Bishop Dwane Brock Asks, Do Black Lives Matter To Other Black Lives? -

Bishop Dwane Brock Asks, Do black lives matter to other black lives? - By : Staff Reporting

In response to Bishop Dwane Brock's Opinion :  

There are folks out there who relish the opportunity to shift the focus on police brutality and rhetoric like this gives them the outlet to do so.

If the target audience of this opinion are vulnerable young men who exist in a system that is ideally suited to create violence, we're afraid this message might be falling on death ears.

Instead of this opinion you should've described the specific panacea that will make young men, particularly vulnerable to the massive influx of guns, drugs, abysmal school funding, zero employment opportunities, fatherless homes, the constant targeting of the most vicious brutality by local governments, end the cycle of violence.

Calling on the Black Community to halt government policy rings hollow to us. And we're curious of the timing of an opinion that associates the ENTIRE Black Community with criminal activity, when there’s a major DOJ inquiry into Police conduct.

When White on White violence is mentioned, we say there needs to be more Police enforcement, but when Black on Black violence is cited it’s used to denote the pitiful state of the Black Community as a whole and all the biased and most ignorant assertions are made.

Would violence in general be a failure of the Erie Police Department, and if so why didn’t you mention Chief Bowers in your opinion? We hope that was the topic of discussion after your photo op session.

Who is manufacturing the guns and allowing massive black-market gun sales to vulnerable communities? Who is legislating the jobs to Mexico and China? Who set up the minimum sentencing policies to place fathers in prison for nonviolent offenses? Who allows major investment and economic capital to sit in the Caymans and Swiss Accounts? Who is expelling Black youths from schools and arresting them at higher rates than their White counterparts? Who lavishes tax-free status and economic incentives outside of the Black Community? Who do not require companies to provide a livable wage?

It seems that Bishop Dwane Brock's call to action is misdirected.

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