of winning the Senate next year, "Dicey" and I can't contain my glee. They might lay the blame at Donald J. Trump's feet, but I tend to look at Congress' approval rating, sitting as low as 2%, during his tenure.

After all the Senate Majority leader set the tone of one of the most fractious legislative body on record when he said he hope the sitting President's agenda would fail.

Bishop Dwane Brock Asks, Do black lives matter to other black lives? By : Staff Reporting

In response to Bishop Dwane Brock's Opinion :  

There are folks out there who relish the opportunity to shift the focus on police brutality and rhetoric like this gives them the outlet to do so.

If the target audience of this opinion are vulnerable young men who exist in a system that is ideally suited to create violence, we're afraid this message might be falling on death ears.

Instead of this opinion you should've described the specific panacea that will make young men, particularly vulnerable to the massive influx of guns, drugs, abysmal school funding, zero employment opportunities, fatherless homes, the constant targeting of the most vicious brutality by local governments, end the cycle of violence.

Calling on the Black Community to halt government policy rings hollow to us. And we're curious of the timing of an opinion that associates the ENTIRE Black Community with criminal activity, when there’s a major DOJ inquiry into Police conduct.

When White on White violence is mentioned, we say there needs to be more Police enforcement, but when Black on Black violence is cited it’s used to denote the pitiful state of the Black Community as a whole and all the biased and most ignorant assertions are made.

Would violence in general be a failure of the Erie Police Department, and if so why didn’t you mention Chief Bowers in your opinion? We hope that was the topic of discussion after your photo op session.

Who is manufacturing the guns and allowing massive black-market gun sales to vulnerable communities? Who is legislating the jobs to Mexico and China? Who set up the minimum sentencing policies to place fathers in prison for nonviolent offenses? Who allows major investment and economic capital to sit in the Caymans and Swiss Accounts? Who is expelling Black youths from schools and arresting them at higher rates than their White counterparts? Who lavishes tax-free status and economic incentives outside of the Black Community? Who do not require companies to provide a livable wage?

It seems that Bishop Dwane Brock's call to action is misdirected.

Fox News Seems Unsure If Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama's Convention Speech By : Staff Reporting

For a news conglomerate that launched person attacks on every word uttered from First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign speeches and has even questioned official travel expenses and the extremely successful Let's Move campaign, Fox News is extremely glim about the clear plagarism of the  First Lady wanna-be, Melania Trump.

Fox News:

Melania Trump’s speech Monday to the Republican National Convention has come under fire as it appears that two of the passages are strikingly similar to the speech first lady Michelle Obama gave in 2008 at the Democratic National Convention.

The passages in question focus on lessons that Melania Trump, the wife of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, said she learned from her parents and the relevance of their lessons in her experience as a mother. - Referenced Article

Google Search Console Is A Very Exciting Addition To Google Analytics  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Search Console is a very exciting new addition to Google Analytics. Google has generously added information about your website’s performance or position on their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to Analytics.

Before the two worlds of data about your website’s browsing activity and browsing activing on Google’s SERP were largely separate to a huge degree, and especially for those who are not premium subscribers to Google Analytics. - Referenced Article

President Obama: If we simply pretend that trade will go away or that we can block it off, then China will set the rules for trade for the next 20, 30, 50 years  

Bloomberg Businessweek By : Staff Reporting

A little after 2:30 p.m. on Monday, June 13, we sat down with President Obama in the Oval Office, which is exactly the range of yellow, taupe, and beige we all know from television but smaller than expected. It’s an old building, after all. - Referenced Article

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage's wife Ann waitressing at McSeagull to earn extra money, Wiki Bio  

Fox News By : AP

The waitress bounded with a cup of chowder and a plate of fish and broccoli. It was Ann LePage's first double shift at McSeagull's, a bustling restaurant touting double-wrapped bacon scallops and views of Boothbay Harbor.

The wife of Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage had kept a low profile... - Referenced Article

Governor Paul Lepage Wikipedia Bio

Support for Donald Trump has plunged  

Washington Post By : Scott Clement and Philip Rucker

The survey finds sweeping unease with the presumptive Republican nominee’s candidacy — from his incendiary rhetoric and values to his handling of both terrorism and his own business — foreshadowing that the November election could be a referendum on Trump more than anything else.

Roughly two in three Americans say they think Trump is unqualified to lead the nation; are anxious about the idea of him as president; believe his comments about women, minorities and Muslims show an unfair bias... - Referenced Article

Obama Approves Federal Aid for West Virginia After Floods  

AP By : Staff Reporting

Offering his condolences, President Barack Obama approved federal aid for the West Virginia communities devastated by floods that have killed at least 24 people and rendered many more homeless.

Obama’s signature Saturday on the federal disaster declaration lets residents in three counties get aid for temporary housing and home repairs... - Referenced Article

F. Lee Bailey, OJ Simpson's Attorney, Files for Bankruptcy, Wiki Bio  

AP By : Staff Reporting

Famed defense attorney F. Lee Bailey, whose legion of high-profile cases includes the O.J. Simpson murder trial, has filed for bankruptcy in Maine in an effort to discharge an IRS debt of more than $5 million.

Debts to the IRS aren't normally discharged in bankruptcy proceedings, but the 83-year-old Bailey said Friday that they can be if one abides by certain conditions, such as filing and paying his taxes on time since the original taxes and penalties were assessed. - Referenced Article

F. Lee Baily Wikipedia Bio

Germany and France led demands on Saturday for a quick Brexit  


Germany and France led demands on Saturday for Britain to negotiate a quick divorce from the European Union, with Paris warning that populism will otherwise take hold after the vote to leave the bloc sent shockwaves around the world.

The European Central Bank added to the pressure by saying Britain's financial industry, which employs 2.2 million people, would lose the right to serve clients in the EU unless the country signed up to its single market... - Referenced Article

Republicans sought to end an extraordinary day of drama and a 16 hour sit in by Democrats  

CNN By : Deirdre Walsh, Manu Raju, Eric Bradner and Steven Sloan

House Republicans sought to end an extraordinary day of drama and a 16-hour sit-in by Democrats in the early hours of Thursday morning by adjourning for a recess that will last through July 5. The move is an effort to shut down a protest that began Wednesday morning when Democrats took over the House floor and tried to force votes on gun control.

After scrambling to react, the GOP appeared to catch Democrats off guard in the middle of the night, when they moved swiftly to end the legislative session and undermine the protest. - Referenced Article

Assemblyman Ron Kim Urges Obama To Issue An Apology For Chinese Exclusion Act  


A group of New York state lawmakers sent a letter last week to President Barack Obama, asking him to issue a government apology for the passage and enforcement of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

The letter, written by Democratic state Assemblyman Ron Kim and signed by 20 other state legislators, said there are striking parallels between the exclusion act... - Referenced Article

Senate rejected four partisan gun measures offered in the wake of the Orlando massacre  

USA Today By : Donovan Slack

The Senate as expected on Monday rejected four partisan gun measures offered in the wake of the Orlando massacre, including proposals to keep guns out of the hands of people on terror watch lists.

Two Republican proposals would have increased funding for the national background check system and created a judicial review process to keep a... - Referenced Article

You Cant Ignore Online Video Viewers Anymore  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Digital Video Viewers has significantly increased to over 5% since 2014. If your potential clients missed the regularly scheduled programming on the Network TV they'll stream multiple episodes online.

When it comes to news and talk shows, they'll search for the relevant information and watch a 20 minute segments of popular Talk Shows like Ellen and Steve Harvey or the Nightly News broadcast on YouTube.


The opportunity for your company is to leverage low-cost advertising on popular Network TV streaming content to gain more AWARENESS and MARKET REACH.

Has Senator Kelly Ayotte Displayed The Right Leadership Against Racist And Sexist Comments By The Presumptive Nominee Of The GOP  


New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, who is locked in a competitive Senate race with incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, lauded Warren for how she is "taking on Donald Trump, dismantling his racist, sexist, and hateful campaign one tweet at a time." Hassan tried to tie Trump to Ayotte, asking, "Is there anything Trump could do to lose Kelly Ayotte's support? Probably not." Sen. Jeanne Shaheen also aimed to link Ayotte with Trump, alluding to Ayotte's earlier claim that she would support Trump but not endorse him: "If you are a Republican leader and you say you support Donald Trump but don't endorse him, give me a break — you just endorsed him!" Shaheen added that she didn't want the nation turned over to Trump, whom she labeled a "racist bully."

We knew since last year that the financial state of Rio state was critical  

Washington Post By : Dom Phillips

Just weeks before it stages the 2016 Olympic Games, the state government of Rio de Janeiro has declared a “state of public calamity in financial administration” and warned that the situation is so dire it impedes the locale’s ability to meet Games commitments.

The Olympics start Aug. 5 with Brazil already facing an impeachment trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff, a public health crisis over the Zika epidemic and a deepening recession. - Referenced Article

Trump showed us how he would govern by fear, by intimidation, by lies, by turning American against American, by exhibiting all the empathy of a sociopath  

NY Times Opinion By : Timothy Egan

They will remember, a century from now, who stood up to the tyrant Donald Trump and who found it expedient to throw out the most basic American values — the “Vichy Republicans,” as the historian Ken Burns called them in his Stanford commencement speech.

The shrug from Mitch McConnell, the twisted explanation of Paul Ryan, who said Trump is a racist and a xenophobe, but he’s ours — party before country. - Referenced Article

Bernie Sanders: The major political task that together we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly  

Washington Post By : John Wagner

Bernie Sanders profusely thanked his supporters. He said he looked forward to working with Hillary Clinton to advance key issues.

And he urged like-minded followers to run for state and local offices so they can continue the “political revolution” he began.

In short, during his 23-minute speech live-streamed across the country, Sanders sounded very much like a candidate prepared to drop out of the Democratic presidential race. - Referenced Article

Jo Cox, a widely respected 41-year-old member of the center-left Labour Party  

Washington Post By : Griff Witte and Karla Adam

A rising star in Britain’s Parliament was shot and stabbed to death Thursday in an attack that stunned the nation and brought the country’s European Union referendum campaign to an abrupt halt just a week before the vote.

The killing was of the sort that has become all too common in the United States, but is virtually unheard of in Britain: without warning, hyper-violent and ultimately, perhaps, inexplicable. - Referenced Article

Chris Murphy: I have had enough of the ongoing slaughter of innocents, and I have had enough of inaction in this body  


Senate Democrats ended a nearly 15-hour filibuster early Thursday after Republican Party leaders reportedly agreed to allow votes on two proposed gun control measures.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, said that a compromise had been reached. - Referenced Article

Hacked Documents Allege DNC Attack Plan on Donald Trump  


A hacker has leaked a trove of documents purportedly stolen from the Democratic National Committee, including a 200-page opposition research book detailing aspects of the party's battle plan against Donald Trump.

The dossier is mostly filled with previously reported on public comments and biographical information about the presumptive GOP nominee. - Referenced Article

Mohammad Moghaddam Walmart employee killed by police after taking hostages, gunshots By : Staff Reporting

Amarillo police say an armed Walmart employee likely upset for being passed over for a promotion took two people hostage before being shot and killed by officers inside the store near Interstate 27 and Georgia Street. The man was identified by police as Mohammad Moghaddam, 54.

The incident began around 11:06 a.m. and was over by 12:22 p.m. - Referenced Article

NATO to send combat-ready battalions near Russian border  

Washington Post By : Thomas Gibbons-Neff

NATO defense ministers have agreed to send 4,000 troops to Poland and the Baltic States, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced here Tuesday, a decision that will likely rankle an increasingly aggressive Russia.

The same day of NATO’s announcement, Russia was set to begin a week-long series of snap readiness drills to ensure its troops were ready to mobilize in the event of a conflict. Russia’s drills come as dozens of NATO countries are participating in the largest military exercise in Poland since the end of the Cold War. - Referenced Article

Alligator Drags Child In Water Near Disney Grand Floridian Resort & Spa  


A 2-year-old child on vacation with his family at a Florida Disney resort was attacked by an alligator that dragged the boy into a lake in front of his horrified parents, police said.

The child was playing in the water on a beach area near Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at around 9:16 p.m. Tuesday when the alligator — described as between four and seven feet long — attacked, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said. - Referenced Article

Omar Mateen Probed for Terror Ties but Legally Purchased Weapons  


How does a man investigated by the FBI for possible links to terrorism buy an assault-style weapon in America? Easily. Omar Mateen used a legally purchased AR-15-style weapon to massacre at least 50 people in an Orlando gay club early Sunday. - Referenced Article

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest of All Time, Dead at 74, Wiki  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Muhammad Ali, the silver-tongued boxer and civil rights champion who famously proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and then spent a lifetime living up to the billing, is dead.

Ali died Friday at a Phoenix-area hospital, where he had spent the past few days being treated for respiratory complications, a family spokesman confirmed to NBC News. He was 74. - Referenced Article

Muhammad Ali Biography

Why Aren't You Advertising On YouTube Yet?  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Chances are you’re missing an enormous opportunity to advertise on Broadcast TV content with just pennies on the dollar of traditional advertising. Last week clients advertised on popular networks like HGTV, CNN, ABC CBS and popular syndicated shows like Ellen and Steve Harvey content at less than 14 cents per view with in-stream video ads and Google's vast Display Network.

I have posted about the great “Advertising Migration to Digital.” A lot of national brands have already reallocated an enormous chunk of their budgets from TV to YouTube, because millions of viewers have shifted from Broadcast TV to streaming video.

Check out this Wall Street Journal piece "YouTube's Quest For TV Advertising Dollars" You can get more engagement from your target audience with ads on the exact same broadcast content! For example CNN hosted some of the most viewed Presidential Debate this year. Some estimates were well over 14.5 viewers across CNN and Telemundo.

The going rate to advertise during the debate was upward of $200,000. The cost of a sustained advertising campaign for the same content on YouTube was a whopping $259 per week; and on top of that digital offers more quantifiable data, with metrics to determine the impact of each nickel spent.

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Obama administration issues guidance on transgender access to school bathrooms  

CNN By : Emanuella Grinberg

The Obama administration issued guidance Friday directing public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

A joint letter from the Departments of Education and Justice went to schools Friday with guidelines to ensure that "transgender students enjoy a supportive and nondiscriminatory school environment," the Obama administration said Thursday. - Referenced Article

Pfizer Blocks Use of Its Drugs for Executions  


The Pfizer drug company took steps Friday to make sure its products don't wind up in the deadly cocktails states use to execute prisoners. "Pfizer makes its products to enhance and save the lives of the patients we serve," the company said in a statement. - Referenced Article

TSA to Frustrated Travelers: Please Pardon Our Progress This Summer  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

The heads of the Transportation Security Administration and Homeland Security said Friday they are asking American travelers frustrated over long waits at the nation's airports for patience this summer as officials work to fix the problem.

"There will be wait times this summer as they move through aviation security checkpoints," Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson said during a press conference at the Reagan National Airport just outside of Washington D.C. on Friday. - Referenced Article

Ecuador Earthquake: State of Emergency Declared After at Least 77 Killed  


Ecuador was in a state of emergency Sunday after a powerful earthquake flattened buildings and ravaged towns along the nation's northwestern coast Saturday night.

At least 77 people were killed nearly 600 more were wounded, Vice President Jorge Glas said, after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck just before 7 p.m. local time (8 p.m. ET). - Referenced Article

EXCLUSIVE: Obama vows no influence in Clinton email probe, defends terror fight  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

President Obama repeatedly vowed there would be no political influence over the Justice Department’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state --

in a wide-ranging interview with “Fox News Sunday” in which he also ardently defended his efforts to defeat the Islamic State and other terror groups amid criticism about his perceived indifference. - Referenced Article

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert abused 4 boys, prosecutors say  

CNN By : Faith Karimi

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert sexually abused at least four boys when he worked as a wrestling coach in Illinois decades ago, federal prosecutors said.

In documents released Friday, prosecutors detailed stunning allegations against the longest-running Republican speaker of the House. - Referenced Article

Bill Clinton gets heated with Black Lives Matter protesters over his crime bill  

Boston Globe By : Philip Bump

Near the height of the crime wave that blanketed the United States and suffocated the District of Columbia in the early 1990s,

The Post ran a front-page article about an 11-year-old girl named Jessica Bradford. Bradford, the article began, ‘‘knows five people who have been killed.

It could happen to her, she says, so she has told her family that if she should get shot before her sixth-grade prom, she wants to be buried in her prom dress. - Referenced Article

Six charts to explain the Wisconsin primary results  


Sens. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz had a big night Tuesday in Wisconsin, winning the Democratic and Republican primaries, respectively.

The NBC News Exit Poll revealed insights into how voters felt about various issues and the candidates after they made their choice. - Referenced Article

Steve Case: The Third Wave Is Taking The Internet To The Next Level  

CBS This Morning By : Staff Reporting

In 1985, Steve Case co-founded “America Online.” He took the company from its primitive dial-up days to one of the biggest media mergers ever. He is out with a new book, “The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future.” He joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss how the world is entering a "third case" of the digital revolution, the importance of technological innovations and the role the government should play.

If Unsuccessful Trump Leaves The Race Wealthier, Wiki-Bio By : Staff Reporting

Donald J. Trump entered the race a billionaire and will leave the race with even wealthier depending on his real net worth. Not only did Trump bring new voters to the Republican Party, but he has also brought an even more enthusiastic base to his brand.

His ability to marketing himself is will be a factor for the unforeseeable future and I'm sure he being a senior analyst on CNN giving his unique view on politics would send rating through the roof, not to mention another realty series.

His followers will still have the means to disrupt key political races across the country, with candidates seeking Trump out to give speeches in their districts in close match-ups. So if you view Trump as an embarrasment to what civil politics should be get ready don't think he'll disappear anytime soon.

Donald J. Trump Wikipedia

Donald Trump's Net Worth

SCOTUS Unanimously Rejects Challenge to One Person, One Vote  


The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejected an effort to change political boundaries and reduce the voting strength of the nation's Latino population on Monday.

Two residents of Texas urged the court to rule that in drawing legislative boundaries to create districts with roughly equal populations, states should count the voting population, not the total population. - Referenced Article

Early Missteps Seen as a Drag on Bernie Sanders Campaign  


The morning after he lost the Nevada caucuses in February, Bernie Sanders held a painful conference call with his top advisers.

Mr. Sanders expressed deep frustration that he had not built a stronger political operation in the state, and then turned to the worrisome situation at hand.

His strategy for capturing the Democratic presidential nomination was based on sweeping all three early-voting states, and he had fallen short... - Referenced Article

Revealed: the $2bn offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin  

The Guardian By : Luke Harding

A network of secret offshore deals and vast loans worth $2bn has laid a trail to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

An unprecedented leak of documents shows how this money has made members of Putin’s close circle fabulously wealthy.

Though the president’s name does not appear in any of the records, the data reveals a pattern... - Referenced Article

Trump not the crisis within the GOP By : Staff Reporting

Trump is really not the crisis within the Republican Party, it's the electorate's disdain for KNOWLEDGE and FACTS, along with the growing appetite for "reality" no matter how insulting, brash and vile. I'm more worried about the next Trump than I am this Trump.

They just might trump Trump at the convention or Hillary might squeeze out 4% points more in the general, but his supporters will demand an even more toxic personality to fill his shoes.

Permanent Application Form For Permanent Resident Of Canada  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

You are no longer able to order new Payment Receipt forms (IMM 5401) from CIC. Canadian Financial Institutions will continue to accept previously ordered forms until March 31st 2016. On April 1st, 2016, you will be required to pay Immigration and Citizenship fees online through CIC’s ePayment tool. Visit Pay your fees for more information. An IMM 5401 form that has been date-stamped by a financial institution in Canada before April 1st, 2016 can be submitted with an application any time after this date. - Referenced Site

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Donald Trump  


The manufacturing executives had gathered in an Atlanta conference room last year to honor their senior United States senator, Johnny Isakson, for his tireless efforts on their behalf in Washington.

But as the luncheon wound down, Mr. Isakson found himself facing a man from Coweta County. - Referenced Article

Two Americans among dead in Brussels attacks, U.S. official says  

Washington Post By : Griff Witte, Steven Mufson and Michael Birnbaum

At least two Americans were killed in the Brussels attacks that claimed at least 31 lives, a U.S. official said Friday as Secretary of State John F. Kerry made a somber visit to the heart of the European Union that was struck by Islamic State violence earlier this week.

Kerry gave no further detail about the identities or the number of the Americans who were killed. - Referenced Article

Dozens of people walk past a homeless boy rummaging through trash  

New Zealand Police By : Staff Reporting

Would you stop to help? Dozens of people walk past a 'homeless boy' rummaging through bins looking for food as part of an experiment Filmed social experiment is for a New Zealand Police recruitment campaign. The video asks the public watching whether they 'care enough to be a cop'.

It shows a child actor portraying a homeless boy rummaging through a bin Dozens of people ignored him, before a group of young girls offer help A social experiment caught on film shows dozens of people ignore a young boy who appears to be homeless as he rummages through a bin.

The boy with grime smeared across his face and clothes is filmed rummaging though a rubbish bin in Newmarket, Auckland, as part of a New Zealand Police recruitment campaign which asks the public whether they ‘care enough to be a cop’.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: We All Failed The Families Of Flint  

NPR By : Laura Wagner Merritt Kennedy

"Let me be blunt," Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said in his opening statement to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

"This was a failure of government at all levels. Local, state and federal officials — we all failed the families of Flint." He was answering questions at a Congressional hearing this morning that is investigating the lead-laced water crisis in Flint, Mich. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy also testified at the hearing, which frequently became heated with multiple calls for their resignations. - Referenced Article

Harry Reid blames GOP moral cowardice for rise of Donald Trump  

CNN By : Tal Kopan

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid blasted Republicans Thursday for being responsible for the rise of Donald Trump -- tying his Capitol Hill rivals Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan to the GOP front-runner.

"They should both put on 'Make America Great Again' hats and stand behind Trump at his next press conference. - Referenced Article

Kerry: ISIS Is Committing Genocide Against Yazidis, Christians and Shiite Muslims  


Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that ISIS has been committing genocide against religious minorities in the Middle East — just the second time the executive branch has used the term in relation to an ongoing conflict.

The formal designation comes days after the House passed a nonbinding resolution by a 393-0 vote condemning ISIS atrocities as genocide. - Referenced Article

Federal Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland, Wiki-Bio By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama is nominating fedreal appeals court judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, according to two Democratic sources. The move sets up a fierce confirmation battle with the Senate Republicans, who have vowed they will not consider a nomineee until the next presient is in office.

Merrick Garland Wikipediat Bio Page

About Niall Ferguson's Recent Article By : Staff Reporting

A better rewrite of Niall Ferguson's 'Barack Obama’s Revolution in Foreign Policy' would beg the the author to go back to President Obama's 2007 debate against then Senator Hillary Clinton. 

Obama made a very bold promise that he would meet with the leaders of Iran, North Korea Syria and Cuba without pre-conditions; that in and of itself was a radical ideal at the time. By the way, he also said he would reform our health care industry.

Niall's starts the article by lodging charges that President Obama is rude, impatient, loftily disdainful, dismissive and at times sarcastic about his predecessors foreign policy, but adds a small caviate:

"[The President's] views are not necessarily wrong. Instead, it is the president’s tone that jars..."

Obama's Presidency has faced the most significant challenges of our time and Niall dredges up a bunch of anecdotal quotes (with the help of the latest Atlantic cover article) to outline a negative and personal view of the President...this is what Obama has been confronted with throughout his Presidency. Washington and GOP challengers for the White House has lodged narrow and tactical differences with the Presiden't foreign policy choices, but have yet to provide a comprehensive long term counter to the "Obama Doctrine," which is scary considering the media's Trump infactuation in Election 2016.

Niall, is it okay to be right? Sadly we're not placing an high enough premium on being right these days. When you're right and we do not like you we'll denigrate you for being too "loftily disdainful" of others being wrong in the most critical of times.

All the focus on Obama's actions or inactions and fantization of Putin's perceived upper-hand and strength in Syria has, to some degree, alleviated the condemnation on Bashar al-Assad's brutal actions against his own people.

"Grand strategies are judged by their consequences, not by their intentions, and in the Middle East the consequences are not looking pretty." EVIL is the consequence in the Middle East, people who are willing to detonate explosives on themselves to do harm to others and caliphates that are formed to end civilization as we know it and the article focuses on the tone and personality of President Obama.

This article falls very short; It's a "stupid shit" article because it spends more time analyzing recent foreign policy outcomes and snippets of conversation among White House staff, but lacks when it comes to forecasting the effects of Obama's leadership on future generations. The article doesn't give a single alternative to Obama's actions; this is the Atlantic's version of tabloid journalism.

President Barack Obama arrives in Dallas  

The Dallas Morning News By : Tom Steele

President Barack Obama arrived at Dallas Love Field on Friday night ahead of a pair of fundraisers and other events in Dallas on Saturday.

Mayor Mike Rawlings and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson were at the airport to greet Obama when he landed shortly after 9 p.m.

On Saturday morning, Obama will attend a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee at Gilley’s in South Dallas. Later in the day, he’ll attend another fundraiser at a private home in Dallas. - Referenced Article

In 1948, this WWII refugee got a CARE package from America. Last month, he paid it back  

Chicago Tribune By : Heidi Stevens

In 1945, when he was 8 years old, Gunter Nitsch and his family fled their home in the German province of East Prussia to escape the Russian army, only to be captured six weeks later and forced to live as refugees for much of Nitsch's childhood.

Today, Nitsch is a retired marketing consultant living in Chicago with his wife of 40 years.

He moved to the United States in 1976, worked and raised two sons here. He is a living testament to the strength of the human spirit, and proof that, for many former refugees, life gets better. - Referenced Article

Open Question to Apple And Tim Cook By : Staff Reporting

Is the protection of an Apple device worth the US not being able to thwart terrorist planning in this country? In a 911 situation, instead of email drafts, now you can put an elaborate terrorist plot on your cell phone knowing it can't be disrupted by authorities...hide vicious and predatory attacks on the innocent by hiding child porn, embezzle funds from your problem, set up an elaborate drug distribution scheme using your Apple device, sell illegal black market guns right in the open, mafia networks can have a field day in America, dangerous hate groups and so-called "patriots" plotting to overthrow the all they need is an iPhone.

Could a Kim Jong Un figure or joe terrorist develop technology to put a nuclear bomb trigger in an iPhone? How would we thwart the attack if we don't have a back door? Is Apple above the soverign interests of the U.S. Government, i.e., Our Congress, Executive Branch and the Supreme Court?

If the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook had a file cabinent, with potential terrorist ploting in his house, the normal proceedure would be to seek a warrant and aquire the information. If the government can get a warrant to go into your house, safe deposit box, body cavity for blood evidence and car, what makes a cell phone so significant in preventing the US Government from doing its chief sovereign duty? Unless Apple's sovereign right trumps the US Government's.

Another Edward Snowden and Julian Assange could potentially unleash all of the US' secrets with an iPhone.

In short, could civilization as we know it could be decimated if Apple and other tech giants ignore very basic sovereign US law?

Questions grow about Zika risk to future pregnancy  


Few women have competed in the Olympics while pregnant, but the suspicion that the Zika virus in mothers is causing birth defects is central to calculations by athletes and others planning travel to Brazil in August for the summer games.

Chief among their concerns is whether Zika, unlike similar mosquito-borne viruses, can be transmitted sexually, or remain latent in the body - possibly presenting a risk for women who become pregnant after the Olympics have ended. - Referenced Article

Everything you need to know about Britain leaving the European Union  

Washington Post By : Matt O'Brien

Are you tired of portmanteaus about Europe's nervous breakdown and potential breakup? Well, I've got some bad news for you then.

There's a new one called "Brexit," and you're going to be hearing a lot about it between now and June. That's when Britain heads to the polls to decide whether or not to leave the European Union—get it, Brexit, as in British exit?... - Referenced Article

George Clooney interview: Donald Trump is a xenophobic fascist  

The Guardian By : Andrew Pulver

George Clooney opens the door of the Berlin hotel lounge and shakes hands like an ambassador.

“Come on in,” says this paragon of modern Hollywood: a proper, old-fashioned movie star; a producer and occasionally director of interesting, intelligent films; and a furrowed-brow liberal political activist of not inconsiderable achievement. - Referenced Article

Sourth Africa's Highest Court Dismisses Pistorius Murder Conviction Appeal, Wiki  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

A lawyer for Oscar Pistorius says South Africa's highest court has dismissed the former track star's appeal of his murder conviction.

The ruling by the Constitutional Court on Thursday clears the way for a judge to sentence Pistorius for murder at a hearing scheduled for April 18. - Referenced Article

Trial of Oscar Pistorius Wiki

Ala. officer charged with murder in unarmed mans death  

USA Today By : Josh Moon

A police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man last week has been arrested on murder charges, Montgomery County authorities announced Wednesday afternoon.

Aaron “AC” Smith, an officer who Montgomery Police Department officials said has been on the force for less than four years, was being held by the State Bureau of Investigations... - Referenced Article

Bryan Pagliano granted immunity in Hillary Clinton email flap, Wiki-Bio  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

The former State Department staffer who set up Hillary Clinton's private email server in her home has been granted immunity, the Washington Post reports it has learned form an unnamed senior federal law enforcement official. - Referenced Article

Hillary Clinton email controversy Wiki

Scott Kelly Grew 2 Inches: The Body After a Year in Space  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

After living for nearly a year aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is two inches taller than his identical twin brother Mark.

One of the main goals of his groundbreaking mission is to study how well humans can endure — mind, body and spirit — on a long-duration spaceflight. - Referenced Article

What Google and Twitter Can Tell Us About 2016  

Time By : Daniel White

If you were trying to figure out who would win the South Carolina primary on Saturday, you could have read the polls. Or you could have checked Google data.

The Internet search giant predicted Donald Trump would win the South Carolina primary (an admittedly easy call) as well as a close race between Florida... - Referenced Article

Gun Maker Seeks Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Newtown Shooting  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Lawyers for the company that made the rifle used to kill 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School are expected to ask a Connecticut judge to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit filed by families of some of the massacre victims.

Freedom Group, the Madison, North Carolina, parent company of AR-15 maker Bushmaster Firearms, is arguing that it is protected by a 2005 federal law that shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over criminal use of their products. - Referenced Article

2 Syrian Hospitals Hit in Russian Airstrikes, Activists Say  

Time By : Bassem Mroue

Airstrikes hit two hospitals and a school in northern Syria, killing and wounding dozens of people on Monday, according to opposition activists, who said the strikes were carried out by Russian warplanes supporting a major advance by government troops.

An airstrike in the province of Idlib destroyed a makeshift clinic supported by the international aid group Doctors Without Borders... - Referenced Article

Crimes Against Humanity Wikipedia Definition question: Are ‪#‎Putin‬'s ‪#‎Russian‬ sustained air strikes on ‪#‎Syrian‬ hospitals and devastated population centers 'Crimes Against Humanity?

Does The Dr. Jamie Naughright's Case Shout White Privilege? By : Staff Reporting

You have one QB (Cameron Newton) denigrated for mere excessive celebrations in the end zone and another QB (Peyton Manning) accused of committing the most barbaric and vile acts to a woman and using performance enhancing drugs celebrated as the #NFL's hero?

There's a reason why the media and all involved is complicit in keeping the facts buried, elevating some players to lofty heights while ruining the careers of others. Dr. Jamie Naughright speaks to White privilege on many many levels. Some have argued, Quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Drew Brees wouldn't get a pass on this and Bret Farve didn't when he was with the New York Jets, and my response to them would be the chances of players of color getting away with salacious allegations like these are much more slimmer to none.

And their reputation would certainly be tarnished after the story comes to light. - Referenced Article

In Reference To Sen. Ayotte's Statement On SCOTUS Vacancy By : Staff Reporting

Senator Kelly Ayotte, sadly the framers of the United State's Constitutiion didn't make provisions for Senators to abdicate their responsibilities to 'advise and consent' on Supreme Court Nominees during and election year and the constituation is not based on Senator Ayotte's personal beliefs. You see, very cruel tyrants and dictators have dismissed their country's constitution based their own their own personal beliefs.

Please  do not dismiss the President and even your elected colleagues' Constitutional duties. Americans weighed-in on the nomination process when they voted for competent leaders to represent them in the Senate. An act to stall the nomination process will be a dereliction of the duties the citizens of New Hampshire voted for you to accomplish.

McCain slams Russia: Mr. Putin is not interested in being our partner  

CNN By : Tim Hume

A day after Russia's prime minister spoke of a renewed "Cold War" between his country and the West, a senior U.S. senator accused Moscow of treating Syria "as a live-fire exercise" for its military as it sought to carve out a sphere of influence in the Middle East. - Referenced Article

Obama's replacement of Scalia could change the balance of the court  

The Hill By : Harper Neidig

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, has died during a hunting vacation in Texas. Scalia was the leading conservative voice on the court, and his death will set off a mammoth fight over who should replace him in the heat of a presidential election cycle.

There is likely to be significant pressure on the Senate, which is in Republican hands, to hold off on confirming anyone nominated by President Obama, who is in his last year in office. - Referenced Article

Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice, dies at 79  

CNN By : Jamie Gangel, Evan Perez and Kevin Bohn

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a leading conservative voice on the high court, has died at the age of 79, a government source and a family friend told CNN on Saturday.

Scalia died in his sleep during a visit to Texas. A government official said Scalia went to bed Friday night and told friends he wasn't feeling well. Saturday morning, he didn't get up for breakfast. - Referenced Article

Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn: Massive Revaluation in Tech  

Bloomberg Business By : Staff Reporting

Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs's president and chief operating officer, discusses the state of the IPO market with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Markets."

Shift from growth multiple to a earnings and cash flow multiple is producing different evaluations in the tech industry.

It's a natural evolution that evolves over a longer period of time, but it's happening relatively quickly in some technology companies.

The market is clearly talking a pause to determine the longterm viability and the longterm wealth creation vehicle for shareholders.

Example: LinkedIn sheds $11 billion in value on stock's worst day since debut

Supreme Court blocks Obama climate change rules  

CNN By : Ariane de Vogue, Dan Berman and Kevin Liptak

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt President Barack Obama a blow by moving to temporarily block his administration's rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Reacting to a lawsuit from 29 states, as well as the energy industry, justices blocked the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan from going forward while the rule is challenged in court. - Referenced Article

Adding insult to injury: Flint issues boil-water advisory after water main break  

CNN By : Ed Payne and Tina Burnside

The folks in Flint, Michigan, just can't seem to get a break. Already using filters on their faucets to make their toxic water clean, they'll now have to boil it too.

Flint is under a boil-water advisory after a water main break on Tuesday. Water pressure went down and that may have allowed bacterial contaminants to enter the system. - Referenced Article

Flint Water Crisis: Dogs Getting Lead Poisoning, Too  


Two dogs in the Flint area have tested positive for lead poisoning, and officials are reminding pet owners that their animals shouldn't drink unfiltered tap water until it's deemed safe.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said they had no reports of lead toxicity in household pets in the last five years until Flint's water was contaminated — sickening an unknown number of children. - Referenced Article

Bill Clinton seeks one more New Hampshire comeback  

USA Today By : Heidi M Przybyla

Bernie Sanders’ best attack lines against Hillary Clinton focus on “unfair” trade deals like NAFTA, the end of Glass-Steagall Act anti-trust laws and the Defense of Marriage Act that opposed gay marriage.

What he doesn’t say: It’s her husband who owns these policies. - Referenced Article

Cam Newton vs Tom Brady By : Staff Reporting

I noticed Cam modeling his pocket presence and passing scheme after brady, but there's so much more that Cam brings than non athletic pocket passers can't bring to the table.

Cam emerged because of enormous God-given talent and pocket passers have been allowed to extend their reign because of Krafts insistent lobbying of [bad]ell to put ground sweeping rules in place to protect immobile QBs like brady. So Belichick is able to maintain a brilliant system with subpar no name athletes appearing good and only good athletes appearing like first ballot selection Hall of Famers.

Cam has the potential to be great like many quarterbacks who went to Canada because of the negative stereotypes placed on genuine athletic quarterbacks.

It's was nothing short of an affirmative action to keep a more marketable face in football. The average fan celebrates wins and stats in fantasy these days...authentic fans continue to question the deflated and farce changes of this game. Genuine athletes are emerging even after the damage from [bad]ell's era...the question is how will they alter this sport even more?

Record Number of People Exonerated in 2015  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

A record-breaking number of people were exonerated in 2015 — freed after serving time in American prisons for crimes they did not commit.

In all, 149 people spent an average of 15 years in prison before being cleared last year, according to a new report (.pdf) out Wednesday from the National Registry of Exonerations, a project at the University of Michigan Law School. - Referenced Article

Several Takeaways from the Iowa's Caucus By : Staff Reporting

Several takeaways from the Iowa's Caucus. The media didn't have a clue about the outcome of the race. The pollsters failed throughout thier reporting on this race. Cruz out smarted and even was a better dealmaker than the Donald himself in Iowa. Much should be said about how youths ignited Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa, unlike Howard Dean Senator Bernie Sanders has emerged a leading contender for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton's fight towards the very end closed the gap and staunched what would've been a significant lead by Bernie Sanders in Iowa. The days leading up to the First In The Nation, New Hampshire  Primary will be pivotal on assessing how much Democrats are feeling the Bern.

Cruz Beats Trump in Iowa; Clinton Edges Out Sanders in Historically-Close Caucus  


Sen. Ted Cruz bested billionaire Donald Trump to win Iowa's Republican caucuses Monday night as Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton eked out a victory in a historically-close race.

With just one precinct yet to declare, NBC News has declared Clinton the apparent winner based on a report from the Iowa Democratic Party showing her narrowly ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders. - Referenced Article

Amnesty: Dozens of juvenile offenders face death in Iran  

PMOI By : Staff Reporting

Dozens of people who were arrested in Iran for crimes committed before they turned 18 remain at risk of the death penalty despite recent reforms, with many having already spent years on death row, according to a report by Amnesty International released Tuesday.

The London-based group also found that Iran has executed at least 73 juvenile offenders between 2005 and 2015, including at least four last year. - Referenced Article

Frederick J. Ryan Jr: We look forward to the joyous occasion of welcoming him back  

CNN By : Michael Pearson, Elise Labott and Tiffany Ap

A family member of an American freed in Iran told CNN the U.S. State Department said that a plane carrying the Americans has taken off in Iran. -- Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, released from Iranian detention under a prisoner swap agreement between Tehran and Washington, has left the country along with his wife, the newspaper's publisher says. - Referenced Article

Alex strengthens into a hurricane, a rarity this time of year in the Atlantic  

CNN By : Greg Botelho

The National Hurricane Center has upgraded a storm brewing in the Atlantic Ocean to hurricane status, a rarity both given its timing and strength.

Hurricane Alex is located 490 miles (about 790 kilometers) south of Portugal's Azores islands, parts of which are under a hurricane warning. - Referenced Article

Ripple effect of GEs move to Boston  

Boston Globe By : Jon Chesto

General Electric on Wednesday announced it will move its headquarters to Boston, making the iconic industrial giant the biggest company ever to relocate to the city and cementing the region’s reputation as a magnet for innovation.

The decision by GE to move its headquarters — and deliver about 800 jobs — from suburban Connecticut to the Seaport District follows a feverish campaign by Massachusetts officials, who beat out New York, Providence, and several other cities. - Referenced Article

Pakistan Arrests Jaish Militants Over Attack on Indian Air Base  


Pakistani officials said Wednesday that members of a banned militant group had been arrested in connection with an attack this month on the Pathankot air force base in India, in an important gesture to ease tensions with India just weeks after a surprise meeting between the countries’ prime ministers. - Referenced Article

Mexico Aims to Fulfill U.S. Extradition Request for El Chapo  


A day after fugitive Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was captured, the Mexican government has said it aims to fulfill an extradition request from the United States for the notorious cartel kingpin, a source within the Mexican attorney general's office told NBC News on Saturday.

Guzman, who was captured Friday after a six-month manhunt, faces charges in numerous jurisdictions across the United States. - Referenced Article

About The D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty Comments From Gov. Lepage By : Staff Reporting

Governor Paul Richard LePage has since apologized for his comments related to Maine's Heroine epidemic. He attributed his words to his tongue not catching up with brain while making the comments, but what is missed in this story is, what's the difference between "D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty" coming to Maine and impregnating "White women" and the thousands of in-state out of wedlock births requiring state funds?

It would be interesting to know the percentage of out births from out of state drug dealers versus births from in-state drug dealers and if the distinction is necessary when making the case about exhausting state funds.

LePage's chief of communications, Peter Steele, insisted the governor wasn't talking about race when he made the comment:

“Race is irrelevant," Steele said in an email to the Associated Press. "What is relevant is the cost to state taxpayers for welfare and the emotional costs for these kids who are born as a result of involvement with drug traffickers. His heart goes out to these kids because he had a difficult childhood, too. We need to stop the drug traffickers from coming into our state."


Newsweek By : CONOR GAFFEY

The U.S. is donating 24 armored vehicles to the Nigerian military for its fight against Boko Haram, AP reports.

The U.S. consulate in Lagos announced on Thursday that it was donating the mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles, worth a total of $11 million. - Referenced Article

Justice Finally Beginning To Emerge For Anthony Hill  

Daily News By : SHAUN KING

On the afternoon of Monday, March 9, 2015, an American hero was shot and killed by police outside of Atlanta. He was one of the good guys.

Hints of the possibility of justice are finally beginning to emerge as the Dekalb County District Attorney, Robert James, announced that on Jan. 21 he will be presenting two counts of felony murder; aggravated assault... - Referenced Article

North Korea Claims It Successfully Conducted Hydrogen Bomb Test  


North Korea announced Wednesday that it successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test, a claim that if true would mark a huge jump in Pyongyang's quest to improve its still-limited nuclear arsenal.

The announcement came after a seismic event resembling an earthquake was detected that South Korea said was 30 miles from the Punggye-ri site... - Referenced Article

Obama: We Are Here to Prevent the Next Mass Shooting  


Weeping at the memory of the children murdered during a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, President Obama unveiled a series of executive actions Tuesday aimed at preventing more mass killings.

In a powerful 30- minute address to the nation, Obama outlined his plans to slow the flood of firearms sales and keep weapons out of the hands of potential mass murderers. - Referenced Article

Obama Takes Action on Guns  

Time By : Maya Rhodan

After months of calling on Congress to act on guns to no avail, President Obama announced executive actions on Monday that would require more gun sellers to obtain licenses and conduct background checks, including those who sell firearms online and at gun shows.

The action aims to fix the so-called gun-show loophole... - Referenced Article

Black people were killed at twice the rate of white, Hispanic and native Americans  

The Guardian By : Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, Jamiles Lartey and Ciara McCarthy

Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a Guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year.

Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34... - Referenced Article


YouTube: US police killed 1,126 people so far this year. Will 2016 be any different? Jamiles Lartey

Motion to Block Subpoena of Camille Cosby Denied  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

Bill Cosby's wife will be forced to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting them decades ago.

A federal judge on Thursday denied a motion by Camille Cosby to throw out a subpoena requiring her to give a deposition in the lawsuit. - Referenced Article

FBI Seeks Peaceful End to Armed Standoff at Oregon Federal Building  


The FBI was leading efforts early Monday to bring a "peaceful" end to a standoff with armed protesters who occupied a federal building in rural Oregon.

The group seized the remote Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters Saturday after splintering off from a larger protest about ranchers' rights in the small town of Burns. - Referenced Article

CNN to host Obama town hall on guns in America  

CNN By : Eugene Scott and Eric Bradner

President Barack Obama is mounting a final-year push to make gun control part of his legacy despite Republican opposition and is expected to announce unilateral action early this week.

He will join CNN's Anderson Cooper Thursday for an exclusive one-hour live town hall on gun control at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, in hopes of mounting a final pitch to the public. - Referenced Article

Obama to announce new executive action on guns  

CNN By : Jim Acosta and Kevin Liptak

President Barack Obama is expected to announce in the coming days a new executive action with the goal of expanding background checks on gun sales, people familiar with White House planning said.

Described as "imminent," the set of executive actions would fulfill a promise by the President to take further unilateral steps the White House says could help curb gun deaths. - Referenced Article

For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions  


The hedge fund magnates Daniel S. Loeb, Louis Moore Bacon and Steven A. Cohen have much in common.

They have managed billions of dollars in capital, earning vast fortunes.

They have invested large sums in art — and millions more in political candidates. - Referenced Article

Kathy Wunderlichs home in West Alton may still get flooded  

CNN By : Ben Brumfield

Even if it doesn't rain another drop in Missouri, Kathy Wunderlich's home in West Alton may still get flooded. Recent deluges have engulfed towns, homes, fields and roads in deadly floodwater.

Though the storms are gone, the rivers have kept rising from Texas to Illinois. - Referenced Article

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel curtails Cuba trip after police shooting kills 2  

USA Today By : Gregg Zoroya

Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will cut short his family vacation in Cuba and head home Tuesday after a police shooting Saturday that claimed two lives, one of them a woman who law enforcement admits was killed accidentally by an officer.

The 56-year-old mayor serving his second term has seen his approval rating fall to 18% and demonstrators calling for his resignation... - Referenced Article

Chicago mayor issues police shooting statement By : Staff Reporting

The latest on the shooting deaths of a man and woman by Chicago police responding to a domestic disturbance call (all times local): 10:15 p.m. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has issued a statement on the fatal police shooting of a man and woman after authorities said officers responded to a domestic disturbance call.

In the statement on the early morning shooting issued late Saturday by the mayor, Emanuel says that "anytime an officer uses force the public deserves answers, and regardless of the circumstances, we all grieve anytime there is a loss of life in our city." - Referenced Article

1,200-acre brush fire closes a section of Pacific Coast Highway near Ventura  

Los Angeles Times By : Alice Walton

A wind-whipped brush fire north of Ventura has scorched 1,200 acres along the coast, continues to threaten dozens of homes and has closed the southbound lanes of Pacific Coast Highway, authorities said.

The fire began about 11 p.m. Friday and quickly spread, with flames pushed by north winds that reached 50 mph, according to Chief Mark Lorenzen of the Ventura County Fire Department.  - Referenced Article

Prime Minister Narendra Modis surprise visit to Pakistan  

The Economic Times By : IANS

Strategic experts on Saturday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's historic, surprise visit to Pakistan as a major step aimed at rebuilding the derailed bilateral peace process.

Former diplomats and retired generals who have dealt with Pakistan said Modi's dramatic gesture of flying to Lahore from Afghanistan on Friday and meeting his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif was a good beginning. - Referenced Article

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi surfaces in new audio recording  

CBS News By : Khaled Wassef

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has released a new message from its reclusive leader, claiming his self-styled "caliphate" is doing "well" despite an unprecedented alliance against it.

In the 24-minute audio posted Saturday, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said airstrikes by the international coalition only increase his group's determination and resolve. - Reference Article

Christmas around the world  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

People run for the water in Exmouth Beach in Devon, England for the Exmouth Christmas Day Swim on Friday December 25th.

Why the freakishly warm December?  

CNN By : Adam Sobel

The eastern U.S. is warm. Really, really warm. In Central Park, the daytime high on Christmas Eve was 71 degrees Fahrenheit. That's 8 degrees over the previous record for the day.

Similar records are being set all over the east. And it hasn't just been a couple days of warm weather; it's been weeks.- Referenced Article

Muslims shield Christians when Al-Shabaab attacks bus in Kenya  

CNN By : AnnieRose Ramos

Their M.O. is a tried and terrifying one: Launch a raid, single out Christians, and then spray them with bullets.

But when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a bus Monday, things didn't go according to plan. A group of Kenyan Muslims shielded the Christian passengers and told the attackers they were prepared to die together. - Referenced Article

Donald Trump Launches Vulgar Attack Against Hillary Clinton  


Donald Trump launched a vulgar attack on Hillary Clinton late Monday, including a sexually derogatory comment about her being "schlonged" by President Barack Obama in 2008.

"Even her race to Obama, she was gonna beat Obama," the GOP frontrunner told a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. - Referenced Article

Lindsey Graham Suspends Presidential Campaign By : Staff Reporting

Senator Lindsey Graham announced he is suspending his campaign to supporters.

The announcement comes a day before the deadline to remove his name from the South Carolina primary ballot, reports Politico.

You get the sense that Sen. Graham didn't have a chance even without a Donald Trump candidacy sucking all of the oxygen out of the race in Election 2016. Even with Graham foreign policy chops, his race never really caught on.

Donald Trump even has a strong lead in Sen Graham's home state of South Carolina. Senator Graham's departure leaves a tremendous void of a comprehensive grasp of foreign policy within the Republican field. It opens up the opportunity for a Senator Marco Rubio to tap into Senator Graham's expertise and more importantly seek an endorsement going into South Carolina.

Kerry seeks real progress on Syria at Moscow talks  


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he wanted to use a visit to Moscow on Tuesday to make "real progress" in narrowing differences with Russian leader Vladimir Putin over how to end the conflict in Syria.

Kerry is seeking to prepare the ground for a third round of talks of world powers on Syria but it was not clear if a meeting penciled in for Friday in New York would go ahead. - Referenced Article

How Trump Could Win, and Why He Probably Wont  

NY Times By : Nate Cohn

Despite controversy after controversy, Donald Trump still dominates the polls. With his seemingly impervious lead, it is tempting to declare that he is a clear front-runner for the nomination.

He has, after all, defied all expectations of his impending demise, including an early one from this author. If he has survived everything so far, why should he lose now? - Referenced Article

Paris climate talks: world leaders hail deal as major leap for mankind  

The Guardian By : Staff Reporting

A historic, legally binding climate deal that aims to hold global temperatures to a maximum rise of 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, staving off the worst effects of catastrophic global warming, has been secured.

The culmination of more than 20 years of fraught UN climate talks has seen all countries agree to reduce emissions, promise to raise $100bn a year by 2020 to help poor countries adapt their economies, and accept a new goal of net zero emissions by later this century. - Referenced Article

Turkey PM accuses Russia of wanting ethnic cleansing in Syria  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Ahmet Davutoglu said Russia's campaign had targeted Turkmen and Sunni communities around the Latakia region. Relations between Ankara and Moscow have plummeted since Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on the Syrian border. - Referenced Article

Kim Jong Un Claims Country Has Hydrogen Bomb  


North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has claimed his country has developed a hydrogen bomb, a significant step forward from the less powerful atomic bomb.

The official Korea Central News Agency reported that Kim made the comments as he toured the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site, which marks the feats of his late father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim Il Sung. - Referenced Article

How to Fix the Chicago Police Department  

Chicago Magazine By : WHET MOSER

On December 1, the same day Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy got canned (er, asked to resign), Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his new task force on police accountability.

It’s what Chicagoans have been asking for, right? An independent group looking over CPD’s shoulder? - Referenced Article

Iraqi president says Turkish deployment inside Iraq violates international law  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Iraqi President Fouad Massoum on Saturday called the deployment of several hundred Turkish troops inside Iraq near the northern city of Mosul "a violation of international norms and law".

A Turkish security source said on Friday the forces would provide training for Iraqi troops near Mosul, which is controlled by Islamic State. - Referenced Article

Iraq briefed on U.S. special forces plan, Kerry says  


The Iraqi government is fully briefed on U.S. plans to deploy American special forces to Iraq and the two governments will consult closely on where they will go and what they will do, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Tuesday Washington would deploy a new force of special operations troops to Iraq to combat Islamic State militants who have seized swathes of Iraq and neighboring Syria.

The group is also known as ISIL and ISIS. - Referenced Article

Zuckerbergs $45 Billion Love Note To His New Daughter  

Forbes By : Kelly Phillips Erb

It’s #GivingTuesday which means you might have been inspired to make a donation to a charitable organization.

I’m betting, however, that your donations didn’t come anywhere close to the impressive $45 billion (give or take a few million) pledged to charitable causes today by Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Facebook. - Referenced Article

Putin: US Asian trade negotiations not transparent  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Trade has long been the driving force of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. However, as the effect of tariff liberalization started to wear off, it became clear that we need additional agreements covering services, investment, non-tariff barriers, competition policy and subsidies. - Referenced Article

Communications Issue with Obama's ISIS Strategy  

eNews Reference By : Staff Reporting

If, God forbid, a similar incident accured in the the US like it did in Paris, how would we immediately change our strategy against ISIS? During Bush43's administration, there were frequent briefings about our efforts against Al Qaeda and our war efforts. President Obama makes a legitimate case against those preaching boots on the ground; if we send 50,000 troops to destroy the ISIS caliphate in Syria, how do we maintain that very costly occupation?

Maintaining an occupation force in Syria will put American Serivice Personnel in harms way and it has the potential of increasing suicidal bandits comitting simlar attrocities around the world. So ask a candidate, what specifically do they mean by 'step up our efforts.' Will they give you a litany of tactics or can they articulate a comprehensive strategy?

Obama has to do a better job of communicating his strategy against ISIS in the way of setting up weekly briefings specifically on his plan to defeat ISIS. It's safe to say that American know more about Presidential contender Donald Trumps rhetoric about what's wrong with Obama's Syrian strategy than they know about the Administrations plan.

Communication is the issue.

Abu Nabil taken out in an airstrike  

CNN By : Eugene Scott

The U.S. military on Friday killed the senior ISIS leader in Libya, the Pentagon said.

Abu Nabil, an Iraqi national and longtime al Qaeda operative, was taken out in an airstrike authorized and initiated prior to the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, said Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook. - Referenced Article

7.0-magnitude quake hits off southwestern Japan, small tsunami reported  

The Times of India By : IANS

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Kyushu in southwestern Japan on Saturday, triggering a minor tsunami in the southern part of Kagoshima prefecture, Xinhua reported.

The strong earthquake jolted about 160 km southwest of Makurazaki, Kagoshima, at 5:51 a.m. local time (20:51 GMT on Friday) at a depth of about 10 km, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). - Referenced Article

As Paris Attacks Unfolded, Players and Fans at Soccer Stadium Remained Unaware  


Shortly after 9:45 p.m. on Friday, at halftime of an exhibition soccer match between France and Germany, the players on both teams went to their locker rooms to rest while the coaches, who normally would have been reviewing their strategies, instead received shocking news.

Everyone had heard the two explosions outside the stadium during the first half of the game... - Referenced Article

Shaker Aamer arrives in Britain hours after release  

Washington Post By : Karla Adam and Adam Goldman

A suspected al-Qaeda member who became a cause célèbre among human rights groups and British lawmakers returned home Friday after being held more than 13 years at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison.

Shaker Aamer, who was first cleared for release in 2007, crossed the Atlantic on a plane chartered by the British government, touching down at London’s Biggin Hill airport just before 1 p.m. local time. - Referenced Article

Obama to Send Special Operations Forces to Help Fight ISIS in Syria  


President Obama will deploy a small number of American Special Operations forces to Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Syria to help local forces fight the Islamic State, the White House announced on Friday. - Referenced Article

Afghanistan and Pakistan Hit by Huge Earthquake  


A deadly earthquake hit northern Afghanistan and Pakistan on Monday afternoon, causing heavy damage and sowing panic across one of the world’s most impoverished and war-torn regions.

At least 208 were reported killed, with 131 or more of them in Pakistan, and that figure seemed likely to rise significantly, officials in both countries said. - Referenced Article

Congress and White House Near Deal on Budget  


Congressional leaders and the Obama administration are close to a crucial budget deal that would modestly increase domestic spending over the next two years and raise the federal borrowing limit.

The accord would avert a potentially cataclysmic default on the government’s debt and dispense... - Referenced Article

Obama to Announce Halt of US Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan  


The United States will halt its military withdrawal from Afghanistan and instead keep thousands of troops in the country through the end of President Obama’s term in 2017, Mr. Obama will announce on Thursday, prolonging the American role in a war that has now stretched on for 14 years. - Referenced Article

Big Ben Takes Over As Offensive Coordinator By : Staff Reporting

Startling revelation that injured Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger drew up the explosive 72 yard pass to Markus Wheaton in last nights thrilling victory over the San Diego Chargers.

Immediately before the game winning run by Runningback Le'Veon Bell; they received instructions on the play by Ben Roethlisberger; which begs the question, what is the role of the true Offensive Coordinator, Todd Haley in Pittsburgh since Ben Roethlisberger call his own plays under center?

Big Ben also said he factored in the fact that he knew Michael Vick likes getting out of the pocket when drawing up the 72 yard play. Why did it take Big Ben to utilize Vick's strengths?

Vern Nicholson: Significantly Increase Sales With Stale Email Lists  

 Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Let’s face it a lot of businesses acquired email lists of past or potential customers from online inquiries, past promotions and events. What if there was another way of effectively targeting those email lists without sending them boring emails that end up getting unopened and deleted?

Well, the solution for effectively targeting stale email lists has arrived in a huge way! A lot of you are familiar with Google AdWords and are leery about using it because the process of finding the right audience is a little complicated.

Google AdWords New Customer Matching Feature

Present Promotions To Your Email List Wherever They Are Online

Introducing Google AdWords’ Customer Match program. Let our team utilize your existing list(s) to target matches across the entire web for promotions and especially upcoming holiday offers. We’ve consistently created award winning campaigns with Google AdWords and this feature will only enhance what we do.

Now you’re not attempting to market to random web browsers that are not familiar with your brand. Marketing to existing clients significantly increases conversions and you can simultaneously advertise to groups that are very similar to your customers as well.

Get In Touch With Us
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Facebook Will Beam Free Internet to Sub-Saharan Africa Via Satellite  


Facebook has long talked up plans to use satellites to deliver free Internet to unconnected areas of the globe, and the company on Sunday inked a deal that will roll out connections to "large parts of sub-Saharan Africa" next year.

The initiative -- which is a joint venture of Facebook and France-based satellite operator Eutelsat -- will harness Israeli giant Spacecom's AMOS-6 broadband satellite when it launches in the second half of 2016. - Referenced Article

Refugees tell of ISIL brutality which forced them to leave Syria  

Euronews By : Staff Reporting

Thousands of migrants continue to cross from Serbia into Croatia . Most of them are Syrian and Iraqi escaping conflict back home.

Many have fled because of the gains made by the Islamist extremists known as ISIL which controls vast swathes of territory in both countries.

"You know, ISIL take everything. Also, (they) take my brother, they kidnapped him. He has been missing for a year and four months," said one Iraqi refugee from Mosul.

Russia intensifying Syria airstrikes  

CNN By : Susannah Cullinane

Russia is intensifying its airstrikes in Syria, which it says have "considerably reduced" the combat potential of militants. The Russian air force began strikes in Syria on Wednesday.

In the past 24 hours, it has carried out 20 flights targeting 10 ISIS positions in Idlib province, the Russian Defense Ministry announced in a statement Sunday. - Referenced Article

Multiple Casualties After Shooting at Umpqua Community College  


Multiple people were killed in a shooting at an Oregon community college on Thursday, fire officials said.

The shooter at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg was "down," a Douglas County fire official confirmed to NBC News.

At least one female was shot in the chest at the college, the official said. - Referenced Article

Russia launches airstrikes in northern Syria, senior military official says  

Fox News By : Jennifer Griffin and Lucas Tomlinson

Russian warplanes began bombarding Syrian opposition targets in the war-torn nation's north Wednesday, following a terse meeting at which a Russian general asked Pentagon officials to clear out of Syrian air space and was rebuffed, Fox News has learned.

A U.S. official said Russian airstrikes targeted fighters in the vicinity of Homs, located roughly 60 miles east of a Russian naval facility in Tartus, and were carried out by a "couple" of Russian bombers. - Referenced Article

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Wants Super Bowl Ad Dollars  

International Business Times By : Vern Nicholson

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg made a strong pitch for TV Ad Dollars yesterday during Advertising Week 2015 AWXII, in New York City.

I urge every company pumping millions into CBS this year for the Super Bowl to consider Sandberg’s basic point, “We have a Super Bowl on mobile every day.”

Let me point out the fact that Facebook is not the only player in town for mobile ads, but they make a very compelling case for targeting certain niche audiences.

Kerry Flynn (@kerrymflynn) made several succinct points in her Business Times Article:

  1. Facebook leads the pack in the five mobile apps smartphone users spend 80% of their time in
  2. 4 billion video views per day and almost 1.5 billion monthly users
  3. Facebook has won the rights to exclusive content and launches from major companies (FB recently hosted the exclusive trailer for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” movie)
  4. Facebook provides more precise market segmentation based on user interests
  5. More advertisers agree, from 2 mil to 2.5 million since February 2015 ($4.04 billion in revenue)
  6. Billions in investments to make Facebook’s timeline makes it even more stickier

Digital Marketing should be utilized as a more comprehensive strategy than television.

It’s especially true for those advertisers who do not have a Super Bowl or television budgets. Online eBusiness Solutions have used ad placements and Facebook advertising with tremendous success in key markets for small business owners. The bare bones strategy is to take full advantage of the digital migration from television. 

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

What does Vacate The Chair mean in The House of Representatives? Wiki-Bio  

The Christian Science Monitor By : John Feehery

A motion to vacate the chair is basically an effort to oust a sitting Speaker of the House. It is a privileged motion, by definition, although the parliamentary tactic is not specifically mentioned in the Rules of the House.

 The House is hitting the highways after passing a three-month extension of the Highway bill. In the game of chicken between the chambers of Congress, both sides blinked and the only real victim seems to be the small businesses that care deeply about the Export Import Bank.

Republican leaders had a plan to talk about the Iran deal and some of their legislative accomplishments over the August recess. Unfortunately, Mark Meadows threw a monkey wrench into that plan. - Referenced Article

Vacate The Chair Wiki

Bill Cosby: Universities rescind honorary degrees  

CNN By : Doug Criss


Bill Cosby's stunning fall from grace appears far from over. In the latest setback over his sex assault allegations, a pair of colleges have rescinded honorary degrees awarded to him years ago. - Referenced Article


Has any university thought about bestowing and honorary degree on a homeless person who has navigated the cruel realities of the streets for a number of years. I suspect we look to bestow honorariums on individuals to enhance funding and recognition to the school's programs and this is how we've arrived to this point.

Hajj Stampede Near Mecca Leaves Over 700 Dead  


At least 717 people were killed and 863 injured in a stampede near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on Thursday morning.

The deaths — at an intersection in Mina, about six miles east of the city — occurred around 9 a.m. on the first day of Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest days in the Muslim calendar, as millions of Muslims were making their pilgrimage, or hajj, to Mecca. Referenced Article

Twitosphere raved over Pope's visit and departure in a Fiat By : Staff Reporting

The Pope departed Joint Base Andrews in a Fiat and Twitosphere raved about the Papal's vehicle selection. The Pope's Fiat surrounded by armored security vehicles didn't go unnoticed.

Tweets displayed a lot of admiration for the Pope. There's no question that he made a statement and might have even boosted sales for Fiat here in the United States.

A lot of local Fiat dealers made note by blogging about the occasion, the Fiat USA didn't take advantage of the opportunity.

Chipotle's G-M-Over It campaign slammed in new ads  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Chipotle, the popular fast-food chain that pitches its offerings as healthy alternatives to burgers and fries, has been under attack since announcing virtually all its items would be free of genetically modified ingredients and antibiotics, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

The non-profit Center for Consumer Freedom launched a campaign last month asserting Chipotle's "G-M-Over It," campaign is misleading. - Referenced Article

Xi likens Chinese economy to large ship ahead of US visit  

France 24 By : Staff Reporting

President Xi Jinping compared China's economy to a giant ship sailing in stormy seas, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, but Xi was confident it was moving in the right direction.

Xi, who begins his first state visit to the United States later Tuesday, said a long-term view was essential to understanding the world's second-largest economy as he seeks to ease global worries over its performance. - Referenced Article

Donald Trump is now reaping what he has sown  

Washington Post By : Janell Ross

Much has been made about the moment when a man in a Trump t-shirt stood at a New Hampshire event Thursday to ask the GOP's leading presidential candidate a question.

What followed were a series of remarkable statements made loudly and clearly into a microphone. America has a problem: Muslims. President Obama is a Muslim. - Referenced Article

Leslie Allen Merritt Arrested in Arizona Freeway Shootings  


A police SWAT team on Friday arrested a suspect in a string of shootings along an Arizona freeway that have put drivers on edge over recent weeks, the governor said.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced the arrest on Twitter with a post that began: "We got him!" - Referenced Article

Obama removes more trade restrictions with Cuba  

USA Today By : Alan Gomez

A Home Depot in Havana? It could happen under a sweeping set of new rules by the Obama administration.

The departments of Commerce and Treasury announced Friday they will remove a series of restrictions on Americans traveling to and doing business with Cuba. - Referenced Article

Chile Earthquake: Hawaii and California Under Tsunami Advisory After Deadly Tremor That Forced 1M to Evacuate  


A massive earthquake struck off the coast of Chile Wednesday, killing at least five people forcing 1 million to evacuate.

The strong tremor also prompted officials to issue tsunami advisories in Hawaii and California. American were monitoring the 8.3 magnitude quake to see if tsunami waves would affect the West Coast of the United States and Hawaii. - Referenced Article

Key Facebook Advertising Indicators  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

The countdown to the holiday shopping season has already started for companies across the country. Even Santa Claus might agree that a comprehensive digital marketing campaign with Facebook’s enhanced features makes perfect sense before Black Friday 2015.

Look for Facebook to continue to be the preeminent source for brand reviews and research this holiday season, but they will leverage this with a better advertising platform to target consumers making the critical purchase decisions.

GoDigital reported Facebook leading the pack when it comes to researching products.

Read The Full Article >>

What is Trump teaching us about Mitt Romneys Presidential Campaign? By : Staff Reporting

Mitt Romney, hindsight has startling revealed it wasn't your vast wealth and shady business deals that lost the election for you, and I dare say it wasn't even the way the Obama Campaign came out and defined you in all of the video and digital ads; at least this wasn't the main reason.

Donald Trump, the self promoting genius, is a case in point. Thousands of the GOP base decided to stay home on election day because they questioned your conservative roots. You spent an enormous amount of money trying to bolster your conservatism while Trump's liberal leanings steer more left than even Hillary Clinton's. Trump outlined a health care plan that was far more liberal than even the one you ran away from in Massachusetts.

So what I'm trying to say is you didn't have the it factor in your race. It wasn't about the fact that you didn't want to reveal your tax records, it wasn't about you establishing affordable health care while governor of the most liberal state in the was more about Barack Hussein Obama being able to define you in a way that made you out of touch with American voters. The 47% comments didn't help matters and played into the narrative that Obama's team consistently propagated.

Along comes The Donald in 2015. He makes no bones about being very wealthy, he make no bones about promoting his idea of success and even attacks the crucial segment of Latino voters that you, Mitt Romney, tried very hard to bring under the 'big tent'; what gives?

In short, Romney came aggressively denying his personal wealth and less than "conservative" health care, while Donald Trump comes celebrating his wealth and liberal stances on health care, even calling it Reaganesque and he's enjoying a love affair with the base that would've catapulted you into the White House.

Romney, your mannerisms and quirkiness didn't endear you to your party's base or the crucial moderates that could've helped in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The Trump's brand exudes toughness while not mastering a tenth of your political savvy or command of policy positions. This leaves me to believe that personality counts. 

Future of Search Engines and A.I. Powered Personal Assistants  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Dan Kaplan (@dankaplan) gives us a very insightful piece in the latest Tech Crunch article about “Facebook’s Messenger And The Challenge To Google’s Search Dominance." We get a glimpse into the future of search engines and A.I. powered personal assistants.

We also get a futuristic look at how most of the information that we manually query search engines for being served to us based on user habits.

If we’ve ordered pizza on Friday for the last three weeks we’ll receive a notification on the fourth Friday with a list of our favorite restaurants along with tidbits on value and pricing.

There are two great scenarios on “The upcoming flight” and “The car repair” that you should take a look at. Dan goes on to point out several technologies that are commonly in use today: Apple Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Slack’s Slackbot among them.

The article was posted 9 hours before I read it, but considering the fact that he totally ignores Android incorporating a lot of the A.I. mentioned in the article, I thought the article was posted several years ago.

Of all the technologies he talked about, Alphabet’s search division, called Google, has the most effective tools for Maps, Calendar, Events and a SERP that already highlights business hours and costs that can easily be perfected for A.I..

We’ve seen glimpses of this in touching Google/Android Ads with the kid rushing home from college to see a sick pet and getting his train itinerary (couldn’t find the video) and a boatload of other commercials. My take is that Facebook has a lot of catching up to do to acquire the massive amounts of user search data to be considered a threat.

What we can’t ignore is the inquisitive mind. Google is a verb because humans are wired to search for information. A.I. around our calendar and daily patterns will take decades to catch up to knowing that we want to understand the intricate details around certain documentaries that we watch and new products that we want to acquire. A.I. can’t read our minds and when it starts to dictate and control what we should think, hopefully I’ll be long gone.

Overall it's a great article about where search is headed and yes, Google will have to evolve over time and we'll look back on typing a query into a search field and seeing a bunch of hyperlinks on a web page as being a tedious and time consuming task one of these days.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

American woman in Nepal for earthquake relief is killed  

CNN By : Ed Payne, Sugam Pokharel and Ashley Fantz

An American woman who went to Nepal to help in the aftermath of April's devastating earthquake has been beaten to death, police said.

Dahlia Yehia, 25, arrived in Nepal on July 20 to serve in Pokhara, where she was killed by a teacher named Narayan Paudel, according to Hari Bahadur Pal, the Kaski District Police superintendent:. - Referenced Article

Colin Powell Backs Obamas Iran Deal  

Huffington Post By : Zack Carter

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Sunday threw his support behind President Barack Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran, calling it "a good deal" that will move Iran off its current "superhighway" toward acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that critics of the agreement were ignoring the rapid development of Iran's nuclear program dating back to the Bush years. - Referenced Article

Saudi-led coalition jets kill 20 at a wake in Yemen: residents  


Jets belonging to a Saudi-led coalition killed at least 20 people at a wake in northern Yemen on Sunday, local tribesmen said, as warplanes pounded Houthis and other forces behind a missile strike that had killed dozens of Gulf Arab soldiers.

The air strikes targeted troops loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, an ally of the Houthis, across the country and hit a Houthi base in what had been the al-Imam University, a religious school in northern Sanaa, locals said. - Referenced Article

Pope Francis Calls On Europes Catholics to Shelter Refugees  


Pope Francis responded to Europe’s burgeoning immigration crisis Sunday, asking every Catholic church on the continent to set an example of Christian mercy by taking in a family of refugees.

“May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe host a family,” the pope told a crowd in St. Peter’s Square after reciting the traditional noon Angelus prayer. - Referenced Article

Dr. Bennet Omalu: I didnt even know what a quarterback was - Wiki-Bio  

Frontline By : Staff Reporting

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Yes, some of them actually said that I'm attacking the American way of life. "How dare you, a foreigner like you from Nigeria? What is Nigeria known for, the eighth most corrupt country in the world? Who are you? Who do you think you are to come to tell us how to live our lives?

To be honest with you, back then I didn't know about football. I didn't even know what a quarterback was. I didn't know about line of scrimmage. I did not know nothing about football. - Referenced Article

Dr. Bennet Omalu Biography

Brain Injury Research Institute

Vern Nicholson: How do you win in the Great Digital Migration?  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Interesting graph on the migration of dollars from traditional media to digital. Standard Media Index tracked a growth of 16% in the U.S. from October to June.

Both local and national television has taken the largest hit, with a drain of $1.1 billion from national TV ad dollars to $400 million in local TV and syndicate spending; followed by print ad dollars at $350 million and $150 million of radio spending.

Online eBusiness Solutions has helped companies develop comprehensive marketing campaigns to seize a greater return on their marketing investments.

The advantages of Digital over traditional media is that Digital encompasses a wealth of cost effective and quantifiable channels like Social Media, Video, Mobile and Web Content, with metrics to analyze engagement and conversions.

It is also very important to note that sizable market segments are shifting from traditional media to Digital in drove as a share of their media consumption, especially millennials.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

The Michael Vick Madness By : Staff Reporting

You know it is easier for White convicted felons to get a job over college educated Black men in some communities in America. Vick bashing is a small microcosm of thousands of Afro-American men presentenced in grade school before they've committed a crime. And heaven forbid if they commit a crime they receive a far longer sentence and perpetual condemnation in our society after they've long served their sentence.

You can make a strong case that Vick's sports celebrity did not protect him, but worked against him, because it received national exposure and national condemnation from the most powerful animal advocacy groups in the world. If he was Billy Bob fighting dogs behind his trailer park he would've received probation and a little community service.

Let's be clear, fighting dogs is wrong and it is morally unjust, but there comes a time when we'll have to let Michale Vick go free.

Reflecting On Clarence Thomas Comments About An African American President By : Staff Reporting

Let’s forget that a Supreme Court Justice alleging the sitting President “approved by the elites and the media” are both African American.

Try to ignore the sitting President of the United States previous comments about this particular Supreme Court Justice and his qualifications for being on the high court stating, “I would not have nominated Clarence Thomas. I don’t think that he was a strong enough jurist or legal thinker at the time for that elevation.”

Now of course these are words from a candidate hoping to get elected and appealing to his base. He had even harsher words for President George W. Bush.

When Justice Clarence Thomas asserts that a President is in office because he was approved by the elites and the media, "because anybody that they didn’t agree with, they would take apart,” he is alleging a moral depravity in our democratic process.

Justice Clarence Thomas should’ve been pressed on identifying this elite group he’s referring to. In the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, in which Thomas was in the majority, some have argued that too much influence by corporate elites could dictate elections.

Indeed President Barack Hussein Obama’s election drew overwhelming participation from people who were not previously involved in the electoral process, white single women, voters with just a high school education, the youth vote, Latinos and African Americans. Folks who are in a lot of ways disenfranchised and considered the 47% of Americans who are not contributing their fair share.

If President Obama didn’t have the grassroots mobilization and the dollars from millions of single digit donors behind his campaign I find it hard to believe the media would’ve given him the coverage he needed to defeat more established candidates in 2008.

Aren’t all Presidents approved by the elite in this country? Before you have your first nationally televised debate with the opposing party(ies) don’t you have to be “clean”, as Vice President Biden put it in 2007. Every candidate have to meet the smell test not just African American candidates.

 Q: Did you ever expect to see an African American president during your lifetime?

THOMAS: Oh yeah, I guess I’ve always thought there would be black coaches, heads of universities — maybe again as I said I’m naïve but the thing I always knew is that it would have to be a black president who was approved by the elites and the media because anybody that they didn’t agree with, they would take apart. And that will happen with virtually — you pick your person, any black person who says something that is not the prescribed things that they expect from a black person will be picked apart. You can pick anybody, don’t pick me, pick anyone who has decided not to go along with it; there’s a price to pay. So, I always assumed it would be somebody the media had to agree with.

Q: Have you ever met President Obama, have you had a chance to speak with him?

THOMAS: No. Well, in passing more he had the chance to visit the court, it’s not like…I don’t do a lot of Washington and I’m not into politics, so I mean there’s not that many occasion. I shook hands with him at the inauguration to be polite but I’ve had no in depth conversation.

Useful Marketing Flow Chart & Targeting Model  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

What does a comprehensive Digital Marketing campaign look like? Ten years ago I needed a graphic that would drive home my point of using all of the marketing channels to create Brand Awareness and Extend Marketing Reach, so I sketched out all of the Marketing Channels on a legal pad for an up-coming presentation.

When I gave the presentation I could see light bulbs lighting up over everyone’s head in the room, so I’ve adopted this graphic, in some shape form or fashion, in a lot of my discussions. As you could image the simple graphic has become a lot more intricate over the years.

Inbound Traffic is very useful, because it maximizes your ability to seize every available opportunity from leads or potentials customers online, but sadly customers do not arrive to everyone’s storefront out of the blue.

There’s a process in Engaging your Target Audience and to that extent we utilize all of the available marketing and sales channels so our client can get to know more people excited about their Brands and services.

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Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

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Michale Crowley Outlines Argument For Iran Deal, Wiki-Bio  


Want to bomb Iran? Then support the nuclear deal.

That’s the provocative argument coming from Obama administration officials and other backers of the deal as they promote it before a crucial vote in Congress next month. - Referenced Article

Michael Crowley Biography Wiki

Joe Biden Knows How To Laughs At The GOP  

Wall Street Journal By : Staff Reporting

The Vice President captured the spirit of the Democrat's angst against the GOP and their positions on everything from Health Care, sanctions on Iran and the economy in his debate with Congressman Paul Ryan.

Throughout the Vice Presidential Debate Joe Biden laughed and used the word "facts" to contrast his positions with Mitt Romney.

We emphatically wrote in February of last year, "Why Not Joe Biden?"

When America reexamines Biden’s record among a limited Democratic field and weigh what some consider to be his biggest flaw, speaking his mind and being frank with us, then I think they’ll give him second look.

I applaud Biden’s response to folks popping the question on his decision to run. How can there be any good reasons to not run. He’s been in politics his entire life. He’s built a working class brand. During the 2012 campaign it felt reassuring when he put it bluntly, "I've got a little bumper sticker for you: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive."

I don’t know how the race would’ve turned out if he didn’t condense the message in stark terms at a time when it was close and America was really grappling with the unemployment numbers and what Obamacare was.

Government Workers Cope With Fallout From Ashley Madison Hack  

CNN Money By : Erica Fink and Laurie Segall

"That time of my life was just not good personally," he told CNNMoney. And now that he's been exposed? "You look like a moron," he said.

The massive data breach at Ashley Madison has outed some 32 million users, including some 15,000 email addresses from government and military accounts, indicated by .gov and .mil domains. - Referenced Article

Look for the Republican Primary to get very ugly By : Staff Reporting

This the Republican Primary race will get very ugly before it gets better. President George W. Bush's campaign got very ugly against Senator John McCain in South Carolina and they spared nothing against then Senator John Kerry in their 'Swift Boat' attacks. Look for Jeb Bush to go on the attack against Donald Trump and for Trump's team to return in kind.

I am reminded of President Obama's campaign collecting enough artillery from the primary and using Newt Gingrich's attacks against Mitt Romney in the General election. The host plaintively ask Newt Gingrich, "are you calling Mitt Romney a liar?" and Ginrich immediately responding "yes," by that time the race was battle worn and Romney got very tough against Gingrich in Florida.

Donald Trump is using his significant media exposure to mercilessly launch a character attack against Jeb Bush at a signficant cost-savings to the billionaire. Where Jeb Bush comes up short in personality he'll have to spend to tarnish 'The Donald'. It will be hard to do considering the fact that everyone knows Trump was liberal, he practiced shady business deals, he hasn't been so kind on'll be interesting to see what's in Bush's arsenal.

President George W. Bush was a street brawler in comparison to his brother's kind-hearted nature. He appeard to be cringing on stage in fearing what the Donald was going to dish out. Bush's campaign can start by airing all of the promises issued by Trump with very little details.

Candidate dropping out of the race will have to immediately throw their support to Jeb as opposed to holding endorsements until the very end. Carly Fiorina would be the most formidable attack dogs against the Donald giving her business pedigree and her ability to put a face to all of the off color comments Trump has made against women and minorities.

Stay tuned.

Chris Hayes Retracts Sordid Joke On Nuclear Annihilation By : Staff Reporting

Chris Hayes made a sordid joke on the tensed standoff between North and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula. As millions of people await their fates Chris Hayes tweeted:

Would be a perfect capstone of this summer if actual nuclear war broke out on the Korean peninsula while we were running Trump's speech.

After harsh reaction from Twitter he deleted the comments and stated:

You're right, Twitter. Joke was tasteless. Meant it as absurd, but withdrawn.

North Korea ratchets up tensions after trading fire with South  

CNN By : Jethro Mullen and Kathy Novak

North Korea is amping up tensions in the region after apparently firing artillery at South Korean loudspeakers that are blaring criticism of Kim Jong Un's regime over the border.

Kim, the supreme commander of the North Korean military, has ordered front-line units along the heavily fortified frontier to move to a war footing on Friday evening, state media reported. - Referenced Article

Congress does not have votes to block Iran deal, says Nancy Pelosi  

The Guardian By : Sabrina Siddiqui

Barack Obama has enough votes to get the Iran deal through the House of Representatives, despite Republican efforts to block the historic nuclear accord, the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, has said.

With a Senate vote looking increasingly secure for the president, Pelosi’s comments suggest it is now extremely unlikely that Congress will halt the deal. - Referenced Article

Security check firm that cleared Edward Snowden agrees $30m fraud settlement  

The Guardian By : Staff Reporting

United States Investigations Services Inc, the private firm that vetted former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, has agreed to a settlement worth at least $30m, resolving US claims connected to its background investigations.

The US justice department said on Wednesday that the settlement with USIS and its parent company, Altegrity Inc, will resolve claims that the firm failed to perform quality control reviews in connection with its background investigations. - Referenced Article

Deadly explosion rocks central Bangkok  

USA Today By : Jane Onyanga-Omara

A deadly explosion rocked a commercial hub of Bangkok, Thailand, during the evening rush hour on Monday. Reuters reported that at least 12 people were dead, according to police and a rescue worker.

Local TV and the BBC quoted police as saying the blast was caused by a bomb. - Referenced Article

New References in Bangkok, Thailand

Family, friends and Obama remember Julian Bond - Wiki, Bio  

Washington Post By : Danielle Paquette

Julian Bond, a champion of equal rights, died Saturday in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. His wife of 24 years, Pamela Horowitz, was leaving the intensive care unit when a nurse stopped her, the first admirer to offer condolences.

“She told me, ‘I want you to know it was a privilege to take care of him,’ ” recalls Horowitz, voice wavering. - Referenced Article

Julian Bond Wiki Bio

Queen Elizabeth II leads ceremonies marking 70th anniversary of end of war with Japan  


Veterans wearing medals, some in wheelchairs festooned with the Union flag, paraded through central London on Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan and the end of World War II. The slow walkabout by the aging veterans recalled the pain and ultimate triumph of Britain's 4 ½-year campaign in Asia. One twirled his cane.

Others waved. Many saluted. Thousands cheered them on. - Referenced Article

Fareed Zakaria: Urges Sen Chuck Schumer to reconsider illogical arguments By : Staff Reporting

Esteemed CNN Television Host and Washington Post writer Fareed Zakaria urges the 'potential' future Minortity Leader of the U.S. Senate to reconsider his stance against the Iran Deal and calls parts of his arguments supporting his decision "illogical."

The Iran Deal would be a game changer, no doubt. Fareed makes his case while asking, how can one go against logical interests of the U.S. and ask that we retreat from a comprehensive deal crafted by the U.S. in good-faith and see as Fareed wrote, "a United States that is humiliated and isolated in the world?"

Full Fareed Zakaria Article

Full text of the Iran nuclear deal

Utter Devastation 50 people dead and over 500 hospitalized  

Time By : Rishi Iyengar

An environmental expert says evacuation of the area around Wednesday’s mammoth warehouse blast in the Chinese port city of Tianjin is the “main priority,” and warned of the explosion’s long term consequences.

His words came as the death toll continued to rise, with at least 50 people dead and over 500 hospitalized, of which 71 are in critical condition, officials said Thursday.

Several of the dead are reportedly firefighters. - Referenced Article

Spectacular Health & Beauty Ads From Media Idee  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Staff Reporting

Spectacular advertising feats from Media Idee Films, the company that brought you the first health and wellness store at

MI Films gives us a spectacular display of visually captivating brand promotions of the world’s leading health and beauty products. Every intricate detail illuminates the product with spell-binding graphic displays.

Solid productions from MI Productions make brands larger than life through world class visual effects, production and animations for TV Commercials, feature films and especially cost-effective Advertising Placements across the web in streaming videos.

MI Films seeks to expand it’s media and communications portfolio throughout North America with its new venture Media Idee, USA; their creative genius and production experience with the world’s leading Brands places them in a great position.

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Vern Nicholson: Candidates Up The Digital Ante For 2016  

eNews By : Staff Reporting

A recent Wired Magazine article reported that Google’s Algorithm could decide as much as 25% of the vote, based on positive and negative searches of U.S. Presidential Candidates online.

It appears that a lot of the campaign teams are well aware of this phenomenon since campaign pitches and comedy shorts have exploded onto the digital space.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton posting a video saying, “I’m just chilling in Cedar Rapids...” and Governor Bobby Jindal posting a push-up contest against Obamacare are among the candidate’s appeal to online video consumers.

The recent Republican debate attracted a record 24 million viewers.

Don’t worry there will still be an enormous amount of campaign literature arriving in the mail and robocalls touting the candidate’s record, but look for political candidates to prioritize digital with an even greater emphasis for 2016.

Senator Lindsey Graham destroying his cell phone attracted a million views in 24 hours. There are few alternatives that can give you that kind of return on your investment.

Vern Nicholson, Managing Director of Media Idee, USA, a media and communications company specializing in Internet Marketing campaigns stated, “There are few alternatives that can give you that kind of return on your investment.”

So look for more candidates to appeal to their base in hopes that the posts will go viral and the must needed campaign contributions will start pouring in.

Barack Obama: U.S. credibility on the line in Iran nuclear deal  

CNN By : Eric Bradner

President Barack Obama says the United States' credibility -- beyond just the specifics of the negotiations and his tenure in the White House -- is on the line as Congress votes on the Iran nuclear deal.

In an interview aired Sunday on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS," Obama said the United States' role in global politics could be affected by the deal. - Referenced Article

Irek Hamidullin guilty on 15 counts  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

The jury found Irek Hamidullin guilty on 15 counts, including supporting terrorists and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction.

The 55-year-old is the first military prisoner from Afghanistan to be tried in a US federal court. Some of the charges carry a mandatory life sentence. - Referenced Article

Difference between Digital and Television Space  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Staff Reporting

When TV and YouTube host Sal Masekela asks David Droga, “What is the difference between Digital and television space,” we get a great response:

TV is like a Indy track or Formula One track. It’s predetermined, you can still put a piece of [shi*] on it or a high performance thing on it, but it’s kind of set. And Digital is like the streets out there. You can take a coastal road or an off ramp to there or there or there or you can end up driving to a dump.

The full length article raises several valuable points, “Redefining what it means for a video to go viral.” to evolving your digital storytelling to a never ending story.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

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Critical Message Option On Facebook Ads  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Facebook has not only taken a huge chunk out of the mobile advertising market, but they have recently added some very ‘digitally smart’ tools for advertisers.

All Facebook ads have become interactive with an option to send a message directly to the advertiser.

The more savvy small businesses know that a call to action is critical in engaging your target audience, and most online ads link to short concise landing pages with a form on the advertiser’s website. Now the landing page has been simplified to a quick message.

To make matters even more efficient, all Facebook business pages will have a badge added to their profile to indicate how quick businesses respond to those messages.

Businesses are raving about the return on their investment from Facebook ads and the message option fits into a seamless function for users on their mobile devices.

Facebook is slowly revolutionizing mobile marketing and the way businesses can connect with potential customers online.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to engage your target audience and boost awareness about your brand. Receive a FREE consultation from Online eBusiness Solutions today.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement.

He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

State Department Cautions Americans Considering Travel to Iran  


The Obama administration hopes that the nuclear deal it negotiated with Iran may one day lead to broader cooperation. But the State Department has some cautionary words for Americans who think the reconciliation is already underway.

“This deal over Iran’s nuclear program does not alter the United States’ assessment of the risks of travel to Iran for U.S. citizens,” says a travel warning the agency issued on Wednesday. - Referenced Article

In speech, Obama to compare Iran deal to Iraq War vote  

USA Today By : Gregory Korte

President Obama will deliver a crucial speech on the Iran nuclear agreement Wednesday, arguing that the congressional vote that could block the deal is "the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq," the White House said.

White House aides said Obama would "point out that the same people who supported war in Iraq are opposing diplomacy with Iran, and that it would be an historic mistake to squander this opportunity" to contain Iran's nuclear program. - Referenced Article

Netanyahu Appeals to American Jews to Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal  


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel intensified his campaign against the nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers on Tuesday, denouncing it as a fatally flawed and dangerous accord and charging that proponents are trying to muzzle criticism of it with deceitful claims.

“As a result of this deal, there will be more terrorism, there will be more attacks, and more people will die,” Mr. Netanyahu said in a webcast viewed by thousands of American Jews. - Referenced Article

Tracking Offline Marketing Campaigns Via Online Analytics Tools  

MI Digital By : Staff Reporting

We see it littered on every billboard and cried out from every TV Channel. The ubiquitous Facebook Icon & website, unheard of marketing tools even a decade ago, now play a supporting role in all marketing & communication in the country. In fact, in case of Suzuki Kazashi launch in Pakistan, digital media was used as the main communication and sales channel.

A first for the country. Already more than 10 million cookies a week (source: Google) are now accessing the web in Pakistan (60% mobile) with average media consumption estimated between 1-3 hours daily. - Referenced Article

Theres something fishy about Donald Trumps charitable donations  

Business Insider By : MARCIA DUNN

Donald Trump, widely believed to the be the wealthiest American ever to run for president, is nowhere among the ranks of the country's most generous citizens, according to an Associated Press review of his financial records and other government filings.

Trump has said he donated $102 million worth of cash and land to philanthropic and conservation organizations over the past five years. - Referenced Article

UN Chief Calls Killing of Palestinian Child Terrorist Act  

AP By : Staff Reporting

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling the arson attack on a West Bank home that killed a Palestinian toddler a "terrorist act" and is blaming Israel's failure to punish repeated acts of settler violence for the tragedy.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Ban strongly condemns Friday's "murder" of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh and calls for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. - Referenced Article

Obama: Vote on your Real Convictions, not based on Politics  


It was a side of President Barack Obama many of the 20 House Democrats who gathered in the White House’s Blue Room Wednesday night hadn’t seen before: engaged, direct, even a little bit personal.

Obama dived into his pitch on the Iran nuclear deal, demonstrating his command of the nuances as lawmakers peppered him with questions. - Referenced Article

Yishai Shlissel stabs 6 at Jerusalem gay pride parade  

CNN By : Oren Liebermann and Jason Hanna

An Orthodox Jew who stabbed marchers at a Jerusalem gay pride parade 10 years ago launched another knife attack at the same type of parade in the same city Thursday, stabbing and wounding six people who were on the streets for the event, police said.

Video aired on Israel's Channel 10 shows what appears to be part of the attack at Thursday's gay pride parade in Jerusalem: a man making quick slashing motions at people on a Jerusalem street, including one holding a rainbow flag, while others try to subdue him. - Referenced Article

Create An Effective Facebook Mobile Ad Strategy  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Facebook mobile advertising sales has seen an increase of 39% in quarterly revenue due in part to its effectiveness at segmentation.

When Wendy’s rolled out its spicy chicken sandwich it relied on Facebook to target millennials who like spicy foods, with tremendous success.

Analysts estimate that users now spend an average of 46 minutes plus on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, so smart companies are now investing their ad dollars to capture this audience.

The enormous gains in mobile advertising have definitely been felt by our clients on the local level, especially with the college student demographic, since you can reach your target audience by age, gender, geographic location and interests.

Facebook reporting second-quarter revenue reached $4.04 billion, up from $2.91 billion in the same period a year earlier screams as to the effectiveness of their mobile ad tool.

Receive a free evaluation today with Online eBusiness Solutions.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

Man shot by cop in video: I didnt even do nothing  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Samuel DuBose's final words:

"I didn't even do nothing." Video from the body camera of Officer Ray Tensing of the University of Cincinnati Police Department indicates that the 43-year-old unarmed black man was shot to death following a calm exchange during a traffic stop July 19. - Referenced Article

The Ultimate Proof of Tom Brady The Person By : Staff Reporting

A single player causes the biggest public relations crisis for the NFL, before the biggest professional sports venue of the season, and he had the option to potentially take a three game reduction of his four game suspension, but he thumbs his nose at the league and by extension his teammate and Patriots Nation. This episode is indicative of what many has been saying about Tom Brady for years.

Allow me to put it into perspective for you. During another major scandal, Spygate, Brady beamed as he reviewed the game strategy of opposing teams; information that was acquired by connivery.

Brady is a 6th round draft pick that continue to ride the wave of the NFL’s rules to preserve the QB, rules that weren’t in place when Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana were acquiring their four Super Bowls. One could make the legitimate argument that if Roger Starbaugh or even another low round pick like Todd Blackledge had the privileges that Brady enjoys, they would’ve had more Super Bowls as well.

Tremendous constraints on defenders have allowed the league to significantly reduce the role of the fastest and the most physically gifted players making major contributions to offensive production.

A running back has to devote significant risk to their bodies and can change a game situation in an instance, but yet the often times brute and unathletic offensive lineman are taking a greater share of the purse.

Players like Danny Woodhead, Marshall Faulk and Julian Edleman appear to be first ballot Hall of Famers because Patriots owner Robert Kraft have put significant time into lobbying the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to tamp down true athleticism in favor of the system that Coach Bill Belichick is a mastermind at.

Don’t get me wrong the players are good, but the league rule changes have made them even more explosive.

The fans are happy because they’re seeing victories, but at a significant cost for people who like the authentic game. If MMA can be violent, players can sign the document to get their millions and acknowledge potential consequences for playing in a violent sport at the same time.

Don’t give me the junk about concussions. The initiative has only served as a catalyst to keep mediocre QBs like Tom Brady striving in this league. The man has dropped two steps back and accrued yardage on the back of the most explosive receiver and playing for one of the greatest masterminds to exploit the NFL’s version of deflating the sport.

The NFL went on a rampage fining the Steelers defense, over the years, for doing what they have been trained to do since Pee Wee all for marketing sake.

If Tom Brady looks like a privileged brat on the sidelines and in his commercials, that’s because he is and #Deflategate is the ultimate proof of Tom Brady the person. Destroying his cell phone, lying to NFL fans, filing an injunction and dragging his team’s season down in the process. Brady and Taylor Swift have a lot in common about the ability to make an entire industry buckle.

Even when the world knows Brady is a serial cheater and liar, he still maintains his dignity, and for the most part, analysts are still soft and cuddly with him. Steven A. Smith went through great lengths to cuddle Brady in his broadcast when he has the reputation for mercilessly attacking bad behavior.

The difference with Brady is that the Golden Child’s glare can be blinding when we actually need people to be blunt, especially when the integrity of the sport is on the line.

U.S., Turkey weigh which Syrian rebels to support in border area  


The United States and Turkey have not yet agreed which Syrian opposition fighters they will support in a joint effort to help clear Islamic State from an area along the Turkish border, officials said on Tuesday, underscoring uncertainty surrounding the campaign plan.

Washington and Ankara this week announced their intention to provide air cover for Syrian rebels and jointly sweep Islamic State fighters from a strip of land along the border, with U.S. warplanes using bases in Turkey for strikes. - Referenced Article

Planned Parenthood video released as Senate Republicans seek to end funding  

CNN By : Chris Frates and Ted Barrett

The anti-abortion group targeting Planned Parenthood released another video Tuesday, this one featuring an interview with a woman who says she worked in a clinic procuring tissue from aborted fetuses.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans said they would schedule a vote on a bill in the coming days that would restrict federal funding to the organization. - Referenced Article

#WhatsRightWithObamaCare Maybe Someone Will Answer By : Staff Reporting

Launching the initiative to find out what the leading Republican candidates believe to be right about the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or otherwise known as ObamaCare. From this moment until a new President is elected, we'll seek to find issues that the candidate agree on.

Hopefully this conversation will continue when the perspective candidate is sitting in the Oval Office at the White House residence.

It's very basic. We ask for your help: Please Like, Share and Comment on issues pertaining to "WhatsRightWith...:

Report: Tom Brady Destroyed His Cell Phone During Deflategate Saga  

NESN By : Darren Hartwell

The Deflategate scandal soon could reach a resolution, but things are getting a whole lot weirder.

Stephen A. Smith reported Tuesday on ESPN’s “First Take” that the NFL likely will uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, with the official announcement coming in the next day or two.

That bit of news, however, was overshadowed by Smith’s next revelation about the New England Patriots quarterback. - Referenced Article

Very Important And Costly Information About Google  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Enthusiastically thanking Google for removing its Google Plus requirement across all of their social and search platforms. 

There are massive issues associated with Google+ being tied in with Google Local or Google My Business; especially in the business verification process. Now Google will make it easier to delete your association with Google+ while still maintaining your presence in its Local Section which gives businesses prime position on Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

Now is definitely the time to take advantage of this opportunity.
The problems began as far back as 2010, with the introduction of “Search Plus Your World,” which integrated content from your friends’ streams into your search results. The problems kept coming as Google implemented their “real name” policy that essentially locked users out if there wasn’t a verifiable name attached to an account.
Users will begin to notice this immediate change on YouTube, where the headache was most pronounced. Now all comments on YouTube would now be sorted by relevance and popularity rather than by upvotes or downvotes on the comments themselves.
Online eBusiness Solutions maintains over 7,000 top key words and phrases within Google’s search hierarchy, with expert knowledge in Google Analytics, AdWords and AdSense platforms. For more information or for a FREE evaluation of your Digital Campaign please give us a call at 1-800-742-0169 or via email at
Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

Mike Huckabee out-Trumps GOP field ahead of debate  

CNN By : Jeremy Diamond

A Republican presidential candidate upended the 2016 conversation with contentious comments over the weekend — and this time it wasn't Donald Trump.

With the clock ticking down to the first GOP presidential debate and more than a dozen candidates vying to make the cut and appear on the Fox News debate stage, those headlines could be lifeblood. - Referenced Article

Donald Trump Surges in Latest Republican Polls  

Time By : Tanya Basu

Donald Trump is leading the pack among candidates for the 2016 Republican Party nomination in the latest batch of polls. A CNN Poll on Sunday showed Trump leading with 18% support among Republicans.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush was second at 15%; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker rounded out the top three at 10%. - Referenced Article

35 Bill Cosby victims describe sex abuse to New York magazine  


There was the disoriented and drugged woman who said Bill Cosby put his forearm under her throat after she revealed to hotel staff she was 19 and staying with the superstar.

There was the woman who couldn’t form words as the star of “The Cosby Show” leered at her - Referenced Article

Obama: I'm the first Kenyan-American to be president  

CNN By : Jim Acosta

President Barack Obama capped an emotional return to his father's home country of Kenya on Sunday with an impassioned speech that was steeped in pride in his own African heritage.

"I'm the first Kenyan-American to be president of the United States. That goes without saying," Obama said. - Referenced Article

U.S. Preparing to Release Convicted Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard, Officials Say  


The Obama administration is preparing to release convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard from prison, according to U.S. officials, some of whom hope the move will smooth relations with Israel in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal.

Such a decision would end a decadeslong fight over Mr. Pollard, who was arrested on charges of spying for Israel in 1985 and later sentenced to life in prison.

The case has long been a source of tension between the U.S. and Israel, which has argued that a life... - Referenced Article

President Obama Praises Africa in Kenya Summit Speech  


In his first public remarks during his two-day visit to Kenya, President Barack Obama praised Africa as one of the world’s fastest-growing regions and announced more than $1 billion in commitments, from government and private companies, to promote global entrepreneurship.

Mr. Obama, speaking at the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, said half of the $1 billion will be used to back young and female entrepreneurs. - Referenced Article

Dennis Rodman endorses Trump for president  

CNN By : Sophie Tatum

As Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign lurches from one controversy to another, the real estate mogul on Friday gained the support of a widely-recognized celebrity with experience in international diplomacy:

NBA hall-of-famer Dennis Rodman. Rodman tweeted his support to his "great" friend's campaign for the White House. - Referenced Article

Wrestler Hulk Hogan apologizes for racist remarks  

CNN By : Wyatt Massey

Legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan issued an apology Friday after the National Enquirer released a transcript of statements he made that included racial slurs.

The remarks were recorded in an "unauthorized sex tape," according to the Enquirer, and included the n-word in reference to the dating life of his daughter, Brooke. He has since apologized. - Referenced Article

Trip to Kenya as president caps personal journey by Obama  

CNN By : Jeff Zeleny

The first time he came to Kenya, they called him Barry.

When he returned 14 years later, they called him senator, but hailed him as more of a king.

Thousands of people lined freshly paved roads and sang jubilant songs, including many young boys who were named in his honor. As Barack Obama arrives in Kenya on Friday for the first time as president of the United States, he faces heightened security concerns and a crushing spectacle of admirers that will make this trip worlds apart from his two previous defining journeys to his father's ancestral land. - Referenced Article

State Department, intelligence watchdogs reportedly call for criminal probe of Clinton emails  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

The inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence community reportedly have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information by using a personal e-mail account while secretary of state.

According to The New York Times, an initial joint memorandum dated June 29 and sent to State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy said that a review of Clinton's e-mail archive contained "hundreds of potentially classified emails". - Referenced Article

Patrick F. Kennedy Criminal inquiry sought in Hillary Clintons use of email, Wiki - Bio  

Boston Globe By : Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Apuzzo

Two inspectors general have asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into whether Hillary Rodham Clinton mishandled sensitive government information on a private e-mail account she used as secretary of state, senior government officials said Thursday.

The request follows an assessment in a June 29 memo by the inspectors general for the State Department and the intelligence agencies that Clinton’s private account contained “hundreds of potentially classified e-mails.’‘

The memo was written to Patrick F. Kennedy, the undersecretary of state for management. - Referenced Article

Patrick F. Kennedy Biography Wiki

Auma Obama: My brother has carried our name up there  

CNN By : Brooke Baldwin

Auma Obama is fiercely protective of her half-brother -- the President of the United States. She calls it "self-preservation."

Auma Obama welcomed CNN's Brooke Baldwin exclusively into the family home of the President's ancestral village -- even introducing her to their shared 93-year-old step-grandmother, Mama Sarah. - Referenced Article

Saudi Arabia Welcomes Iran Nuclear Deal, US Defense Chief Says  


Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter gave a surprisingly upbeat assessment on Wednesday of American relations with Saudi Arabia, asserting that the kingdom welcomed the international nuclear deal reached with its regional rival, Iran.

Mr. Carter, who visited Jidda and held his first meeting with King Salman, also said the Saudi monarch would visit the United States this fall and is committed to fighting the Islamic State, the Sunni militant extremist group. - Referenced Article

Dash Cam Video Sandra Bland's Arrest Edited  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Officials in Texas say they are looking into whether newly released dashcam video connected with a female inmate's death was edited.

The 52-minute video released by the Texas Department of Public Safety Tuesday shows a Texas state trooper, Brian Encinia, pulling over, then arresting Sandra Bland.

The 28-year-old woman was found dead in her jail cell three days later. - Referenced Article

NBC News: Sandra Bland Death: Officials Say Glitch, Not Editing, Caused Video Irregularities

Cuban embassy opens in Washington but important issues remain unresolved  

The Guardian By : Paul Lewis

Cuba’s blue, red and white-starred flag has been raised above the country’s newly inaugurated embassy in Washington, heralding the formal restoration of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba .

The establishment of embassies in both Washington and Havana, for the first time in 54 years, marked the symbolic end to one of the last vestiges of the cold war. - Referenced Article

O'Malley apologizes for saying White lives matter  

CNN By : Chris Moody

A town hall for liberal activists featuring two Democratic presidential candidates was interrupted by dozens of demonstrators on Saturday who shouted down the contenders and demanded they address criminal justice issues and police brutality.

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders planned to attend a public sit-down interview with journalist Jose Antonio Vargas in front of a left-leaning crowd here at the annual Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of progressives, when the tone of the program shifted just a few minutes into the event. - Referenced Article

The Problem With Killer Mike's Bernie Endorsement By : Staff Reporting

Killer Mike rethink the endorsement for the sake of making an endorsement. You can simply come out and endorse getting Afro-Americans, Latinos and poor Whites to the polls or you can impact the race by influencing all of the candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, to commit to making sweeping changes in our Criminal Justice System.

By coming out on the side of a candidate with a lot of radical views, yet to be brought to light, you're limiting your perspective on the race. It's one thing to be radical merely for the sake of being radical and quite another to have the ability to muster a winning coalition capable of changing the country.

One could make a legitimate case that Killer Mike's endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders is premature; after all Senator Sanders have not made a major policy speech, his ideas haven't been scrutinized by the rest of the Democratic field and he had trouble articulating his views on the Black Lives Matter movement.

It's one thing to make speeches from the stump and energize your base with progressive talking points, but the voters haven't had a chance to inspect the car yet. We haven't had a chance to see Senator Sanders' performance against the likes of Hillary Clinton. What is Bernie Sanders' vision of American leadership in a changing world.

What will a Killer Mike endorsement entail? Will he travel with Bernie Sanders' campaign in Iowa? Can't wait to see Killer Mike performing the opening act for Sanders' campaign in Clinton County Iowa.

Hillary Clinton's plan for the minimum wage: low on details, big on going local  

The Guardian By : Jana Kasperkevic

Hillary Clinton might have rolled out her economic policy on Monday, but many specifics of what she intends to do as president of the United States remain unclear. Among them: the federal minimum wage.

The former secretary of state and current frontrunner for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination has so far declined to say what she thinks would be the ideal national minimum wage. While campaigning in New Hampshire this week, she implied that the ideal wage might differ depending on location. - Referenced Article

Texas Trooper in Sandra Bland Arrest Placed on Desk Duty After Rules 'Violations': Department  

ABC News By : Staff Reporting

The Texas trooper involved in the arrest of Sandra Bland, who was found dead in her cell days later, was put on desk duty for alleged violations of Department of Public Safety rules.

The agency said in a statement that the officer who stopped Bland's car on July 10 in Prairie View, Texas was assigned to administrative duties after the DPS "identified violations of the department's procedures regarding traffic stops and the department's courtesy policy." - Referenced Article

Hassan Rouhani Says Iran Won Extra Concession in Nuclear Deal  

Wall Street Journal By : ARESU EQBALI in Tehran and ASA FITCH in Dubai

Iran extracted an extra concession in the nuclear deal it reached Tuesday with six world powers by winning the removal of aviation sanctions, President Hassan Rouhani said, according to official state media. Sanctions imposed by the U.S. on the sale of commercial passenger aircraft and parts to Iran are to be scrapped under the deal.

But their removal hadn’t been on the table at the start of the talks because they weren’t imposed over Iran’s nuclear program, Mr. Rouhani said in an address to Iranian athletes in Tehran. - Referenced Article

Dr Gemma Mullen: Foxy flying doc makes me pity Kate  

The Daily Mail By : SARAH VINE

What with her being married to a Prince, having two palatial homes, fabulous swishy hair and great legs, it’s not often I feel sorry for Kate Middleton. Not to mention her ability to produce cherubic camera-ready infants — then snap back into her size 10 Issa dresses.

But yesterday, when I saw the pictures of Prince William’s first day back at work, I felt a sharp stab of sisterly sympathy. - Referenced Article

Dr. Gemma Mullen Biography Wiki

How President Obama Wants to Change the Way Americans Go to Prison  


President Obama wants to change how you think about prison and he's going behind bars to do it. Obama is visiting Federal Correctional Institution El Reno, a medium-security prison in Oklahoma, as part of an effort to push reforms to the nation's criminal justice system. It's the first time a sitting American president has ever visited a federal penitentiary.

“While the people in our prisons have made some mistakes — and sometimes big mistakes — they are also Americans,” Obama said Tuesday in a speech before the NAACP convention in Philadelphia. - Referenced Article

More Americans Are Getting Their News on Facebook, Twitter  

Time By : Claire Groden

Facebook and Twitter are increasingly being used as sources of news, according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

The research found that 63% of Twitter and Facebook users now use the social media sites as news sources, up from around 50% in 2013 (the most recent data were collected in March 2015). - Referenced Article

Did Twitter predict El Chapos escape? Take it with a grain of salt  

Los Angeles Times By : MATT PEARCE

Was Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's escape from a Mexican prison last weekend predicted by messages on Twitter? Did the Mexican drug lord really use Twitter to threaten Donald Trump?

Take it all with a big grain of salt, as neither Twitter nor the Mexican government has verified the authenticity of several messages.

Guzman's escape through a tunnel below a maximum-security prison Saturday was an instant sensation on social media, where the drug lord was already a folk antihero. - Referenced Article

Ayatollah Khamenei Is Wild Card in Nuclear Deal  


It wasn’t until American negotiators were close to a nuclear deal with Iran that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry turned to his Iranian counterpart and asked about the wild card.

“Do you have the mandate of the Supreme Leader?” Mr. Kerry asked, referring to Tehran’s paramount political figure, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said he was confident he did. - Referenced Article

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Biography Wiki

Iran deal would face tough battle in Congress  

CNBC By : Patti Domm

Any Iran nuclear deal is going to face a tough, and possibly lengthy, battle in Washington that could delay the arrival of Iranian crude onto the market. Iran was reportedly close to a deal Monday that could end its nuclear program and remove the economic sanctions against the country.

The U.S. and five other nations have been in tense negotiations with Iran for months, and diplomatic sources were quoted as saying an agreement could be announced Tuesday. - Referenced Article

Bet for Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal May Take Years to Pay Off  


In his opening to China more than 40 years ago, Richard M. Nixon made a huge Cold War gamble that he could forge a working relationship with a Communist country that had built a small arsenal of nuclear weapons and clearly had long-term ambitions for global power.

For President Obama, the deal struck Tuesday morning with Iran represents a similar leap of faith, a bet that by defusing the country’s nuclear threat — even if just for a decade or so — he and his successors would have the time and space to restructure one of the United States’ deepest adversarial relationships. - Referenced Articles

Pentagon Moves to Allow Transgender People to Serve Openly in the Military  


The Pentagon is moving to allow transgender people to serve openly in the military by early next year and end an “outdated” regulation that harms the armed forces, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said on Monday.

Pentagon officials are to spend the coming months working out the administrative and legal changes needed to remove one of the final barriers to all Americans serving in the military. - Referenced Article

NASA probe nears Pluto, carrying ashes of astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, Bio-Wiki  

CNN By : Jethro Mullen

When a NASA probe whizzes past Pluto on Tuesday, the man who discovered the dwarf planet 85 years ago will be there.

A small amount of the ashes of American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh are on board the New Horizons spacecraft, which has spent more than nine years traveling to the outer reaches of the solar system. - Referenced Article

Clyde Tombaugh Bio Wiki

Donald Trump, who promised to kick El Chapos a--, calls FBI after Mexican drug lord threatens him on Twitter  

NY Daily News By : MEG WAGNER

Donald Trump thinks he can kick El Chapo’s butt — but the billionaire called the FBI when the Mexican drug lord returned the threat.

The 2016 presidential hopeful contacted federal agents Monday when a Twitter account claiming to be the escaped Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman tweeted profane, hostile messages at him, TMZ reported. - Referenced Article

Iran nuclear deal edges closer but Zarif says talks may go on  


Iran and six world powers appeared close to a deal on Monday to give Tehran sanctions relief in exchange for limits on its nuclear program, but Iranian officials said talks could run past their latest midnight deadline and success was not guaranteed.

Diplomats from Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States wore grim expressions as they met and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sat in silence when asked if the deadline might be extended or if he could rule out an extension. - Referenced Article

WikiLeaks Posts Over 1 Million Hacking Team Emails And Its A Can Of Worms For Governments  

Tech Times By : Nicole Arce

WikiLeaks has created a searchable database of more than 400 GB of private emails and source codes dumped on the Internet after unknown hackers breached into Hacking Team's systems and leaked their files online. The database is proving to be one huge virtual can of worms for foreign governments spanning the globe from Australia to Mexico.

Earlier reports have mentioned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spent $800,000 to pay for software updates and improvements to Galileo Remote Control System (RCS), Hacking Team's proprietary intrusion software that allows its user to breach private computer systems in stealth. - Referenced Article

Pope Francis Laments That the Poor Are Sacrificed at the Altar of Money  

Time By : Tanya Basu

Pope Francis continued his anti-poverty campaign in Paraguay on Saturday, delivering some choice words for what capitalism has meant for the poor.

“Certainly every culture needs economic growth and the creation of wealth,” the Pope told a gathering of civic leaders, in remarks reported by CNN.

But he harshly criticized the gap between the wealthy and the impoverished, saying: “I ask them not to yield to an economic model which is idolatrous, which needs to sacrifice human lives on the altar of money and profit.” - Referenced Article

Iran, powers near to historic deal; U.S. says tough issues remain  


After more than two weeks of marathon negotiations, Iran and six world powers were close to nailing down an historic nuclear deal that would bring sanctions relief in exchange for curbs on Tehran's atomic program, diplomats said on Sunday.

But Iranian and Western officials said it was unlikely they would be able to finalize an agreement on Sunday, saying the earliest an agreement could be ready was more likely Monday. - Referenced Article

Trump gets blunt advice on immigration remarks  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called presidential candidate Donald Trump Wednesday and asked Trump to soften his controversial comments about Mexican illegal immigrants, CBS News has confirmed.

The Washington Post was first to report that Priebus asked Trump to tone down his remarks.

But the controversial candidate is still doubling down on his rhetoric, reports CBS News correspondent Julianna Goldman. - Referenced Article

U.S. Digital Advertising Landscape  

Forbes By : Staff Reporting

The share of mobile devices in the overall U.S. ad market and its Internet ad market could rise to 16% and 45%, respectively, by 2019.

At the same time, search advertising will continue to account for the largest share (around 44%) of the overall digital marketing spend, owing to its proven returns.

Social media ad marketing is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the coming years, however, its pace could further magnify with the delivery of better and more targeted ads. - Referenced Article


A consumer group wants Google to give Americans the right to be forgotten  

Quartz By : Alice Truong

A consumer advocacy group is urging the US Federal Trade Commission to investigate why Google has not given American internet users the “right to be forgotten.

” In 2014, a European court mandated that Google remove search results from individuals when asked, if the results are irrelevant, outdated, or otherwise inappropriate.

In a letter sent today to the FTC, John Simpson, the privacy project director of the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog, argued that though Google says it is dedicated to users’ privacy, its unwillingness to let Americans remove irrelevant search results is hypocritical. - Referenced Article

South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag, but it's not coming down yet  

Mashable By : Megan Specia

The Confederate flag is still flying outside the South Carolina State Capitol in Columbia, but the official debate over its fate is just beginning.

In a special session on Monday, South Carolina's Senate voted to remove the Confederate flag that has flown over state capitol grounds since 1961. But the flag will still fly until the proposal passes through the House. - Referenced Article

Bill Cosby Said He Got Drugs to Give Women for Sex  

NBC By : MaryClaire Dale

Bill Cosby testified in 2005 that he got Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with, and he admitted giving the sedative to at least one woman and "other people," according to documents obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

The AP had gone to court to compel the release of the documents; Cosby's lawyers had objected on the grounds that it would embarrass their client. - Referenced Article

Obama Poised to Commute Sentences for Scores of Nonviolent Drug Offenders  


President Barack Obama is slated to sign orders in the next few weeks to release scores of federal inmates imprisoned on nonviolent drug charges, reports The New York Times.

Upon signing the orders, Obama will likely reduce more sentences at one time than any president in nearly 50 years, the report says.

The total number of commutations for Obama’s historic presidency could surpass 80... - Referenced Article

Beijing issues travel warning after Turkey protests target Chinese  

CNN By : Ivan Watson and Steven Jiang

China's embassy in Turkey has issued a travel warning to its citizens after some tourists were "attacked and harassed" during anti-Chinese protests in Istanbul.

The Chinese and Turkish governments are at odds over China's treatment of the Uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group that live in China's far western Xinjiang province. - Referenced Article

Pope Francis Back in South America for Visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay  


Latin America's first pope returned to Spanish-speaking South America for the first time as pontiff Sunday, beginning a nine-day tour.

Pope Francis received a raucous welcome in Ecuador on the first leg of his pilgrimage, in which he is expected to highlight the plight of the poor, denounce inequality and reinforce his call to safeguard the environment.

Children in traditional dress greeted Francis at Quito's Mariscal Sucre airport - Referenced Article

John Kerry nuclear talks: hard choices needed  

BBC By : Staff Reporting

Mr Kerry warned that the two sides were "not where we need to be on several of the most difficult issues".

His Iranian counterpart said "still nothing is clear", as ministers were set to continue talks in Vienna. Six world powers and Iran extended the deadline to Tuesday, after missing an earlier self-imposed cut-off point. - Referenced Article

The Declaration of Independence: Six things you (probably) didn't know  

CNN By : Evelyn Andrews

This Fourth of July will mark the 239th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the document that birthed the nation.

You may know about John Hancock's famously large signature or that Thomas Jefferson authored the document, but here are six facts you may not know about the Declaration. - More

Tentative Agreement on Sanctions Reached in Iran Nuclear Talks  


Experts helping to negotiate the Iran nuclear talks have reached a tentative agreement on how and when to lift U.S. and European Union sanctions against Iran — but the nations' foreign ministers must still accept the deal, NBC News has learned.

While officials say they have narrowed the gaps on all issues, some sticking points remain ahead of Tuesday's deadline. - Referenced Article

Hillary Clinton accuses China of hacking U.S. computers  


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused China on Saturday of stealing commercial secrets and "huge amounts of government information," and of trying to "hack into everything that doesn't move in America."

Clinton's language on China appeared to be far stronger than that usually used by President Barack Obama's Democratic administration.

Speaking at a campaign event in New Hampshire, Clinton said she wanted to see China's peaceful rise. - Referenced Article

Democratic ex-Va. Sen. Jim Webb announces presidential bid, Wiki-Bio  

CNN By : Dan Merica

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced Thursday that "after many months of thought, deliberation and discussion" he has decided to run for president of the United States.

In an over 2,000-word blog post, Webb writes that he decided to run because the United States needs "proven, experienced leadership that can be trusted to move us forward from a new President's first days in office." - Referenced Article

Sen Jim Webb Biography Wiki

Facebook introduces a plan to monetize videos and share the revenue with content creators  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

Facebook will position itself as YouTube’s alternative for viewing online video content in 2015. The world’s largest social network will create a revenue-sharing partnership with content providers like Fox Sports, the NBA, Hearst, Funny or Die and Tastemade to seize a larger share of online video viewing from YouTube.

“We’ve heard consistently from media companies and other video creators that if they were able to make money from their videos, they would publish more,” Facebook’s vice president of partnerships Dan Rose told Variety.

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in April of 4 billion video views should be very appealing to companies who want to significantly expand market reach. Facebook has made a steady climb in offering video viewing to its users and the “range of partners is wide: from traditional TV companies to YouTube stars and MCNs, sports leagues and possibly music companies.

Our clients have increasingly gravitated to Facebook video ads and posts to reach a wider audience. Facebook has painstakingly made their ad program user-friendly with very intuitive segmentation options. Brand awareness is key and video advertising has become a necessity in a competitive market.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

DOJ Looking Into Possible Airline Collusion to Keep Fares High  


The Justice Department is investigating possible collusion among major airlines to limit available seats that keeps airfares high.

Officials familiar with the antitrust investigation say the question is whether the major airlines are illegally coordinating with one another to limit capacity, which would have the effect of keeping fares up, to the detriment of passengers.

The civil antitrust investigation by the Justice Department appears to focus on whether airlines illegally signaled to one another how quickly they would add new flights and routes and extra seats. - Referenced Article

Superintendents Steven Racette and Stephen Brown placed on leave  

CNN By : Holly Yan, Dana Ford and Ashley Fantz

Three members of Clinton Correctional Facility's executive team, along with nine security staff employees, have been placed on administrative leave as part of the review of two convicted murderers' escape, according to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Superintendent Steven Racette and Deputy Superintendent Stephen Brown are among the executives on leave, a state official told CNN on Tuesday. - Referenced Article

Exonerated Inmate Anthony Graves Oversees Crime Lab  


The Houston Texas City Council voted on June 24 to appoint Anthony Graves (pdf) to the board of the Houston Forensic Science Center, NBC News reports. Graves, 49, is capturing headlines because he spent 18 years in prison—most of that time on death row—before his murder conviction was overturned in 2010.

He has the full support of Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who submitted his nomination to serve on the nine-member board that replaced the scandalous Houston Crime Lab. - Referenced Article

New York City Rent Guidelines Board Votes to Freeze Rents  


After failing in their efforts to overhaul rent laws in Albany, New York City tenants in more than one million rent-regulated apartments got some good news: a one-year holiday from rent increases.

At a raucous meeting Monday evening, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board voted 7-2 to freeze rents for tenants signing new or renewal one-year leases in the year beginning Oct. 1. Tenants who opt for two-year leases would pay up to 2% more. - Referenced Article

State police trooper Jay Cook hailed as hero for capturing prison escapee David Sweat  


Prison-break fugitive David Sweat’s life on the lam came to an abrupt end Sunday, thanks to the aim of a New York State Police sure shot.

Sgt. Jay Cook, a 21-year veteran state trooper and firearms instructor, was hailed a “hero” by Gov. Cuomo, after he single-handedly confronted escaped cop-killer Sweat on a desolate road and shot him twice in the torso as the fugitive made a run for the woods. - Referenced Article

A robot called Hadrian wants to build you a house in two days  

mashable By : Ariel Bogel

The robot, Hadrian, was named after the ancient Roman emperor Hadrian who had a fad for construction. "He built a lot of walls for the Romans," Pivac said. "We also intend on building a lot of walls."

The technology was developed by Mark Pivac, an aeronautic and mechanical engineer, and the company's chief technical officer.

With more than A$7 million spent in research and development, Hadrian is able to take a pack of bricks, and handle, process and lay them without human intervention.

A 3D computer aided design file ensures the machine cuts, routes and lays the bricks to a high level of accuracy using a 28 metre telescopic boom. - Referenced Article

David Sweat critical but stable after Shawshank-like hunt  

The Guardian By : Martin Pengelly

David Sweat, the escaped convict who was shot and captured in upstate New York after a three-week manhunt, was said to be in “critical but stable” condition at an Albany hospital on Monday.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who has repeatedly compared the plot to those which drive prison-escape movies, told MSNBC: “This was Cool Hand Luke meets Shawshank Redemption.” - Referenced Article

Financial Times: PM Alexis Tsipras Misleading Greece  

Business Insider By : MYLES UDLAND

The Financial Times has spoken, and Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras is the one to blame for the current debacle unfolding in Greece.

In an editorial from the FT posted Sunday, the paper argues that Tsipras has not only overplayed his hand, but may now be misleading his people on just what is at stake in Greece's July 5 referendum. - Reference Article

Greece Considers Closing Banks to Stem Flood of Withdrawals  


Greek government officials and banking executives were meeting in Athens on Sunday evening to consider temporarily closing the country’s banks and perhaps setting limits on A.T.M. withdrawals in an effort to keep the banks from collapsing as the Greek financial crisis heads into uncharted territory.

The meeting came hours after the European Central Bank said it would not expand the emergency loan program that has been propping up Greek banks in recent weeks, as the government has tried without success to reach a new debt deal with international creditors. - Referenced Article

Terror attacks on 3 continents, including 37 killed at Tunisia hotel  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Gunmen killed at least 37 people at a beachfront Tunisian hotel on Friday, the same day terrorists lashed out brutally in France and bombed a mosque in Kuwait.

Tunisia's health ministry reported those deaths as well as 36 injuries in and around the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in the coastal Tunisian city of Sousse, according to the state-run TAP news agency. - Referenced Article

Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide  

CNN By : Ariane de Vogue and Jeremy Diamond

President Barack Obama on Friday morning called Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, while he and his supporters celebrated the ruling outside the court.

"I just wanted to say congratulations," Obama said as CNN broadcast his warm words to Obergefell over speakerphone. He added: "Your leadership on this has changed the country." - Referenced Article

Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies  

CNN By : Ariane de Vogue

In a major win for the Obama administration, the Supreme Court held in a 6-3 decision that the Affordable Care Act authorized federal tax credits for eligible Americans living not only in states with their own exchanges but also in the 34 states with federal exchanges.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for himself, Justice Anthony Kennedy and the four liberal justices.

Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the dissent, joined by Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them," Roberts wrote in the majority opinion. - Referenced Article

Yahoo! Signs 3-Year Deal with Oracle to Boost Search  

Zack By : Staff Reporting

Tech giant Yahoo! Inc.’s Chief Executive Marissa Mayer painted a bright picture of the company's future at Yahoo's annual shareholders meeting.

Mayer affirmed that the best days for the company are yet to come. Investors were apprehensive going into the meeting as the stock has fallen nearly 20% in the past 6 months.

Yahoo! also announced that it has signed a deal to keep Katie Couric on as its star news anchor, and that the renegotiation of the contract was reportedly worth $10 million. - Referenced Article

Barack Obama tweets that U.S. gun-homicide rate is much higher than in France, Israel, Japan By : Louis Jacobson

Ever since nine people were killed by a gunman at a historic African-American church in Charleston, S.C., President Barack Obama has taken to various forums to discuss the issue of gun violence in the United States.

In a tweet sent from his @POTUS account on June 20, 2015 -- three days after the killings -- Obama said, "Here are the stats: Per population, we kill each other with guns at a rate 297x more than Japan, 49x more than France, 33x more than Israel." - Referenced Article

More hurdles for Iran nuclear deal  

CNN By : Sophie Tatum

Following more harsh words from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the impending nuclear deal between Iran and the West, Jeb Bush took to Twitter Wednesday to denounce the Obama administration's efforts to broker an agreement.

The GOP presidential candidate and former Florida governor tweeted that "The Ayatollah moves the goal post again. Obama can't seem to take no for an answer, assume more concessions coming...". Iran's supreme leader expressed stark dissatisfaction with the nuclear agreement on Tuesday, laying out new "red lines" only a week before the deal's June 30 deadline. - Referenced Article

The Tom Brady And Roger Goodell Show By : Staff Reporting

We know now that Tom Brady specifically requested to change the rules regarding football maintenance to deflate the balls to his advantage; at least the commissioner of the league believes this, hence the fines levied against the team and the four game suspension.

Like we will never know the full extent to one of the biggest scandals in professional sports dubbed Spygate, since the evidence was incinerated, from what I understand…we will never know the full extent to which Tom Brady maliciously cheated and lied until we see what he texted to his equipment managers.

Patriot fans can we please shut the ****up about Ray Rice, other teams are doing it and this is unprecedented?

The NFL has given your team, the beloved Pat's every advantage to elevate mediocrity. Brady was a 6th round quarterback with minimum athletic skills except dropping back and passing the ball or in some cases simply standing and passing the ball.

With the NFL enacting rules that stringently protects the QB it has made players like Edelman, Woodhead, Kevin Faulk along with Brady appear to be first round Hall selections at times.

Winning armed with the league bolstering your teams success wasn't enough...first there was spygate now this. I'm not caught up in the wins and losses of the Pats, because FACTS clearly indicate that a Brady should not be mentioned under the same breath of a Montana or Bradshaw.

QBs like Roger Starbaugh, a true athlete, risked life and limb to become great...he would had 7 Superbowl wins under existing rules.
The NFL deflated the true essence of the game of Football to make it marketable and the Pats took their GREED to an entirely new level. There's a dark cloud sitting over the Patriot organization and that cloud will sit there until there's a completely new team built with new personnel.

Belichick Hall selection should be halted. Bill Belichick should walk away from this sport in disgrace, because he has been obsessed with winning by any means necessary. Pete Rose actions were nothing compared to Belichick's. The NFL can't placate this like Spygate.

The days of them burning and sweeping the evidence under the rug are over. Full disclosure Goodell or this league will be tarnished forever. Recent history clearly suggests you're incapable of handling a scandal of this magnitude, but we'll see.

France summons U.S. envoy over unacceptable NSA spying  


France summoned the U.S. ambassador on Wednesday to explain allegations by transparency lobby group WikiLeaks of what President Francois Hollande branded "unacceptable" spying on successive French leaders.

The latest revelations of espionage among Western allies come after it emerged the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) had spied on Germany and that Germany's own BND intelligence agency had cooperated with the NSA to spy on officials and companies elsewhere in Europe. - Referenced Article

Dover, NH is one of New Englands Fastest Growing Communities  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson

We had a great time this morning at my ribbon cutting ceremony at The Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of exceptional business leaders and gave a brief overview of Online eBusiness Solutions’ services.

We’ve been fortunate enough to serve the Seacoast region and Boston, MA for the past 15+ years and think this is the most optimal time to join the business community of one of the fastest growing cities in New England, according to the US Census Bureau.

We are also thrilled that our clients have enjoyed a renewed focus on data driven results and we’ve worked hard to significantly expand market reach and brand awareness for companies in a Digital Age.

Online eBusiness Solutions is also elated to have entered a strategic partnership this year with the media and communications giant Media Idee USA, to create a comprehensive and ideal medium for brands throughout the US and around the world. Our membership with the Dover Chamber makes perfect sense at this juncture and we’re looking forward to getting involved. 

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Hackers Ground 1,400 Passengers at Warsaw, Poland, Airport  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

About 1,400 passengers of the Polish airline LOT were grounded at Warsaw's Chopin airport Sunday after hackers attacked the ground computer systems used to issue flight plans, the company said.

The computer system was hacked in the afternoon and fixed after about five hours, during which 10 of the state-owned carrier's national and international flights were canceled and about a dozen more were delayed, spokesman Adrian Kubicki said. - Referenced Article

The Real Relationship between Digital Marketing and SEO By : Paul Gordon

Digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are two entities that have separate definitions and have different functions.

But many consider them similar, as they both complement each other and each cannot work on their own. An SEO agency is hired by businesses to boost their internet site in order to improve their position in search engine ranking. These SEO agencies would use numerous tools to achieve the desired result to become a known entity in the cyber world. - Reference Article

Republicans Tread Carefully in Criticism of Confederate Flag  


The massacre of nine African-Americans in a storied Charleston church last week, which thrust the issues of race relations and gun rights into the center of the 2016 presidential campaign, has now added another familiar, divisive question to the emerging contest for the Republican nomination: what to do with the Confederate battle flag that flies on the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol. - Referenced Article

Charleston Church Shooting: Social Media Reaction to Attack  

Twitter By : Staff Reporting

Pope Francis Digital media is making us stupid, selfish, and isolated  

Quartz By : Caitlin Hu

The leaked draft of Pope Francis’s encyclical letter focuses largely on climate change, and it includes a radical call to action on that front.

But the 192-page letter also contains some stark criticism of the role played by the media, and the digital world, in the breakdown of “the human environment.”

Global warming, says the Pope, is the result of how mankind has produced and consumed in recent decades. - Referenced Article

47: Add to this the dynamics of the media and the digital world, which, when they become ubiquitous, hinder the development of our ability to live with wisdom, to think deeply, to love generously.

The great thinkers of the past, in today’s context, would run the risk of seeing their wisdom muted in the chaotic noise of information. It will require an effort to ensure that such tools translate into a new cultural development of mankind and not into a deterioration of its deeper wealth.

True wisdom, as a result of reflection, dialogue and generous encounter between people, is not acquired by a mere accumulation of data that eventually saturate and mystify, in a kind of mental pollution. At the same time, real relationships with others, with all the challenges that they imply, tend to be replaced by a type of communication mediated by the Internet.

FCC wins early battle in Net neutrality legal war  

CNET By : Marguerite Reardon

The Federal Communications Commission's open Internet rules will take effect on Friday as planned after a federal court rejected requests by opponents to delay the rules pending lawsuits against the agency.

A three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit on Thursday denied a request filed by wireless and broadband industry groups to delay the FCC's adoption of so-called Net neutrality rules. - Referenced Article

Massive hack of federal government spurs critical concerns  

CBS By : Staff Reporting

China-based hackers are suspected of breaking into the computer networks of the U.S. government personnel office and stealing identifying information of at least 4 million current and former federal workers, American officials said.

There is concern that some of the information that was tapped could be used to aid the espionage operations of China, which quickly emerged as the likely source of the hack, reports CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett. - Referenced Article

The Red Cross had $500 million in Haitian relief money, but it built just 6 houses  

Washington Post By : Peter Holley

Here’s a headline you don’t see every day: “How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes“ That’s just over $83.3 million a house, according to my iPhone calculations. Or around the same price as the monstrosity of excess known as the American Versailles, located in Windemere, Fla.

To be fair, the money that was funneled into Haiti in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake wasn’t divvied up so neatly. - Referenced Articles

Science teacher suspended for using jammer to shut up students cell phones  

CNET By : Staff Reporting

Standing up for civility is sometimes as hard as standing up for science. When you try and do both at once, you might have to take the law into your own hands.

Some might, therefore, experience a tinge of twisted sympathy for Dean Liptak. He's a science teacher at Fivay High School in Hudson, Florida. - Referenced Article

Let Me Finish: Giuliani serves the GOP with its eviction notice  

MSNBC By : Chris Matthews

Let me finish with this…Rudy Giuliani today served the Republican party with its eviction notice.

He did it in New York fashion - big, loud and crystal clear. He said you can’t be a Republican candidate for president unless you’re right on gay marriage - against it! If you’re not right on abortion - you want to outlaw it! And you want to give a chance to illegal immigrants, a chance to become Americans.

Rudy’s list was quite a score sheet but it doesn’t tell the whole story. - Referenced Article

The future of marketing: Thriving in a digital world  

Journal Of Accountancy By : Courtney L. Vien

For decades, the marketing strategies of many CPA firms have revolved around tried-and-true elements such as obtaining referrals, making the most of an office's physical location, and promoting practitioners' skills through community involvement.

The internet era is changing that marketing paradigm—and quickly. Many firms will have to rethink their strategy and place more emphasis on digital techniques such as social media, content marketing, and online video. - Referenced Article

Senate to Take Up Spy Bill as Parts of Patriot Act Expire  


The Senate will reconvene at midday on Monday to consider changes to a House bill that would curtail the government’s authority to sweep up vast quantities of telephone records after the program, which began after the 2001 terrorist attacks, expired at 12:01 a.m.

Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, blocked an extension of it during an extraordinary and at times caustic Sunday session of the Senate. - Referenced Article

Open Carry Bill Heads to Gov. Abbott  

The Texas Tribune By : Morgan Smith

A signature from Gov. Greg Abbott is all that remains before a bill allowing Texans to carry their handguns openly becomes law. After a week of hand-wringing over a controversial amendment — and what proved to be empty threats of a Democratic filibuster — the measure sailed through both chambers of the Legislature on Friday afternoon.

The vote in the House was 102 to 43; in the Senate, 20 to 11. - Referenced Article

Netflix now accounts for 37% of US Internet Traffic  

Washington Post By : Brian Fung

On Wednesday, I wrote about how online video is taking over the Internet. A day later, here comes some more evidence. Netflix's share of Internet traffic is exploding.

The streaming service now accounts for 36.5 percent of all bandwidth consumed by North American Web users during primetime, according to the Canada-based network firm Sandvine. - Referenced Article

Corrupt FIFA Has Clinton Foundation Ties  

The Daily Beast By : Jackie Kucinich

And just like that, another Clinton Foundation donor is in the news.

The Clinton global charity has received between $50,000 and $100,000 from soccer’s governing body and has partnered with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association on several occasions, according to donor listings on the foundation’s website. - Referenced Article

Palmyra may be off limits to U.S. airstrikes  

USA Today By : Tom Vanden Brook

The U.S.-led coalition bombing Islamic State terrorists in Syria is unlikely to attack the extremists who have seized the ancient city of Palmyra and its archaeological treasures, according to a senior Defense Department official.

There is a tacit understanding between the coalition and Bashar Assad's Syrian government that Palmyra and other areas, particularly those protected by modern air defenses, are off limits to airstrikes, said the official who was not authorized to speak publicly about operations in Iraq and Syria. - Referenced Article

What Hillary Clintons e-mails tell us about her management style  

Washington Post By : Karen Tumulty

For those who have worried that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign would be a repeat of the chaotic operation she ran eight years ago, her advisers have often pointed to her time in between at the State Department — which by comparison was an archetype of crisp managerial efficiency.

But a trove of newly released e-mails suggests that one of Clinton’s tendencies persisted during her time as secretary of state — an inability to separate her longtime loyalties from the business at hand. - Referenced Article

Couple leaves $850,000 estate to U.S. government  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Peter Petrasek, who emigrated from Czechoslovakia after World War II, and his wife Joan stipulated in their will that all of their money be donated to the government.

The couple had no children and wanted to give back to the country that enabled them to live a happy and prosperous life, said Peter Winn, the U.S. attorney who helped transfer the funds to the Treasury Department. - Referenced Article

YouTube gets more lifelike  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

You can now stream live videos at double the previous frame-rate -- it's now 60 frames per second, up from 30. The update gives live-stream videos a giant boost in clarity and smoothness.

When played in high definition, 60 frames per second (fps) video footage resembles real-life motion. For video gamers, YouTube says this also means "silky smooth playback." - Referenced Article

First Things First: The Digital Marketing Framework By : Staff Reporting

In this era of technological advance, customers demand information before they actually commit to a purchase. Gone are the early days where passively advertising your product could still yield you a sale.

That just doesn’t happen anymore. If you’re jumping the boat from traditional marketing to digital, keep in mind that one lesson: customers are active.

They require relevant and valuable information to perceive you’re worth investing on. - Referenced Article

FBI experts to examine Amtrak trains windshield  

CNN By : Melissa Gray and Kevin Conlon

Thousands of commuters who depend on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor were once again boarding trains Monday. Amtrak resumed service between Philadelphia and New York in the morning -- not quite a week after the deadly derailment that killed eight and injured more than 200.

"The safety of our passengers and crew remains our number one priority," said Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman in a written statement Sunday. - Referenced Article

The dressing up of Narendra Modi  

BBC By : Soutik Biswas

It was alluding to one of the most striking by-products of last week's grand summit between India and China: a torrent of astonishing images emanating from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government's feed.

Here is Mr Modi, Matrix style in black sunglasses, standing warrior-like behind two Terracotta Army soldiers which, according to The Times, "broke the internet faster than Kim Kardashian's gleaming gluteus maximus".  - Referenced Article

Chief: Miami Beach police sent hundreds of offensive emails  


A handful of Miami Beach police officers sent hundreds of racially offensive and pornographic emails and possibly jeopardized dozens of criminal cases in which they are witnesses, the department's chief said Thursday.

An internal investigation revealed that two of the 16 officers were high-ranking within the Miami Beach Police Department and were the main instigators, Chief Daniel Oates told reporters. One has retired, and the other was fired Thursday. - Referenced Article

Amtrak Train Derails in Philadelphia, Killing at Least 5 and Injuring Dozens  


At least five people were killed and dozens more were injured when an Amtrak train carrying 243 people derailed here on Tuesday, shutting down service in the Northeast region, the authorities said.

The train was headed to New York from Washington when it derailed around 9:30 p.m., officials said during a news conference late on Tuesday. - Referenced Article

Tom Brady likely knew of inappropriate activities, Deflategate report says  

CNN By : Jason Hanna

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was "at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities" of a locker room attendant and an equipment assistant in the controversy known as "Deflategate," according to an NFL-commissioned report released Wednesday.

The report found that "it is more probable than not" that the locker room attendant and equipment assistant "participated in a deliberate effort to release air from Patriots game balls after the balls were examined by the referee" at January's AFC title game between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Referenced Article

Doctors Print Up 4-D Airway, Save Three Babies  


Three small children with weak airways that were constantly collapsing are alive and well thanks to a "4-D" printed splint that saved them from almost certain suffocation. Three years after the splints were custom made and attached to their tracheas, the children are able to breathe on their own, a team of doctors reported on Wednesday.

The splints are not only precisely fitted to the children, but they're made to grow as the children grow. (That's the fourth dimension, the researchers say.) - Referenced Article

Google and Facebook help locate Nepal survivors  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

Mark Zuckerberg announced Saturday that Facebook (FB, Tech30) has developed a new tool called Safety Check. The simple tool sends messages to people who are in Nepal, urging them to click a button to let their Facebook friends know they're okay.

"When disasters happen, people need to know their loved ones are safe. It's moments like this that being able to connect really matters," Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. "My thoughts are with everyone who's been caught up in this tragedy." - Referenced Article

Stephen A. Smith doubles down on Mayweather, domestic violence defense  

New York Post By : Mark W. Sanchez

ESPN’s slap-on-the-wrist, one-week suspension of Stephen A. Smith did not change the bloviator’s simplistic views — or takes — on domestic violence.

About nine months after his troubling comments insinuating women can play a role in provoking men into violence, Smith again tried using the embrace-debate shield to defend his controversial stance on ESPN’s “First Take.” - Referenced Article

Google shares rise after online ad sales drive revenue higher  


Google Inc reported higher quarterly revenue and profit as rising online ad volume offset a hit from the strong dollar, sending the Internet company's shares higher in after-hours trading.

Shares of the world's No. 1 Internet search engine rose after the results were released, climbing 3.5 percent on Thursday to $577.

While revenue and profit missed the forecasts of Wall Street analysts, many investors had been bracing for a weaker report, said BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis. - Referenced Article

The Algorithm Tweak Of All Tweaks Mobilegeddon  

ZDNet By : Liam Tung

On Tuesday, Google will switch on a tweak to its algorithm that will give preference to 'mobile-friendly' sites when users perform a search on a mobile device.

The change, which has colloquially become known as 'Mobilegeddon', will arrive tomorrow and threatens to bury websites that haven't been optimised to display correctly on various sizes of mobile devices, while also boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly sites. - Referenced Site

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000, Wiki  

Washington Post By : Spencer S. Hsu

The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far... - Referenced Article

Fox News - FBI reportedly overstated forensic hair matches in most trials before 2000

International Business Times - FBI, Justice Department Admit Overstating Forensic Hair Analysis Evidence For Decades: Report

The Salt Lake Tribune - FBI overstated forensic hair matches for decades

FBI Wikipedia Page

Google May Offer New Way to Target Ads  


The war for advertising dollars between Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. may add a new front: email addresses. Google is in talks to allow advertisers to target ads in search results at their existing customers, according to people familiar with the matter.

Google has suggested that advertisers hand over customer information such as email addresses, which Google would then use to target the ads, the people said.

The move would follow a similar advertising service launched in 2012 by Facebook called “custom audiences... - Referenced Article

3 Digital Marketing Channels That Work for Every Advertise  

Entrepreneur By : PRATIK DHOLAKIYA

As an advertiser, your core objective is to prioritize investment in relevant communication channels that deliver maximum returns for your business.

With plenty of studies proving digital marketing ROI, it makes perfect sense to leverage digital channels for promoting your brand and its products and services. - Referenced Article

Obama and Castros Latin Summit Meeting Could Be First for U.S.-Cuba in Decades  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

The last time President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro met face-to-face was in December 2013 — for a three-second handshake during Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

The two now could now cross paths again at the two-day Summit of the Americas in Panama, an encounter rife with opportunity and symbolism given the thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations announced at the end of last year.

The U.S. for decades had blocked Cuba from attending the meeting, and Friday's start to the two-day summit... - Referenced Article

Al-Shabaab storms Garissa University College in Kenya  

CNN By : Holly Yan

Heavy gunfire and explosions continue at Garissa University College, more than nine hours after the attack began, CNN affiliate NTV says. Hundreds of students flee, some crawling. -- 6:22 a.m. ET: At least 15 people have been killed by gunmen who attacked a Kenyan university Thursday, officials said, according to CNN affiliate Citizen TV.

The officials said 550 people are still unaccounted for at the campus that had about 815 students. - Referenced Article

Al Qaeda fighters free 270 from Yemeni prison  

CNN By : Hakim Almasmari and Don Melvin

Al Qaeda fighters attacked a prison in the coastal Yemeni city of Al Mukallah early Thursday, freeing nearly at least 270 prisoners, a third of whom have al Qaeda links, a senior Defense Ministry official has told CNN.

Khaled Batarfi, a senior al Qaeda figure, was among the escapees, officials said. - Referenced Article

Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities  

Online eBusiness Solutions By : Vern Nicholson


The thing about Digital Marketing is it’s hard not to learn something on a daily basis. There are always new trends and the marketing tools we play with are in a constant state of flux because markets change with varying tastes and appetites; or in other words supply and demand. I've become much more astute about markets that I track through automated reports that send data to me by the hour. Every now and then, I am in awe with the development of the content on YouTube and its ability to attract billions of viewers who prefer streaming video over channel chasing. My reports indicate that some interesting trends and insights in the digital streaming world are:

Digital Streaming Migration Presents Enormous Opportunities

  • Gardeners are radical in their pursuit of learning better techniques to grow things. The online community is their oasis and a meeting ground to connect with the like-minded. And some gardeners go ‘cuckoo’ for Daylilies.
  • I also learned about the Dragon Ball Z ‘Light of Hope’s’ popular science fiction episodes and the creative team’s ability to crowd-source each show online. There is a tremendous organic following which includes a lot of Millennials escaping network and cable viewing.
  • On college campuses around the country…iFunny is quite funny and is very popular for sharing. The content has many very short anecdotal photos and jokes that students consume.
  • In the entertainment world, Kevin Hart is popular and his copied content on YouTube is yielding enormous success among Google AdWord advertisers in some market segments.

Kevin Hart Copied YouTube Content  

We rely on open-sourced tools to reach brand advocates who help to expand market reach. Some of you use advertising through Facebook or Google AdWords to get your message out there on a consistent basis, and I’m sure you've learned it is increasingly more costly to promote your product or service because there’s a premium on reaching audiences outside of your pre-defined networks. My team at Online eBusiness Solutions utilizes the popular social platforms when necessary for our clients, but if it’s your sole means for getting out information about your brand or services, then chances are there’s a significant portion of your market that is not being engaged with your messaging and/or competitors are serving that niche. I believe our team’s success hinges on a strategy based on concepts that I call the three C’s;

  • Being Comprehensive in your approach from the onset
  • Being Consistent in perfecting the messages about your Brand
  • And utilizing Concerted efforts to bridge both the digital and offline worlds to reach your audience

This digital streaming migration presents an enormous opportunity for the information and the value proposition for a particular brand and it starts with being passionate about learning. Thoughts that a marketer wakes up with in the morning are finding the next best marketing ‘solution’ and the fun in the pursuit thereof. It is very exciting learning about that innovative tools and channels to reach your target audience and most importantly when you’ve found that needle in a haystack market segment along with habits and behavior models. Call our Toll FREE line at 1.800.742.0169 for a FREE Consultation today. Let us know if we can help you with your 2015 Marketing Plans at any time.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilizes SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content Management and Ad Placement. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and manage advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities for the world’s leading brands. For more information please visit Online eBusiness Solutions at: or email him at:

The Daily Show replaces Jon Stewart with Trevor Noah, Wiki-Bio  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

On Monday, the show announced that comedian Trevor Noah will take over for Jon Stewart, who announced in February that he was leaving after 16 years.

Stewart himself succeeded Craig Kilborn and saw the news program's popularity skyrocket.

"You don't believe it for the first few hours," Noah told the New York Times. "You need a stiff drink, and then unfortunately you're in a place where you can't really get alcohol." - Referenced Article

Torn-up sick notes shows Andreas Lubitz should have been grounded  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

German authorities said on Friday they had found torn-up sick notes showing that the pilot who crashed a plane into the French Alps was suffering from an illness that should have grounded him on the day of the tragedy.

French prosecutors believe Andreas Lubitz, 27, locked himself alone in the cockpit of the Germanwings Airbus A320 on Tuesday and deliberately steered it into a mountain, killing all 150 people on board. - Referenced Article

Secret Service investigates agents after White House crash  

BBC By : Catharina Moh

The US Secret Service is investigating two senior agents after a car crash at the White House. A spokesman for the Secret Service told the BBC the collision happened during the evening on 4 March.

The Washington Post reported that the agents drove the car into a security barricade after a night of drinking and partying. - Referenced Article

University of Oklahoma fraternity shuttered after racist chant  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Even with the national chapter shutting the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at the University of Oklahoma, the school president said the university's affiliation with the fraternity is permanently done as a campus group called for the expulsion of fraternity members.

The members have until midnight Tuesday to get their things out of the house, university President David Boren said in a Monday afternoon news conference. - Referenced Article

White House Steps Up Pressure on Netanyahu Over Speech to Congress  


In the lead-up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial speech before a joint session of Congress Tuesday, White House officials continued to point to what they see as politically divisive and diplomatically damaging theater. President Obama called it a “mistake” for the prime minister to speak before Congress so close to the March 17 elections in Israel.

“It makes it look like we are taking is a distraction from what should be our focus,” Obama said in an interview with Reuters Monday. - Referenced Article

US-Israel quarrel intensifies over Netanyahu speech  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Trading barbs, the U.S. and Israel escalated their increasingly public spat Wednesday over Benjamin Netanyahu’s GOP-engineered congressional speech next week, with the Israeli prime minister accusing world powers of rolling over to allow Tehran to develop nuclear weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry openly questioned Netanyahu’s judgment on the issue.

The comments injected new tension into an already strained relationship between the close allies ahead of Netanyahu’s address to Congress next Tuesday. - Referenced Article

ISIS kidnap at least 90 people from Christian villages in Syria  


Islamic State militants have kidnapped at least 90 people after sweeping through Christian villages in Syria, it has been revealed.

The abductions are said to have taken place after ISIS seized two Assyrian communities from Kurdish forces in the northeast province of Hassakeh.

Dawn raids on Monday are said to have spread 'panic' in the villages, inhabited by the ancient Christian minority along the banks of the Khabur River near the town of Tel Hmar. - Referenced Article

New Violence Belies Talk of Peace in Ukraine  


The main Russian-backed rebel organization in eastern Ukraine said it would begin moving heavy weaponry away from the front lines on Sunday, but the government said the group mounted a tank assault on a village near the Sea of Azov.

Violence also spread beyond the separatist regions to other Ukrainian cities on Sunday. - Referenced Article

Fire breaks out at luxury Dubai skyscraper  

CNN By : Melissa Gray

A fire broke out early Saturday at a luxury apartment skyscraper in Dubai, engulfing several floors on at least three sides of the iconic Torch building and spewing flaming debris to the ground.

There were no deaths or injuries, and the fire was out three hours after it began, the Dubai Civil Defense said. The cause was not known, the Dubai Civil Defense said. - Referenced Article

Bill O'Reilly rips Mother Jones again: Bottom rung of journalism  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

The Fox News host devoted the top of his talk show on Friday to blast the liberal magazine once again for a report alleging that he had exaggerated his accounts from the Falklands War in 1982.

"Mother Jones, which has low circulation, considered by many the bottom rung of journalism in America," O'Reilly said in his opening monologue, according to a rough transcript published online by Fox News. - Referenced Article

Boehner Willing to Let Homeland Security Funds Run Out, McConnell Blames Democrat Obstruction  

HNGN By : Taylor Tyler

House Speaker John Boehner said Sunday that he's willing to let funding run out for the Department of Homeland Security in order to advance the GOP's efforts to reverse President Obama's executive immigration actions. "Senate Democrats are the ones standing in the way.

They're the ones jeopardizing funding," Boehner told Fox's Chris Wallace, reported Reuters. Boehner added that Democrats will be at fault if a deal isn't reached. - Referenced Article

Yarrow Mamout, the slave who became a Georgetown financier  

Washington Post By : Colbert I. King

Yarrow Mamout, a former slave, entrepreneur and Georgetown property owner, is the “man who never was” in a city in full-throated celebration of Black History Month.

Today, nearly 200 years after his death, Mamout looms large as one of the best, mostly unknown stories in our nation’s capital. Mamout’s biographer, James H. Johnston, laid it out in his book and in testimony last month before the Old Georgetown Board... - Referenced Article

Poroshenko and Putin shake hands  

Business Insider By : Staff Reporting

Ukrainian President Poroshenko and his Russian counterpart reluctantly shook hands before sitting together with Germany’s Merkel and France’s Hollande to broker a deal on Ukraine in Minsk, Belarus, on Wednesday.

Since the fight began 10 months ago in east Ukraine, more than 5,400 people have died according to the United Nations. Ukraine blames Russia for the conflict after annexing the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea last March. - Referenced Article

U.S. to start training Ukraine troops, commander says  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

The U.S. military plans in March to start training Ukrainian soldiers who are battling Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, a top U.S. military commander in Europe said Wednesday.

U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said a battalion of U.S. soldiers would train three battalions of Ukrainians from the Interior Ministry at the Yavariv training center in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. - Referenced Article

The Departure of Jon Stewart is a blow to Mainstream News  

San Jose Mercury News By : Frazier Moore

Jon Stewart's fans were gobsmacked by the sad news he delivered on Tuesday's edition of "The Daily Show": He's leaving his phony anchor desk and ending his reign as phony newsman, and the loss is to real news.

"This show doesn't deserve an even slightly restless host and neither do you," he told his audience. He said he might depart in July, September or maybe December.

He didn't say what he means to do next. - Referenced Article

Obama: Slain hostage was sought in failed U.S. rescue  

The Detroit News By : Staff Reporting

Kayla Jean Mueller, the U.S. aid worker whose death as a captive of Islamic State extremists was confirmed Tuesday, was among the hostages sought in a failed U.S. rescue attempt last year, President Barack Obama said.

Obama, in an interview with the website BuzzFeed Tuesday, confirmed for the first time publicly that Mueller was in the group that included journalist James Foley... - Referenced Article

Bashar al-Assad says Syria was informed on U.S.-led air strikes on ISIS  

Mashable By : Staff Reporting

In an interview with the BBC, released Tuesday, Assad said there is communication, but denied any direct co-operation.

"Through a third party - more than one party - Iraq and other countries. Sometimes they convey message, general message, but there's nothing tactical," Assad said. In a wide-ranging interview recorded in Damascus, the president denied that Syria is a failed state... - Referenced Article

Marketers Look to Digital as Cure-All  

Ad Age By : Jack Neff, E.J. Schultz

It's no longer just the bright shiny object of marketing: Digital is fast becoming finance's silver bullet.

Marketer after marketer has been telling Wall Street that while they may be cutting, or at least controlling, the growth of ad spending overall, they are still getting the same or even more bang for their buck,

thanks to the miracle drug of digital media. - Referenced Article

3 Mondays, 3 straight snow storms  

CNN By : Ed Payne

Another week, another snow storm, another mess. This is the continuing story of the Winter of 2015.

Boston is in the cross hairs again, but winter storm warnings are in place across large portions of the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

The National Weather Service forecasts 12 to 16 inches of snow by the time the storm ends Tuesday. - Referenced Article

Former British Ambassador: Putin will not give in to Merkel and Hollande  

The Telegraph By : Tony Brenton

The Ukraine crisis is a year old. After the initial drama the affair has taken on the aspect of a gritty soap opera.

The same sub-plots come round and around: the rising death count, the accusations of atrocities from both sides, the sanctions, the regular – and regularly broken – ceasefires.

That phase may now be ending. - Referenced Article

Brian Williams stepping aside for next several days, Wiki - Bio  

CNN Money By : Staff Reporting

"I have decided to take myself off of my daily broadcast for the next several days," he said in a memo to colleagues.

Williams, the subject of an internal investigation by NBC, said "it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions."

Lester Holt, anchor of NBC's "Dateline," will fill in for Williams. - Referenced Article

Brain Williams Wikipedia Biography

Veterans slam Brian Williams for Iraq lie, question his apology  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

NBC News anchor Brian Williams had admitted to some factual distortion, angering many within the military and veteran communities.

Over the past 12 years Williams and NBC claimed that he was on-board a Chinook helicopter that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire in Iraq in 2003, when in fact he arrived at the scene in a separate helicopter about an hour later and was never in grave danger. - Referenced Article

Obama team considers arming Ukraine  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

The question of supplying defensive weapons and equipment to Ukraine appears to be back on the table.

The New York Times reports that the Obama administration is "taking a fresh look" at the question of military aid to Ukraine in light of advances being made by Russian-backed separatists.

President Obama himself, however, has not made a final decision. - Referenced Article

Roger Goodell: No judgments yet  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

The NFL is conducting a "serious" and "thorough" investigation into the deflation of footballs in the AFC Championship Game, commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday, but there have been "no judgments made" against the New England Patriots or any of their employees.

The league previously announced that 11 of the Patriots' 12 game footballs were found at halftime to be below the league's mandate of 12.5 psi. Ted Wells, the NFL's outside investigator, is attempting to determine why the balls were used in the first half and if it was "the result of deliberate action," Goodell said. - Referenced Article

7 dead in Mexico maternity hospital blast  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Four children are among the seven deaths confirmed so far after a natural gas explosion rocked a maternity hospital on the outskirts of Mexico City on Thursday morning.

There are fears that more babies and adults may be trapped in the debris of the hospital, which was on the verge of collapsing after the explosion, according to government and emergency officials. - Referenced Article

Loretta Lynch: I am not Eric Holder  

Los Angeles Times By : Staff Reporting

Attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch responded to waves of attacks against her predecessor with calm empathy Wednesday, telling a Republican questioner that “No, I am not Eric Holder.”

“How are you going to be different?” from Holder, asked Sen. John Cornyn, (R-Texas).

“I would be myself. I would be Loretta Lynch,” the nominee responded. - Referenced Article

Michelle Obama: To wear a headscarf or not, that is the question  

Washington Post By : Nia-Malika Henderson

Like other first ladies, Michelle Obama's clothes have been scrutinized endlessly for what type of messages they convey. And she gets high marks for her "fashion diplomacy," as she engages with foreign leaders at home and abroad.

Her choice to go with a suit rather than a dress for the first time at this year's State of the Union address "was a glimpse of the self-aware, tough-minded, straight-talking lawyer who took a brief hiatus from the public eye," according to Robin Givhan. - Referenced Article

Facebook begins censoring images of prophet Muhammad  

Washington Post By : Caitlin Dewey

Only two weeks after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a strongly worded #JeSuisCharlie statement on the importance of free speech, Facebook has agreed to censor images of the prophet Muhammad in Turkey — including the very type of image that precipitated the Charlie Hebdo attack.

It’s an illustration, perhaps, of how extremely complicated and nuanced issues of online speech really are. - Referenced Article

Jordan is ready to trade inmate for pilot held by ISIL  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Jordan is ready to swap a prisoner convicted of a deadly terrorist attack on a hotel for a Jordanian pilot held by Islamic State, a top Jordan official said Wednesday, but there was no word on whether a Japanese hostage facing a 24-hour deadline would be included in any exchange.

Mohammed Al Momani, Jordan's minister for media affairs and communications, said in a statement that Jordan "is ready to release the Iraqi prisoner, Sajida al-Rishawi, if the Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, is released unharmed,'' according to Jordan's state-run news agency, Petra. - Referenced Article

Gunmen at Libyan Luxury Hotel Take Hostages; 3 Guards Dead  

AP By : Staff Reporting

Gunmen stormed a luxury Libyan hotel popular with foreigners Tuesday, killing at least three guards and taking hostages, a security official said.

Essam Al-Naas, a spokesman for a Tripoli security agency, said a standoff continued Tuesday afternoon at the Corinthia Hotel, which sits along the Mediterranean Sea.

A hotel staffer said five masked attackers wearing bulletproof vests stormed the hotel after security at the gates tried to stop them. He said they entered the hotel and fired randomly at the staff in the lobby. - Referenced Article

Obama Leading a High-Powered Delegation to Saudi Arabia  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

President Obama left here on Tuesday after a three-day visit to India and headed to Saudi Arabia, where he and a bipartisan delegation of prominent current and former officials will offer condolences for the death of King Abdullah and pay respects to his successor.

Joining the president will be his Republican opponent from 2008, Senator John McCain of Arizona, and several veterans of past Republican administrations, including two former secretaries of state, James A. Baker III and Condoleezza Rice, and two former national security advisers, Brent Scowcroft and Stephen J. Hadley. - Referenced Article

Blizzard Pounds New England With Up to Four Inches of Snow Per Hour  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Up to four inches of snow an hour fell in parts of the Northeast early Tuesday as tens of millions of people hunkered down for a historic blizzard that brought New York, Boston and most of the region to an eerie standstill.

New England was braced for two or even three feet of snow, whipped by near-hurricane force winds that created almost whiteout conditions and threatened coastal flooding — but New York City and Philadelphia did not fare as bad as expected. - Referenced Article

Small drone found on White House grounds  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

The Secret Service said it recovered a 2-foot "quad copter" drone on the grounds of the White House early Monday and are looking into where it came from.

"An investigation is underway to determine the origin of this commercially available device, motive, and to identify suspects," the Secret Service said in a statement.

The president and first lady Michelle Obama were in India when the incident - Referenced Article

AG nominee Loretta Lynch faces the Senate this week, Bio-Wiki  

USA Today By : Kevin Johnson

The scrum of reporters and photographers had begun gathering early outside the offices of Sen. Charles Schumer. For once, though, the verbose New York Democrat was not the focus of their attention.

It was the demure woman in the dark suit who glided through the press gauntlet, seemingly oblivious to the spotlight and shouted questions. - Referenced Article

Loretta Lynch Wikipedia Biography


A winter that has largely spared the US Northeast thus far is about to arrive with gusto. Coastal regions from New York to Boston are bracing for a massive snowstorm that could bring up to two feet (60 centimeters) of snow. - Referenced Article

Obama in India: US wants to trade even more with India By : Staff Reporting

“We want to trade even more,” US President Barack Obama said today as the two-way commerce between America and India touched a record USD 100 billion.

”In the last few years, trade between our two countries increased by some 60 per cent, total record of USD 100 billion. We want to trade even more,” he said at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Narendra Modi here.

Obama, who is on a three-day visit, also welcomed the economic reforms being pursued by the government. - Referenced Article

Open Letter to Patriots Fans By : Staff Reporting

Dear Pats Fans,

The NFL has given your team, the beloved Pat's every advantage to elevate mediocrity. Brady was a 6th round quarterback with minimum athletic skills except dropping back and passing the ball or in some cases simply standing and passing the ball.

With the NFL enacting rules that stringently protects the QB it has made players like Edelman, Woodhead, Kevin Faulk along with Brady appear to be first round Hall selections at times. Winning armed with the league bolstering your teams success wasn't enough...first there was spygate now this.

I'm not caught up in the wins and loses of the Pats, because FACTS clearly indicate that a Brady should not be mentioned under the same breath of a Montana or Bradshaw. QBs like Roger Starbaugh, a true athlete, risked life and limb to become great...he would had 7 Superbowl wins under existing rules.

The NFL deflated the true essence of the game of Football to make it marketable and the Pats took their GREED to an entirely new level. There's a dark cloud sitting over the Patriot organization and that cloud will sit there until there's a completely new team built with new personnel. Belichick Hall selection should be halted.

Bill Belichick should walk away from this sport in disgrace, because he has been obsessed with winning by any means necessary. Pete Rose actions were nothing compared to Belichick's. The NFL can't placate this like Spygate. The days of them burning and sweeping the evidence under the rug are over. Full disclosure Goodell or this league will be tarnished forever. Recent history clearly suggests you're incapable of handling a scandal of this magnitude, but we'll see.

NBC to stream the Super Bowl for free  

Life Hacker By : Staff Reporting

If you don't have a cable subscription, NBC will be streaming 11 hours of free, live programming around the big game on February 1st. And yes, that even includes the halftime show.

In an effort to show people how easy it is to stream TV programming when you do have a cable subscription, NBC is making their Super Bowl live stream available to everyone—no strings attached. - Referenced Article

Obama had a #SOTUBurn Moment at his State of the Union speech  


It may be the only line Americans remember from the 2015 State of the Union address. Calling for political unity, President Barack Obama declared to the GOP-controlled Congress that he has "no more campaigns to run."

Some Republicans in the chamber applauded the idea, but the president was poised with a quick retort. - Referenced Article

Obama Will Try to Turn The Page in State of the Union Address  

Time By : Staff Reporting

President Barack Obama will tout a growing economy and declining deficits in his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, calling on the nation to “turn the page” after years of economic and foreign policy turmoil and refocus on what his administration terms “middle-class economics.”

“We are 15 years into this new century,” Obama will say, according to excerpts provided by the White House. - Reference Article

Pope adds New York and Washington to U.S. trip, Wiki-Bio  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

In addition to Philadelphia, Pope Francis told reporters Monday that he will also visit New York and Washington on his upcoming trip to the United States.

In September, he is scheduled to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. The trip will be the popular pontiff's first to the United States as Pope. - Referenced Article

Pope Francis born Jorge Mario Bergoglio Wikipedia Biography

Wealthiest 1% will soon own more than rest of us combined  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Turns out, the rich really are getting richer. And they'll soon own more than the rest of us put together. So says a new report, which estimates that the richest 1% will have as much wealth as the other 99% combined by next year.

"The richest 1% have seen their share of global wealth increase from 44% in 2009 to 48% in 2014," Oxfam says in a report Monday. - Referenced Article

Unprecedented seven-layer security ring for Obama's India visit  

Times of India By : Staff Reporting

A seven-layer security ring will be thrown around the VVIP enclosure on Rajpath for the Republic Day parade to be witnessed by US President Barack Obama and the airspace over the area would be monitored by a radar to be specially set up.

This will form part of the planned unprecedented ground-to-air security drill that will turn the national capital into an impregnable fortress during the visit of Obama... - Referenced Article

Supreme Court Agrees to Decide On Gay Marriage, Wiki  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to definitively answer whether the Constitution allows states to ban same-sex marriage, plunging the court directly into one of the nation's biggest legal and cultural issues.

By agreeing now to take up the question, the court allowed time for the case to be decided by the end of the current term in late June.

The case will be argued in late April. "It's impossible to overstate the historic significance of a decision on such a fundamental piece of our social fabric," said Tom Goldstein, a Washington lawyer who argues frequently before the Supreme Court. - Referenced Article

Gay Marriage Wikipedia

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder buck the NRA, Bio-Wiki  

CNN By : Eric Bradner

"We simply can't and won't take the chance of exposing domestic abuse victims to additional violence or intimidation," Snyder said.

"There are certainly some reforms that can improve the way Michigan issues concealed pistol licenses and we support the rights of law-abiding firearm owners, but it's crucial that we leave in place protections for people who already have endured challenges and abuse," he said. - Referenced Article

Rick Snyder Biography Wiki

Next Charlie Hebdo Cover to Feature Prophet Muhammad  

VOA By : Staff Reporting

The publishers of Charlie Hebdo said the Prophet Muhammad will be on the cover of the next issue, which comes out on Wednesday.

In a preview released to media this week, the cover shows a weeping Prophet holding a sign saying "I Am Charlie" and standing under the headline "All is Forgiven." - Referenced Article

Raids kill 3 suspects, including 2 wanted in Charlie Hebdo attack  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

A pair of dramatic raids Friday in France led to the killing of three terrorists -- one suspected in the fatal shooting of a policewoman, the other two in the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine -- and to the freeing of at least some of those they were holding hostage.

The French government's work is not over.

There's still a lot of healing to do, a lot of questions to answer about how to prevent future attacks, and the pursuit of a woman wanted in the policewoman's shooting. - Referenced Article

Paris Terror Attack Suspects Killed After Police Standoffs  

Time By : Staff Reporting

Three terror suspects and four hostages were killed in France Friday, as police brought to an end two separate hostage incidents relating to the deadly terror attacks on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

In an industrial estate outside Paris, police killed the two brothers who allegedly mounted Wednesday’s devastating assault that killed 12 people and set off the biggest manhunt in modern French history. - Referenced Article

Keystone XL clears hurdle in Senate despite Obama veto threat  

Reuters By : Staff Reporting

Senate Republicans on Thursday advanced a bill to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, their top priority in a new campaign to push back President Barack Obama's policies now that they fully control Congress.

The Republican-led Senate Energy Committee approved the measure on a 13-9 vote, sending it to the full Senate for consideration next week. - Referenced Article

Robert Mueller: The NFL should have done more, Bio-Wiki  

NFL By : Staff Reporting

Former FBI director Robert Mueller released his findings Thursday into the NFL's pursuit and handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

(The summary can be read here.). The report concludes an independent investigation that took nearly four months. Mueller said the following in a press release... - Referenced Article

Robert Mueller Biography Wiki

Saudi connection? Lawmakers up pressure on Obama to release secret 9/11 documents  

Fox News By : Joseph Weber

Congressional lawmakers on Wednesday ramped up efforts to get President Obama to release 28 top-secret pages from a 9/11 report that allegedly detail Saudi Arabia's involvement in the terror attacks.

Lawmakers and advocacy groups have pushed for the declassification for years. - Referenced Article

Brothers Cheriff and Said Kouachi Were French Nationals  

Mashable By : Staff Reporting

French police officials have identified three men as suspects in the deadly terror attack at the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

One of the men, 35-year-old Cheriff Kouachi, was convicted on terrorism charges in 2008. Two of the suspects, brothers Cheriff and Said Kouachi, 32, are French nationals who were born to Algerian parents in Paris.

The nationality of a third man, Hamid Mourad, 18, is unknown; police believe he is a high school student. - Referenced Aticle

Gunmen in Paris Kill 12 at Offices of Satirical Newspaper Charlie Hebdo  

NY Times By : Staff Reporting

Masked gunmen opened fire in the offices of a French satirical newspaper on Wednesday in Paris, the police said, with initial reports saying that as many as 12 people had been killed and 10 wounded.

Xavier Castaing, the head of communications for the Paris Police Headquarters, said that 11 people had died, The Associated Press reported. - Referenced Article

Boston bombing trial lawyers fail to reach plea deal - Wiki  

CNN By : Evan Perez

As accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev goes on trial Monday few doubt the outcome of the first phase of the two-phase trial. It's the second, the sentencing phase, including a possible death sentence, that has been the subject of behind the scenes discussions.

Federal prosecutors and defense attorneys for Tsarnaev have held talks on a possible plea agreement but failed to reach one, U.S. officials familiar with the talks say. - Referenced Article

Boston Bombing Wiki

Mayor: Wenjian Liu walked a path of courage  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Thousands of police officers and other mourners filled the streets of Brooklyn's Bensonhurst neighborhood under dreary skies Sunday to pay homage to a police officer shot to death while sitting in a patrol car last month.

Uniformed officers from across the nation joined family, friends and loved ones for the funeral of officer Wenjian Liu. - Referenced Article

Mario Cuomo, former New York governor, dies  

Fox News By : Staff Reporting

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, the liberal son of Italian immigrants and a gifted orator whose talents brought him national stature, died Thursday.

He was 82. Cuomo died in New York of natural causes due to heart failure shortly after his eldest son, Andrew, was sworn in for a second term as New York governor, the office his father had previously held for eleven years. - Referenced Article

Palestinian Authority joins the International Criminal Court  


President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority signed papers Wednesday to join the International Criminal Court, a provocative move that could lead to the prosecution of Israeli officials on charges of war crimes and risks severe sanctions from Washington and Jerusalem.

The defiant step came a day after the defeat of a United Nations Security Council resolution that demanded an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory by 2017. - Referenced Article

Russian activists protest after verdict for Navalny brothers  

Xinhuanet By : Mioh Song

An Alexei Navalny's supporter holds a banner with Navalny's name at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow, Russia, on Dec.30, 2014. Russian activists gather at Manezhnaya square in Moscow after the verdict for Navalny brothers.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny got a 3.5-year suspended sentence and his brother Oleg was ordered to serve a 3.5-year prison term. They have been found guilty of embezzlement from French cosmetics company Yves Rocher. - Referenced Article

Bodies spotted in area where AirAsia jet vanished  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

Bodies, along with possible debris, have been spotted Tuesday in the Java Sea, where AirAsia Flight 8501 vanished three days ago, officials said.

Indonesian officials coming off a helicopter on Borneo island said they saw several bodies floating in waters near where the flight was last seen. Images on local television showed at least one bloated corpse. - Referenced Article

North Korea suffers another Internet shut down  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

North Korea has suffered another internet disruption, according to news reports.

China's Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday that North Korea's Internet and 3G mobile phone networks have been paralyzed once again. - Referenced Article

In a sea of blue, NYC cops honor slain officer  

USA Today By : Staff Reporting

An overflow crowd of police, family, friends and dignitaries jammed a Queens church Friday night to conclude a day-long tribute to officer Rafael Ramos. who was gunned down with his partner last week. Ramos' flag-draped casket arrived in the afternoon amid a sea of blue, as fellow officers in crisp uniforms lined the streets outside and served as pallbearers. - Referenced Article

ISIS captures Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh flying for U.S.-led coalition  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

For the first time since a United States-led international coalition began airstrikes against the extremist group ISIS, a coalition pilot has been captured.

The F-16 pilot is Moaz al-Kasasbeh, a member of Jordan's military, according to his uncle, retired Jordanian Maj. Gen. Fahd al-Kasasbeh. Referenced Article

41st President George H.W. Bush hospitalized as precaution  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

Former President George H. W. Bush has been taken to a hospital as a precautionary measure after experiencing shortness of breath, according to a statement from his office.

Bush, 90, served as the nation's 41st President and is the father of 43rd President George W. Bush. -  Referenced Article

Can a felon serve in Congress? Michael Grimm will test House, Bio-Wiki  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

After pleading guilty to a judge Tuesday on a felony tax evasion charge, New York Rep. Michael Grimm pledged to reporters he would also stay in Congress.

Grimm pled guilty in court to one count of tax evasion and was set to submit to a "statement of facts" that admits to all the conduct alleged in the 20-count federal indictment. - Referenced Article

Representative Michael Grim Biography Wiki

NYC mayor: Put aside protests after officer deaths  

USA Today By : John Bacon

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio sought to cool the heated controversy swirling around the fatal shootings of two police officers, calling Monday for New Yorkers to "put aside protests" and focus on the families of the fallen patrolmen.

"These families are now our family and we will stand by them," de Blasio said at a fundraising luncheon for the Police Athletic League. - Referenced Article

Reports: North Korea knocked offline  

USA Today By : Elizabeth Weise

North Korea has been knocked offline, news reports say. The outages to the secretive nation's four official Internet networks began Sunday and as of Monday all were totally offline, Bloombergreported.

The outage was initially reported by Dyn, a company in Manchester, N.H. that tracks Internet traffic and performance. - Referenced Article

Tragic: 2 cops ambushed, fatally shot in car; gunman kills himself  

Boston Herald By : Staff Reporting

A gunman who vowed online to shoot two "pigs" in retaliation for the police chokehold death of Eric Garner ambushed two New York City officers in a patrol car and fatally shot them in broad daylight Saturday before running to a subway station and killing himself, authorities said.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, wrote on an Instagram account: "I'm putting wings on pigs today. - Referenced Article

Why the Russian oil crash could threaten Putin with a palace coup  

The Guardian By : Shaun Walker

When Vladimir Putin was asked at his annual marathon press conference whether he feared the possibility of a “palace revolution” at some point in the future, the Russian president cracked a smile.

“I can assure you that we don’t have palaces, so a palace coup isn’t really possible,” he said.

Immediately photographs of the vast mansions of some of Putin’s inner circle, photographed from the air by anti-corruption campaigners, began doing the rounds online. - Referenced Article

Vladimir Putin just invited Kim Jong Un to visit Russia  

Washington Post By : Ishaan Tharoor

Officials in Moscow confirmed Friday that North Korean despot Kim Jong Un may attend ceremonies next year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

It would be Kim's first public foreign visit since coming to power in December 2011. "Yes, such an invitation was sent," confirmed Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, speaking to Reuters. - Referenced Article

Castro: Essential Problem of Embargo Must Be Resolved  

BusinessWeek By : Staff Reporting

Cuban President Raul Castro urged the U.S. to end a five-decade economic embargo against the Caribbean island, while welcoming an agreement to restore relations.

“We share the idea that this may open a new era between the United States and Cuba, which starts with the re-establishment of diplomatic relations,” Castro said before the Cuban parliament today. - Reference Article

Putin predicts economy recover in two years  

Washington Post By : Staff Reporting

Russian President Vladimir Putin, under pressure to show how to pull Russia out of its economic crisis, predicted Thursday the country will recover in two years at the most, despite a looming recession, a severely weakened ruble and growing fears about the country’s financial instability.

Speaking at his annual year-end news conference, during which he took questions directly from the national and foreign press, Putin said the Russian central bank and the government were taking adequate measures to support the ruble. - Referenced Article

Alan Gross freed from Cuba prison, returns to U.S., Wiki-Bio  

CBS News By : Staff Reporting

American Alan Gross was released from a Cuban prison after five years and arrived back in the U.S. Wednesday morning. Hours after Gross' release, the Obama administration announced that the U.S. was taking steps to restore full diplomacy with Cuba.

Both President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro were expected to speak at noon Eastern time. - Referenced Article

Alan Gross Biography Wiki

Key Witness #40 in Ferguson grand jury exposed as a racist, mentally ill felon  

Vox, NY Daily News By : Staff Reporting


After a grand jury decided not to indict former Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch suggested in a press conference that the grand jury's decision was a result of unreliable eyewitness testimony.

The examples McCulloch used in his November 24 announcement focused on those who testified in favor of Brown, with McCulloch saying that the physical evidence rejected some of their descriptions of how the shooting played out. - Referenced Article

NY Daily News:

A grand jury witness who claimed Michael Brown charged at Ferguson, Mo., cop Darren Wilson “like a football player” is a racist, mentally ill woman who likely wasn’t there when the unarmed black teen was killed, according to reports. Convicted felon Sandra McElroy — an outspoken backer of Wilson on Facebook - Referenced Article

What you really Googled in 2014  

GOOGLE By : Staff Reporting

In 2013, people just wanted to know how to twerk. It was a more innocent time. This year, people wantedlike to know if they hadEbola.Google has released its annual round-up of the year's top global searches. 

Apple, Facebook and other companies also do these recaps, but those only show what we bought or posted publicly on social media. - Referenced Article

Taliban Militants Kill 132 at Pakistan School  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Uniformed militants attacked a school, killing 132 people and taking hostages on Tuesday, according to an official. Ambulances were transporting wounded children from the Army Public School in Peshawar to hospital.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault. - Referenced Article

Vivek Murthy surgeon general, Bio-Wiki  

CNN By : Staff Reporting

The Senate confirmed Vivek Murthy as surgeon general on Monday night as Democrats -- in the final days of their majority control of the chamber -- overcame stiff opposition from the National Rifle Association.

The 51 to 43 vote ends more than a year of uncertainty over Murthy's nomination. Obama had tapped the founder of the pro-Obamacare group Doctors for America for the post in November 2013. - Referenced Article

Vivek Murthy Biography Wiki

NATO Aims to Be More Responsive in Wake of Russian Aggression  

NBC News By : Staff Reporting

Moscow's military maneuver this week did nothing to help ease tensions between the West and Russia over the Ukraine crisis and NATO commanders stress that it is "time to re-focus" the alliance. In its latest move to reassure nervous allies that border Russia, NATO leaders met in Germany this week to analyze the results of Exercise Trident Lance 2014.

Its training scenario dealt with the hypothetical invasion of NATO member Estonia and included everything from missile strikes to cyber attacks. Referenced Article

Sony execs Obama emails: White liberal hypocrisy revealed in all its glory  

Fox News By : Juan Williams

White liberal hypocrisy on race is so delightful for conservatives.

White conservatives are always on defense against charges of hating President Obama because he is black; suppressing minority voters and indifference to the difficulty minorities have living everyday with the legacy of slavery and a culture filled with stereotypes of black inferiority. -