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Gen. David Petraeus Wide Ranging Interview On Terrorism, Wiki Bio  

CNN By : Peter Bergen

Petraeus: I think the central issue is the nature of American leadership in the world, how expansive will it be, how involved will it be? Frankly, where do you draw a red line? And if you draw a red line make sure that you are going to act on it? - Full Interview

David Petraeus Wiki Bio

Ayesha Curry: Ive lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged  

Twitter By : Staff Reporting

I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money...Or ratings in I'm not sure which. I won't be silent. I just saw it live sry.

Stephen Curry: Ive thrown my mouthpiece before. I usually aim at the scorers table  

ESPN By : Staff Reporting

The Golden State Warriors had to finish Game 6 of the NBA Finals without star Stephen Curry.

Curry was whistled for a foul on the Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James, Curry's sixth of the game, with 4:22 to go and the Warriors down 12 points.

And the guard wasn't happy about it. - Referenced Article

Simmons spokesman, Tom Estey: tabloid report is ludicrous  

USA Today By : Carly Mallenbaum

Richard Simmons is setting the record straight, in a compassionate way. After the fitness instructor, 67, was hospitalized earlier this month, there were headlines that Simmons was being held against his will at his Hollywood Hills home, and that he was transitioning from male to female. - Referenced Article

To Republicans Blaming Obama for the Orlando Massacre: Youre Out of Your Damn Minds  

Forward Progressives By : Allen Clifton

When I first heard the news of the horrific massacre at a gay club in Orlando, a lot of thoughts went through my mind. One of them being that I was certain Republicans were going to spend much of the day Sunday trying to blame this on President Obama.

After all, what would a tragedy be without Republicans trying to blame it on this president. - Referenced Article

Cathedral Prep student underage drinking, breaking & entering, verbal assaults, terroristic threats...so what?  

ETN By : Staff Reporting

By all accounts, if this group would've been young Black kids of the same age they would not have gotten all the way up State street...arrests would've been made, guns would've been drawn and words of the account in the newspaper would've been peppered with words like thugs, sinister, barbaric. But since it was Cathedral Prep..."They got a little out of hand" with the underage drinking, breaking & entering, verbal assaults, terroristic threats... "boys will be boys."

Coldplay lets Beyonce, Bruno Mars overshadow band  

Fox Sports By : Staff Reporting

Give Chris Martin and Coldplay credit: It takes a certain lack of ego for musicians to essentially let themselves be upstaged at their own Super Bowl show.

The British band invited Beyonce and Bruno Mars to share the spotlight Sunday for the halftime extravaganza, which evolved into a 50th anniversary tribute to Super Bowl shows of yore. - Referenced Article

Obama Cleared Way for Todays Outsider Candidates  


Since outsider, anti-establishment White House candidates are all the rage, consider this one: scant executive experience, brief time in federal office, a bold if not arrogant willingness to challenge much more seasoned politicians, an aspirational platform with little track record to back it up, and a minority to boot.

Ted Cruz? Hardly. - Referenced Article

President Obama wants to control your dog pants  

Mashable By : Jonathan Keshishoglou

Several important political and economic concerns were addressed in the YouTube interview with President Obama on Friday, but one debate was finally settled: Obama established the proper shape of dog pants. - Referenced Article

Trump Revives Concerns Over Nominating Canadian-Born Cruz  


Donald Trump on Tuesday revived questions about Ted Cruz's eligibility to become president, saying Republicans could be in a "very precarious" situation by selecting the Canadian-born conservative as the party's presidential nominee. - Referenced Article

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