Your System Is A Greater Murderer! -

Your System Is A Greater Murderer! - By : Staff Reporting

Different names today of Officer shooting and an unarmed person of color, but the same root CAUSE and EFFECT. Before it gets better you have to admit the reason incidents like this occur is YOU ALL have been complicit in allowing this notion of PRIVILEGE.

You observe, more often than not in your own every day lives, and even in your conscious thinking and allow it to happen.

Names can't do anything...'Sticks and stones may break my bones...' and bullets kill. Some of us are human enough to know that the officer in the OK shooting allowed the privileged mindset to control her actions and behavior, like it did in New York, South Carolina, Minnesota, Ferguson, Louisiana, Ohio...

Having this mindset in congress allows laws dumping massive amounts of blackmarket guns in the inner-city, having the mindset in state legislatures allows more state funding to better performing schools and strips it from the ones in the inner-city, bank officers turn down loans to applicants who more than meet the criteria. Having the mindset as a "law enforcement" officer makes you hyper cautious and even fearful of people of color.

It's why when they look at the public issued emails and phones of Officers across the country it is laced with outright hate and bigotry.

Think about your conscious and subconscious thoughts from week to week and ask yourselves. You might and might not be in a position to make decisions based on this FALSE notion of privilege, but it influences how you decipher the news and rationalize information.

Whites standing in protest with Blacks have articulated this better than I can.

Black police officers and other Black people in positions of power, like the professors at UNC that were allowing student-athletes to fail and take mediocre classes, like the teachers in Georgia doctoring student tests...they too have bought into or are complicit in this system.

Court officers are taking Black youths and feeding them into the prison pipeline for doing petty things we all did as youths, for profit and kick-backs. Ignoring these inequities sustains the system.

Did the officer in OK wake-up each morning saying I'm going to kill a Black person...heavens no. Just several weeks ago a Black couple gave her a bouquet of flowers for her help. The system is the real true evil here, it indoctrinated her.

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